maandag 26 mei 2014

A must see destination

The New York Times published an article recently, rating Rotterdam as a must see destination for 2014. I couldn't agree more. To me, my home town is one of the most attractive cities I have seen. When you like the contrast between old and new architecture, Rotterdam is the place to be

Love the amazing new building De Rotterdam by Rem Koolhaas and the old warehouses with names of islands in the former Dutch colonies, on the other side of the road. The fact that you are always close to the river, there are many quirky shops and restaurants and an amazing harbour area, only add to it's attractiveness. 

Alongside one of the quays in an area of town called Katendrecht, a fabulous cruise ship, called the SS Rotterdam, is permanently moored. It was once a prestigious flagship of the Holland America Line, used for carrying passengers to 'The New World' and for cruises. It dates back to the 1950s and is really worth a visit. Enjoy the fantastic interior, which brings you straight back to the fifties and sixties and have a coffee in one of the stylish restaurants or on the lido deck.

Last week I showed my friends from Budapest around town. We had a fabulous time! The weather could not have been better. Blue skies all over. We had coffee in the Nhow restaurant, on the 7th floor of The Rotterdam building, lunch at the SS Rotterdam and finally a glass of cool lemonade at De Zeeuwse Meisjes on the Deliplein. Seeing it through my friends eyes, made me realise once more how fabulous Rotterdam is. So if you haven't been yet, do come and visit!

Dear Jane and Lance, Thank you for your kindness, your enthusiasm and humour. It was a joy to spent the days with you! Blowing a kiss to both of you. 

If you would like to see more photo's, please have a look at their blog. It's one of my favourites!! You can find the link in their names.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead! Three more days to go and I will be on my way to the UK. Hurray!


Madelief x

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  1. What fabulous photos. You could write a travel guide.
    The weather looks stunning and I'm sure you all had a wonderful time.
    I've not been to Rotterdam, but it certainly looks like a great destination for the future.
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Liz x

  2. Het is lang geleden dat ik in Rotterdam centrum ben geweest, maar het lijkt mij een bijzondere stad. Wat fijn te lezen dat jullie samen heerlijke dagen hebben gehad. Het was inderdaad prachtig weer, dan ziet alles er toch veel mooier uit dan wanneer het nat en grijs is.

    Nu een paar dagen bijkomen en dan weer op pad....naar het prachtige Engeland. Ik verheug mij nu al op je reisverslagen en wens je een heerlijke tijd. Geniet ervan.

    Veel liefs, Ingrid

  3. Oh wow what gorgeous colours, it is like a huge artist's canvas, the weather looks amazing too, glad you all had such a lovely time.
    Hugs Lynn xx

  4. Having my coffeebreak.....
    And enjoying your post! About MY favorite places!
    Want to say HI to your friends and tell them that they have seen the most beautiful places in Rotterdam,
    my hometown.
    And they were sharing that with you, must be GREAT!
    En voor jou, lieve Madelief, heel veel plezier in de UK!
    kan niet wachten op je blog erover!
    tot snel
    heel veel liefs

  5. Hi Madelief, you are a great ambassador for your wonderful city and your blog is always full of such lovely photographs of various places, that I can only imagine how wonderful it must be! I've yet to visit Holland but it's on my TO DO list for the near future! So glad you had fabulous weather during your friends visit. Hope you get to enjoy similar weather here in the UK! Enjoy! Sharon x

  6. Hello, I visited your blog today for the first time. I love Rotterdam and visited once with a group of art students when I was staying in Amsterdam and we were visiting with a tutor from a Rotterdam art college. He took us to see the bridges at night and then we went for a meal on the a boat which may have been the one you describe above, it was dark and I cannot recall all the things I saw. I remember all the lights on the bridges and it was a superb sight. Thank you for the lovely photographs. Rachel

  7. Darling Madelief, what a wonderful time we spent with you. You made the most perfect of guides around your home town of Rotterdam and we were so amazed at all that we saw. The city is vibrant and exciting, an intriguing mix of old and new. It is most definitely a 'must see' destination!

    The way in which areas of the city were being revitalised with industrial buildings being converted into restaurants, hotels and individual shops was groundbreaking. Such imaginative and creative interiors and design. It was all totally beguiling and fascinating. We enjoyed every single minute.

    Of course, the best time was spent laughing and simply living with you and your delightful family. The kindness and happiness which you gave to us will live in our hearts for all time. As we said......this is only the beginning....

    All love to you all in Rotterdam,

    Jane and Lance xxxxxxx

  8. Dear Madelief - love this post, it is so different from the images we usually see here, but you have still managed to bring the magical and colourful Madelief effect to it.
    Delighted that you and J & L spent such a happy few days together under clear blue skies.
    I wonder what those iridescent glass domes are, they make a lovely image?
    Wishing you a happy stay over here.

  9. Ja, fijne plekjes zijn dat in Rotterdam. Rotterdam wordt steeds mooier, echt wel. Ik las laatst dat er een grote toename van toeristen is. Natuurlijk, Rotterdam mag je niet missen.

  10. Hi Madelief,
    How beautiful Rotterdam looks and how exciting to have spent time with Jane and Lance…… and, how fabulous they look. It's lovely to hear that you all had a great time.I expect that they will write about their adventures in Rotterdam when they return from their travels, so I shall look out for their next post.
    Wishing you a wonderful time here in the UK …… I shall try and make sure that the weather is nice for you !!!! XXXX

  11. wow, it looks beautiful! Not somewhere I've ever thought of visiting but you changed that! x

  12. Wundervolle Fotos, eine Stadt auch für mich, wenn ich das so sehe.

  13. Captivating images of your beautiful city Madelief. I think your skills in photography is getting better each day. I love the lines and structures of buildings, parks even the graffiti art work. Must have been a wonderful day filled with sunshine, spent with good friends. Enjoy your trip to U.K.


  14. Madelief my friend! HALLO! Whenever one of your new posts pop up, I rush on over! Now when I saw that first photo of the bridge, I first thought you were in Boston, Massachusetts where I went to school! We have a bridge there very similar. But as I scrolled down to see the magic of old and new, I knew I was in Rotterdam! What an exciting trip to make and to meet up with Jane and Lance! They are just the most lovely blogging couple, and I look forward to reading Jane again soon. There is so much to see in a city, isn't there! The expression of art and industry together is quite thrilling and is always on the move to new expressions. How I wish to go to your part of the world.

    Wishing you a magnificent day today my friend. Anita

  15. have the most extraordinary way with a camera! Looking at your photographs transports me there. We can just imagine the fun and fellowship shared among you all. Safe travels on your UK adventure...enjoy, enjoy and photographs, please! Smiles...Susan

  16. Hi Madelief,
    Rotterdam looks like a beautiful city......maybe someday I will see it in person.
    I am so happy for you to be going to England again and Chipping Camden is so beautiful ,we stayed in Twine Cottage when we were there and walked the footpaths to some of the charming nearby villages. I hope you have a wonderful time while you are there and I look forward to seeing your photos.
    Take care,

  17. Oh, I do suffer from a bad case of Wander Lust. I have told you before that I have always wanted to visit Holland, and your beautiful photos and narrative about your home are so inviting. I need to get out of my easy chair and book passage.

  18. Dear, lovely Madelief,

    One day, one day I'll be paying Rotterdam and YOU a visit! May I just say how beautiful you look in your new stole? The colour suits you so well. It was such a pleasure creating it for you. I really must get myself an Instagram account...



  19. Fantastic post again,Madelief!
    What a beautiful Rotterdam photos .... And I can't being more agree with you about Rotterdam,is one of the beautiful city in the world!!!
    So cozy images do you made with your friends.... SO lovely:)))

    THANKYOU for share your inspirations here!


  20. What a fab post! It's great being a tourist in your own city - i love showing people around in London. Enjoy your holiday in England- we have had sunshine and showers in equal measure, so the flowers and trees are looking lovely.

  21. Hello Madelief
    What a wonderful post, I am sure your friends had a lovely time exploring Rotterdam through your eyes.
    Our visit to your beautiful homeland is coming quickly and we are so excited to to experience the culture for six weeks.
    Have a wonderful time in England with your girlfriends, we are hoping to visit there again while we are in Holland.
    I look forward to your next posts.

  22. Dear Madelief,
    I have only ever been to the railways ration at Rotterdam, en route to and from other places! Next time I think I had better make sure that we stop and get out and go for a walk around! It looks like you had a nice time with Jane and Lance. I'm glad it was sunny for you all.
    Bye for now,

  23. The colours in your photos of Rotterdam rival the colours in a garden - so vibrant, so lively. I've never visited Rotterdam, but this has whet my appetite. How lovely to be able to show your wonderful city to blogging friends.

  24. Hi Madelief, I have just popped over from Jane and Lance.
    From your pictures Rotterdam looks like a very exciting place, somewhere I have never been. A very short business trip to Amsterdam being the closest so far.
    Your garden looks so lovely. I hope you have a great holiday in Chipping Campden and the Cotswolds, one of my favourite places in England. Hopefully the weather will be getting better towards the end of the week too!

  25. Wat leuk om te zien dat het fijn hebt ze toch wel de groeten gedaan van mij ???...hihihihi....geniet van Engeland...liefs Ria...x !

  26. Lieve madelief , wat fijn dat het zo leuk was met je gasten en wat zullen ze genoten hebben van alles en van een geweldige gastvrouw. En nu naar de Cotswalds. wat zal je daar genieten, wij tenminste toen wel. Ik wens je veel plezier en kijk uit naar je foto's. Hopelijk herken ik hier en daar iets. Zou zo ook wel willen maar wij gaan nu een cruise maken naar de Oostzee en St Petersburg . Stond ook al lang op mijn verlanglijstje.
    Lieve groet van Riet

  27. I visited Rotterdam over thirty years ago on a trip from Amsterdam on holiday and recall it being so modern and vibrant then. Your photos make me want to make another visit which is long overdue. Hope you have a great time in England. Love Pat x

  28. Op deze manier heb je Rotterdam heel mooi gepromoot!!
    Je gasten zullen genoten hebben van al die mooie architectuur, maar ook van de geweldige geschiedenis van deze stad. Geniet lekker in de Cotswolds, een gevoel van heimwee overvalt me even, het is daar zo mooi.

    Lieve groet,Eefie

  29. Ik dacht dat je in Engeland zat! Maar Rotterdam is ook leuk. Nog even over de roos, ik heb New Dawn vervangen voor Mme Alfred Carriere. Enne natuurlijk met de nieuwe lens geschoten! Vandaag had ik rupsen in het vizier. Niet zo leuk voor mijn arme plant, er zaten er wel 40 op! Maar op de foto....geweldig. Je hoort er nog van op een van mijn volgende verhalen. Groetjes,


  30. Hello Madelief,
    I found you via Jane and Lance's blog. As I told them, I have never visited Rotterdam, but their pictures have made me want to change that.
    I am looking forward to reading some of your older blog posts.

  31. Dearest Madelief,
    Lovely post and yes, Rotterdam is indeed listed as place # 10 on the Interactive New York Times listing: 52 Places to Go in 2014
    After its severe destruction of WWII it has been rebuild and reshaped in a great way. We all can feel proud of it!
    Lovely that you had a special time in showing your Hungarian guests around and a coffee aboard the SS Rotterdam is so wonderful. And the terrace of Zeeuwse Meisjes looks invitingly too.
    Wishing you a great ending for the month of May. Where has the year go so fast?

  32. Glad you had such a wonderful time with Jane and Lance showing them your home town, Jolanda's newest blog has shown me what a wonderful city it is worthy of thee title in the New York Times. Sarah x

  33. Oh so nice and your hometown looks just beautiful!
    Beautiful always...
    Have a sunny and warm week, take care Madelief...
    Love Titti

  34. Hello Madelief, I love it when you post about your home town and country. It looks vibrant and exciting. You look to behaving so much fun with Jane and Lance, such kindred spirits! Have a wonderful holiday in England. All my love, Linda xx

  35. Jane and Lance certainly sound as if they enjoyed their visit to your country - Rotterdam is full of surprises, it looks like the up and coming place to be. Hope you enjoy your trip.

  36. Old and new, quirky shops, restaurants, we will have to discover Rotterdam! Never been there yet.
    Love your photos!

  37. I came here through The Hattat's and am delighted with your blog so I am now following you and looking forward to reading more about your garden and adventures.

  38. Madelief, even before I'd seen that New York Times article, I knew from your posts that Rotterdam is an amazing place with a harmonious combination of tradition and contemporary flavors.

    What fun you must have shared with Jane and Lance! xo

  39. i wished i were there with you all! your photos are gorgeous madelief, jane and lance SO stylish and lovely (scarves!) i have been to rotterdam, but without a fabulous guide like you, i can see i will have to return! what a fantastic post.

    have the best time on your trip! xxx lori

  40. Wonderful pictures of beautiful Rotterdam and the very stylish Jane and Lance too! It looks as if you had a very good time together exploring your amazing home city.
    Wishing you sunny and happy days on your trip too, dear Madelief.
    Helen xox

  41. I have just found your blog via the Hattats, and I am so delighted I did. I follow another blogger in Rotterdam, and now I am enjoying seeing many more pictures of what I can see is a most attractive city. I will add you to the sidebar on my blog too. Patricia.

  42. Oh if there was ONE place in Europe that really grabbed me when I visited it nearly 25 years ago now it was Rotterdam. I loved everything about it and now that you have shared this with us today, I just want to rush back. It is funny that we only spoke about Rotterdam the other day and said how badly we would both like to visit it again, so maybe there is a trip on the cards, hopefully in the very near future. I am so pleased that the weather was good for you and that you had a lovely time with friends, these moments in life are special. Sending you much love xoxo

  43. Rotterdam looks and sounds like a beautiful and inspiring place to visit and I hope to see it one day. Have a lovely hols here in the UK.
    Jane xx

  44. I was curious who Jane and Lance’s friend is. I am quite certain they enjoyed their stay with you tremendously.

    Rotterdam has changed very much since I was last there. True, it was a long time ago.

  45. Rotterdam is so beautiful. The cafes and so interesting and the bridges look so modern. I hope I can visit one day. Your photos are amazing.

  46. Dear Madelief,

    So lovely that you had a pleasant time with your friends and you were able to show them around.
    It is interesting how sometimes seeing your City like a tourist, everything looks great.
    Rotterdam looks amazing and I loved seeing your photos - and it is on my list to one day come and visit.
    Happy week and enjoy your trip

  47. What a lovely visit to your city, through your cameras eye. Thank you so much.

  48. Jeetje Madelief, wat een heerlijke foto's weer. Jij kunt, als je wilt, elke stad verkopen hoor, met jouw fotografische kunsten... Het ziet er fantastisch uit en wat heerlijk dat je je vrienden uit Budapest hebt kunnen rondleiden...
    Wat een heerlijke lunch-tent lijkt me dat...
    Ik wens je een heerlijke avond en een heel fijne Hemelvaartdag,
    Lieve groet,

  49. Wat een mooie Rotterdampost heb je gemaakt. Echt genieten. Je Hongaarse vrienden zijn ook mijn Rotterdamblog gaan volgen, volgens mij weer via Lia! Is dat niet leuk? Al je lezers hierboven zijn ook enthousiast over Rotterdam dus laat ze maar even bij mij langskomen:)
    Geniet van Engeland de komende dagen en tot gauw, lieve groetjes

  50. hebt me overgehaald, ik woon net onder Breda maar ben nog nooit in Rotterdam geweest omdat het me geen mooie stad leek...(schaam ...schaam)..
    Deze zomer eens een bezoekje gaan brengen..het beste te doen met de trein denk ik hè?

  51. How wonderful that you have met friends through blogging and enjoyed each other's company so much. I found you through Lance and Jane and their wonderful blog and am so pleased to meet you. Next time I visit Holland, I must stop in Rotterdam instead of just changing trains on the way to Zeeland, where I sometimes sail with my partner. I have so enjoyed my visits to Holland and would love to spend more time getting to know this fascinating place.

  52. How wonderful to find some of my favourite bloggers hanging out together. I missed your last post but as soon as I read your friends were from Budapest I knew who they would be. And Rotterdam looks fabulous in your photographs, a city I'd also love to visit.

  53. Thank you for this lovely post! Rotterdam looks a wonderful place to visit and I would really love to do so...hopefully soon. Wishing you a lovely weekend.
    Marianne s

  54. It does look a wonderful place to visit! I'm ashamed to say we have only ever bypassed Rotterdam on our way to other parts of Holland, but next time will know there are many treasures to be seen.
    Glad you had a great time with Jane and Lance!
    Have a good weekend Madelief, and we will try and make the sun shine when you visit the UK! Have a great trip.
    Gill xx

  55. How lovey - especially lovely that you spent time with The Hattats! What a combination that must have been - I have no doubt that you had the very best of times.
    Sun shine ahead
    Best wishes

  56. Dearest Madelief,
    your photos look great - I can see that you've had a wonderful time with your friends from pretty Budapest!!! Well, and I also can see that Rotterdam has changed a lot since I've been there in the Nineteeneighties... I think it looks cleaner, stronger, more aesthetic ... & modern ... I really hope we can manage it to visit it again!
    Have a WONDERFL, WONDERFUL time in UK, my dear! Warm hugs from Austria,

  57. I came over from Jane and Lance's blog and am happy to "meet" you here in blogland. You live in a beautiful city, as do I, far away in California.

  58. What a fabulous honor! Thank you so much. I loved reading through these quotes and starting my day with a big bouquet of inspiration. You're delightful!
    The Black White Residence

  59. Looks like you have a fabulous city and I thought my own world's most liveable city Melbourne was pretty special :)
    I have just popped over from the Hattat's and am very happy to find you.
    Have a lovely week
    Wren x

  60. It's nice to see these pictures of your city. Seems to be a cool and bright place! Have a nice day :)


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