zaterdag 25 februari 2012

February garden

After two busy weeks my husband and I finally managed to find some time to visit our garden. My old followers may already know, but we have an allotment garden at the edge of Rotterdam. It's our little piece of paradise.

The mild temperatures and the sunshine made it feel like spring today! While pruning the roses and cutting back some of the stems that have been left through winter, the sun warmed our faces.

It was the first time I saw the garden after the heavy frost of two weeks ago. Some pots and plants did not survive the cold. I lost my Penstemons, three or four roses and a huge Rosemary bush. I will have to wait and see what comes up in spring.....

On the other hand the Hellebore was looking exceptionally beautiful and so did the yellow and purple crocuses. I picked some snowdrops to put in a vase and planted cyclamen hederifolium in a shadowy space under the trees. Tomorrow I will plant Garlic and make a start with the preparation of some seed trays.

Have you been working in the garden this week?

A Happy weekend,

Madelief x


zaterdag 18 februari 2012

Flower Power

Inspired by the fabric of a new floral pillowcase and the colourful bars of pre made fondant you can buy in the stores right now, my daughters and I made some cupcakes. We used two sizes of floral cut outs to make the flowers and a cocktail stick for the leaves. The cakes were decorated with pink and white fondant and white and silver pearls. We used pink icing as glue.

We had lots of fun and were really happy with the result. The only thing is, we find them too beautiful to eat now :-)!

This weekend a great part of Europe is celebrating carnival. I wish all of you who will take part or go and see the parade lots of fun.

A Happy weekend to you all and an extra hug and big kiss to Koralee from Bluebird notes for sending me some lovely things. Thank you once again dear Koralee!


Madelief x

zaterdag 11 februari 2012

French macarons

Sometime ago I was given the book I love macarons by Annie Rigg. I have been wanting to try one of the recipes for a long time, but somehow I never came to it. Urged by my daughters, I finally made some last weekend. I was surprised by the result. The macarons looked far better than I had anticipated. The only downside for me was the roughness of the almond meal I used. Because of this I couldn't give the macarons the smooth look I wanted them to have. The taste was really good though!

It's the perfect gift to surprise your loved ones with on Valentine's day. You can find the recipe on this website

Wish you all a happy weekend and a romantic Valentine's day!


Madelief x

zaterdag 4 februari 2012

Vintage finds

It's cold and sunny in Holland. A thin layer of snow fell yesterday afternoon and makes everything look magical. It's quiet outside, even in a big town like Rotterdam. Now and then you can hear birdsong or the beeping of a horn in the distance.

I have been pottering around the house. Getting my vintage finds out of their boxes. I found some floral cups and plates by Royal Albert, a blue spotted jug and some 1970s purple and blue fabric, which I love. Most of it will go to my garden house. I don't know where to put it yet, but I am sure I will find some space :-)!

To show you some of my finds, I mixed it with some new fabric, my Emma Bridgewater mugs, new Greengate jug (which I at bought at Lia's beautiful shop) and House Doctor bowls. Don't old and new look great together?

Happy weekend! For the Dutch girls: enjoy the sun & the snow!

Lieve groet, Madelief x

woensdag 1 februari 2012

Parisian riviera

It's the time of year to start thinking of 'where to go to' for summer. Last year we spent two glorious weeks in France. 

Deauville in Normandy was one of our holiday destinations. The old and chique seaside resort is often referred to as the Parisian Riviera. The words do the town justice. Deauville still has the elegance and splendour of a bygone era.

When you have a lively imagination, it's not difficult to see the ladies dressed in the latest fashion, walking the wooden boardwalk The planches. Covering their faces from the sun with a parasol. While the gentlemen make their way to the Hippodrome, to see the horses race.

Since the 1900s Deauville has been a popular holiday destination for the rich and famous. You can still see signs of it in the old town, were the most beautiful villas line the streets. Plaques are attached to houses, to say the danser Isadora Duncan or the fashion icon Coco Chanel 'Once lived/worked here'.

Each year the town plays host to the American film festival. Along The Planches you can see beach closets which are dedicated to famous actors and film makers.

We enjoyed the town very much. Not only for it's history, the beautiful beach, great shops, but for it's lovely terraces and the delicious seafood as well.  The neighbouring town Trouville is worth a visit too. I will show you some photo's another time.

This year we plan to go to The Cotswolds in England. Where will you be going for your summer holiday?

Enjoy your day!

Madelief x