maandag 10 oktober 2016

Freezing, but so pretty!

It's the time of year to start thinking of spring and which bulbs to plant in the garden. I am late. The thing is: I haven't got a clue. My mind is blank, my inspiration zero. This doesn't happen to me often. It's all the 'fault' of a kind and gentle man I met a few weeks ago, who fills my head with dreams and takes up a lot of my time ;-). It's still early days, but there is the promise of something good!

As I do want my garden to look lovely in spring, I thought I would be a good idea to have a look at the photo's of the spring gardens I visited over the years. I hoped they would stir up my grey cells a little, and they did!

This years visit to Sissinghurst, on a freezing day at the end of April, proved to be a source of inspiration. The garden looked absolutely enchanting. Although we still have autumn and winter to enjoy, the photo's make me wish it was spring already :-) It's all so pretty. Hope they will inspire you too!

Have a lovely week ahead!


Madelief x