zondag 31 augustus 2014

Queen of the annuals

It was more than a week ago since I last visited my garden. While I have been enjoying a short break with my parents in Limburg, my middle daughter took care of the plants. She watered the tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse and got rid of the worst weeds. According to her, the garden was no longer 'under control'

While I walked up my garden path and had a good look around, I realised she was right. It looked a bit overgrown. We had some excessive rainfall the last two weeks, which made it virtually impossible to work. The garden being soaking wet. I probably told you before that my garden is in a polder, a few meters below sea level. So I think you know what I mean. 

With renewed energy (that's what a couple of days in the country do with me) I set off to work: cleaning my cutting patch, mowing my grass (at last) and get rid of some long stems, which made it impossible for me to walk to my garden house without scratching my arms, legs or face. Before heading home, I cut some sweet peas. Probably the last of this season. I will miss the bright colours and sweet scent of the queen of annuals! 

Wishing you a happy week! It's going to be sunny in The Netherlands. It will be lovely to have summer back. If only for a few days. Enjoy!


Madelief x

zondag 24 augustus 2014

Can I please move in?

The girls and I visited Scotney castle, a National Trust property in East Sussex (England) many times before, but this time we were able to enter the Victorian country mansion on top of the hill. What a surprise it was! As if the lady who once lived here, Elizabeth Hussey, had just left the house to do some shopping. It felt warm and cosy, and was filled to the brink with vintage treasures.  We were all impressed by the quirkiness and authenticity of the place.  As Elizabeth Hussey was a cat lover, you can see prints and other sort of treasures, with images of cats on it, all over the place. The house is even said to have a cat in residence, called 'Puss Puss'. Unfortunately we did not have the joy to meet her/him  :-)!

Anyway, we spent far more than the half hour we were allowed to, inside the house. Afterwards we had a walk through the garden, which looked green and lush. There were not many borders, but the ones we saw looked bright and colourful. The ponds around the castle, with the water lilies in full bloom, made the castle look like one out of a fairy tale.

Before I wish you a Happy weekend, I have to apologise for not popping over to yours blogs as often as I liked to. I am enjoying the last days of the summer holiday. Although I started work again, I take days off now and then, to have lunch or dinner with friends and family and do fun things with my daughters. Next week I will spend a few days in Limburg (in the south of our country) with my parents, visiting relatives. Will you keep your fingers crossed it will be dry for a few days? Last week felt like autumn in Rotterdam. I am already wearing my boots and scarf. It's crazy weather in The Netherlands :-)

Have a Happy week ahead!


Madelief x

zondag 17 augustus 2014

Late summer at the allotment

There is definitely a change in the air. I had to put on a warm cardigan this morning, swap my flip flops for a pair of shoes and wipe the windows of my car, before heading to the garden. When I arrived there, it felt cool and damp. A mist seemed to have settled over it. Everything looked a bit hazy. I think you can even see it in my photographs. It must be the first signs of autumn.

I have been picking tomatoes for some time now. There are not many more left on the branches. Perhaps one or two more weeks, before I can empty the greenhouse. It feels sort of early for the time of year. I must say that I have never had such a huge crop before.. It will probably be because of  all the sun we have had!

The dahlia's look beautiful! I love their bright colours and different shapes. Unfortunately, I lost some over the winter. The result being that I have several gaps in my Dahlia patch. I guess that's the risk you take, when you leave the tubers in the ground. 

When I look at my garden, I realise what it lacks is a bit more colour. I need more late summer flowers. I did not plant any cosmos this year, which I really regret, and my Zinnia's are still quite small. Hopefully they will give me some flowers in September. If you have any suggestions of other late summer flowers to plant, I would love to hear! Especially ones which are suitable for my cutting patch.

How does your garden look at the moment?

Happy week ahead!


Madelief x

* Did I tell you that my brother replaced part of the old (rotten) wood of the raised beds by reclaimed scaffolding boards?! It looks absolutely amazing! A bis kiss and hug to Pat. xox