donderdag 30 juni 2011

A bucket full of flowers

This is my last post before the summer holiday. We will spend some time at home and in France (Paris and Normandy). With three 17+ daughters it is almost impossible not to visit Paris :-) when in France! One would like to see The Kiss by Rodin, the other one would love to stand under the Eiffel Tower and the third one would love to walk the streets and alleys of Montmartre. I guess I will just have to pack my walking shoes..... 

In today's post an update of my garden. It's looking green and lush. I already harvested four cucumbers and my first courgette. The red & green peppers, tomatoes, gherkins and aubergines are doing fine in the greenhouse. The Larkspur and Lavender are in full bloom and the sweet pea's will open up their buds soon.

On one of the photo's you can see a slice of the Blueberry crumble loaf, I made out of of the book Cake Days from the Hummingbird bakery. In one of my older posts you can see me reading it. If you enjoyed their first cookbook, this second one is definitely worth buying too.

Well that's it for now. I wish you all a Happy Summer holiday. Have lots of fun! See you back in a few weeks time.

Lieve groet, Madelief x

maandag 27 juni 2011

Ship Ahoy!

What better way to spend the first warm summer evening of the year, than on board a cruise ship?! Thanks to the crab and shrimp sandwiches my husband regularly eats during his lunch break, we were invited to a special party on the SS Rotterdam. The sea fish company that organised the party for it's business associates and regular customers, managed to get itself into the Guinness book of Records, with the biggest display of 'Fruits du Mer'. It was an amazing event! As there was no dresscode (mmmm) I opted for a simple skirt and top, tied a scarf around my waist and finished it off with a cameo I found in an English charity shop.

The atmosphere on board was relaxed. The were people of all ages and layers of society. I could even report some celebrities back to my daughters :-)! There was a drum band on the quay and we were welcomed by the owner of the company. With a delicious glass of prosecco in our hands we managed to find my husbands colleagues, with whom we spent a delightful evening.

The reveal of the 'Fruits du Mer' was a spectacle. Hundreds of balloons were let loose and drifted off to sea. The thousands of shrimps, crab, lobster, oysters and all other kind of sea fruit, a treat. The view from the ship was amazing. On one side of the ship we could see the skyline of our home town. On the other side the old warehouses. I felt so proud of my city!

If you ever go to Rotterdam, don't forget to visit this grand old lady, the SS Rotterdam! It was built in Rotterdam in the 1950s and used for transatlantic crossings between Rotterdam and New York. It has now found a permanent location in Katendrecht, one of Rotterdam's harbour areas.

It has been completely renovated, with eye for style and detail. The interior of the boat is very much the same it was in the 1950s. You can just walk around, have dinner there and even book it as Hotel accommodation! If you are looking for a special place....this is it!!

I hope you enjoy the photo's of the ship and the party just as much as I do!

Happy evening from a still sunny and warm Rotterdam,

Madelief x

zaterdag 25 juni 2011

Work in progress

In between work, socialising, reading and gardening, I started painting, crocheting and sewing again. Infected by the many enthusiastic ladies who show the most beautiful handmade items on their blogs, I decided to use my creative side a bit more. I am working on three things at the moment; a huge painting, a crocheted plaid and an an apron made of leftover fabric and fabric I won with a giveaway.  

I should not have started! If I had known beforehand it would be so addictive....... Every spare minute is filled with a paintbrush or crocheting needle in my hand or a pile of fabric and a sewing machine in front of me. Let me show you what I  made so far. It's not perfect yet, but I am getting better at it every day :-)!

Have a lovely weekend!

Madelief x

woensdag 22 juni 2011

A wet day at the flower show

Wearing our walking shoes, thick jeans and fleece jackets, my husband and I set off for 'Huis Bingerden', early on Sunday morning. Bingerden is a privately owned estate in the eastern part of Holland. In the third week of June, the grounds are used for an annual International plants fair. Specialist nurseries from Holland and the neighbouring countries are present. This year the theme was 'creepers and climbers'.

My husband and I were among the first visitors to arrive. Stall holders were still walking around, getting everything ready for opening. The weather was horrible; strong winds, low temperatures and torrential rain. We had to run to the first pavilllion insight, otherwise we would be soaked to the bone.

Despite the bad weather lots of plant enthusiasts turned up to see what was on display. Lectures were held and even a plant auction. I took a moss rose called 'Belinda' home with me. It has a beautiful bright pink/red colour and is slightly scented. I also bought a lovely baby blue Hydrangea, of which I simply cannot remember the name. Hope you all had a good weekend too?!

Happy Wednesday!

Lieve groet,