vrijdag 14 april 2017

Seize the day


How are you? Thank you for your kind comments on my last blog post. It's been a busy three weeks. Racing from one place to the other. I hope that now we are well into April, I will find the time to enjoy 'the present' more, to do a bit of baking and spend long days pottering in my garden. How I have missed the peace and quiet, the birdsong and off course my flowers. I can't live without them :-).

A few weeks ago Lisse-Lotte Loomer, a blog friend of mine who lives in British Columbia, Canada, kindly sent me a warm, loving booklet she wrote on the incorporation of her mothers greenhouse into her garden. It's called 'Greenhouse Hygge, the house of my growing dreams'. Lisse-Lotte writes how the greenhouse is used as a place to start her seedlings, have tea with her daughters after a day at school or a glass of prosecco with her friends in the evening. I enjoyed reading it a lot. Happiness oozes out of the pages. Lisse-Lotte's lovely images invite you to join in the garden celebration. If you are interested, please have a look here.

The photo's in this post were taken in my home and garden. As you can see the 'flower picking season' has started :-). Hurray to that! The carrot cake is a joined product by my middle daughter and I. She did the baking, I the grating and decorating.

It may take a week longer before my next post appears, as I am off to the UK for a short holiday. 

Wishing you a Sunny and Happy Easter.


Madelief x

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