maandag 26 mei 2014

A must see destination

The New York Times published an article recently, rating Rotterdam as a must see destination for 2014. I couldn't agree more. To me, my home town is one of the most attractive cities I have seen. When you like the contrast between old and new architecture, Rotterdam is the place to be

Love the amazing new building De Rotterdam by Rem Koolhaas and the old warehouses with names of islands in the former Dutch colonies, on the other side of the road. The fact that you are always close to the river, there are many quirky shops and restaurants and an amazing harbour area, only add to it's attractiveness. 

Alongside one of the quays in an area of town called Katendrecht, a fabulous cruise ship, called the SS Rotterdam, is permanently moored. It was once a prestigious flagship of the Holland America Line, used for carrying passengers to 'The New World' and for cruises. It dates back to the 1950s and is really worth a visit. Enjoy the fantastic interior, which brings you straight back to the fifties and sixties and have a coffee in one of the stylish restaurants or on the lido deck.

Last week I showed my friends from Budapest around town. We had a fabulous time! The weather could not have been better. Blue skies all over. We had coffee in the Nhow restaurant, on the 7th floor of The Rotterdam building, lunch at the SS Rotterdam and finally a glass of cool lemonade at De Zeeuwse Meisjes on the Deliplein. Seeing it through my friends eyes, made me realise once more how fabulous Rotterdam is. So if you haven't been yet, do come and visit!

Dear Jane and Lance, Thank you for your kindness, your enthusiasm and humour. It was a joy to spent the days with you! Blowing a kiss to both of you. 

If you would like to see more photo's, please have a look at their blog. It's one of my favourites!! You can find the link in their names.

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead! Three more days to go and I will be on my way to the UK. Hurray!


Madelief x

zaterdag 17 mei 2014

Visitors from abroad

The coming days my spare bedroom is in use. Yesterday my aunt arrived for the weekend and on Wednesday the girls and I welcome two special guests from Budapest. Jane and Lance....only four more days to go :-)!!

I have been running around the house like a maniac, a bucket of water, a mop and the vacuum cleaner constantly by my side. Ha, ha, this is how it must feel when you run a B&B. I have been looking forward to the coming weeks for months. Can't wait to catch up with my friends and to show them my home town: the amazing city of Rotterdam!

When my visitors have left. I will cross the English Channel, for a short holiday. My friends and I rented a cottage in The Cotswolds, in a little village close to Chipping Campden. We will roam the English countryside, visit castles and gardens and most probably chat a lot. I don't think I will be around much the coming two weeks. I hope you don't mind too much?!

Today's photo's were taken in the garden, during a period of two weeks time. You can see the first rose in bloom (Tom Tom), lots of alliums, different varieties of lupins, Delphinium Black Night and my lawn covered in daisies. Don't you just hate to cut the grass when it's full of those little white flowers?! :-)

Before I go, I would like to thank Stephanie from one of my favourite blogs Millesfeuilles, for the amazing stole she sent me. Stephanie, I am still speechless...... Your stole is so incredibly beautiful! It must have taken you hours! I posted a photo on Instagram, so if you would like to see how it looks, you can find a link in my sidebar. Thank you to Frances from the sweet blog By Surprise too, who sent me a lovely line of bunting with little hearts. A big hug and kiss to you both!  

Wishing you a Happy weekend! I hope I will spend part of it in the garden with my aunt and daughters, sipping tea.


Madelief x

vrijdag 9 mei 2014

Here comes the sun!

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your sweet comments on last weeks post! I am still blushing :-) I was happy to read you liked my photo's so much. It's always fun to decorate the garden and the table for guests. To make special dishes and fairytale like bouquets.

Wish I could invite you all to one of my next lunches or tea parties. Although my allotment garden is large, it's not big enough to seat you all! Perhaps I will do a giveaway one day, at which you can win a place at my tea table. Ha, ha!! Wouldn't that be fun! Well, you never know :-)

After a dark week with lots of grey skies and rain, I am creating my own sunshine today. I am adding a  bit of yellow to my post, to lighten up the darkness. The weather is too awful, to make photo's in the garden. Hopefully I will be able to show you the first roses in bloom next week. For now, you will have to do with belated bunnies and Easter eggs instead. I believe this was the first Easter ever, we celebrated outdoors. Hope many more will follow!

I made a roast beetroot, feta and lentil salad, and  a Pea and watercress soup. They were both quite tasty! If you are interested in the recipes, you can click the links above

Wishing you a happy weekend! Please send some sunshine to Rotterdam!


Madelief x