zondag 28 juli 2013

Tom tom, Heritage and Orange delight

Temperatures are back to normal in Rotterdam, but last week was warm and humid. My husband and I went to the garden often, to water the plants. As we grow lots of plants in terracotta pots and have a greenhouse with cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers inside, this is really necessary.

We picked blackberries, raspberries and a few gooseberries. Due to the wet spring, part of our gooseberry crop has mildew, so no gooseberry jam or pie this year....

In the middle part of the garden, where there is a lot of sunlight, the roses are growing abundantly. The New Dawn rose is huge and covering large part of the veranda. Heritage, Tom Tom and Constance Spry have lots of flowers as well. The roses in the front part of the garden are having a difficult time. They do give flowers, but somehow don't grow that much. It's the part of the garden where the soil is rock hard (heavy clay). I added sand and fertiliser to the soil, but I guess this was not enough.

Does anyone know the name of the little orange bush rose on my sixth photo? I bought it in a supermarket last year, but it did not have a label attached. I call it 'Orange delight', but perhaps one of you knows it's real name :-). I would love to hear!

How do you and your garden cope with the heat?

Wishing you a lovely new week!

Madelief x


woensdag 24 juli 2013

Tea in the garden

Just after we came home from our short holiday in Zeeland, we had a tea in the garden.  It was a beautiful summer day, with high temperatures. A gentle breeze kept us cool. I used some vintage tablecloths to lay the table with. I found most of them at flea markets, but one was made by my grandmother. Together with my floral teacups and cutlery all sorts, it looked crazy, but nice. I love to mix and match colours and patterns, but I think most of you knew that already :-)!

We all prepared something for the tea: scones, an asparagus quiche, meat loaf, lemon bars, bread with avocado,  salmon, sandwiches etc. It was absolutely delicious!

My new petit fours stand, which I won at a giveaway by Paul from Pauls Magical Christmas wreath company, was a real eye catcher on the table. It has a dolls head at the base, followed by a large letter M from mmmm and a pair of legs at the top. It looks quite quirky! It was made by ceramist Tina Tsang and part of the 'Blaue Blume' tea service. Paul, thank you once again for this great gift! I just love it!!

How are you spending the warm summer days? Hope you are able to stay cool!


Madelief x


vrijdag 19 juli 2013

So very proud!

When you see thousands of people pass by, it's difficult to spot a man with a white moustache and an Indiana Jones hat. I never realised so many men have white moustaches and similar hats :-)

We were at the Nijmeegse vierdaagse today (international four day marches in Nijmegen). It was one of the happiest events I have been to in years.When you see all those smiling faces from all over the world, united in sport, you wonder why it cannot always be like this.

My 75 year old dad, who had a tough year, with heart problems and a stroke, was one of them. He walked the 'Vierdaagse' for the 30th time. Because of his health problems he had hardly any time to practice, but nevertheless he looked as fit as a fiddle, when we saw him approaching on the St Annastraat (Via Gladiola), with a big smile on his face. I felt so very proud!

Off course we all wanted to be photographed with him :-). My brother made a sign, which he HAD to wear till the end :-). He drank his first beer after four long days on the road and had a short rest, before walking the last few miles to the finish.

Sitting there at the side of the road made me want to join him, so perhaps next year......you never know....:-)

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, from an almost tropical Holland!


Madelief x

woensdag 17 juli 2013

Design Classics and Vintage Treasures





A ten minute drive from the seaside, close to Breskens and the Belgian border, an old farmhouse is nestled among fields. When you come from Ellewoutsdijk and drive in the direction of Hoofdplaat, on the N678, you can't miss it. A long driveway with huge trees leads you to it. It looks striking.

When you enter the house through the back door, it immediately feels good. The high ceilings and large windows on both sides, make it light and spacious. There is colour everywhere. From the blue walls in the sitting room, the green bedroom to the orange clogs in the hall :-). I love the interior: the comfortable grand mother chairs combined with vintage lamps, old and new photo's, the large kitchen table and the stylish bathroom. However, what I love best is the amazing view. When you look out of the window, past the old willow trees and the well taken care of garden, all you can see is rows of onions and potatoes. In the distance some cows are grazing and the white flowers of  the maw seed dance in the wind.

When you step on your bicycle, it's only five minutes before you are at the Wester Scheldt. We loved to go there after dinner, to see the sun set and look for seals on a sandbank in the estuary.

My friends are still working on the house, but to me that only adds to its charm. Things don't have to be all done up and perfect, to be beautiful! If you are interested in renting it, please have a look at their website Datisonshuis. You will spot it immediately. The house can accommodate up to six people. It has all mod cons, and you can use their bicycles as well.

Happy Wednesday! Hope it's just as sunny in your part of the world as in mine!


Madelief x