zondag 26 januari 2014

Crochet workshops in my garden

Do you remember the photo's I posted on my blog last year, of the chrochet workshop I attended in Amsterdam? Maaike from the blog Crejjtion, Claire from the blog Haken en Meer and I, had a brainstorming session yesterday, to see if it is possible to combine crochet, my garden, vintage and flowers with an afternoon tea. We are still in the first steps of the organizing process, but with a bit of luck I will be able to tell you more about the workshop in a few weeks time. If you are interested, have a look at my blog now and then.

Today's photo's were taken in Breda, at the Begijnhof, the flower shop V&V Bloemen en wonen and at Stilleven (mix of kitsch & vintage), where we had lunch.

Sorry I haven't been able to visit your blogs last week. Next week is busy too, but hopefully I will find some time soon.

Wishing you a happy week ahead!


Madelief  x

zondag 19 januari 2014

And the winner is...

After a week of waiting, and (hopefully) crossing your fingers, it's time to reveal the winner of my small giveaway :-). Before I do, I would like to thank you for your enthusiastic response and for participating. It's good to see you like vintage porcelain as much as I do.

I started on a new crochet cushion cover a few weeks ago. My heart was not really in it, but it grew on me. I simply love the pompom edge, which I found on Pinterest. It's fun to make and it looks fabulous as a border.

Taaaadaaa! Time to reveal the two winners of my giveaway. The pink set goes to Esther from the blog Pippa's Hus. The green set to Traude from the blog Rostrose. Dear Esther and Traude, congratulations! Would you please email me your name and address, so that I can send the cups and saucers your way. Hope they will arrive all in one piece and off course in time for your first spring tea party ;-)!

I won two giveaways myself this week. One by the very talented Mariska from Curly Creative, who sent me a hand drawn notebook and card, and a lovely giveaway with colourful envelopes and stickers by Joke from Musjes brocante plekje. Thank you so very much Joke & Mariska!

Wishing you a happy week ahead!


Madelief x


zaterdag 11 januari 2014

Vintage tea cup and coffee cup giveaway

Hope you haven't been waiting too long for this post to appear?! After a busy day, I collapsed in my lounge chair in front of the television, watching 'The Kings Speech'. It must have been for the fourth time :-). Simply had to see it to end.....again! It's the beautiful storyline, the great acting and the 'part of British history', that appeal to me very much. My daughters say it's slow, perhaps it is, but I don't mind. What better film to watch when you have been walking around town all day......

But, enough about the film. I promised you a give away and here it is! You are actually doing me an immense favour. As I have loads of vintage floral cups and saucers and no more space to put them on display, I thought it would be a good idea to give some to you. 

This is to thank you for your sweet, supportive and warm comments. I read them all! They make me think, smile and even cry sometimes, but most of all they make me happy. A big kiss to you!

I hope you like what I selected. Please let me know which set of cups you prefer. The pink set (above this text) or the green set (below this text). My youngest daughter will pick the winning number. You are all welcome to join in, from The Netherlands or abroad. The giveaway will end next Saturday, the 18th of January. I will announce the winning number the day after.

Wishing you good luck and a Happy weekend!


Madelief x

The floral pattern on my photo's is wallpaper by Eiffinger (Ibiza)


zaterdag 4 januari 2014

Into the garden once more!

A Happy, Healthy, Sparkling & Creative New Year to you! Hope it will be a good one.

Every year, at the beginning of January, my enthusiasm for the new gardening season grows. Books are opened and new ideas pop into my head. I can't wait for the Hellebores and snowflakes to show their pretty heads!

Winter did not even start in Holland yet (no snow and ice so far), so I guess I will probably have to be patient for a few more weeks..... Meanwhile I keep on reading and dreaming......lots and lots of dreaming :-) Scrolling through last years photo's helps, so I thought I would put some on my blog.

Meanwhile, I think I forgot to thank you for your lovely words, kinds emails and support over the past year. You put a smile on my face and helped me through difficult times. I have decided to do a small giveaway next week. As I have loads and loads of vintage teacups, I thought I would give some to you. So if you think you can use some lovely floral cups for that special garden party you plan to organise this summer, pop over to my blog next Saturday or Sunday!

Wishing you all a happy weekend!


Madelief x