zondag 25 september 2016

Vintiguing in Antwerp

This post is long overdue. Sorry you had to wait such a long time for it to appear. I have been on a short holiday with my parents, and on a long weekend to Antwerp, one of my favourite towns in the Benelux.  It's only an hours drive from Rotterdam, and such a different world. It's hip, it's classy, the food is better, the clothes are finer and the people much more relaxed. My late husband and I used to visit regularly, to see an exhibition, do some shopping or just walk around town and enjoy the good life.

It was four years ago since I visited last. I thought it would be difficult being there, but somehow the town got me in it's grip. I enjoyed it just as much as I did before. It helped that I was in the company of two sweet friends who live in Antwerp during the weekend and showed me around town.

As they are just as keen on vintage clothing as I am, and now the best shops in town, I came home with two new winter outfits: an amazing turquoise jacket, two sweet hats, a copper sunburst necklace and an antique priests stole, which I use as a belt. I customized the jacket and belt a little, but furthermore the outfits are ok and look fab. 

For those of you who are interested  in the names of the shops I discovered my treasures: Think twice, the Kringwinkel and the Oxfam store

My photo's were taken around Antwerp, near the MAS/het Eilandje, in the city centre and my favourite B&B Bed, bad & brood.

Are you a vintage shopper and did you find any treasures recently?

Have a good week ahead!


Madelief x 

Thank you Marianne and Henny for a fabulous weekend! X