zaterdag 29 juni 2013

Roses in bloom


This is my last post before I close my laptop and leave it in the cupboard for a while. Now the summer holiday's have started, I look forward to spend more time outdoors

We won't be going abroad this year, but I hope I will be able to go to for walks along the beach, spend whole days laying in the grass with a book, enjoy the company of friends and family and off course pick lots and lots of flowers from my garden :-)!

In today's post the first roses in bloom in my garden: Pink Cloud, Heritage, Coral Dawn, Indigoletta, Constance Spry, New Dawn and Rhapsody in blue &amp. Hope to show you some more after my blog break.

Wishing you a lovely summer holiday! Have fun!

See you back soon!


Madelief x 

woensdag 26 juni 2013

Outdoor kitchen

Some of you who have followed me ever since I started three years ago, know we have an outdoor kitchen in the garden. As our garden house it too small for an indoor kitchen, we made one under the veranda, at the side of the house, two years ago. It's where I store part of my vintage collection of floral china.

It's a lovely kitchen to work in. It's dry, light, airy (:-)) and surrounded by the garden on two sides. I use a small camping stove to cook on and the BBQ is close by. We even have electricity. Which is quite rare for an allotment.

In summer we often stay in the garden until the sun sets and have afternoon teas and dinner parties with friends. At times like that a kitchen comes in handy.  Let me show you what it looks like.

Happy day!


Madelief x

zondag 23 juni 2013

Oh so quiet....

When I went to the garden last Wednesday, to have coffee with friends, it was oh so quiet. It felt sort of strange, but in a pleasant way. Our garden is situated between the airport and one of the major highways. Normally, there is always a bit of noise in the background. It must have been the lack of wind that caused the silence.

It was a lovely morning, with high temperatures (and humidity). While sitting in my chair, waiting for my friends to arrive,  I saw the dawn's morning mist rise from the garden. It looked absolutely beautiful! As there was hardly any sun, the colours of the daisies, digitalis, lupins and first roses were very intense. Perfect weather for taking photographs. They may look a bit hazy though!

Some of you asked which plants I took with me from the plant fair. I had too write them down, because I was afraid I would forget them. I bought a Pink Cloud rose, which is the bright pink rose on the photo, primrose beesiana, penstemon hirsutus, salvia pratensis 'Twilight serenade' and achillea mill. 'Summer Berries'.

Hope you were able to spent some hours outdoors too?! 

Wishing you a happy new week from a now wet and chilly Rotterdam.


Madelief x

Almost forgot to thank you for leaving comments on my blog and visiting my Facebook and Pinterest page. I appreciate it very much!!