zondag 3 juli 2016

Summer break

After almost two weeks of constant and sometimes even torrential rain, we had a sunny and dry afternoon. Such a delight to be sitting in the garden once more, enjoying the sun on my face.

I had not been to the garden for a while, and was afraid the wind and rain would have played havoc with it. Quite the contrary. Although I had to find my way through the jungle, that was once my garden path, all looked well. One of the climbing roses in front of the garden house had come loose and several tall flowers lay flat on the ground, but nothing I could not fix. 

Several roses were still in flower. A variety of yellow, pink, white and blue summer flowers kept them company. I picked a huge bunch to take home with me.

My middle daughter helped me out in the greenhouse. The tomatoes are doing fine, but what they need is sunshine, lots of it. The courgette had patches of powdery mildew on it's leaves. We removed them and hope that the other plants in the greenhouse have not been infected. The first cucumbers and gherkins are visible.

This is my last post before the summer holiday. I am taking a blog break. The girls and I are looking forward very much to spend some time at the seaside and in the garden, go canoeing, visit family and friends and discover Edinburgh in Scotland.

Wishing you all a lovely summer.

Thank you for your sweet comments over the past few weeks. I don't always mention it, but I want you to know that I appreciate them very much.

Have fun!


Madelief x