woensdag 4 juni 2014

Rose is a rose is a rose, is a rose

Just arrived home. I spent four beautiful days in The Cotswolds, enjoying all things green and pleasant, that England has to offer: lush gardens, far reaching views and lots and lots of charity shops. I bought a whole new wardrobe over there ;-)! I will show some of it on my blog soon!

Just before I left for the UK, I went to the garden, to water the tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse and to see how the roses were doing. It was raining non stop, but I did not mind in the least. I love the smell of wet earth and somehow the colours look more vibrant on a rainy day.

The roses looked amazing! More and more are in flower. As always I spent more time there, than I initially planned. When you are surrounded by so many colourful flowers, it's difficult to contain oneself. I simply have to pick them! Off course, the fact that they are all in my own garden, makes it easier :-) I made two lovely bouquets. In one of my next post I will show you how they looked like, but I thought I would already give you a preview. Hence my first photo!!

A warm Hello to Jane and Lance's friends, who popped over to visit!  It's a joy to meet you! I haven't been able to visit you yet, but I will try :-)

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Madelief x

The rose around my garden house and on photo number 16 is called 'New Dawn', the blueish purple rose which you can see clearly on my last photo: 'Rhapsody in blue', the lilac one on my fifth photo: 'Waltz time' , the lilac one among the clematis on my 10th photo 'Indigoletta'.

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  1. Prachtig!!! Hele mooie kleurtjes nu momenteel in je tuin, al die roze en paars-tinten, heel sfeervol...

  2. Your garden is beautiful!! I am so glad that you had a nice time visiting over here in England! xx

  3. Your roses are so pretty Madelief ... I can smell them from here! So glad you had a lovely time in England, and looking forward to seeing your new wardrobe

    Love Claire xxx

  4. Inspirational post Madelief.
    Coincidentally , I'm off to the nursery this morning to look at roses - so perfect timing for me.
    Have a lovely day,
    Liz x

  5. What a beautiful garden and such beautiful photos!
    It looks to me like a productive visit at the garden :)

  6. Prachtige rozen! Ik moet maar weer een nieuwe klimroos tegen de muur aanplanten ipv de oude die dood is gegaan...Ben benieuwd naar je aankopen in de engelse kringloopwinkels! En natuurlijk waar je allemaal ben geweest! Ik kijk er naar uit! Groetjes Fleur

  7. Lieve Madelief,

    Wat fijn dat je zo genoten hebt in Engeland, ik ben ontzettend benieuwd naar alle foto's die je daar hebt gemaakt. Ik wil er zelf ook zo graag een keer naar toe.

    Je tuin staat er prachtig bij, de rozen zijn ook zo mooi. Ik hoop dat ze lang en bloei staan, zodat je er nog een hele tijd van kunt genieten. Al die kleuren bij elkaar...het is weer om van te smullen!

    Ik wens jou ook nog een hele fijne week! Veel liefs, Ingrid

  8. So glad you had a good time in the UK and I hope you managed to escape the showers for a while!
    Your roses and garden generally looks stunningly pretty.
    M x

  9. Good morning beautiful friend! Madelief, you bring us smiles and a good feeling every time you post. I am finally enjoying some garden time since our weather finally turned good and school will be out next week! I have started my pots with white flowers this year, and I think I am now wanting to have some roses, thanks to YOU! Your garden sensibilities have rubbed off on me!

    Sending you a big hug my dear and lovely friend! Anita

  10. Je tuin zelf is al een heel mooi boeket met al die prachtige bloeiende rozen. Ik hoop ze spoedig weer eens zelf te komen aanschouwen. Je nieuwe garderobe met een aantal zeer verrassende nieuwe items heb ik al mogen bewonderen.
    Dikke knuffel, Ilse

  11. What a beautiful garden you have. My favourite colour is pink, and you have it in abundance. What a joy to see!

  12. Wauw, wat is je tui prachtige! Ik kan me voorstellen dat je het enorm naar de zin hebt gehad in de Cotswolds en verheug me op foto's :-) Ik ben ook heel benieuwd naar je nieuwe kleding, super leuk om eens in Engelse charityshops te neuzen (daar zou ik me ook dagenlang kunnen vermaken, net als in deze tuinen!)

    Margriet xx

  13. Schitterend Madelief, zo is de tuin op zijn mooist als de rozen en de cottage flowers bloeien. Ik heb dit keer niet veel bijzonders gekocht in Engeland, wel heel veel boeken. Ben benieuwd naar je nieuwe aanwinsten.
    Groetjes, Janneke

  14. Wunderschön!! Wir haben keine Rosen mehr im Garten, diese waren immer so schnell befallen. Schade eigentlich. England, das stand auf meiner Urlaubsliste auch ganz oben. Vielleicht nächstes Jahr!!

  15. Beautiful - how do you stop your lupins being eaten! Mine do not survive 24 hours out in the garde sadly
    Glad that you had a lovely time in The Cotswolds - it is a beautiful part of the world
    Best wishes

  16. Beautiful roses Madlief! :)
    So glad you had a lovely holiday!!
    V x

  17. hoi madelief erg mooi je rozen in je tuin ben heel benieuwd na de fotos uit the cotswolds en je charity aankoop (en) hoop dat je genoten heb was het weer beetje redelijk groetjes leon10

  18. Madellief, your roses are so beautiful! Have a nice week! Hugs, MAnuela

  19. Your garden smiles with blooms. Here we are waiting; everything is so late. I hope you came home rested and refreshed. It is always. Ice to get away and just as nice to return home.

  20. Hoi Madeluef!:)
    Hier in Nederland is ook een paar regenachtig dagen....
    Maar jou Tuin zit er prachtig en kleurrijk uit,fantadtisch!


  21. Wat een genot als je zo'n tuin hebt! Om daar rond te lopen is toch echt genieten.
    En ja, de roos blijft toch echt de koningin!
    Fijn dat je genoten hebt in Engeland, ben heel benieuwd naar de foto's!

    Liefs, Gerry

  22. Darling Madelief,

    Welcome back home! We are delighted to read that you had a wonderful time away in the Cotswolds and that you are now safely returned home to your beautiful garden. We know how much you love that part of England and it sounds as if you made the most of every minute away. Perfect!

    The garden is looking so fabulously green and bountiful. The rain has obviously made everything grow so much and the green everywhere is so delightful. Your Roses are a particular delight, especially New Dawn clambering its way over your summer house. A magical place indeed.

    You have such an amazing eye for a bargain......we cannot wait to see your charity shop purchases!

    So pleased that we now have so many lovely mutual friends. Happy Days!

    All love to you and the girls, Jane and Lance xxxxx

  23. Wat heerlijk zo'n vakantie in Engeland!
    En prachtig je rozen!
    Fijne avond!

  24. Unglaublich schön, ich bin ganz fasziniert!!!
    Viele liebe Grüße, Olga.

  25. Sooo very beautiful. I told you before: Love your garden. The roses are gorgeous. I`m still waiting for mine.

    Big hug from here

  26. stunning, stylish, wonderful. love your garden. Imogen x

  27. Oh Madelief, this is a heavenly post. Your garden reminds me so much of mine. I adore the natural billowy romantic planting. Lovely to visit here, as ever

  28. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEL erg benieuwd naar je verhalen over de Cotswalds en de foto's natuurlijk!!!!!!

  29. Absolutely gorgeous photographs of your dreamy garden are made all the more magical with the addition of rain Madelief. So glad you had a lovely trip, with great buys and the chance to meet up with lots of old friends recently, sounds like the perfect way to begin the summer season. Keep the magic alive. Paul xoxo

  30. Fijn dat het goed was in Engeland.....en leuk je bezoekje van Jane en Lance...heerlijk toch...geniet maar lekker verder lieverd.....x !

  31. Glad to hear you had a wonderful time in the Cotswolds .I will look forward to hearing more about it. Your roses look beautiful even they are very wet! Sarah x

  32. So much to catch up with but what a delight! I miss those charity shoppes Madelief! Can't wait to see the treasures you brought back!

  33. Hello Madelief
    It must be difficult to leave your garden when it looks so beautiful and in four days you must find a lot changes
    I am looking forward to hearing and seeing the Cotswolds, through your eyes
    Helen xx

  34. So many beautiful blooms in your garden Madelief, thank you for sharing such a lovely post! So glad you enjoyed your stay in the UK, looking forward to seeing your purchases!
    Gill xx

  35. Rain brings out all the best colours of the garden. Absolutely glorious!

  36. Everything looks so vibrant! I agree, the rain makes everything look so bright, and the little rain droplets are like jewels.

  37. Madelief, your lushly green garden with its gorgeous roses surely did give you a fabulous welcome home. Thank you so very much for sharing this beauty with the rest of us.


  38. The roses are magnificent here also right now. I just love spending time viewing your garden and dreaming of walking there one day. It is lovely! It is Rose Festival time in my city of Portland, Oregon, USA right now.

  39. I just love roses so much. They are my favourite flower. So lovely, elegant, fragrant and beautiful! Your roses are all that too!

  40. Have a good time, one thing about England is the gardens I loved them.

  41. Wat weer een prachtige foto's en wat verheug ik met op de foto's van The Cotswolds. XX Esther

  42. I never get tired of seeing these very nice photos of your garden! It's so pretty... :)
    I return to London this summer, and I want to go into the Costworld. When you go there, you rent a car? Or you go there by train, by bus?

  43. I hope you had a wonderful time in England. Your Roses are so pretty x

  44. un super jardin
    avec des lupins , qui chez moi ont du mal à pousser
    merci de se si joli bouquet de fleurs
    c'est très agréable
    edith (iris) France

  45. Hoe altijd super mooi fotos.

    Groetjes Conny

  46. Dearest Madelief,
    Indeed, a rose is a rose and her beauty always draws attention; even on rainy days.
    In a way it is always sad to see the abundant blooms just at a time we have to pack up and leave... but you did bring home some full nosegays of roses anyway.
    Of course we are anxious to see those photos. Glad you had a wonderful time and that is always great for mind and spirit; we can start rejuvenated.

  47. Ik zit te genieten van je prachtige foto's!! Dankjewel..
    Groetjes Lies van bymyselfffie.blogspot.com

  48. De eerste gedachte die ik had toen ik je post bekeek was, "het lijkt wel een engelse cottage" Met al die mooie prachtige bloemen. Ik kan er altijd enorm van genieten, en toch heb ik het hier bij mij heel rustig...
    Leuk dat je weer in the Cotswold geweest bent. Ik ga volgend jaar weer naar Engeland toe, ik vind het daar zo mooi..
    Geniet dit weekend lekker van het mooie weer, en je mooie tuin.
    Liefs Lia

  49. Wow what a lovely garden, what beautiful flowers, thank you for sharing

  50. Mooi hoor Madelief. Jouw tuin is echt Geweldig!
    Enne.... ga je nog een crochetparty geven? Daar had je het een tijdje geleden toch over?

  51. Madelief, that cottage with all the flowers is the most charming thing I've ever seen. I love it soooo much.

  52. Dear Madelief, lovely photos of your beautiful garden, it's just so full of foliage and flowers, the word abundant comes to mind whenever I see pictures of your flowering garden. So glad you enjoyed your holiday in the Cotswolds. Looking forward to seeing your finds here on the blog! Sharon x

  53. Oh Madelief,
    you are already back from UK! I thought you will stay a little bit longer... But now I'm glad to read that you had beautiful days in The Cotswolds! Your garden is really amazing, breathtaking - full of the most wonderful colors, I love those photos!!!!!
    Warm hugs my dear and happy weekend!

  54. Oh so beautiful pictures...seems you have had a great vacation in UK, that´s nice!
    Take care now and have a lovely weekend.
    Love Titti

  55. So much of your love has gone into your garden and it so shows, wishing you a peaceful weekend. xxx

  56. Wat een prachtkleuren en wat ziet je tuin er prachtig uit. Het zal vast allemaal flink gegroeid zijn en de dagen dat je weg was. Ben erg benieuwd naar je fotos uit Engeland, lieve groet

  57. Dear Madelief,

    So glad you had beautiful days away, in the Cotswolds and I look forward to seeing your new wardrobe.
    Your roses are looking really pretty and love all your wonderful photos - must be a delight going to your garden.
    Also it was lovely to meet Jane and Lance, and to see their wonderful blog.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend

  58. Hello dear Madelief,
    I am in awe of these photos of your beautiful garden!!! Your roses are really amazing in the rain. You take the loveliest photos of your blooms.
    I am so glad to hear that you had a great time in the Cotswolds and I am anxious to see your new clothes. Oh to shop in England (that is a dream of mine) would be such fun.
    sending hugs...

  59. Hello Madelief I loved seeing your beautiful roses, how pretty your garden is looking! I think roses look lovely in the rain too :) I'm so glad to hear that you had a lovely time in the Cotswolds and look forward to seeing your pictures of where you went and the clothes you found......what a fun time it sounds!
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen xox

  60. Hi Madelief,
    Your garden looks so lush and green and your roses are impressive. They look so healthy - I always struggle with my roses here in London - they are full of blackspot on the leaves as well as aphids. I don't use any chemicals so its a lot of work to try to keep them healthy.
    Charming and beautiful arrangement you made - looking forward to seeing the rest.
    Have a lovely week!
    xoxo Ingrid

  61. Wat fijn dat je het zo naar je zin hebt gehad in Engeland en je kledingkast goed hebt weten aan te vullen. Wat ziet je tuin er prachtig uit! Wat een heerlijke geur na een regenbui he? Liefs Pascale


Thank you for your lovely words.