zondag 23 februari 2014

On the cover


Before you read this post, put on Colin Farrell with 'Happy' :-). That is how I feel at the moment! Just after I published last weeks blog post and opened up my mailbox (the real one, not the one line one), I was in for a pleasant surprise. Do you remember I wrote about the glass of my green house breaking and hoping for a bit of luck? Well, I believe my fortune has changed :-)

The Victorian Homes magazine was sent to me, with one of my photo's on the cover. I jumped for joy :-)! It looks absolutely fantastic! Beside the cover photo, two beautifully written articles are inside, about the tea parties I have in my garden and my collection of vintage tea cups. All photo's in the articles were made by me. I am so incredibly proud!

If you are interested in the magazine. You can buy it at Barnes and Noble and select book stores and grocery stores in the USA. You can order a copy on line too.

I spent some time behind my sewing machine last week, to make new cushion covers for in my garden. I love a bit of change now and then. Let me show you the first one. I am quite happy the way it turned out. It's partly made of vintage fabric.

While I am writing this post, I can see large patches of blue in the sky, while the first rays of sunlight shine through my window.  I think I will put my sewing machine in the cupboard for a day and head off to the garden! When I was there yesterday, I noticed the first daffodils and hyacinths in bloom. At last, at last, at long long last :-)

Wishing you a sunny day. Have fun!


Madelief x

* The floral dress on the photo's was a recent vintage find. It's absolutely lovely and perfect to wear at tea parties in my garden. The crochet necklaces were made by me.



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  1. Congratulations on the magazine article! Very exciting! As always, all your photos are beautiful and very inspiring. Enjoy your gardening. xx

  2. Well done...and I just love all your beatiful photos...

  3. Liebste Madelief,
    HERZLICHEN GLÜCKWUNSCH ! Das ist ja der Hammer ! Und jetzt wo Du berühmt bist, werd ich gleich ein paar Autogrammkarten für Dich designen :-)

    Deine Fotos sind aber auch zu schön, so dass es nur eine Frage der Zeit war, bis jemand sie endlich veröffentlicht.

    Das Lied Happy ist zur Zeit auch mein Favourite, da bekommt man gleich gute Laune (und einen Ohrwurm, den man nicht mehr aus dem Kopf bekommt)

    Bei uns lacht auch die Sonne und die Vögel zwitschern, da bekommt man gleich Lust, im Garten zu wühlen und sich Stiefmütterchen (Miefstütterchen) ins Haus zu holen. Meine Lieblingsfarben dabei sind geld und violett. Das sieht so freundlich aus. Wenn Du das nächste Mal in den Garten gehst, dann nimm Dir welche mit und pflanz sie zu Happy in den Boden.

    Und dann tanze dazu und freu Dich an der Sonne und hüpfe in die Luft.

    Und filme Dich dabei, denn DAS würd ich gerne sehen :-)

    Es umarmt Dich

    Deine Eve

  4. Wauw, wat geweldig leuk! En het is je zo gegund. Wat ziet 't er weer prachtig fleurig uit. Ik word er ook helemaal happy van :-)
    Lekker van genieten Madelief!
    Fijne zondag.

    Lieve groet, Anita

  5. Dear Madelief,
    What fab news! I would keep that magazine for ever. By the way, I like the vase in that third photograph.
    Bye for now

  6. Wat moet dat ontzettend leuk zijn om je foto's terug te zien in een magazine Madelief!!! Dat kussen zal vast prachtig staan in je tuin. Wat zie ik weer een mooie spulletjes op mooie foto's staan: dat bloemenblikje en roze vaasje, prachtig! Een fijne zonnige zondag, Liefs Pascale

  7. En daar kwam weer die prachtige roze vaas voorbij.......Maar wat super leuk dat er een artikel in Victorian Homes geplaatst is en ook nog de voorpagina foto, ja daar knap je wel van op na de gebroken ruit van de kas, haha.
    Fijne zondag verder.

  8. Lieve Madelief,

    Wat gaaf dat er een artikel over jou in Victorian Homes is verschenen! Daar mag je mega trots op zijn, al heb ik mij er altijd al over verbaasd dat de Nederlandse (tuin)bladen je nog niet hebben aangeschreven. Jouw tuin zou daar toch geweldig in sieren??

    Zo zie je maar, na een tegenvaller komt er toch weer iets heel leuks om de hoek!

    Ik wens je een hele fijne zondag, ik ga zo ook lekker in de tuin aan de slag! Veel liefs, Ingrid

  9. Dear Madelief,
    congratulations! It must be a great feeling to see the pictures in such a magazine!
    The necklaces looks lovely and I think the vase is absolutely adorable!

    Have a great sunday

  10. so happy to be here today : a wonderful and colourful world to look at!!!!!
    Congratulations for the cover!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  11. Congratulations Madelief! How exciting to be featured in the magazine and to have your own photos used! I'm so happy for you, and am loving all your lovely photos here - the patchwork cushion is very pretty, and will be so right for the garden with all the pretty floral fabrics you've used.
    Enjoy your time in the garden - the first few sunny days of early spring spent in the garden are so magical after the long winter.
    Gill xx

  12. muchas felicidades,su blog es maravilloso,mucho colorido muchas flores,saludos

  13. muchas felicidades,su blog es maravilloso,mucho colorido muchas flores,saludos

  14. oh wat leuk madelief dat je in een amerikaanse magazine staat het blad ziet er erg mooi uit met erg mooie fotos ik ken het blad nog niet maar de title klinkt al wel erg leuk victorian homes super leuk!

  15. Darling Madelief:

    We are so, so excited for you. How simply wonderful all of this is and how beautiful your photographs look in print. You must be so thrilled and all of this is surely, along with the blue skies, an omen for the start of this new year. Please do keep us, if at all possible, a copy of Victorian Homes for when we see you. In the meantime, when we are in Brighton next month we shall look there and let you know if we obtain one.

    And now all those wonderful fabrics - we cannot wait to see EVERYTHING!!!

    Have a restful and peaceful Sunday. J&L, xxx

  16. Dear Madelief - I was so thrilled for you to read this news and understand how wonderful and exciting it must be for you to see your glorious photos presented so beautifully in the magazine.
    Definitely bright skies are on the horizon, and how stunning you will look in your new vintage dress.

  17. Wat een prachtige reportage met je fotos! Gefeliciteerd, wat zullen je meiden trots zijn op hun moeder. Ik ga gauw kijken of ik het kan bestellen. Wat een heerlijk weer, groot gelijk dat je naar de tuin gaat. Ik ben snipverkouden, dus doe even rustigaan. Nagenieten van heerlijk londen. Lieve groet

  18. Congratulations on the magazine feature Madelief but I'm not surprised they snapped you up, your images are always so beautiful!
    Love your new cushion and your dress and your crochet necklaces......love everything really! :)
    Enjoy your garden
    V xxx

  19. Your photos are amazing, dear Madelief!

  20. Owww Madeliefje van me...wat een geweldig nieuws...ik ben zo trots en blij voor je !!!...en wat een heerlijke kleuren !!!..ben weer zo vrolijk nu.....fijne zondag lieverd....kussss van mij...x !

  21. Helemaal leuk! Daar kan je weer weken op teren.


  22. Oh congratulations! How fantastic! Serendipity! You thoroughly deserve the accolade. The patchwork cushion with the vintage linen is beautiful!

  23. Congratulations dear Madelief. Your photos are always so beautiful. I will find that magazine and enjoy it from cover to cover. You should feel so proud. Your colourful pictures are like a breath of fresh air on this wintry morning. Love the orange vase so much. Have a wonderful day, Hugs, Deb

  24. Lieve Madelief.
    Wat geweldig en wat een eer om op de omslag van zo'n mooi tijdschrift te staan. En een reportage erbij. Kind wat leuk. Ja 2014 wordt een goed jaar en voor jou is het al begonnen.Geniet nog een poosje van de zevende hemel.
    Liefs van Riet

  25. Wat geweldig, Madelief en wat een eer om in een Amerikaans blad te staan. Daar mag je met recht trots op zijn en blij!
    En wat een prachtige kleuren weer, het spat van het scherm af. Als je daar niet blij van wordt!

    Liefs, Gerry

  26. I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU! This is a dream come true, Madelief, and for someone as talented as YOU! Listen, I am now a "freelance" writer and have a few gigs set up for a new magazine that will be in print. This is a new adventure for me, but I hope that if I get at least ONE article written and published, my dream will come true!

    Your photography has been noticed and used and we are SO HAPPY for you. This is what you've been working so hard for, but I know that this has stemmed from a pure love to photograph what you see and adore.

    You have inspired me with these magnificent colors of life. Bless you dear, dear Madelief! Anita

  27. Hi Madelief,
    What an honor to have made the cover of this lovely magazine ~ congratulations!. Your photos are always so beautiful.I will pick up a copy tomorrow as they sell it here.I am so happy for you!
    Enjoy your time in the garden~wish I was there with you! More snow coming to us this week.

    Take care,

  28. Wat fantastisch Madelief!!! En wat een prachtige foto's ook :)
    Met recht kun je trots zijn, je verdient het met je altijd fleurige posts.
    Echt heel blij voor je ;)
    En goed ook dat je zoveel mooie dingen bewust ziet, en ervan geniet...respect...
    Ik ben zelf ook een rasoptimist en denk dat je daar veel mee wint...maar je moet het ook maar kunnen.
    Ga nu ook maar es meteen bij je neuzen voor mijn ideale cup & soucer ;)
    Geniet heerlijk na van deze enorme pluim!

    Lieve groet, MJ

  29. Well done Madelief, your images are always so exquisite, very worthy of the front of a magazine cover! :) x

  30. How exciting to be a published photographer. Best of all your tea parties will be known around the world. The daffodils are beautiful. I must be patient, as ours are still sleeping.

  31. What a lovely surprise for you. Your photos are always beautiful. xx

  32. Oh, wat ontzettend leuk voor je. Het zijn ook plaatjes die in dat magazine thuishoren.
    Geniet er maar lekker van...

    Liefs lia

  33. Wat ontzettend gaaf, en wat een prachtig blad!
    Mooie bloemen heb je weer in huis gehaald :D


  34. Hoi Madelief,
    Wat leuk zeg, dat er een reportage van jouw tuinfeestjes en al je mooie serviesgoed in zo'n prachtig blad staat. Wat een eer zeg, tenminste zo zie ik het wel hoor... Prachtige foto's, maar dat wisten we wel, dat jij heel mooie foto's maakt..
    Ik vind je nieuwe kussenhoezen heel erg leuk en vrolijk. Zelf ben ik een quiltdeken aan het maken, mijn derde inmiddels, van ook bijna allemaal vintage lapjes. Maar ook twee van Ben zijn oude overhemden zijn erin verwerkt, en een lapje waarvan mijn zusje voor haar dochtertje een heel leuk pakje maakte toen zij nog heel klein was...
    Ik wens je een heerlijke avond en alvast een heel fijne nieuwe week,
    Lieve groet,

  35. Congratulations on being published Madelief! You must be so proud! I love your photos, they are always so bright and cheerful! I particularly love the pinky/salmon vase with the flowers in it, so beautiful! Have a lovely week!

  36. Wow, your pics are really beautiful, love them all!...may I ask which camera you are using? I want t learn photography but I don´t know which camera to get as a newbie... Thanks for the nice postings have a good start of the week

    Mercy @ http://challengingartsandcrafts.blogspot.co.at/

  37. Congratulations! Your photos and beautiful things are much loved the world over. It's a well-deserved honor. :)

  38. Well deserved praise Madelief and my warmest congratulations! I could just step in the photos (just knowing the windmill is so close makes my heart beat faster!) I hope to secure a copy of the magazine next time I am off island!
    God bless,

  39. Wow now that is a massive surprise and to be honest I am not in the least surprised as I think you are so gifted when it comes to styling and taking photos. I know for one that I would love to come to one of your tea parties, they look heavenly! Well done you, you should be really proud of yourself! I hope the blue skies continue and yes I am all for listening to Colin Farrell's 'Happy' song, isn't it fab! Sending you much love xoxo

  40. Wat ontzettend leuk een reportage!

    Fijne avond. X

  41. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and thank you too for the recommendations about the camera.. In fact I have been considering Canon, which one I really don´t know... but now, you gave me ideas! Keep your beautiful pics coming! Have a nice Sunday evening!

  42. Gefeliciteerd Madelief!!!! Wouw, echt super!! En je vintage dress is echt adorable!!

    Liefs, Heidi

  43. That's fabulous and so well deserved! Will be buying a copy--can't wit to look and read.

  44. Darling Madelief! Thank you for coming to visit my post today! I am thrilled that we are all pursuing or even seeing our dreams unfold before us. This will be an interesting year for me as I see how much I will be learning through my writing adventure. Having kind friends like you and others always makes such a difference in knowing there is so much positive support. I will look for this magazine this week as I go to Barnes and Noble! XOXOX

  45. How exciting to see your cups on the cover and the article in the magazine! People who buy the magazine will enjoy seeing your tea party and your beautiful garden, congratulations. Sarah x

  46. Wat super leuk! On the cover of a magazine! Wat een eer. En dan ook nog zo'n mooi artikel in het tijdschrift. Met je eigen foto's! Echt leuk. Maar het verbaast me niks want je maakt ook prachtige foto's.
    Je gekleurde kussens zullen ook weer een mooi plekje in je tuin(huis) krijgen.
    Fijne week. Groetjes van Aleta

  47. My best wishes for you Madelief! I´m so happy for you...
    Lovely photo´s and lovely colours!
    Have a great week, take care...
    Love, Titti

  48. I am THRILLED for you Madelief! Your success is completely deserved. Your sense of aesthetics is amazing and makes us as happy as you felt on receiving your good news.

    Here's to blue skies and more tales of success.


  49. Erg blij voor je,Madelief!!!
    ZOooooooo fantatsisch.....Kan voorstellen jou gevoelens,wooow!!!
    Ik heb een glimlach op mijn gezicht en zo ,zo,zo blij voor jou!:)))*

    Liefs en groetjes,

  50. How marvelous and well-deserved! Can't wait to see the real deal and enjoy the article and your photos! Smiles...Susan

  51. Congratulations Madelief! It is no wonder to me, your photos and work, so colourful, happy and full of life....so deserving of a magazine cover!! N.xo

  52. Madelief, it's grand to learn that your beautiful garden tea parties and china are included in this fine magazine. I will be looking for it at my Barnes & Noble shops. I imagine that you will soon be having lots more visitors to your lovely site, and that all of us wish that we could attend one of your garden tea parties.

    Isn't grand that the daylight grows longer each day, and that spring can actually be not too many weeks away. Thank you for letting us celebrate your good news with you. xo

  53. Liebe Madelief...danke für diese wunderschönen Bilder.....das Kissen ist traumhaft..

  54. Gefeliciteerd met deze prachtige bekroning op je foto-werk!
    Wat hebben al die mensen die het magazine lezen een geluk, dat zij nu ook mogen meegenieten van je prachtige foto's!
    Ook hier kriebelt het .... we willen de tuin in! Gisteren hebben de meisjes (11-8-6 jaar) hard gewerkt in hun moestuintje, alles onkruid-vrij gemaakt, terwijl de drie Brama-kippen om hen heen scharrelden.
    Man en ik verplaatsten een haagbeuk, terwijl binnen in de AGA de stoofperen met suddervlees pruttelden... een heerlijke dag, die nog veel mooie lente-dagen beloofde...

  55. Wauw, gefeliciteerd met de mooie artikelen in dat fantastische blad Madelief! Geweldig, jouw foto's passen daar inderdaad geweldig in, prachtig. Lekker genieten! xo

  56. Hi Madelief, congratulations on being published, how exciting! As always, beautiful photos in your post - I love the painted tin and your patchwork cushions, and the vase is so unusual. Have a good week.
    Jane x

  57. hello
    que de belles couleurs toniques , vivantes
    c'est un printemps

  58. Congratulations on the magazine spread. Beautiful photos as always. I really enjoy all the floral things and signs of spring you have. The only blooming spring I have are the flowers I purchased. It will be at least another month before we are graced with outside " bloomers". However I noticed daffodils leaves are peaking out a bit.

  59. So pleased to see your wonderful photos are in this magazine and on the cover! I have always loved your beautiful, colourful pictures, Madelief, so I am not surprised they are being published! Well done! And so nice to have something cheerful happen too :)
    Helen xox

  60. CongratulaTIONS mADELIEF

    Congratulations Madelief! Your photos are wonderfully bright and cheerful and I'm surprised you haven't been in print before. I was just thinking after your last post wouldn't it be lovely to have a book of your photos! Would definitely cheer up my day. Love your unusual pink vase and the lovely patchwork cushion. I'm sure we'll see more of your photos in print soon. Hope you enjoyed your time in the garden.

  61. Van harte gefeliciteerd, Madelief! Wat bijzonder om in zo´n magazine te staan!
    En ja heerlijk het weertje momenteel, ik heb vandaag zelfs in het zonnetje gezeten!
    Ik wens je nog n fijne avond!

  62. Madelief, wat enorm leuk dat je foto's in het magazine staan! Je verdiend wel wat geluk na zo'n nare periode. Prachtige foto's ook weer maar we zijn niet anders gewend. Wat een mooie vintage jurk ook, een geluk dat je die vond! De gehaakte kettingen passen er perfect bij.

    Margriet x

  63. Dearest Madelief,
    What a joy for finding your photo on the cover. Jan will for sure be smiling down from heaven for this accomplishment.
    Lovely mix of your usual pastels with lovely china and fun dress and flower necklace to wear at your garden tea.

  64. How wonderful to be featured, and those pages look gorgeous. Even more people will now be aware of your beautiful blog and that can only be a good thing! Congratulations x

  65. Exciting! Wonderful!
    Congratulations on being published in Victorian Homes.
    Now I must run to Barnes and Nobles.

  66. So happy for you, Madelief! Of course your beautiful photos would be on the cover! Congratulations and a big hug. Your cushion covers are lovely, as are your crocheted necklaces - so bright and cheerful on a dreary winter's day! (I also am in love with that pink pottery vase! ) Good news for you and happy news - now you can get that window fixed! xo Karen

  67. Congratulations on the magazine feature and having your beautiful photographs on the front cover! How exciting and you deserve it as your photos are just wonderful. Thank you for another lovely post full of prettiness!
    Marianne x

  68. Wat een mooie vrolijke kleurtjes! Op heel je blog trouwens, leuk!

  69. Wow, that´s great news, Madelief! Congratulations!!! You can be very, very proud, your photos are marvellous, they deserve to be on a front cover or in a magazine!
    The cushion is lovely, I like the idea of using vintage fabric.
    Your daffodils are already in bloom...that´s very early! Here you can only see green leafs.

    Liebe Grüße, Bärbel

  70. My prediction years ago finally came true....No one belongs on the cover of a Magazine more than you dear friend!
    Hey and if you want that pink dress, you can have it. I found it in a thrift store, its all hand sewn.....Heidi

  71. That is wonderful and so very well deserved.

  72. Congratulations Madelief! That is such a joyous achievement. Your colourful teacups deserve to be in a magazine. I am glad Victorian Homes chose it for their cover. So happy for you.

  73. Dear Madelief,

    Big congratulations for featuring on the front cover and having your gorgeous photos and story to go with it. You must be feeling proud and so deserved.
    Love all the bright colours and your new cushion and your pretty flowers.
    You must be happy that Spring is there - enjoy this wonderful time of the year,
    Sending hugs and wishing you a lovely week

  74. Congratulations Madelief ... you surely deserve this recognition. Your photos are always inspiring and uplifting. I LOVE the vase in the third photo ... just gorgeous ... as are you in your vintage dress! I wish we could get the magazine here ...
    M x

  75. Wat kan ik hier verder nog aan toevoegen.
    Misschien gewoon dat ik altijd heel blij wordt van je foto's.
    Gefeliciteerd met de cover foto, zeer verdiend.

  76. Ha Madelief, wat superleuk voor je om in zo'n blad te staan met je prachtige foto's . Heb weer van je blog genoten.



  77. Dear Madelief, i love this!! Beautiful pictures too!! Thanks for sharing, Hugs, Manuela

  78. Oh, wat een geweldige foto's weer... Ik wil maar blijven kijken, zo mooi. Je dompelt ons helemaal onder in een kleurige(r) wereld - dank je wel!

    En van harte gefeliciteerd met de cover en de artikelen. Geweldig en zéér terecht! Fijn dat zo nóg meer mensen kunnen genieten van je prachtige werk.

    Hartelijke groeten, Haafner

  79. Dear Madelief, what a lovely surprise! Congratulations on the article; your beautiful photos have always been magazine worthy of course and its very exciting to see them in print. Your tea parties are going to become legendary:-)

    I love your vintage dress and the necklaces are really charming.

    We've been having sunshine and showers here - sunshine at the moment!. Spring is amost here ...


  80. Congratulations!! how exciting, beautiful photos xx

  81. Wow Madelief that is fantastic news! I'm sooo excited for you! I would be proud of myself too, If that happened to me. I would like to acquire a copy of Victorian magazine. Unfortunately for us here in OZ we can only order online. No wonder the cover photo looks so familiar. Your photos are always a delight to the eyes. The daffodils are truly beautiful such harbinger for more sunny days to come.
    Thank you for your sweet greetings and message for my birthday. And yes I will check out the magazine.
    Wishing you more happiness to come.


  82. What beautiful, beautiful colors!!! They make a heart glad! =) (But, now.... I've said that before! ;) )

    Dearest Madelief! I was here on Sunday reading your post when I spilled hot cereal with sweet and sticky milk onto my keyboard; so, no comment!! ;) But, one new keyboard later, I am back to tell you how excited I am to see your magazine article!! You had told me about it but to see it in reality.... wow!!! =) What a dream!! =) and completely, perfectly, well deserved!! =) So, this week, I've thought of this several times and smiled - so happy for you!!! (I mean, I have the biggest smile on my face, even right now, for you! =) xo)

    By the way, that's super funny that you mentioned that song - 'Happy'! I have been completely addicted to that song for months, now! ;)

    You've reminded me, with your dress and pretty crocheted daisy chain, of my paper dolls when I was little. They had the most magical outfits and we would dream up all sorts of wonderful 'occasions' for them to wear them in. (The dolls are in boxes in the barn and I worry sick, when I think of it, about mold!!!!!) Hopefully, someday soon I will dig them out and blog about them and, then, you will see what I mean!! ;)

    Sunshine and warm enough air that one can't wait to get out into... flowers poking their way up.... bike rides.... sewing.... happy, happy sigh.... =)

    Much love to all of you!! =)


  83. He Madelief,
    Wat een heerlijk en kleurig blog,echt geweldig,ik volg je al een poosje en geniet er erg van.
    Groetjes Anita

  84. Congratulations on being in print! Your articles look fabulous. I must say I find your blog very inspiring, the colours and patterns always make me feel very happy.

  85. Congratulations to your feature in Victorian Homes magazine. It was well deserved and I'm sure there will be many more!
    Have good week!
    xoxo Ingrid

  86. Oh my gosh! Congratulations on your magazine feature. I'm so impressed!!!

  87. Madelief!!! XO XO XO :-) :-) :-)
    I am catching up my favourite blogs this week and yesterday I discovered this post about your February feature in Victorian Homes!!! So, of course, I went out yesterday on a mission determined to find a copy. And, lo and behold, it was still on the newsstands at our local Chapters! Lucky me!
    BIG CONGRATULATIONS on the cover and 10 whole pages in the magazine's interior. Oh, what a lovely feature the creative team put together on your teas and teacups! I loved every word and photo. It is quite something and I am tucking this issue in with my special keepsakes. It was a joyful read and every one of your photos made my heart smile. Thank you to you and Victorian Homes for sharing! Pure spring bliss! XO I will email you soon...
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas


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