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In Jane's footsteps

Jane Austen had a love hate relationship with Bath. She had to leave her beloved home in Hampshire to live in a bustling city, full of balls and parties. In her novels Northanger Abbey and Persuasion she wrote down her anger, but her love for Bath as well.

In Northanger Abbey Catherine Morland says 'I shall always be talking of Bath, when I am at home again', but in the same novel Isabella Thorpe is 'preferring the country to every other place'. I won't be explaing the second quote, but the first quote tells us that the city must have left a lasting impression on Jane. It was not only Jane who was impressed by the grandeur and splendour of Bath, it willl stay in the minds of my family and I for a long time too!

The girls and I followed in Jane's footsteps; from the Roman baths, along the Pulteney bridge, through Gay street, past the Circus to the Royal Crescent and back to the Assembly rooms and the Pump room. As the city is not that big, you can do everything on foot. As we had been to the Jane Austen visitor centre several years ago, we now visited no.1 Royal Crescent, which gave us a good idea of life in Georgian times. We enjoyed the museum of costume, which is housed in the Assembly rooms, and could imagine ourselves dancing away in one of those beautiful Regency dresses. On our wish list was a visit to Prior Park and we also wanted to do the 'Bath skyline walk', a six mile circular walk around the city. Unfortunately our stay in Bath was too short to do it all. But to look at it from the bright side: reason enough to visit Bath one more time!

Enjoy your day! From a cloudy Holland,

Lieve groet, Madelief

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  1. Hoi,
    Wat een genot om weer even op je pagina te zijn. Zit net je oudere posten te bekijken en voila er is net een nieuwe! Prachtig. Grappig dat ik een paar foto's tegenkwam van het Kralingse bos, een had zo van mij kunnen zijn we hebben ooit op dezelfde plek een foto gemaakt!
    Fijne week, groetjes Madelon

  2. Morning Madelief! I live just down the road from Jane Austen's house in Hampshire! It's a pretty house in lovely little village. Funnily, I drove through Bath a few days ago on our way home from Cornwall. My first time...got a taster and want to go back, but think it will have to be without the bears, so I can appreciate it fully! Gorgeous pics, glad you had a nice time over here! Much love Vanessa xxx

  3. Ik heb beide films laatst nog gezien, heerlijk om daar zelf rond te lopen x

  4. Dear Madelief, How nice, you were in bath! A wonderful place!
    Have a nice day,

  5. Hallo Madelief,

    Mooie gebouwen, en een prachtige lucht!

    Nee, het weer in Nederland is niet zo geweldig op dit moment.

    Jammer voor de mensen die nu vakantie hebben.

    Groetjes van Thea

  6. O, those are such beautiful photos...Bath looks like a really lovely place!

  7. Hello:)
    Long time...this summer has gone so fast....and I have been away all juli...spending time with family and good friends:)It has been a really good time for me:)I se from the pictures under that you have a good time to:)

  8. Good morning Madelief! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog too. I would be very flattered if you followed my musings and I will certainly be following yours now.

    I really enjoyed browsing your previous posts and your beautiful photography. How lovely it is to discover a blog that I know will become one I shall visit very often.

    My view here in the middle of Englad is very grey today, just loike yours in Holland. It seems our side of Europe is under the cloud together.

    What a wonderful trip to Bath. I visited briefly years ago and have been meaning to go back. A couple of times a year, myself and a good friend go on a girls trip away and Bath is on our list. Perhaps we will go before this year is out. How could we resist?

    Have a smashing day.

  9. Dear Madelief, how lovely to see Bath through your eyes.Beautiful photos! I loved your last post too! The food looks delicious and the table so beautiful!
    Have a lovely day!
    Rachel x

  10. Hello Madelief,
    just found your site..and read the post.
    So many beautiful pictures here.
    I love it!

    Have a wonderful wednesday,

  11. Hallo Madelief,

    Ik heb je blog pas recentelijk ontdekt, maar wat een feestje is dat zeg. Heb het gevoel dat ik nog uren kan rond dolen op de site en me geen moment zal vervelen.


  12. Mooie stad hoor...bath.Ziet er op de foto's niet zo heel druk uit!
    Heb je van de week het 1e deel van een serie over Jane gezien op ned 2??
    Heet geloof ik ; Jane regrets.(Vond het zelf overigens niet zo....)
    Ben benieuwd naar de volgende post.
    groetjes Fleur

  13. Heerlijk heerlijk...mooie sfeerbeelden....
    En wederom hier de ramen zo mooi versierd met geraniums....het staat zo sfeervol.
    Zouden we toch hier in nederland ook veel meer moeten doen.....

  14. Morning
    Cloudy here in the Surrey too, rain is forecast!!

    I love Bath, my sister in law lives there.It is so elegant to have afternoon tea in the pump room.

    I am only a few miles away from Jane Austen's house in Chawton and also Winchester Cathedral where she is buried.

    Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  15. Prachtig dat hele groene water bij die oude stenen van de gebouwen.
    Mooie straatjes!

  16. leuk om haar voetstappen te lopen, mooie foto's heb je weer gemaakt!

    wij hebben ooit eens in de voetstappen gelopen van Sissi in Wenen..Ik zou ook nog eens graag naar haar geboortedorp willen...ach..we blijven dromen houden!!!

  17. Heerlijke wandeling door Bath, wat zal dat costuummuseum mooi zijn geweest. Je waant je dan toch helemaal in die tijd van Jane. Ik droom al helemaal weg. Er is een serie op tv over Jane Austen, ik heb helaas het eerst deel gemist (misschien nog bij uitzending gemist).
    Lieve groet

  18. mooie foto's weer Madelief en zeker die met de mooie bloemen,geniet nog van je dagje...

    liefs Ingrid

  19. Prachtig! En helemaal terug in de tijd.

  20. Hi! I've just found your blog via Curlew Cottage. What lovely photos. I think Northanger Abbey has to be my favourite of Jane's books. The architecture in Bath is stunning. I've always wanted to live in one of those beautiful townhouses.

    It's raining in London today.

  21. Wat leuk om een beetje met je mee te mogen in de voetsporen van Jane Austen en weer van een Engels sfeertje te mogen proeven. Je maakt mij er helemaal enthousiast mee....ik hoop maar dat je nog meer posten over je vakantie gaat plaatsen, want het blijft genieten!

    Een hele fijne dag...hier begint het zojuist te regenen :-(

    Lieve groetjes, Ingrid

  22. Oh my Madelief... huch the pictures are soooo beautiful...It's like a little getaway for me. After work I am always so tired and exhausted ... because I enjoy these beautiful pictures even more .. Thank you for that dear Madelief. a beautiful and sunny days you wish Susi

  23. Hello Madelief,
    I love this post,I don't know Bath but I coul see that'is a charming place.Thank you, your pictures are very nice,

  24. Hi Madelief,

    Heb weer genoten van je foto's en beschrijvingen. Ach Engeland, zucht, hier dit jaar geen vakantie in Engeland maar door jou ben ik er nu toch een beetje.

    Fijne dag, groetjes van Carina

  25. Hello Madelief! The Roman baths look so very inviting as over on this side of the pond we are sweltering from the heat. You step outside and it is like you jumped into a bath!!
    Such beautiful old buildings, it makes you wonder what it might have been like back in those times....
    Take Care,

  26. Hello, I discovered your beautiful blog through 'Curlew Country' and will certainly be back, please! I love your photos and the design of your blog: so pretty. On Wordpress I can't put images down the margin, though perhaps that is just as well or I would spend even more of my life playing about with blogging!

    Bath and its environs are just beautiful, aren't they. Bath is one of those place where I feel rather embarrassed to be in jeans - it makes one want to wear a muslin frock and stand up straight. And read Jane Austen again, of course. I have recently returned from a long drive down through Scotland from the Orkneys, and listened to an audio version of 'Persuasion' on the way, one of my favourites. It's a lovely way of passing a long journey.

  27. Such a beautiful place! My daughter and I were only there for a few hours, but took many photos. I would love to return as well - and stay longer! :)
    Happy day to you & yours,

  28. Dear Madelief
    All the movies of Jane Austen are my favorites and I have almost all of them! Thanks for sharing your trip through Bath with us....it is beautiful!

  29. Geweldig wat een mooie foto's !!.....echt zo mooi !! heerlijk genieten zo even na het werk.........fijne avond liefs Ria.....

  30. It's a wonderful place! I was there lots of years ago. And I love Jane Austen :-). Hugs Yvonne

  31. Ha Madelief.
    Wat heb je weer mooie foto's gemaakt. Het is daar zo mooi.Ik ben ook gek op Jane Austen.
    Sorry dat ik zo laat ben met commentaar maar ik heb een paar drukke weken. Verjaardagen, met de kleinkinderen naar de stad, bezichtigingen van het huis, dus even wat minder bloggen.
    Fijne week.!

  32. Liebe Madelief!Heute schreibe ich in Deutsch:-)!!!Was für ein traumhaftes Plätzchen , einfach wow...so romantisch und wunderschön!GLG Anja

  33. Dear Madelief,

    we went to Bath last year and it was fantastic, time was toooo short and I hadn´t got a good camera with me, so the pictures are awful...but yours are great !!!
    I´ve got every book of Jane Austen , and I like the films...
    All the best,

  34. Dear Madelief, I am delighted that you enjoyed your visit to Bath, a city which I always believe to be well worth visiting. I do agree that 1 Royal Crescent does give a very good impression of how a house might have looked in Regency times. At some point, if you have not already been, you must visit the Royal Pavilon in Brighton which was built and furnished by the Prince Regent during the C18. It has most recently been restored.

  35. Hoi madeloef
    Prachtige foto's uit engeland.
    Groetjes Karolina
    Nog fijne avond:)

  36. So glad you enjoyed Bath, it is one of my favorite city's magical and welcoming..
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

  37. Dear Madelief, what a wonderful trip to Bath!! The pictures are so nice and i think it's a magical feeling there, isnt it???
    wish you a wonderful evening
    lieve groet

  38. You always capture a city in a magical way...

  39. Dear Madelief!!!!

    THANK you so much for your comments!!! I am SO behind......getting ready for tomorrow, BIG day!!!

    Loved your Bath pictures (and did you try the water in the pump room?????) - such a fantastic place! I always think, just remove the cars and one could start filming straight away (like an old costume drama type thing.... !). I was VERY luck, some year back, I booked myself into a cookery school just outside bath - 4 weeks - I LOVED it!!!! One of the BEST holidays EVER!!!! Ever since I am thinking, I would love to come to do my Chrsitmas Shopping here and make a weekend of it - this has - yet - not happenend....maybe one day!!!

    I was ever so impressed! You did VERY well with choosing cookery books!!! I have been thinking about it and am finding it too hard! Delia is - of course - a classic, I have ALL her books....but sometimes I am not in the mood for being precise...that's when I like Nigella (and here I favour her books written for the American market - because the measurements are in those great US cup sizes.....goes with the laziness!). I also like my Gary Rhodes Classics - because it is just that and it works, my The Grange Cookery book is ONE of the most used ones (that is where I did the course) and of course The Barefoot Contessa...(again, those American measures....) - And I go through phases where I will use a book a lot that I have not even opened in months. Much easier is what I don't like: Hesten Blumenthal (too scientific) and Gordon Ramsey (just cannot stand the man - his language is SO appalling, I am TIRED of it!) - do not own any of their books... I also have books I just liked the cover of or the title (I know - this is BAD!) - but some of those buys have turned out to be very good buys....I might start a little cookery book review on my kitchen blog, that might be an idea! OH - and BAKING books - I LOVE them!!!! My favourite - at the moent - is Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery - I find this MUCH easier to choose.....not sure why - but they do change quickly......

    I better get going - still got lots to do, not getting on top of things this week....

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!!



  40. Dear Madelief,
    please have a look on my blog.
    A lovely Award is waiting!

  41. What great photographs giving an accurate "feel" the the place

  42. Hi, Madelief-

    I can believe, that it was a sightseeing with a special feeling in your heart♥

    Thank you for showing-
    a big hug- Ines

  43. Dear Madelief,
    wonderful pictures from a wonderful town... that must been a wonderful holiday for you and your family. As we visit Bath some years ago is was unfortunatly raining the whole time... Have a sunny weekend
    Many warm hugs

  44. Dear Madalief,
    Bath is so beautiful. I have relatives that live there and in Bradford-on-Avon and it is such a wonderful part of England. Our son sang at Bath Cathedral. A very special moment.
    Have a lovely weekend, Madelief. XXXX

  45. So sorry, MADELIEF......I spelt your name wrong at the beginning of my comment !! A slip of the finger on the keyboard !! XXXX

  46. Dear Madelief,

    I missed this post! How did that happen, I wonder? However, I feel like I've won the lottery with more of your posting.

    Now, to tell you and interesting secret about myself. I have only read a few of JA's works. I read "Emma" but was too young to understand the humour. (Oh, I wanted to wring her neck - she drove me crazy! It has made me too angst to pick the book up again but I am just realizing that I will probably laugh my own head off, this time.) I've read P&P and S&S several times and that is it.

    Now, I shall tell you the reason. I know that she's only written the few novels and I want to stretch it out over my life. A new JA every decade or something like that. Then, just this past month, I realized: life is too short for this kind of thinking!!! Well, I am going to get on with it all, soon. I own all of the books - they're hoarded away.

    Well, of course, my thoughts are going on and on but I will stop and wish you a good night (or good morning).

    Madelief, I just want to say that your comments to me are like pearls - very precious! Thank you for them!

    Love, Me


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