donderdag 26 augustus 2010

Remains of the day

Do you remember the film The remains of the day? I believe it was from the early nineties, directed by James Ivory. Emma Thompson played the role of miss Kenton, the head of the house & Anthony Hopkins the role of Stevens, the butler. Funnily enough I never read the book by Kazuo Ishiguro, although it won a Booker prize in 1989 and is one of the most highly regarded British post war novels. I believe I even have it in my bookcase....

The house that is used as one of the film locations Dyrham Park was high on my wish list to visit. Dyrham Park is a baroque country-house dating back to 1694. It is set in a beautiful green valley near Bath. It was once the home of William Blathwayt, a civil servant who became rich serving (our Dutch) William and his wife Mary.

Unfortunately on the day we visited the house was closed, but the church and the grounds were open to the public. We spent a lovely day walking through the park, having a pick nick by the pond, feeding the ducks and playing croquet on the lawn.

Before I forget, thank you all for your sweet comments, for taking part in my giveaway or linking my giveaway to your blog. I am still dazed by the number of comments and new followers.

I wish you all a happy weekend! I am off to Belgium for a couple of days.

Lieve groet, Madelief

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  1. De derde en vijfde foto.... nee, ze zijn allemaal even prachtig. Nu weet ik waarom jij groot Engeland fan bent. Wat is het er mooi, de natuur en de gebouwen. Jammer is het dan, dat het huis dicht is als je daar aankomt. Maar zo te zien, was er meer dan genoeg prachtigs te bewonderen.
    Een gezellige avond, Madelief xx

  2. Deze film heb ik al tig keer gezien en nog steeds denk ik toe vooruit zeg wat jullie van elkaar vinden, idioot maar waar en nog steeds dat einde wat je niet verwacht.
    Geweldig om in die omgeving rond te hebben gelopen.

    Fijne avond, groetjes van Carina

  3. wauw wat kun jij toch een prachtige foto's maken en je verhaal erbij maakt het kloppend, liefs Irma en ik geniet steeds weer van je bijzondere blog

  4. Dear Madelief, wonderful pictures!
    also a nice and happy weekend
    greetings from

  5. Dear Madelief, Dyrham is an absolute gem, particularly with the church nestling so close to the house and the valley sweeping upwards in all directions. I am so disappointed for you that you were not able to go into the house - a very good reason to revisit at some point.

    I well remember seeing 'The Remains of the Day' but had not, until now, connected it with Dyrham.

    Enjoy your trip to Belgium. I am always filled with admiration at how wonderfully sophisticated the front gardens are in Ghent when I pass through it on the Eurolines bus.

  6. Beautiful pictures. I would love to visit there.

  7. So beautiful. I will have to look for the movie & or book!
    Enjoy your time in Belgium!

  8. Lieve Madelief,

    Dromerige plaatjes die bruisen van mooie herinneringen voor jullie! Mooi inlijsten in jullie hart! Geniet van België.

    Zonnige groetjes uit Georgia/USA


  9. Hello Belgium:)
    I havent seen the hole film,just a litle part of it....what is the name on the film???
    Beautiful buildings and parks.You are doing lots of traveling:)
    Have a nice day..

  10. Owww..Madelief..................amazing !! je foto's vierde en vijfde zijn mijn favoriet !!.geweldig...........echt weer volop genieten bij je !!! fijne dag morgen liefs Ria....

  11. Beautiful Madelief,I love the way that you take your photos.....contgrts,

  12. Wel jammer dat het huis dicht was maar ik denk dat je anders ook niet genoeg tijd had gehad om alles te zien!

    Liefs Claudia

  13. Prachtig,prachtig! Een droomlocatie...wat zal je ervan genoten hebben.

    Bedankt voor het meegenieten van je geweldige foto's!

    Fijn weekend,
    Lieve groet, Helena

  14. Bath en omstreken is zoals veel plaatsen in Groot-Brittannië zo mooi... Ik kan me voorstellen dat jullie er een geweldige tijd hadden!

    Veel plezier in België!

    Groetjes, Annelies

    ps Ik was vergeten een link te plaatsen op mijn blog voor je give away, maar dat is zopas in orde gebracht.

  15. Ja een prachtige film, leuk dat je het huis ook kan bezichtigen. Veel plezier in België! groetjes Jannet

  16. Bonjour Madelief, this movie is one among my favourites and I really enjoy and thank you for posting this lovely pics for us.
    I'm hast to treasure your blog in my thumbnails
    ♥ Hélène.

  17. Hi Madelief! What stunning pictures! It really is a beautiful place. I'm not sure that I ever saw the film but I loved the soundtrack to it! It's a shame the house was closd on the day you visited....just a good reason to go back there! Have a wonderful time in Belgium! Much love Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxx

  18. Oh ja, die film... heb 'm al een paar keer gezien maar gaat niet vervelen. Prachtplek daar zeg!
    Fijn weekend & geniet van België!!
    Bisous, Chantal

  19. Dear Madelief,

    this looks like my next gorgeous vacation aim ! Thank you so much for so many beautiful places you show us. You should do that as a professional. Madelief - your vacation tester :-) Or you should write travel guide books. It is really amazing, what you discover and how often you have the possibility to travel. But you are absolutely right: you should always take the time to enjoy life and see as much as possible from this beautiful world.

    Thanks for sharing it with us and have fun in Belgium and please bring many pics with you !
    (and maybe a little chocolate for me :-)

    Lieve Eve groet

  20. Geweldig om daar eens te zijn. Je waant je helemaal in de film, lijkt me heel bijzonder. Prachtige foto's weer Madelief.
    Fijn weekend,
    Liefs, Renny

  21. Wat een prachtig landgoed Madelief en wat leuk dat dit gebruikt is voor een film. Ik kan mij de film niet zo snel herinneren, maar we kijken behoorlijk wat films, dus deze heb ik vast ook wel gezien. Jammer dat jullie niet in het huis zelf konden komen, maar de parkachtige tuinen waren ook zeker de moeite van het bezoeken waard.
    Fijn weekend.
    Lieve groet, Mea

  22. heel mooi deze post weer Madelief,prachtige sfeerbeelden!ik heb zeker meegenoten....

    geniet van je weekend

  23. I have been to Bath quite a few times but have never visited Dryham Park, so I must do so the next time we visit, my sister in law lives in Bath. I love to have afternoon tea in the Pump room!!

    Have a lovely break in Belgium, Jackie in Surrey, UK.

  24. He Madelief wat moet jij een albums vol hebben met de prachtigste foto's. Ik geniet er altijd enorm van. En heb je give-away helemaal nog niet gezien, weet eigenlijk niet of het nog kan. En anders wil ik graag mee doen.

    Een heel fijn weekend,
    lieve groet Lia

  25. The photo of the girl feeding the ducks was so sweet. I remember the movie I'll have to re watch it. I love that you take us to the most wonderful places!
    thank you for the salad idea i think thats the route I'm going to go, It's perfect and I can prepare early which like you suggested will be so helpful! Have fun in Belgium.

  26. I loved that film and its soundtrack
    Your photographs invite me to dream living there

  27. So amazing place you have visited, Madelief!!! It looks like calm and so full of history!! I figure how many people have walked through its gardens and tracks and touched the ponds...

    Thanks for this sweet present, Madelief!! Bela.

  28. Hi dear Madelief,
    your remember me always to good books or movies with your wonderful pics. I loved the story of "Was vom Tage übrig blieb". Also your great give away reminds me to a wonderful book I haven't looked inside for a long time. But now I took it out of the shelves to enjoy it again. Wonderful weekende, hugs Yvonne

  29. Dear Madelief
    I have not seen the movie "The Remains of the Day" but will definitely look into it because that is my kind of movie! I love all your beautiful photographs of the home, garden and pond.....I can just imagine having a lovely picnic and playing croquet is such a pretty environment!
    Enjoy your few days in Belgium!

  30. Oh yes, Remains of the Day...wonderful book, wonderful movie. So happy to see this lovely place again. Through your eyes everything is enchanting. xx's

  31. Hello Madelief! i love this film and James Ivory. Is the place in Wiltshire? I have'nt visited it yet. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing! nice week Catherine

  32. Dear Madelief, I am sorry that I am so late coming. School starts on Monday, for Lliam, and Tuesday, for the other two. It's a bit of a busy week. Happily, I have adjusted (mostly) to the idea of the new year starting and summer being over.

    This house is amazing! Too bad that you couldn't go in but, it sounds like you had a super pleasant day. The gardens are beautiful. I would love to play croquet on the lawn and secretly pretend that I live there. =0 I am sure that I've seen the house in other "movies", too.

    I hope that your few days away were VERY fun!

    Love, Katy Noelle xo

  33. Owww... wat romantisch! Je waant je gewoon een paar eeuwen terug in de tijd!
    Heel veel plezier in België!
    Lieve groetjes Elly

  34. wow ~ that is simply breathtaking. Looks like a great time.
    Have a great week.

  35. Oh Madelief what a lovely Post.
    Have a nice Sunday and a verry verry nice week!

  36. I am happy just looking at the grounds!! Houses are interesting, but seeing what is outside is beautiful. How fortunate you are Madelief to be able to visit all of these wonderful places, and to take such great photos!! I hope that the two of you enjoyed your Belgium trip, and of course, that we get to see the photos!!
    Take Care,

  37. Nee ik ken de film niet,helaas denk ik,van foto`s als deze,word ik echt stil,zo prachtig,ik kan hier mijn eigen film van maken,lekker weg dromen,wens je een fijne avond,lieve groet Joke.

  38. Great pictures from Dyrham Park. Loved the film The Remains of the Day. Very good acting by Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins. Emma and her family lives on my street here in London. Great lady.
    Have a wonderful time in Belgium.
    All the best.
    Ingrid xox

  39. Hi Madelief,

    I posted today two of my cakes, maybe you`re interested in baking?! ;O)

    Have a nice start in the new week! Greetings and all the best!


  40. Dear Madelief

    I hope you enjoyed your few days in Belgium - was it work or play?

    Dyrham Park looks wonderful. I have been to Bath many times but for some reason have never visited this gem of a house. Your photos are of course as enticing as ever and I feel a weekend to Bath coming on!

    The Remains of the Day is a favourite film of mine too and I read the book after seeing the film. Definitely worth seeking it out from your bookcase ...!


  41. Dear Madelief,
    I remember the movie, the German title is "Was vom Tage übrig blieb", it is not too long ago that I saw it on TV. I very much liked the film, first of all, because Emma Thompson is one of my favourite actresses.

    Thanks so much for showing these gorgeous pictures. What would it be like, to live in such a wonderful house amidst this beautiful landscape...

    Liebe Grüße, Bärbel

  42. foto's om helemaal bij weg te dromen ... even kijken of de film op Youtube staat. lieve groet uit Kreta, @nne

  43. Misschien was het maar beter dat het huis zelf dicht was zodoende hadden jullie alle tijd om de prachtige surrounding te bekijken. Wat prachtig zeg!
    Sterkte met de stormen. Hopelijk komt snel het mooie nazomerse weer.
    Hier vanaf morgen geen mistral meer en dus lekker weer!
    Fijne avond
    Lieve groet

  44. Hoi Madelief,

    Hier even snel een Franse groet. De internet mogelijkheden zijn beperkt, vandaar. We hebben het hier heerlijk, elke dag stralend weer.

    Lieve en hartelijke groet, Ingrid

  45. Dear Madelief, once again you have such great pics of a very great place!!!I love this rounded beautiful!!Hughs Anja

  46. Dear Madelief, I remember having great attention for all the details in the house and the garden when I saw this movie. I have loved it!!! So sad you couldn´t be inside the house but all the pictures from the outside are so lovely my dear!!!
    maria cecilia

  47. Liebste Madelief,
    du zeigst uns immer die wundervollsten Plätze - tausend Dank dafür, ich genieße deine Bilder immer ist ein Eintauchen in eine andere Welt!!!!! Eine herrliche Woche und

    allerliebste Grüße, herzlichst Jade

  48. Hi Nadeliefje,

    thank you for sharing the photos of this fabulous home and garden.
    Looks so tranquil in the garden and a fun photo of feeding the ducks.

    Happy day

  49. Thank you Madelif, there is another person who has said it to me but I don't konw how to solve it.I wil trie,


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