zaterdag 7 augustus 2010

In an English country garden


The best time to visit a garden and make photos is early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when its not too crowded and the light is at its best. When visiting a garden I prefer rainy days over sunny weather. Rain, cloudy & dark skies only add to the beauty of the photos and often intensify the colours of the flowers.

It was on a windy day, full of clouds and an occasional shower that we put on our hiking boots and rain jackets and visited the Courts Garden nearby Bradford on Avon. It turned out to be a gem!

The garden is nestled in the outskirts of a little village, called Holt, where honey coloured houses are strewn along a now busy road. Because of the high winds, the Arboretum and Orchard were closed off for visitors, but the water garden, the formal garden and vegetable plot were open to the public.

The Courts garden is a garden with different 'rooms': a magnificent Lilly pond, a Dorian temple, colourful borders all set in the grounds of an 18th century Georgian house. The National Trust calls it an English country garden, other sources say the garden is a fine example of the Arts and Crafts movement. As I know only a little about it, I find it difficult to give an opinion. Perhaps one even influenced the other.

What I do know is, that it is worth visiting. If only one could make a profession out of visiting gardens, I would definetely apply for the job. Perhaps I will retrain and become a garden photographer ;-)! Enjoy the photos!

Wish you all a happy weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief


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  1. een sprookjestuin adem benemend mooi, en laats op mijn blog vroeg ik tips voor de beste foto's en die tip van vroeg in de morgen of vroeg in de avond kreeg ik ook en het werkt super geen schaduws.
    Wat een pracht plaatjes Madelief, een heerlijk weekend voor jouw en je gezin liefs Irma

  2. Schitterende foto's! Dankjewel dat we even met jou mee mochten wandelen door deze sprookjesachtige tuin.

    Groetjes van Ria

  3. Dit is een heerlijke post om de dag mee te starten...lekker wakker worden bij prachtige foto's! Wat zal dat een feest geweest zijn, om daar te mogen genieten van een prachtige omgeving! Je foto's zijn heel erg mooi!!

    Een fijn weekend...we gaan ontbijten bij IKEA, dat wilde mijn oudste dochter graag (ideaal dat we daar zo dichtbij wonen) en daarna samen shoppen!

    Lieve groet, Ingrid

  4. Jeetje wat een prachtige foto's!Inderdaad een sprookje!
    Wij zijn tot twee keer toe in Engeland geweest en we hebben ons steeds weer verbaasd over de prachtige cottage-tuinen daar, gewoonweg ge-wel-dig!
    Ik wens je een fijn weekend,

    Veel groetjes

    ~ Veronique ~

  5. Hello Madelief... What an incredible place to visit! You are so lucky to see a place so grand with such rich history! Thanks for shring!

  6. Wat een adembenemende foto's !!!..geweldig !!! nou je hoeft geen fotograaf te bent het al !!! meis echt geweldig !!! geniet van een heerlijk tuin weekend ......liefs Ria....

  7. prachtige foto's weer!
    Ik heb al eens vaker gezegd dat je van je foto's kaarten kunt laten maken, zoooo mooi!!!
    fijn weekend!

  8. Hi Madelief,
    You're really a great photographer...
    those all wonderful shot!! I love them.
    Thanks for showing us.

    have a great weekend!!
    hugs, nensa

  9. Ha Madelief. Wat een schitterende foto's heb je weer gemaakt.Wat is Engeland toch een prachtig land, speciaal zijn landschappen en tuinen zijn zo de moeite waard.
    Fijn weekend!

  10. Hey Madelief... I love your photos sooooo much... My english is not so good *ggg*
    This gardenphotos really wonderful....
    Hugs and a nice weekend Susi

  11. Heerlijk om met zulke foto's kijken je dag te beginnen. Prachtig....

    fijn weekend, lia

  12. Dear Madelief, in England are the most beautiful gardens!!!!
    I adore your photos!
    Have a nice weekend,

  13. Dear Madelief, I was particularly interested in this posting as it is now some time since I was at The Courts. Certainly at the time I felt that here was a gem of a garden, very much under visited, under resourced, and of no real interest to the National Trust beyond its basic maintenance. Clearly, from what you write and show here, much has changed. And so it should for it really is a well designed and very attractive 'period' piece. I am so glad that you found it for I think that it is very English.

  14. It must be wonderful to walk around in that beautiful garden:)Yes I think you should have the photograph job:)
    I hope you have a wonderful summer......
    I have been one month in the middle of Norway...spending time with friends and family:)
    I wish they were closer to Oslo:)
    eddaHugs to you my sweet friend..

  15. Wat mooi, een heerlijk blogbegin zo net na mijn vakantie!

    Liefs Claudia

  16. Ein wundervoller Platz! Danke für die schönen Impressionen!

  17. Magnificent. Thank you for the tips on taking photo's, I always love your shots.

    This place is just gorgeous.

  18. Super foto's! Werkelijk prachtig.
    o'ik wil ook weer zo graag terug naar England.

  19. Owww je zou toch zo je koffers pakken en verhuizen als je deze foto`s ziet,zo geweldig mooi en toen ik er een weekje was,waren de mensen daar zo lief tegen mij,ik ga nog een keer kijken want hier geniet ik echt van,fijn weekend,lieve groetjes Joke.

  20. Leuke reportage! Ik zou er graag eens rondlopen, wat een prachtige tuin.

  21. prachtige post weer Madelief,het is weer meegenieten van al het moois!

    fijn weekend

  22. Retrain to become a garden photographer? Oh - I believe your photographs are already perfection!
    These are so incredible. When I saw your 6th photograph, I instantly thought that it would also make a very beautiful watercolor as well.

    Happy weekend, dear friend! :)

  23. 'n schitterende tuin en zo te zien kond je er in alle rust van genieten.
    Engelse tuinen zijn fantastisch zal vast met het weer te maken hebben dat alles er zo uitbundig kan groeien en bloeien, goed weekend Madelief.


  24. Dear Madelief,
    your photos are so adorable! I love the english gardens. Inside, I get the feeling of being in another century. :-) Hugs Yvonne

  25. Dear Madelief, such beauties you have the opportunity to walk around, than you for this lovely ride around this beautiful garden and house and surroundings. When I see this old beauties and feel a little sad because of so many earthquakes here that have taken down so may old buildings, typical houses and the gardens with it....well, we are not that old as England, but there were so many beautiful things that are not anymore.
    hugs and joy my friend,
    maria cecilia

  26. Hear Madeliief,
    This is my perfect garden. I have never been there and my cousin lives in Bradford-on-Avon. Next time we visit, we must go. Your photographs are wonderful. I think that you should be a gedenn photographer. XXXX

  27. Dearest Madelief,

    What a collection of perfect images you got! Indeed it is very true that a bright sunny day is seldom a good one for photography; too harsh. You got lucky with your visit here. And it is quite an understatement that you would have to retrain for becoming a Garden-Photographer... You manage this art quite well already!

    Wishing you a lovely weekend from sunny Georgia/USA


  28. Hi Madelief,
    you make a great gardeb photographer-you have a good eye for beauty.
    It looks like a wonderful place to enjoy.

    Enjoy your Sunday,


  29. Hi Madelief,

    It was wonderful to discover your beautiful blog, thank you.
    I loved looking at your fabulous photos of the English Country home and garden.
    I think you should get the job as Garden Photographer.

    Happy weekend

  30. Ha Madelief
    Wat een droomtuin Zeg!!
    OOh wat lijkt met dat heerlijk om doorheen te wandelen en wat prachtig gefotografeerd!!!
    Echt ansichtkaarten hoor zooo moooi!!
    fijne zondag

  31. Hi, Dear-

    oh so many beautiful photos!
    This garden is a dream! Every single photo wonderful!

    I´d love to visit England once again with my family- I love those houses and gardens!

    A big hug-Ines

  32. Oh, what a beautiful garden! I`m in love with the "Glasshouse" and I am with you: to be a garden photographer would be great! :-)

    Greetings from Austria!


  33. You are a garden photographer. And you do it beautifully.

    xo Jane

  34. hi madelief,
    your pictures they are soooooooooooooo great,
    you have such a eye for all the pretty details.
    gret job!!!!
    have a nice week,

  35. breath taking ~ I just can get over how beautiful your world is.

  36. My dear Madelief, won the third price in my little giveaway...the lavender bags...
    I´m very happy about it !!!
    And your english garden pictures are soooo long was your stay in in England ? You saw such a lot of nice things ( and took brilliant pictures...)
    Please send me your adress , that the little bags could go on their trip to you...
    all the best,

  37. Prachtige kiekjes weer, Madelief. Het is inderdaad ontzettend mooi in het Engelse. Kan me goed voorstellen dat je er zo graag komt.
    Hier in Oost Duitsland is het ook prachtig, mooie natuur! Dagje in Dresden geweest, ook al zo een mooie stad. We amuseren ons!
    Veel plezier in je heerlijke tuin, hij zal er vast prachtig bij staan. xx

  38. Hoi madelief, wat geweldige foto`s laat je ons weer zien van prachtige tuinen en er is geen ander die dat zo goed op de plaat kan vast leggen als jij! Nog bedankt voor je tip van de cosmea, die komt in m`n tuintje hoor!! Ik wil graag die hele donkerrode, eens bij een kweker in de tuin gezien maar nog nooit te koop gezien? Bedankt voor je mooie foto`s en je verhalen erbij al lees ik niet zo goed engels ik begrijp het meest wel...

    Fijne week en lieve groet, Jeanette

  39. Dat lijkt me nou ook nog eens helemaal geweldig: tuinen kijken in Engeland! Bedankt voor deze prachtige rondleiding!
    Fijne week!
    Groetjes Elly

  40. i guess there are those who DO get paid to visit gardens and photograph them, but do they really get to appreciate them?

    beautiful photos.....

  41. Dear Madelief,
    What a beautiful place to visit!
    You should definitely retrain and become a garden photographer. Your photos are wonderful! To be a "professional garden visitor" - what a fantastic idea.

    Liebe Grüße, Bärbel

  42. Tu nous fais découvrir un bel endroit.



  43. Like you, I am in love with all things English, and this place is especially stunning. I am adding it NOW to my list of dream places to visit.

  44. Dat is een tuin waar je wel even zoet kunt zijn, wat prachtig. Fijn dat je met al die foto's nog heerlijk kunt nagenieten van dit bezoek.
    Lieve groet

  45. Madelief your blog is bliss , I have been trying to leave you a message for 4 days...I have re looked at all 4 times it's heaven!

  46. Liebste Madelief,
    deine traumhaften Gartenbilder sind Urlaub für die Seele - du hast so eine besonders zauberhafte Stimmung möchte am liebsten in deinen Bildern spazierengehen!!!!! Eine himmlische Woche und allerliebste Grüße,

    herzlichst Jade

  47. Hello Madelief,
    I love this garden,it's perfect and wonderful english garden.You make very good photos.Congrats,

  48. hoi madelief, dank voor je bezoekje aan m'n blog & voor de gelukswensen!
    veel liefs & bisous, chantal

  49. Dear Madelief,

    such lovely photos!!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment ;o) Best wishes from me...

  50. Dear Madelief,

    it must have been so uplifting to have been in the middle of these gardens - absolutley surrounded by all of this carefully, lovingly cultivated beauty! What a joy!

    I think that you should retrain as a garden photographer. I will be your travelling assistant, okay? I'll even work for free! =] Your photos are truly lovely.

    Two days ago, when we were travelling north, I saw a slow and wide river that was absolutely full of these pink waterlilies. It was soooo beautiful and I wanted a picture. We said, "on the way back," and, then, didn't come back that way, alas!

    Thank you for taking us along to these places with your photos. I will have to be a contented desktop traveller.

    Love, Katy Noelle xo

  51. Dear Madelief

    What beautiful gardens and stunning photographs!!! My favorite is photograph number ten with the huge iron gate.....!! I will join you by making a profession out of visiting gardens!!
    Liefde groete

  52. Dear Madelief,

    looks like this little paradise would be in Greece. BUT: I would prefer to visit your garden. Maybe you could offer some cake and coffee and could take an entry fee :-)

    I am so sorry that my finger didn´t pick your comment for my giveaway, naughty finger, shame on you.

    So your finger hast to pick the cake and muffins, I´m afraid.

    Have a wonderful and sunny day !


  53. What a beautiful garden! I would love to come here and walk around.
    I agree that clouds make better photos.
    xo Poppins

  54. Hello Madelief! English garden are the best from my point of view and i love "Arts and Crafts" movement , gardens, wallpaper designs...have a look at William Morris , i studied this period and it's quite interesting.

  55. In a word Madelief, wow! Such stunning photos, and I love the ones of the gates too. You must have had an absolutely wonderful time, I know I would have had to have someone pinch me if I had been there!!
    Take Care,

  56. Thank you for this fantastic photos. Have a nice week. Greetings from Germany Alexandra

  57. Oh wonderful lovely places!!!!!!! These pictures are great!!!!! Believe me!
    I just came back from Scotland .... and would love to travel through England as well...

    Anna from Italy


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