zondag 8 mei 2016

Spring bunches

What a marvellous weekend we have had!  It's only May, but it feels like summer. It was on the news yesterday that temperatures in The Netherlands were the highest in Europe. I can't remember having ever experienced this before. 

The windows of our home are wide open, the summer dresses are out of the attic closet and the girls are already talking of how they miss a swimming pool at the allotment. A discussion that has been going on ever since we have the garden, which is seven years. The two youngest are twenty-four and twenty-two now, but they are adamant about their pool. I don't want a big plastic pool in my allotment garden, but on hot days, like we had this weekend, I wouldn't mind splashing around in one either. My youngest told me today, she is going to buy a baby splashing pool, so that at least we can have cool feet. Sounds perfect to me. So, when you next see it in one of my photo's, this doesn't mean we have an addition to the family!

The garden is a sea of pastel coloured flowers, and so is my home. I have been picking bunch after bunch. The sweet smell of forest hyacinths and bluebells fills the rooms.

In the greenhouse gherkins, cucumbers, watermelon, fennel, beetroot and several varieties of tomatoes were planted. My middle daughter has taken over the care of the vegetables and fruit. A task she takes quite seriously, and which saves me a lot of time. The greenhouse is her territory.  Fortunately she left me some space to grow cut flowers from seed. The first seedlings (Zinna Purple Prince and Zinnia Dream & tall Scabiosa) are already in the raised beds. Many more will follow.

Do you start seeds in your greenhouse or outdoors? What is your experience?

A Happy week ahead!


Madelief x

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  1. Wat heb je al veel bloemen en kleur in de tuin, Madelief! Dat moet hier nog echt op gang komen. Maar de tuin staat er heerlijk bij, ook van al het groen kan ik enorm genieten. Wat leuk dat je dochter de kasgroente voor haar rekening heeft genomen. Het zit blijkbaar in de genen. Ik ben er ook heel blij mee dat ik tuinieren zo leuk vind... het is soms even aanpoten, maar we krijgen er ook heel veel voor terug.

    Veel liefs en tot gauw! Xxx Ingrid

  2. Piękne kwiaty, piękne zdjęcia, pozdrawiam ♥

  3. A nice wood cask soaking tub would look lovely in your garden.. OR.. a galvanized water trough big enough to sit in.. whatever you do I think a pool in your garden is a great idea. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Oh, what lovely photos. I see your daughter does enjoy her greenhouse. I am enjoying mine very much. I have lots growing presently, tomatoes, cucs, zucchini,leafy lettuce, peppers and many herbs. It's so wonderful after a long, cold winter. "Happy Mother's Day, Madelief."

  5. What beautiful photos. I start seeds on windowsills in the house, but mostly in the garden. A greenhouse would be so enjoyable - perhaps some day I'll have one. I have tomatoes and cucumbers, spinach, beetroot, and carrots growing now, along with a cherry tree, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. I will plant a few more things as time goes along.
    Isn't gardening a wonderful thing!

  6. Dearest Madelief,
    Compliments to your daughters; all of them! And that is well earned and their Dad for sure will be nodding from heaven.
    LOVE your blue nosegays; what a show that is when put in a vase...
    As for a pool, we have several friends that after several years fighting it, would rather have it gone... Leaves end up in it and so much uptake and expensive too for all the water and constant cleaning (running a vac over the bottom...).
    At times one loves to get into a pool for a nice swim but I do enjoy that always during vacation at a nice hotel.
    Enjoy the weather and we too had lovely weather; finally after all the cool and windy and rainy days.
    We went for a bike ride together; my first one this year after all my scanning jobs got done.
    It is healthy for being outdoors!

  7. Your little bouquets are so beautiful Madelief! I love seeing a new post from you on my feed... have a great week!

  8. Dear Madelief, what a gorgeous and unusual palette of purples with green you show us today. Your eye for colour is quite exquisite. Thank you, and enjoy your Spring garden. x

  9. le printemps nous éblouira toujours avec ces multiples couleurs
    une autre manière de revivre et te se projeter vers l'avenir
    petites fleurs pleine de charme et de romantisme
    bonne semaine

  10. Amazing. Just amazing color, composition, romance.

  11. I just love all of your purple and blue hues growing in your gardens.

    Your photos are always so lovely, they speak to my heart.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  12. Such beautiful bluebell photographs, Madelief! This post was a true delight to the eyes! How lovely that your girls are involved with your garden too...and the paddling pool sounds like a very refreshing idea for hot summer days!
    Happy new week.
    Helen xox

  13. Heerlijk het weer zo...ik kan er gelukkig heel gied tegen...wat een prachtige bloemen !!....geniet van je badje...liefs Ria x

  14. Dear Madelief, the color combinations of the soft green vases and the blues and purple flowers is exquisite. It's a combination that always pleases my eye. Thank you for all these marvelous flowers and the reporting on how you and your gardening daughters are putting plans into practice.
    (My garden remains firmly planted in my dreams.) xo

  15. Lovely photos Madelief, fascinating to see how different the colours of the bluebells are...we also enjoyed lovely sunny weather on Saturday and Sunday. WE took a picnic to the beach and enjoyed it while it lasted. Today sadly it is cold again and the weather doesn't look too good for the rest of the week either! I have planted my seeds straight into the garden, and I have a few in seed trays. My little plastic greenhouse got completely ruined in the storms a few weeks ago, so a new tiny greenhouse is on the shopping list for me! Happy gardening! Sharon x

  16. I love this time of year in the garden ..... everything is so fresh and new. The bluebells look beautiful .... I love blue and pink together. We've had hot weather here too Madelief ...... I even burnt my shoulders on Sunday !! Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely garden in the coming months Madelief. XXXX

  17. Ik heb ook et vergeetmijnnietjes geplukt. Wat een gratis rijkdom!
    Alle foto's spreken me aan! Heerlijke blauwe bloemetjes. XX Esther

  18. Such floral beauty. We have started tomatoes, bell peppers, squash, cucumbers inside in years before. Since we do no have a greenhouse, we used a sunny window. We weren't all that successful, so this year we purchased our tomatoes and peppers sets. They are yet to out because it has been col and raining. We wait until after Mother's Day, Sunday past, to plant to avoid frost, but now we have rain and thunder storms to contend with. The squash and cucumber are planted directly in the ground. They will produce in late summer. Loved you blues. My little forget-me-nots are blooming too. I love them. Finally got them started and now they are staying. A pool sounds fun. Go For It.

  19. Oh, these are just so, so, beautiful!!! What a joy to look at. I have been busy in my little garden and have neglected my blog. Hope to be sharing some posts soon on what's blooming in my garden.

  20. Your post made me rush outside and pick some of the bluebells to enjoy inside! Last summer my daughter created a paddling pool for Tavi, he has already been paddling in this year! Your flowers arrangements as always are gorgeous! Sarah x

  21. Lovely photo's and your arrangements are a joy ...

    All the best Jan

  22. Leuk om te zien dat dit tuin virus op je dochters is over geslagen. Groetjes Hetty

  23. Dearest Madelief,

    it’s so wonderful to look at all these pretty blue and pink flowers and your beautiful collection of cans! And it’s nice to read that you had some kind of summer-weather in the Netherlands. We had sunshine on mothersday, too – but it was more spring-like than summer-like … And today (also for the next three days) it‘s cool and rainy in my part of Austria… But I like it more than „too hot“ and I think our garden is happy about the water, so what ;o))

    Sending lots of Küschelbüschels to you,



  24. Sweetest Madelief, thank you for coming to visit my blog! Aren't our lilacs just lovely? Enjoying so much of spring, and I know you are too. Have a lovely Friday! Anita

  25. Oh wat weer een feestje hier bij je.....zit wederom te genieten......
    Wat maak je toch fijne beelden.....de kleuren spatten van het scherm af......en dat groene glas.......en dat lieve boeketje.........echt mooi.
    Dit zijn toch de mooiste boeketten.....

    Wens je fijne dagen toe.....geniet ze


  26. The flowers, the composition and colours are just GREAT!
    Fantastic images.


  27. The pictures are fabulous, I see bluebells! I have a tiny garden and a large conservatory which serves as a greenhouse so started my seeds indoors this year and have just planted some out (sweet peas and stock) but the slugs are attacking - I tried chilli powder and now have put beer traps but there are so many! I think having a grass lawn doesnt help as this is where they hide. What do you do to keep slugs off your lovely allotment Madelief?

  28. Your photos are wonderful ! I like blue flowers ! Thank you Madelief !

  29. How absolutely beautiful!! Oh, golly, how I love blue (and purple) flowers!!!!!! :)

    I am intimidated by starting seeds. But I've done it with success (mostly) and love my flower babies. I just haven't figured out where to start them, here, in our 'new' home. Coincidentally, Tom's summer project is to build me a new greenhouse. I have nooooo idea what to do with it, though. ;)

    The happy part of this is that I have seeds from Floret flowers, this year. We'll see what happens, eh? Lots of smiles!


  30. Fabulous again. Delighted to be following this creative and beautiful blog.


Thank you for your lovely words.