woensdag 27 januari 2016

Flowers, cookies and vintage finds


This post is a bit late. Sorry about that. I tried to post on Sunday, but I did not have enough photo's. I would have loved to show you some early crocusses (wishful thinking) or close ups of the hellebores in my garden, but it will have to wait. I was too busy to even go there. Really miss it, but it's the way it is. My time was taken up with work, appointments and a patisserie course I started recently. Hence the cookies.

The cookies are called Koggetjes in Dutch and come from Amsterdam originally. It's a thin, crispy and incredibly tasty nougatine cookie. My hazelnut merinque pie (so proud :-) would have been much more photogenic, but because of it's limited shelf life I had to chop it in half and freeze it straight away. The pie will be a present for my father, who will celebrate his birthday with us next week.

If you are interested in the cookie recipe, you can find it here.

The photo's above and below were taken in my workroom mostly. That's the place where I store my treasures. The wooden toy duckfloral tin and the blue and white art deco teaset are recent vintage finds.

Did you visit a flea market or thrift store recently? Found any treasures?

Enjoy the rest of the week! I may post irregularly the coming weeks. Hope you don't mind too much.


Madelief x

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  1. Je hebt de laatste weken mooie aanwinsten gescoord, blijkbaar was je op het juiste moment op de juiste plek ;-). De koekjes zien er heerlijk uit, net als de taart die je laatst gebakken hebt. Er komt nog een moment dat jij mee kunt gaan doen aan Heel Holland bakt ;-).

    Veel liefs, Ingrid

  2. Spring came early here! :) Fantastic colorful photos :)

  3. Beautiful pictures your biscuits look delicious and so thin and delicate. Have fun on your course, hope you get into your garden soon! Sarah x

  4. I just *love* your photographs of your lovely flowers, cookies and collections! I like the different colored candles in your holders. Now I want some flowers such as those on MY table! I just posted about my Valentine table.. do you celebrate Valentines Day? I have you on my blog list.. hint hint.. LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Dear Madelief
    I always enjoy your posts bringing colour into our worlds!
    The cooking course sounds like fun and I will try my hand at the biscuits when the weather gets cooler.
    We are having a very hot humid summer, it's much too hot to turn the oven on for baking!
    I'll check the other photos in IG.
    Enjoy your weekend
    Shane x

  6. Your pictures are so full of flowers I love that. The cookies sound good. Will be visiting Amsterdam at the end of March just two day with a friend from UK, any special flower markets or places I should visit? I am looking forward to that

  7. Hier word ik nou zo vrolijk van...al die kleurtjes en bloemen heerlijk....en dan ook nog lekkere koekjes...wat wil een mens nog meer......genieten heerlijk.....liefs van mij x

  8. Aside from your garden, I think I have found your happy place. I do enjoy seeing the beautiful flowers, but I"ll have to admit that your treasures are just as much fun. My favorite? The dolls under glass. Wouldn't we all love to see our spring blooms. Right now we find them only in the super market. Snow drops and crocuses will show up in late February or March, then the tulip around April or May. So we have quite a wait. I am glad to enjoy yours and those I buy at the super market. Beautiful post.

  9. The cookies look delicious Madelief - and I know your dad will love his share of the delicious pie you baked - sending him huge Happy Birthday wishes, have a wonderful time celebrating.

    No visits anywhere lately - treacherous driving with roads coated in ice here after that huge storm hit the east coast last Friday - have stayed home safe and warm!

    Have a great week - hugs, Mary

  10. Madelief...Your photos are always so lovely... They bring smiles to a dreary winter day! The cookies look delicious and go on the "to bake" list. Sending lots of good wishes for your father's birthday! No purchases here...I have declared a moratorium... I am consciously going through my hoard of found treasures and using what I have. Surprising at the things one finds in the back of cabinets, drawers, and closets! Smiles...Susan

  11. Those cookies look sooooo good.
    I love the colour that jumps off the screen from your photos. There are a couple of thrift shops here that I visit regularly. There is something very satisfying about spying a flash of colour or texture across the shop, and just KNOWING that it is something for which you've been hunting!

  12. Hello Madelief. A patisserie course sounds very interesting. I have always admired your baking skills.
    I can almost smell the hyacinth from here. I have a pot too and the perfume is intoxicating.
    Enjoy your week'

    Helen xx

  13. such a colourful experience today!!!! I'm smiling a lot!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  14. The colour of your images are so vivid and sharp. You are so talented and very skilful, you are my inspiration. Hope you don't mind me asking but do you use photo software or app?
    Thank you for sharing these colourful photos. I love the biscuit tin too.

    Have a good weekend Madelief.


  15. I love your workroom shots! Those cookies look delicious! x

  16. Beautiful and colorful. It makes me think of the summer.

  17. You photos are always such a joy to look at! The cookies look wonderful too! M x

  18. Wat heb je fijne schatten gevonden! Daar word je toch zomaar even gelukkig van! De blauwe Franse koffiekan heb ik ook! XX Esther

  19. Madelief, I think that little musical duck on wheels is adorable! What a treat for a child...of any age.

    I'll be intrigued to see what other gems you will be baking as a result of your patisserie course. The cookies look very good. Thank you for the link to the recipe.

    As always, I also thank you for the gorgeous flowers! xo

  20. Het is lente bij jou Helemaal!!
    fijne avond

  21. Dearest Madelief,
    Well, with all the flowers in vases and on the china, you make it look very joyful - as usual!
    Sure such cookies will be a delight for those that still can eat the sugar.
    Enjoy the birthday with your Dad and he will be delighted to receive such a hazelnut meringue pie baked with love by his sweet daughter.

  22. Zit weer te genieten......zo vrolijk word je toch van al die frisse kleuren en die bloemen.....Mooie vondsten.......je hebt echt oog voor mooie schatten.
    Ja ben wel benieuwd naar je tuin....ha...maar wat in het vat zit.....;)

    Fijne avond


  23. Oh your finds and cookies and flowers too, all so wonderful. I think it would be hard to find the correct ingredients for the cookies, but just the nougat would be good used in many baking projects. My find in the garden are crocus and hellebore blooming now with heads coming on the daffodils. I sure do hope for flowers still blooming in the fields when I visit in May.

  24. Als er een grijze dag is, dan weet jij hem wel op te vrolijken. Geweldig de combinatie van de kleuren van de natuur en het kleurrijke vintage,

    groet Pauline

  25. Deze reactie is verwijderd door de auteur.

  26. Weer een heerlijke kleurrijke post .... alvast een heel fijn weekend! Liefs Anita xx

  27. Wat een heerlijke ruimte, die werkruimte van jou. Zo'n gezellige kamer. Vol met heerlijke treasures.
    De koekjes lijken me heerlijk en wat fantastisch dat je een cursus patisserie bent gaan volgen. Nu komen er dus nog meer en nog lekkerder baksels voorbij. Mooi zo...
    Alvast van harte gefeliciteerd met je vaders verjaardag.
    En een heerlijk weekend wens ik je,

  28. What could be any better than surrounding yourself with all your pretty things and some tasty treats while you work? I could be very happy there, gazing at the sweet tins, flowers, embroideries and vintage toys, although I might be a bit distracted to get much done! How fun to take the patisserie course and bring home the day's results! I hope your Dear Father has a wonderful birthday with many kisses. Hope you have an enjoyable week ahead with time to relax a bit. Hugs xo Karen

  29. I loved all the bright and cheerful colours here today Madelief! Your biscuits look so delicious too. I hope you enjoy all your activities and have fun!
    Helen xox

  30. such stunning color!!!!! Have a beautiful weekend.

  31. Hello dear Madelief, beautiful vintage photos, I love how the flowers and the crockery and your precious things just look so beautiful together. I have printed the recipe to make, they look lovely and crunchy and just the thing for a cup of tea. Wishing you a lovely week. Sharon x

  32. inderdaad VROLIJK word ik van jouw blog . Die koekjes zijn prachtig en vast en zeker heerlijk
    Ik heb geen rommelmarktaankoop gedaan maar wel iets heel leuks via facebook gekocht , zie mijn blog (:
    Mooi weekend gewenst en van harte met je vader !

  33. Wat een heerlijke lenteplaatjes op deze grijze regendag. Gezellig dat je vader zijn verjaardag bij je komt vieren, gefeliciteerd en alvast een gezellige dag.
    En veel succes met al je afspraken en je cursus! Lieve groetjes

  34. Hej Madelief, zo fijn om die kleurrijke foto's bij jou te zien. Ik word er altijd blij van. Heerlijk zien de koekjes eruit. Fijne week, lieve groet

  35. Ook weer genoten van al je kleurtjes en je nieuwe aanwinsten. Een patisserie cursus, lijkt me super leuk.

  36. So many beautiful things in this post. The cookies look delicious. And I'm fascinated by the doll in the glass dome.


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