zondag 17 januari 2016

A rain soaked garden

Somehow I always choose the worst days of the week to work in the garden :-). It was pouring with rain when I opened the garden gate last Wednesday. On a whim I drove to the allotment, coming back from and errand in a nearby village.

Before I entered, I met an elderly couple, who just came back from their garden and asked me what on earth I was going to do in mine. The garden being partly waterlogged. Thing is.... I didn't really know..... It had been an eventful week. Working in my garden or just being there gives me the peace and quiet that I need. It clears my mind and fills it with new ideas.

I planted left over bulbs, which I bought at a reduced price in containers, had a look through the seed packages sweets friends gave me, or which I swapped with them. 

Just before I left I had a quick walk through the garden, to see how the plants were doing. Some leaves are turning yellow, so please keep your fingers crossed they will survive the rain. There is good news as well. There are lots of shoots everywhere, the hellebore buds are developing and I can already see the noses of some tulip bulbs appear above ground. It won't be long now. Can't wait :-)

The photo's in today's post are a combination of photo's I took in my garden last week, combined with some I made last summer and haven't shown you yet.

Wishing you a sunny week!.


Madelief x


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  1. As usual, your colorful pix are illuminating my screen and making me smile! Meanwhile here the snow is falling, large flakes but not accumulating as the ground is warm from the very mild weather we've had all winter so far. Your rain was ours last week, haha! I also have lots of bulbs poking through the earth, daffodils, tulips and bluebells - all much too early, and I worry the colder weather of Feb.and Mar. here may harm them!
    Hope it dries up for your garden soon Madelief. Keep your boots handy, must be muddy!
    Hugs - Mary

  2. So many beautiful colourful flowers, you have so much to look forward too :) xxx

  3. Wat een mooie, kleurrijke post en wat leuk dat je alweer ontwikkelingen kunt waarnemen, Madelief. Als het wat warmer en wat droger wordt, wil ik in de tuin ook de laatste winterklussen doen...er ligt nog het een en ander aan snoeiwerk. Als dat gedaan is, oogt de tuin ook frisser...afstervende, bruine takken zijn dan verdwenen waardoor het meteen anders oogt.

    Ik wens je een hele fijne week! Liefs, Ingrid

  4. Hi Madelief,
    It is always so hard for me to believe hoe early you
    start to have life in your garden again.It seems like you had no winter at all.
    I will have to wait so much longer to have life in our garden but I did enjoy
    a skate on the pond last week before it got covered in snow.
    As always, love your beautiful photos.

    Have a good week,

  5. Your garden looks very organised Madelief all ready to greet the new spring flowers. It is lovely to see your summer flowers from last year, they are a beautiful reminder of what is in store for us all during the coming weeks and months.

  6. Hoopvol steken de eerste bollen hun kopjes boven de grond, de sneeuwklokjes doen hier hun best en de kerstrozen staan volop in bloei. dat is al echt genieten van de eerste bloei in de tuin, Wat een prachtige foto,s en ik kan mij zo voorstellen dat het echt blij uitkijken is naar het nieuwe seizoen, het plannen maken en genietend terug kijken op het vorige tuinjaar.

    groetjes Pauline

  7. I loved the windmill in the third picture.
    The garden after rain always lovely and fresh.

  8. Hello Madelief...
    Your weather looks similar to ours on Vancouver Island. We have had allot of rain these past few weeks but highs of +8 celsius so not cold at all. Since it is our first winter here we are getting to know what pants we can add to our little flower beds and pots. Summer here was dry and very odd for living in a rain forest... I always love my visits to your lovely Blog...Have a wonderful week ahead my friend..

  9. FANTASTISCH post,Madelief!
    Jou Tuin leeft de hele jaar door.....:)
    Zo mooi fotografie ook!
    Ik genit altijd hier bij jou,dankje!!!

  10. What wonders you can find even on a rainy day! The promise of Spring and the land living on even while we huddle by our firesides! I am seeing little iris leaves coming up and a camellia in bloom in my farmyard here in Oregon! I can't wait for the lilacs to bloom! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Tja het weer is echt in de war...ik hoop dat het allemaal nog goed komt met die nieuwe uitlopende knopen overal....liefs fijne gezellige week van mij...x ❤️

  12. So much happening in your garden already! It is so beautiful isn't it. xx

  13. Beautiful & so much promise of things to come x

  14. Madelief, I do appreciate that question you received from your fellow gardener, but even more appreciate your realization that even on a soggy day, the garden that you cherish returns your tender care with a message of positive growth and future blooms.

    The green shades are lovely! xo

  15. I am either chuckling with amusement, or in awe of the always beautiful photos that you share, or sniveling because the garden here is still sleeping under a layer of snow that was placed Christmas Day and a few days later. Spring is far away--in the Netherlands it seems. Lucky you.

  16. Hello Madelief,
    Just being in your garden and contemplating what your plantings will be is both necessary and enjoyable.
    Thanks for sharing those wonderful new images.
    Wishing you a week of joy

  17. Dearest Madelief,
    Love that mix of summer in this post; we all need it so badly!
    You left a comment on my post: http://mariettesbacktobasics.blogspot.com/2016/01/january-11-angel-sister-had-1st.html to which I did reply.
    Today is my youngest sister's birthday and she was at Mom's bedside in the hospital on her birthday last year. For me the tough day was January 11th as I said my final farewell to her in our half hour phone conversation. It kind of hit me hard, re-living that day but now I'm past that and look forward to each day again. You understand those melancholic, heavy days...
    Sending you hugs,

  18. Hello Madelief... Oh how wonderful to see the signs of Spring! I am finding them in my garden too along with lots of rain..... THe bouquet is glorious, I cant wait for fresh garden flowers!
    I hope your week will be good,

  19. Het word vanzelf weer lente en wat zullen je tulpen enz er dan weer prachtig bij staan! Eventjes geduld nog...;-)) XX Esther

  20. Dearest, dearest Madelief,

    no matter what the season, and even in the middle of WINTER, you always bring spring. You are one of the few bloggers who always seem to have a garden growing in your mind, in your winter garden of imagination. Thank you for this rich and color journey into my dreams for summer. Anita

  21. It looks so beautiful even at this time of year. I dream of one day having my own garden just like this, shed filled with china and all, it is just delightful :) x x x

  22. Ik kan erover meepraten. Wat een beestenweer verleden week. Een paar zomerse plaatjes, daar kikker je van op. Groetjes, Hetty

  23. I am always amazed at the exceptional ability you have of combining the colors in your flower arrangements. Each time I visit I love to see those vibrant colors. So very nice. Thanks. JC

  24. I can barely believe the finger tips of another year pushing their way into your garden once more...how delightful to be able to share your pictures Madeleif... raining or sunny xxxx

  25. Our garden is so wet too and even though it is only outside the window I haven't been out much in it this year. Hopefully the sun will appear and we can enjoy being back in our gardens again. Sarah x

  26. Popped into your blog for my cheerful fix of wonderful colour, Madelief! Fabulous - as always. You mention visiting the English Lake District later in the year - at the moment the main route through the middle is closed, because part of the road has been washed away. The area's definitely open for business, but check the travel before you go.x

    1. I read about the road this summer, while I was on holiday in the UK. Thank you for reminding me! Have a good evening!

  27. Beautiful images as always. Your photos never fail to impress. Your garden is so ready for spring, what an exciting time, hope the rain stops for a while.
    Have a good week Madelief.

  28. Mooie plaatjes Madelief, ook mooi je hazelaar die bloeit in je tuin.



  29. Lovely pics as ever. I checked our little garden over this morning and was happy to see lots of little shoots emerging. M x

  30. Dearest Madelief,

    your garden looks pretty even when ist rainy, I think that’s because your garden KNOWS how much you love it! And it already looks like spring. We have pure winter in Austria now (a bit of snow in the weekend and today it was 11 minus-degrees in the morning – my car didn’t want to start…)

    Of course I cross my fingers that all your plants will survive!

    Lots of hugs and thank you for your nice words to „A New Life“!

    I’m looking forward to your ideas :o)

    XOX Traude


  31. I love when we start seeing signs of the coming spring in the garden. We are beginning to see daffodils and crocus pushing through the ground. I am always amazed.

  32. I enjoy seeing your garden in all seasons. Such a happy place!

  33. The garden is beautiful, even in winter. So nice to see the new shoots and buds forming and breathe the fresh air. So serene. xx Karen

  34. ademloos ga ik mee door jouw foto's . mijn nieuwste blogpost laat zien waar ik ben ...... soort van tegenovergesteld ...... maar weer geinspireerd door jou .......
    dank je wel daarvoor . Mooie week gewenst

  35. Such beautiful photographs of your lovely garden ..... it makes me long for Spring and there are lots of signs that it's on it's way. Whatever the weather, there is always something to do in the garden, isn't there Madelief ? .... and, I always look forward to seeing you garden in every season because it's SO pretty. I know that you will be rolling your sleeves up and digging like mad !!!!!!! XXXX

  36. Heerlijk even bijkomen in je (natte) tuin. En plannen maken voor het voorjaar! Nog een paar koude dagen en dan wordt het alweer een graad of 10, mooie moment voor mij om ook wat te gaan rommelen in de tuin. Lieve groetjes

  37. Hello Madelief, Your garden is full of beauty in the rain and in the sun. What colorful bouquets you made last summer and will make again. I have some leftover tulips as well that I must plant soon.
    Have a wonderful day.

  38. Dear Madelief,

    Loved seeing all your pretty flowers growing in the garden and don't you find when it is raining it can be even sweeter in the garden. Everything looks so wonderful and fresh after the rain fall.
    Hope you are enjoying the week

  39. Dat ziet er zo hoopvol uit! Heerlijk!
    Ik ben vrees ik geen wintermens, ik verlang naar licht en zon en blote voeten buiten. Dat breiwerkje heb ik nu wel gezien.
    Het is hier in Drenthe nog steeds donker, koud en glad, maar ik zag dat de helleborussen al bloeien! Dus inderdaad, niet lang meer...
    Lieve groet, Kyra

  40. Such very beautiful and cheerful garden pictures, I enjoyed them all so much! Thank you too for your very kind comments recently dear Madelief.
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  41. Prachtige foto's! Je tuin zier er heel mooi uit.
    Fijn weekend! Besos

  42. Why my dear your photography is a wonder to behold. I love astrantia - some of my most favourite flowers (along with fritillaries and roses and....). I really feel that Spring its on its way do you? My little reticulata iris are out and my hellebores are also finding their way through the soggy soil! Its the birds I feel most sorry for when it is like this.

    Thank you for the loveliness
    Love Jenny

  43. que de belles couleurs printanières
    mes tulipes sont plantées , j'ai mis beaucoup de blanc et de bleu pour
    mon jardin , j'ai hâte de les voir s'ouvrir
    les couleurs nous manquent
    pour l'instant juste quelques Héllébores
    mille bisous
    bonne semaine

  44. Hello Madelief, Happy New Year to you! You are very good to your garden, come rain or shine, and it repays you in blooms. Love your photos. It is exciting to see all the lovely signs that spring is coming. Keep up the good work! Much love, Linda xx. Oh and I love your little Madelief logo, so sweet and so you! xx


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