vrijdag 9 november 2012

A meadow of wild flowers


It has been on my mind for weeks now, to thank you for the kind comments you left on my blog. They brighten up my day! A big kiss to you all!

When in England, one of my favourite pastimes, beside roaming charity shops and discovering secret and not so secret gardens, is to go for a country walk. The huge network of public footpaths never fails to impress me. We do have many beautiful walks in Holland, but only few of them have Public Right of Way. It's so much more fun walking cross country, instead of tarmac roads.

We walked part of the Gloucestershire way, Macmillan way and Cotswold way. Through meadows of wild flowers and quaint looking villages. Past derelict farmhouses, foraging geese, haunted mansions and country gardens full of stocks. However, "the piece de resistance"  of our walks was the Duck race in Bourton on the Water. It brought back lots of good memories :-)!!

Wish you all a wonderful weekend! I hope the weather will be fine enough to spend outdoors.


Madelief x

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  1. Dit zijn foto's waar ik elke keer weer enorm van kan genieten, Madelief. Alles is zo groen en dan dat mooie paars van de lavendel. Ik ga spontaan al weer naar de zomer verlangen! Het lijkt mij prachtig om dwars door de weilanden en bloemenvelden te kunnen wandelen.

    Ik wens je een fijn weekend! Veel liefs, Ingrid

  2. Wat ziet dit er allemaal sfeervol en vrolijk uit!

    Fijn weekend. Lieve groet, Miranda

  3. Hello Madelief:
    Home thoughts from abroad!! Looking at these wonderful images of places we know so very well has, to a small degree, made us homesick for England and the wonderful countryside and villages of the Cotswolds. And what we like especially about the pictures which you have chosen to show is the element of blue which runs as a theme through so many of them.

  4. You have captured so well the English countryside, fantastic pictures.
    Sarah x

  5. Some beautiful photos you have taken,lots of nice sunshine.xx

  6. Good afternoon,
    Madelief, these images are ... a dream ... especially those who have beautiful kittens.

    I am loving your blog.

    Good weekend


    Ligia e turminha :))

  7. Na Twoje zdjęcia mogę patrzeć 1000 razy !!! są piękne. Te ogrody, budynki, kwiaty....coś pięknego:))

  8. Thank you for reminding me of what a beautiful country I live in. It seems to be a national pastime to moan about the weather etc, but pictures like this prove that we are very blessed! xx

  9. Dear Madelief, you have such an eye for beauty and these photos are so beautiful, a joy to look at! I cannot pick a favorite, they are all equally lovely, but I do love the one of the cat. It looks like you had a wonderful time on your walks in this beautiful part of the world. xx

  10. Thanks for reminding me of warmer days! Have a good weekend! :)

  11. Your pictures of the english countryside and gardens are magical. It's imperative that I see it one day! Thank you for this bucolic walk :) Bon weekend !

  12. Was weer even terug in de zomer en dan ook nog in Engeland wandelend dwars door de velden tussen koeien, schapen en soms ook paarden door. Heerlijk! Voor mij zijn dat de mooiste vakanties. Fijn dat we even van jou prachtige foto's mee mogen genieten.
    Fijn weekend, Janneke

  13. These are spectacular, Madelief. I would so love to visit England some day. Loved the one with the tabby cat. We are having cold weather now but it is supposed to be warmer this weekend.Hugs, Deb

  14. Heerlijke foto's. Even terug naar de zomer.. Prachtige plaatjes.
    Stokrozen, poezen, koeien, mooie huizen, groen gras. Dankjewel.
    Lieve groet en fijn weekend! Martine.

  15. Beautiful photographs Madelief and they have brought back some happy memories of family holidays in the Cotswolds when thr girls were little.

  16. Dear, dear Madelief, (yes, I put in two 'dears' on purpose!

    A week ago we travelled to south east England for a short and beautiful weekend. It was my father's 90th birthday, you see. Whilst we treasured every hour we spent there together I have returned to France feeling a little dazed so short our spell was in my childhood town. Thank you so much for these pictures. They have nourished me during a week in which I felt a little homesick for England. Their beauty have made me peaceful and happy.

    My thoughts are, as often, with you, Madelief.


  17. O Madelief, wat een mooie foto's. De huizen, het landschap en de bloemen! Ik kan me voorstellen dat jullie genietend terugkijken naar deze vakantie. Ik krijg steeds meer zin om eens naar Engeland te gaan. Nu mijn man nog meekrijgen:) Lieve groet en een fijne weekend.

  18. Dear Madelief - you have beautifully captured a little corner of 'my world' and given us all a reminder of the summer past.
    I love the way little animals of various kinds have been captured in many of your lovely images.

  19. Oh, how I loved this part of England when I was there! All the blue flowers are gorgeous x

  20. Wat een heerlijke foto's weer madelief......fijn weekend ....liefs van mij...xxx

  21. My friend and I enjoyed "house sitting" for a friend in the Forest of Dean in their 500 year old Stone Cottage on the tidal River Severn. You listed all the wonderful places we visited during out stay there. We also enjoyed the lovely charity shops in the small village of Blakney. Thank you for a nice walk down memory lane.

  22. The landscape is so picturesque! And you caught it beautifully. I almost felt like I was there too.

  23. Dear Madelief,
    This is a lovely post full of summer memories for me too. I do like tripping through that part of the world and as I look out on the gradual winter-ing of our part of the world I find that I am missing it!

  24. Beautiful, beautiful images Madelief, gorgeous flowers and even a little pussy cat.:)
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

  25. How absolutely enchanting! Every single photo is charming!!! I'm afraid that I'll sound like a broken record but.... *I've always dreamed of* going on a walking tour through the English countryside. You lucky duck you.... and speaking of.... heeheehee! A rubber ducky race! How funny is that! Here in Vermont, our big homemade competition is to buy a square in a meadow and the first cow to receive the gift of a pie is the winner. Duckies in water sound much er.... cleaner... =/

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us - romantic happiness all the way!



    (Thinking about you every single day.... xo)

  26. oops! I think that I got that mixed up - the first SQUARE to get a pie.... uff da! You get the idea...erp!

  27. Lieve Madelief, WAT een prachtige post!!!!
    Ik heb zitten genieten en moest weer even denken aan onze vakantie in de Cotswold, vele jaren geleden! Wat ik me daar het meest van herinner is de velden met bluebells!!!!!
    Dankje, liefs en ik denk aan jullie.

  28. Wandelen in Engeland moet heerlijk zijn met dat 'public right of way'. Prachtige foto's Madelief.

  29. Wat mooi zeg, genieten :)! Al die mooie bloemen, (land)huizen, helemaal leuk! Fijn weekend!

  30. Oh those gardens and cottages are like something in a storybook. I would love to visit those places one day.

  31. Dearest Madelief,
    Some of your photos look like still life paintings. What a feast to the eye. Love the kitten in the photo; makes it complete.
    Hugs to you and enjoy your many fond memories!

  32. Dear Madelief,

    Absolutely beautiful photographs, you have shared today.
    Really felt like I was almost there in the meadow with the wild flowers and being face to face with the lovely cows.
    Looks so peaceful and relaxing.

    wishing you a happy weekend

  33. Prachtige foto's, heel erg sfeervol. Het ziet eruit alsof jullie een prachtige vakantie hebben gehad,


  34. Hallo Madelief,
    Wat een prachtige foto's... Die huizen, de bloemen, de natuur, wat een sfeer...!
    Wat hebben jullie een prachtig stukje Engeland gezien... Fijn dat we even mee mochten genieten.
    Ik wens jou ook een heel fijn weekend,
    Lieve groet,

  35. hallo madelief wat mooie leuke fotos van de cotswolds herken volgens mij bourton on the water klopt dat!? en chipping campden? twee hele leuke plaatsjes en de bouwstijl en de cottages zijn zo lief in die streek echt dat engelse je had gelukkig ook erg mooi weer ook erg mooi die stokrozen zie heel veel in the cotswolds ben jij ook in bibury geweest? dat lijkt mij echt zon mooi dorpje met wevers huisjes ik helaas niet we gingen er wel langs maar de chaufeur wilde ons er niet uitlaten en hij reed te snel voor een goede foto maar wil er ooit nog kijkje nemen groetjes en mooie dag gewenst leon10

  36. Ha Madelief; Prachtige foto's! Ik zou zo'n reisje ook ooit weer eens willen maken.
    Wat is Engeland toch mooi en wat een mooie huizen en kastelen.
    Ha,Ha Die duckrace!...Deden jullie mee?
    Fijn weekend en het beste!! liefs Fleur

  37. Ohhhh...wat een heerlijke post Madelief.
    Ondanks dat ik geen hekel aan deze tijd van het jaar heb, is het heerlijk om al dat groen en bloemen te zien.
    Wat heb je een prachtige foto's gemaakt en wat zal je hebben genoten van de wandelingen in die mooie omgeving.
    Fijn weekend.
    Lieve groet, Mea

  38. Lieve Madelief.
    Toen ik je eerste foto met wilde bloemen zag dacht ik dat moet in Engeland zijn. En ja, wat een prachtige foto's van dat schitterende land heb je gemaakt. Als ik dit zie krijg ik subiet heimwee. Ik hoop zo dat we volgend jaar weer kunnen gaan.
    Liefs van Riet xx

  39. Oh, what beautiful photos. The buildings are fantastic.

    Hugs from here

  40. Madelief, what a treat you've brought us back from your travels! As always, your photography is excellent, and your choice of subjects have taken me right back to very special places.

    I so agree with you about the value of those pathways, that allow close up appreciation of nature and wide open views of magnificent skies (whatever the weather) and tempting vistas.


  41. I remember visiting Bath, Stonehenge, & Salisbury in October with my daughter - how beautiful and green the fields were! You've shared so many wonderful photos here - a little glimpse at everyday life in England.
    They have little rubber duck races in Boulder near the college here - such fun!
    Thank you for your sweet comment over at my little blog, and I hope you have a lovely weekend, my friend!
    ~ Zuzu

  42. Fabulous photographs Madelief! Makes me proud to be British, what a gorgeous country this is :)
    Victoria xx

  43. beautiful photos of summer in the english countryside, which I love so much!

  44. Magical.....the scenery is like something straight out of a movie.....your my getaway place from it all....so thank you!

  45. I always enjoy your photos from England and am a bit envious of your country walks,charity shop visits and garden tours! Happy though to come along through your beautiful pics. I love the shots with the cows.
    Hope all is well with you.

    Enjoy your weekend,

  46. Dit is genieten... zo mooi!! Wat een prachtige omgeving. Je hebt een mooie reportage foto's gemaakt, zo veel te zien.
    Nog een fijne zondag, liefs Diana

  47. You have captured the English summer countryside so well in these pictures, Madelief! How lovely they are! I especially loved the wildflower meadow, the hollyhocks and the cows :)
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x

  48. Oh you should work for the English Tourist Board! Your photos are so inviting, if I were not lucky enough to live here already, I would be over here like a shot!

  49. Alsof ik even een Engels tv programma als "Escape to the country" binnenstap. Geweldige foto's, genieten weer. Fijne zondag, lieve groet

  50. Dear Madelief,
    you have a perfect eye for wonderful fotos!
    It'sjoyful to look at!
    Wish you also a nice weekend :))
    lieve groetjes

  51. oh how lovely all your photos are, they made me pause at each one, they really are meant to be savored. i would love to visit someday, i mean to really take the time walking. thank you so much for sharing madelief!

  52. wat is het daar toch prachtig zeg..echt genieten hoor
    liefs hannie

  53. Wauhh!!!

    Wat een prachtige foto's!!

    Dank voor het delen

    fijne zondag!


  54. Liebe Madelief,

    ohhh, was für tolle Bilder !!!

    Ich erkenne Chipping Campden wieder, es ist so ein wundervoller Ort..und die blüheneden Gärten vor den tollen Steinhäusern...Ich bekomme Fernnweh !!!!
    Wir bescliessen gerade , dass wir an Ostern auch wieder nach England wollen, mal sehen wo hin genau, die Cotswolds haben uns ja auch immer gut gefallen, aber da fehlt mir das Meer..

    Wünsche dir einen gemütlichen Sonntag, hier regent es seit Tagen...leider..

    Lieber Gruß,

  55. Oh, Madelief! Your photos are stunning! I think I'll book a ticket to England! :-)
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  56. Oh, Madelief! Your photos are stunning! I think I'll book a ticket to England! :-)
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  57. Stunning photos Madelief
    You have transported me back to summer all over again, The cotswolds are very special..We used to have monthy duck races in Cornwall all for charity! such fun
    Thea x

  58. Oh I so want to do some walks along this beautiful countryside. And I love the look of those warm sunny days...a bit nippy here today. xoxo

  59. Liebe Madelief! Die Bilder sind wieder wunderschön! Man könnte denken es ist Sommer" GGLG Anja

  60. Hello Madelife,
    We dream with your pics... so amazing places... we travel with you again.
    Thanks for share.
    P.s. we wish more luck with your cupcakes : )
    Happy hugs
    Camomila Rosa

  61. Hi madelief !

    Your pictures are very beautiful.
    I love the second one the most... These flowers and it´s colours are stunning !
    And the grass .... this is really a green grass ! Such a strong colour.. IN austria we don´t have such green one, even not in summer...

    Thanks for sharing !

    Hugs from vienna


  62. Dear Madelief, you have captured the essence of those lovely Cotswold villages so well. It makes me proud that you enjoy your visits to England so much. We tend to take it for granted ... I suppose we all do really, about our own countryside! I couldn't help notice the two very sweet kitties in the photos and who doesn't love the very Englishness of the Dairy Ice Cream van. A veritable magnet for us as children!!


  63. Dag Madelief, wat een genoegen weer om je blog te lezen en je foto's te bekijken.
    groetjes, Gerda

  64. A beautiful selection of photos Madelief. Has'nt the year whizzed by. The blue door photo is wonderful talk about colour pop!

  65. I love Gloucester and the Cotswolds - we were up that way at the back end of the summer. You've captured it's beauty perfectly.

    Nina x

  66. Hello Madelief, what gorgeous images. So very English. I really enjoyed my little trip today. Lots of love to you, Linda x

  67. beautiful photos......seems funny to see all the summer bunting up, we feel we are in winter now!! x

  68. Hello, these are gorgeous pictures of daily life in the English countryside. I am a new follower now on GFC. Pamela http://thestyleandtravel-journals.blogspot.com

  69. I have just seen these wonderful pictures!
    It was like a journee in an English summer day.
    When looking out of the window I can see only a grey winter day..
    ♥ Groetjes,


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