vrijdag 2 november 2012

My cup of tea

While strolling through the flea market last weekend, I spotted some beautiful porcelain in between rusty tools and kitchenware. The golden rims where shining in the sunlight and the bright colours, although faded by a thick layer of dirt and tea stains, shone through. I could not believe my luck. These fragile cups and saucers and butter dish where exactly my cup of tea. Especially the Adderley cups with its sculpted shape and pattern of pink blossoms and catkins, appealed to me very much. The Limoges butter dish is very pretty too and will look perfect on our Christmas table

Speaking of Christmas, I could not resist draping a string of fairy lights around our mirror in the dining room. I have never been this early before, but the evenings are so dark that the house needs lightning up, to make it look more cheerful. The fairy lights, an abundance of candles and off course a brightly coloured bouquet from the garden always do the trick for me.

When will you start decorating for Christmas?

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!


Madelief x

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  1. Oh, je maakt me helemaal blij met deze foto's, ik hou er zo van. Mijn verzameling staat behoorlijk stil, zo weinig te vinden bij de kringloops en markten. Dus je snapt, ik ben jaloers ;)
    Mooi de lichtjes, ja, deze week begon kerst bij mij ook al een beetje te kriebelen. Ik ben heerlijk aan het haken voor de kerstboom.
    fijn weekend,
    Lieve groet, Renny

  2. Heerlijke plaatjes...
    Prachtig de kopjes , de schoteltjes én de bloemen!
    enne, lampjes kunnen wel hoor, 't is toch zó somber en donker.


  3. This is just fantastic! I collect old China cups, which I love! What a lucky find! The cups are fantastic and so are your pictures... you make everything look so beautiful! What a lovely, wonderful, happy little world you creat here, on your blog. So much beauty! I love it!



  4. Dearest Madelief,

    I already feel guilty that I have not visited you so long
    Since I have some catching.
    But the weeks are just flying ...
    Your new flea market cups are beautiful so wonderful.
    Envy you your so cute cups.
    Wish you enjoy it.
    To me it was made exactly in the cold dark winter months.
    Candles, candles and fairy lights and candles again it may be too! Of course.
    That you have such beautiful flowers from your garden did I find great.
    My yard is already packed warm for winter.
    Some roses are bursting the frost, rain and storm but for how long?

    I wish you a wonderful autumnal weekend in November!

    Dearest greetings, Moni

  5. Deze kopjes zijn helemaal jouw ding, begrijpelijk dus dat je ze niet kon weerstaan. Ze combineren ook zo mooi bij de kleuren en bloemen in je tuin! Afgelopen week ben ik in verband met mijn kaarten bezig geweest met kerst, ik moet ook eerlijk bekennen dat het soms al wat kriebelt maar ik hou het verder nog tegen.

    Ik wens je een fijn weekend, momenteel zitten we op onze slaapkamer want de jongste geeft beneden samen met een vriendin een verjaardagsfeest ;)!

    Veel liefs, Ingrid

  6. Very nice finds as usual! The first one is my favorite. I usually start decorating the house late November or early December. I have a light string (white lanterns) hanging to a painting on my fireplace in my dining room. Finally I let all year round because I love the soft diffused light.
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  7. Ongelooflijk hoe je toch altijd opnieuw van dat prachtig servies op de kop weet te tikken Madelief. Al net zo ongelooflijk is het hoe je nu nog zo'n kleurrijk boeket uit je tuin kan plukken. Ik geniet!
    PS Gisteren had ik ook al een vroeg kerstgevoel toen ik in Elburg na een heuse regenvlaag rondliep. Deed me zo aan een Charles Dickens Kerst denken. De eerste kerstspulletjes waren dan ook al in de etalages aanwezig.

  8. Beautiful as usual!
    I have to wait until after my son's birthday in the last week on November, to start with Christmas decorating, although I'm itching to get started! x

  9. Mooi! je nieuwe kopjes. Maar je boeket vind ik het allermooist. Wat kun jij dat goed!
    Ik doe nog niets aan kerstversierselen hoor, gewoon nog geen zin in. Eerst genieten van de herfst.

  10. Ha madelief; mooie plaatjes weer! Ik ben een beetje jaloers op t geborduurde kleed- zo leuk!
    Ik heb in mijn servieskast ook miniledlichtjes gehangen-staat zo gezellig!
    Jullie kunnen nu zeker een beetje extra warmte en licht in huis hebben!
    Ik wens jullie veel sterkte! liefs Fleur

  11. LIeve Madelief. Wat heerlijk dat je weer wat kopjes hebt gevonden. Mazzel hoor. Mooie vazen met bloemen heb je nog. Kerstversieren doe ik nog niet hoor, over een maand misschien. Leuk de lampjes om de spiegel. Dat doe ik ook altijd, geeft wat dubbel licht he.
    Fijn weekend
    Lieve groet van Riet

  12. Wat heb je prachtige foto's van de kopjes gemaakt. Toevallig heb ik 2 weken geleden een paar kopjes meegenomen van mijn moeder die nog van mijn oma zijn geweest. Ik kan ze niet wegdoen vanwege al de herinneringen die aan de kopjes "kleven".
    Ik ben wel al spullen voor kerst aan het maken en lichtjes heb ik het hele jaar hangen hoor!! Alleen zijn ze nu veel leuker omdat het zo vroeg donker is.
    fijn weekend

  13. Ik heb mijn deer ook al staan hoor .....zo leuk.....er zijn al aardige winterse taferelen hier....maar nog niet echt kerst hoor.......liefs van mij.....xxx....

  14. Przepiękne! cudowne filiżanki. Na wigilijnym stole bedą wyglądały fantastycznie!!
    Serdecznie pozdrawiam!

  15. Dear Madelief,
    What fabulous finds. As you know, I collect vintage bone China cups and I am in love with yours.
    Wonderful photos as always! I usually start decorating for Christmas after the Santa Claus parade here in Toronto (November 27). Every radio station plays Christmas music and every house puts on their lights. Love such festive atmosphere!
    Have a peaceful weekend!

  16. The fairy lights are such a good idea, Never too early to light up our nights, is it? Getting dark sooner even here in California and lights and candles help so much. I'm waiting til just after Thanksgiving in late November, but not with candles and lights, that starts next week!

  17. I love the first tea cup. Such a pretty piece and such lovely finds. Do you know which pottery they come from? Coming from Stoke on Trent I have a passing interest in such things.

    1. Hi Shirley, the cups on my first two photo's were made by Adderley. I am not really sure where the factory was based. The cups are of a high quality. I hope you will be able to find them in the US. Wish yiu a lovely Sunday! Madelief x

  18. You found some real beauties. I especially love the two in the last photo. Deb

  19. Your teacups are stunning...what joy they will bring at the Christmas table...I am on the hunt for vintage coloured glass goblets in shades of dark green and amber or even ruby red for our table...the more mismatched the better...your fairy lights are stunning...maybe I need to brighten up my dark halls. xoxox hugs

  20. Beautiful Madelief! What a find and love the faerie lights as well!
    A rather soggy hello from the Pacific NW coast,

  21. Oh Madelief, your flea market china finds are wonderful...it's been a long time since I have had such luck.

    Now that November is underway, I have to get cracking with my individual hand-painted watercolor Christmas cards. In the past week, while awaiting for public transport and workplace electrical power to return after Hurricane Sandy's dramatic visit, I've been doing some sketches and think that I've got the card design figured out.

    The painting will begin on Sunday!


  22. Beautiful china Madelief, so pretty and even in November still a bunch of gorgeous flowers from your garden! :)
    Happy weekend,
    Vivienne x

  23. Hermosas tazas y flores, las imágenes son encantadoras! Un abrazo y feliz fin de semana!!

  24. Your cup of tea is also just my cup of tea! Fairy lights,candles and a cup of tea sounds perfect to me.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  25. I love the teacup! (Ironically, as I sit and type this, I am drinking tea from an old mug with a Model-T Ford & the name Shane emblazened across with the front - not particularly classy!)
    I've just started thinking about Xmas decorations and gifts over the past few days. Always seems to be the way when November arrives: It's the time when I realise that there is less than two months until Xmas and end up in a bit of a tither because (yet again) I am so unprepared! (It completely sneaks up, don't you think?)

  26. Dearest Madelief,

    You always keep embroidered patterns in your mind for finding the matching china! Love that match-play in your photo style. Lovely finds you got and for you certainly the dark days have started so why not lighten up the evenings a little? Here it will last a bit longer and after hurricane Sandy passed by, it is again quiet and calm and sunny and warm during the day.
    Hugs to you and enjoy the weekend.

  27. Oh, deary me.... when do I start decorating for Christmas? Well... I've started playing Christmas music already! I'm resisting full on decorating by 'spring cleaning' for Christmas, instead, but my mind's eye is on it for sure. Here in the States, it's traditional to wait for Thanksgiving - the third Thursday in November.

    NOW! It is ever so funny that you mention perfect cups of tea... I was thinking intensely about your cups of tea, today. It's just a very cute coincidence! =]

    and to ramble on... I know what you mean about these cheery things that make the darker days brighter. Today, the sun peeked out a wee bit and it made my heart soar. (If you can believe it, though - although she did no damage to us - it's Sandy's clouds over us, still. =/) Anyway, I am thinking that that BEAUTIFUL bouquet is from your garden!!! I wonder if I could scraggle a little bit together from mine. You've inspired me to try tomorrow. =]

    Also, I have one other thing that I've done to bring a little cheeriness to November.... stay tuned! =D

    Madelief, the sweet bits that you've shared from your home are so soft and pretty. The thought that you saw the glint of delicate gold amidst the rough and tumble is a wonderful story in and of itself!!!

    Love to you all!

    Katy xxoo =]

  28. The teacups are very beautiful, isn't it great that such treasures can be found on a flea market?
    You also made some beautiful photographs, I really love them,


  29. Hallo Madelief,
    Wat zal jouw tafel er weer prachtig uitzien straks, met al dat moois er op...
    Ze zijn weer prachtig, deze kop en schotels...
    Ik wens je voor nu een heel mooi weekend,
    Lieve groet,

  30. Guten Morgen Madelief,

    vielen Dank für deine lieben Worte, uns geht es sehr gut , nur haben wir viele termine und ich weiß nicht so recht, ob mich was Interessantes zu bloggen hätte...
    Ich musste sooo lachen , denn auch ich habe GESTERN ABEND meine erste Lichterkette auf der Fensterbank drapiert, weil es mir abends auch schon zu früh zu dunkel ist...Sehr schön bei dir mit dem Spiegel !!!
    Was hast du wieder für ein Flohmarktglück gehabt, die Tassen passen ja wundervoll zu deiner Sammlung , solch schöne Motive gibt es hier nie auf dem Flohmarkt...ehr in England :-))))

    Schick dir ganz liebe Wochenendgrüße,

  31. Hallo Madelief! Ooh...sheer gorgeousness! Every tea cup is so dainty and beautiful...and the butter dish...sigh...I would have been skipping round the fleamarket like an overexcited child, had I found such treaures! And, I love, love, love the fairy lights around the mirror! I put some fairy lights up around my kitchen cupboards last Christmas, and I never took them down! They've stayed up, and transform the kitchen at dinnertime into the most marvelous, festive glow! Personally, I think they are not just for Christmas! Hee-hee... As far as decorating for Christmas goes, it will officially happen on the 1st December. We used to wait until after my hubby's birthday on the 18th, but that is just WAY TOO LATE I think!
    Enjoy all you wonderful treasures!
    Much love, Tania x

  32. How clever you were to spot those lovely cups and rescue them! They are lovely and I always admire how you always match your flowers with your china.
    Your lights look so cheerful around your mirror , just what is needed at this time of year.
    Sarah x

  33. Wat een prachtige kopjes! Ook mooi op de foto gezet met die mooi bosbloemen erbij.

    Ik heb al wel wat kerstspullen gekocht en wil dit na sinterklaas neerzetten!

    Fijn weekend!

  34. how gorgeous!
    We won't start decorating until a week into december. I am making things though. Busy Busy Busy! x

  35. Dear Madelief,

    How wonderful that you found some pretty teacups, between the nasty tools and kitchenware.
    I say never to early to decorate for Christmas and the fairy lights around the mirror sounds like a great start.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend

  36. Deze mooie kopjes vind ik niet hier... Prachtig met de kleuren van de bloemen!
    Het is zeker donker in huis voor de avond valt. Wel wennen hoor... Dan zijn de lichtjes zeker sfeervol. In huis wacht ik nog even maar het kriebelt zeker ;)
    Fijn weekend x Diana

  37. Your sweet cups are just my cup of tea too, Madelief! How lucky you spotted them amongst the not-so-pretty things :) Your flowers are beautiful too, I enjoyed seeing them very much. The first xmas decorations I put up are the lights and they are the last I take down too as I love them so much! I think fairy lights are allowed all winter long though, they are so cheery and cosy.
    Helen x

  38. So pretty! What a lucky find. I love Adderley china.
    The lights round my mirror in the sitting room stay up all year long.
    I can never have enough sparkle.
    Take care and have a lovely weekend. XX

  39. So pretty and charming! Love the idea of fairy lights to brighten these long nights--I've never done that before and will try it. I usually decorated for Christmas after Thanksgiving.

  40. Wat goed Madelief, dat je die kopjes hebt gevonden!
    En ik was vorig jaar erg vroeg met Kerst, dus nu probeer
    ik nog n tijdje te wachten!
    Fijn weekend!

  41. Utterly gorgeous! You've found some real beauties there!
    Victoria xx

  42. Prachtige kopjes! en zoals altijd weer bijzonder mooi op de foto gezet.

    fijn weekend!!


  43. Absolutely stunning photos and such lovely vibrant colours. I don't really like putting up Christmas decorations and leave the tree as late as possible! But I have brought some holly into the house today and placed it in a copper kettle and it does look quite Christmassy.

  44. I love your cup of tea ....they are just beautiful!
    I'm getting ready for Christmas also but over here we have to wait till after Thanksgiving......which kills me!

  45. I was just strolling through the blog world and came across your lovely place. So I thought I would pause a while and look around. I like your blog and being a confirmed tea-drinker myself, I do like the cups and saucers you have bought. Your photographs are very nice too.
    I shall make sure that I come back often.
    Bye for now,

  46. Hello Madelief
    The china is very pretty, tea has to be in a china cup for me, and it is more special if you have a choice of which set to use.. Yes I have my fairy lights on they are draped over my dresser, we all need a twinkle in our lives!
    Thea x

  47. Ik word toch altijd zo blij van jou posten, Madelief! De vrolijke kleuren...mooi servies....mooie bloemen...net als jij was ik ook nog nooit zo vroeg met het brengen van lichtjes in huis, maar ik ben dit jaar ook voor het eerst gezwicht...staat toch wel weer heel gezellig...

    Fijne zondag

    Groetjes, Pietrik

  48. You have such a good eye! Love them all, and the twinkly lights are beautiful. I start decorating when school term ends, this year on Dec 22.

  49. O wat een prachtige vlooienmarkt vondsten Madelief, vooral de botervloot. Heb ook zin om weer eens te gaan struinen, maar kom er momenteel gewoon niet toe.
    Kerstsfeer komt bij mij echter pas na Sinterklaas in huis.
    Fijne zondag verder en een goede week,

  50. Hi Madelief, your china and flowers are just gorgeous and so perfectly matched. I love the little string of fairy lights. I adore Christmas and have to hold myself back from getting over excited too early. Normally I bring out the old faithful decorations which are predominantly red and green, but I decided I would like a change this year. I have started to make decorations for the tree from paper and card on a shoe theme and my colours will be blue and white and silver. I usually put the decorations up at the start of December. Much love to you, Linda x Oh and thank you for your Halloween wishes, I know you don't really celebrate it much in Holland.

  51. I'm an avid collector of china and have a soft spot for teacups. yours are simply gorgeous and are the perfect touch for an afternoon tea with friends or family.
    Haven't yet started decorating for Christmas but I'm actually off to buy some strings of white fairy lights.
    wishing you a pleasant evening

  52. Hello Madelief:
    The floral cups and saucers are so very pretty and, with their gold rims, look very regal. Quite the perfect way to enjoy a delicious cup of Assam and, of course, a scone with jam and cream. It all looks so very English!

    As the nights draw in, the evenings do seem to need a little brightening up. Your idea of the fairy lights around the mirror is a perfect way to do just that.We love the way that they add sparkle and glamour, with the reflections adding another dimension to the overall decoration.Lovely!

    As for our Christmas decorating. Christmas Eve is the start for us!

  53. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh those teacups! YUMMY!!! ;} and, like most Americans, the Christmas decorating must wait until after Thanksgiving...the day after...literally! ;}

    m ^..^

  54. Dearest Madelief,
    but how much I like your photos?
    I can almost touch those beautiful
    cups, you were lucky to find them!
    Love Susy x
    P.S. thanks for your visit,
    I have another blog, I'd like you to see,

  55. Dear Madelief,
    the weeks are flying, but now I'll be back!
    Your fleamarket porcellain is beautiful, so nice!
    Every day I have a cup of tea :) so my mother think that I'm more a english than a german women ;)
    Have a nice twinkling evening and I like to see you :)

  56. Hi Madelief,
    Love your new teacups and the butter dish is very sweet. Lovely blooms too. Your images are lovely and thanks for sharing them. Have a wonderful week.


  57. So gorgeous! What beautiful additions to the family :)

  58. hallo madelief, wat een liefe kop en schotels erg mooi met dat goud randje de botervloot is ook prachtig wat leuk boeketje heb je op tafel staan super vrolijk eh met kerst decoraties begin ik zo beetje na sinterklaas maar doe nu al wel wat inspiratie op enzo en kijk wat om me heen groetjes en fijn dag leon10

  59. My how envious, those are lovely treasures indeed. Fancy having them though I recently bought some set for thanks giving. Pretty inspiration in here. Got my eye on your next posts.

  60. Wat een fleurige aanwinsten; hieruit smaakt een kopje thee nog lekkerder! Hier nog geen kerstversiering, maar wel druk met de voorbereidingen van twee winterfairs...

    Fijne dag. Lieve groet, Miranda

  61. Wat een prachtige foto's en schitterende bloemen. Die kopjes wat een vondst!
    Groetjes Martine.

  62. Hallo Madelief! Die farben harmonieren so gut zusammen! Ganz klasse sieht das wieder aus! GLG Anja

  63. beautiful pictures and I have the plates that have the same catkin design as you cups!!

  64. Mooi servies. Je foto's zijn ondanks de donkere dagen altijd fris en vrolijk.
    Als we vroeg in de avond een blokje om gaan, zien we al in veel huiskamers lichtjeskettingen of takjes met lichtjes.
    Fijne week, lieve groet

  65. Hi Madelief,
    I just cannot get over how perfectly your china and flowers always match ...... you are so clever. It all looks so beautiful.
    It is dark here too and very cold. I shall not start decorating for Christmas until mid-December but, I can't wait !!
    Hope you are well ..... sorry that I have been absent lately ..... have been getting used to my new computer and have just returned from Rome !!
    ..... and, thank you so much for your lovely comment today. Much love. XXXX

  66. Hi Madelief,
    Well that is a beautiful group of new teacups, what a great find! I hung a few fairy lights around the patio outside. I usually don't do it so early either, but I needed a bit of sparkle on these long nights...

  67. Hello Madelife,
    Of course we do! Christmas is almost there... we should be prepare : ) And, the lights in the mirror are a great idea! So charming! If you don't mind we will copy this... right? : )
    Have a nice week
    Happy hugs

  68. Dear Madelief,
    your cups looks so beautiful!

  69. Dear Madelief

    The fairy lights round your mirror look so pretty. I agree, the evenings, or should I say afternoons - as dusk falls here by 4.00pm - are so dark that I may be getting out the fairy lights myself very soon! I love candlelight and have several lanterns and lots of votives all around the cottage. Candlelight is a must for me during the winter.

    Your pretty and delicate porcelain never fails to delight and those flowers are just beautiful.


  70. Dear Madelief,
    These are beautiful cups,I love the colours, very nice and lovely flowers too.good week end.

  71. Such beautiful finds ... what is it about teacups and saucers that makes them so very appealing!?


Thank you for your lovely words.