zaterdag 25 augustus 2012

Passage to India

Not far away from Moreton in the Marsh, in the beautiful Cotswold hills, lies an Indian House. While entering the garden, walking over the bridge with little animal sculptures on it's railing, you catch the first glimpses of the the green dome and minarets. They look very impressive from a distance. Once you get closer, you notice the intricate railings and large peacock trail windows. The architect Charles Cockerell did a good job, back in 1810.

Once you walk around the corner and see the orangery at the end of the Persian garden, you realise this must be Paradise. The Hindu Temple in the water gardens, with a statue of the goddess Souriya, is the perfect place to sit down and take in the beautiful scenery. But that's not all, the garden has much more to offer, like spring fed pools, a bit of woodland and green pastures with cows and wild flowers.

Do have tea in the orangery! It's really special. They have the most delicious home made cakes, for when you are in desperate need of 'something sweet'. I can advise you to go on a tour of the house as well. The rooms open to the public are worth a visit.

In 1960 John Betjeman, who used to visit, captured Sezincote's charm in a poem.

Down the drive,
Under the early yellow leaves of oaks;
One lodge is Tudor, one in Indian style.
The bridge, the waterfall, the Temple Pool
And there they burst upon us,
the onion domes, Chajjas and chattris, made of amber tone:
‘Home of the Oaks’, exotic Sezincote.”

If you would like to know more about the house and gardens, have a look at Sezincote's website.

Wish you all a happy weekend! I will spend part of it in the kitchen, preparing all kind of sweet delights for a special tea party tomorrow. 

Have fun!


Madelief x

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  1. What a beautiful place! I spent a week in Morton in Marsh 20 years ago and loved it and spent 2 weeks in India in April and loved it too.
    This post brings back lovely memories.
    Penny x

  2. What an amazing and beautiful place and so wonderfully green! :)
    Have a lovely tea party tomorrow, I hope we'll get to see some photos! :)
    Vivienne x

  3. Wat een prachtig stukje India in Engeland Madelief.
    Wat moet dat een heerlijk gevoel geven daar te wandelen.
    Succes vandaag met alle voorbereidingen voor de High Tea van morgen, ik hoop dat de zon zich ook laat zien en je in jouw prachtige tuin er van kan genieten.
    Fijn weekend.
    Lieve groet, Mea

  4. Gorgeous,, gorgeous, gorgeous! How very beautiful! I think one of the most fun pictures is the one of the car bumper edged with flowers. Wouldn't that be a fun "drive away" car for a wedding? Blessings- xo Diana

  5. De omgeving vind ik prachtig,het gebouw wat minder,ik hou niet zo van dat soort torentjes of hoe je het ook noemt,reuze benieuwd naar de foto`s van je thee feestje,fijne zaterdag nog,lieve groet Musje.

  6. Sezincote ken ik wel uit boekjes, maar wij zijn er niet geweest ik dacht architectuur uit India in Engeland hmmm lijkt me niets. Maar o wat zit ik er weer naast, je foto's spreken boekdelen. Ik weet zeker als we daar weer eens in de buurt komen dat ik er wel wil kijken.
    Fijn weekend verder,

  7. Hello Madelief,
    A great post. What a lovely garden to visit.
    I particularly like the car with the bumper decorated with flowers. Wouldn't our roads be more fun if this was commonplace!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  8. What a fantastic place. It reminds me of our two trips to India.

    Have a great weekend

  9. Dear Madelief,
    I love this! I´ve never heard of it before and will put this to my favourite sights to visit.
    Hope you will have a wonderful tea party and sunshine tomorrow.
    Lovely hugs

  10. Dear Madelief - so pleased that you managed a trip to Sezincote, a magical place in the Cotswold hills, and a place I love.

  11. I agree this is magnificent.....on my trip we went through some beautiful gardens and I thought of you....take care!

  12. NIe tour today. Most interesting style for me since I have never been to India, though I know that England and India have a long tradition. I do think the pond needs a little cleaning! Jack

  13. That is amazing! I dearly want to visit India.

  14. What a simply beautiful place! Have been to the Cotswolds many times but never been did I miss it?! Hope your tea party goes well.
    Happy days! :0)

  15. Oh, GOODNESS, Madelief! Be still my beating heart!!! What a lush and wonderfully fun place to visit! Don't you just love the dreamers who make these places real - aren't you grateful for their dear imaginations?!

    Speaking of tea... I remember, one vacation, arriving at the Butchart Gardens in Victoria, BC absolutely famished and exhausted (we had missed the ferry and it turned into a long and dull wait!) We went straight to the tea room and had one of the most delicious and refreshing teas ever....I don't think I would have normally thought that - tea bags and tough scones - but we needed the refreshment so badly... =] Teatime in the orangery sounds like fun beyond words! =]


  16. What a beautiful place!thank you of sharing you gorgeous pictures.
    Victoria xx

  17. Oh yes, dearest Madelief, this house has truly Indian atmosphere! Beautiful, magical, living here must be like a fairy-tale-holiday! And the bumper spoiler of the car: In India, cars are really decorated with flowers like this! :o) If I go back again to the UK, I hope I will remember to your tip! :o)
    Enjoy the tea party tomorrow! Have fun and have a nice weekend!
    Lots of Küschelbüschel, Traude

  18. Ik hoop dat het mooi weer is morgen.....maarre heb ik een uitnodiging gemist ??...hahahahaha...liefs van mij...geniet !!! foto's...prachtig !!x

  19. Wat moet het bijzonder zijn dit gebouw zomaar ergens in Engeland tegen te komen. Het is als een reis tijdens een reis.

  20. Just lovely, I love this architecture, we went to India some years back and stayed in a palace with these fantastic domes, so romantic! Ada :)

  21. Dat ziet er prachtig uit Madelief!
    Alsof je terug bent in de tijd!
    Fijne avond!

  22. Beautiful! Even more impressive than Brighton Pavilion because it is in the countryside. I must go and see it!

  23. Dearest Madelief,

    You caught my attention with Passage to India as I thought you'd visited the real country. Glad that at least you got to see a glimpse of it here. Beautiful garden and beautiful building. Love the classic Ambassador. We have been a passenger many times in an Ambassador IN India! Fond memories of our ten years working for Pond's India Ltd.
    Hugs to you,

  24. Dear Madelief, what an adventure to enjoy an exotic walk through your wonderful Sezincote photos. I have had this glorious looking garden on my list for some time now and this post has me wanting to visit even more so. The photgraphs of the pond are particularly enchanting. I hope you enjoy your special tea party this weekend. Paul

  25. Hoi Madelief, wat heerlijk dat je ons meeneemt naar dit prachtige India

  26. What an amazing place to find in the British countryside, the orangery looks fantastic. My grandparents used to live near Moreton on the Marsh and we frequently visited them, but I have never visited this garden. Maybe it wasn't open to the public then.
    Hope you have a lovely tea party!
    Sarah x

  27. We were just this afternoon talking about a trip the Cotswolds! Sezincote will now definitely be a place to visit good to have a magical recommendation Madelief:-)....beautiful images as always.
    Enjoy your special tea party tomorrow, I'm looking forward to seeing some lovely pictures to follow.

    Fiona x

  28. Wooow.................Wat een fantastische plaats!!!

    Ik wou weleens daar te kunnen zijn:-)*

    Gorgeous post,Madelief!!!


  29. Hello Madelief
    What a magical place, I can imagine sitting in the window looking out over and beyond, and being gently fanned by a Punkawallah, I think I am dreaming again,
    Enjoy you tea party, our weather has taken a turn for the worse so I hope the sun shines for you
    Thea x

  30. Liebe Madeilif,

    ohhhh, wie schööön !!! Warum haben wir das nicht gesehen...das ist wirklich ein unwahrscheinlich schöner, magischer Ort !!
    Und du hast wundervolle Bilder davon gemacht...muss ich mir merken, für das nächste Mal Cotswolds..

    Dann viel Freude mit deiner spaecial teaparty und einen ganz schönen Sonntag,


  31. Thank you for such beautiful photographs

  32. Lieve Madelief,

    Wat ziet dit er ook weer mooi uit! En als de thee er ook nog eens overheerlijk smaakt, is dat natuurlijk een extra pluspunt ;)!

    Ik hoop dat je geslaagd bent voor de speciale party van gasten boffen maar ;)!

    Tot heel gauw! Veel liefs, Ingrid

  33. Hoi Madelief,

    Dit ziet er ook wel weer mooi uit hoor. Ik heb die plaats zien staan in het prachtige Engeland. Want wat heb ik daar genoten van die dagen. Wij kwamen uiteraard tijd tekort, en hebben steeds iets gekozen. Maar wat is het daar mooi..

    Lieve groet Lia

  34. Once again a magnificent post. Thank you so much for this. We are going next spring to travel all around England and I will surely add this stop in. Gorgeous.
    Please come and visit Lady B and me. We are having a giveaway.
    Ruthie from:

  35. What an amazing building and garden! That definetly has to go on my "must visit" list!


  36. The Cotswolds are so lovely - we stayed in a beautiful house and went to a very grand party there recently, and I didn't want to come home! But I comfort myself with the fact that they have much more rain than we do ...

    Pomona x

  37. Hello Daisy

    What a beautiful find in the Cotswolds. I have learned something new and will put this on my list when we next visit Stow in the Wold. It looks like the weather also co-operated too. As usual you photography is spectacular.

    Helen xx

  38. Lieve Madelief.
    Wat was het leuk om je weer te ontmoeten en wat was het gezellig.
    Wat heb je hier iets moois ontdekt. Heb ik nog nooit van gehoord. Prachtige foto's van dat aparte stukje India in Engeland.
    Liefs van Riet

  39. It must have been a lovely time to walk around such a beautiful place with your friends.
    I enjoyed the beautiful feature of your blog Madelief on OC's blog-it was very well done.Enjoyed seeing the pretty teacups too-how nice to get some of your Mom's.
    It is staying hot and dry here and my garden has suffered from the lack of rain but great beach weather.

  40. Your photos are stunning, Madelief! What an extraordinary place to visit.

    As for your pretty china (in your previous entry), I am very much taken by them, and quite envious (in the nicest possible way!) I wish I could have attended your tea party today, and enjoy all your pretty china in real life!

  41. Such pretty images...I have heard about your tea party from Saskia...I wish I was there to join you sweet friends...can't wait to see your images. xoxo Hugs

  42. Quelles jolie fotos Madelife!! :O)
    J~adore!! :O) Ils ont just magniique!! :O) Et je croit que vous avait passez des bonnes vacances!!
    Bonne semaine!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  43. Oh it looks absolutely gorgeous - What a marvellous place to explore! I've just come back from holiday, and it seems that I have missed so much! Looking forward to settling down to read through your recent posts - your pictures are always such a joy.
    Best wishes,
    Paula xxx

  44. What gorgeous pictures of such a fascinating place, Madelief! I have never been there but have now put it on my to visit list! Such stunning architecture, and it looks very beautiful set in those lovely grounds.
    Wishing you a happy week!
    Helen x

  45. Het ziet er zelfs heel sprookjesachtig uit. Heel apart die opvallende groene accenten aan het gebouw.
    Lieve groet,

  46. Soooooo beautiful place to visit, Madelief! I'm impressed...stunning pictures you've made. Glad you had such a lovely time and hope you had a great special tea party as well :o) And I do love your grey sari dress in your previous post too))
    Have a lovely day
    Lot of love

  47. Hallo Madelief, ja eindelijk weer terug, bedankt voor je reactie. Ik had al aan je gedacht, maar was er nog niet aan toe gekomen. Moet een enorme inhaalslag maken;-) Maar meid, wat een geweldige locatie!! Daar kijk je je ogen uit. Wat een paradijs! Het éne beeld nog mooier als de ander. Je zou niet denken dat dit in Engeland is. Wat zullen jullie genoten hebben. Ik ook, maar dan van je prachtige foto's.

    Ik heb net bij Jolanda gezien, hoe geslaagd jullie high tea is geweest. Wat heerlijk dat dit samen zijn weer zo geslaagd was. Het zag er waanzinnig, gezellig en lekker uit. Zo te zien heb je mooie foto's gemaakt en volgen er hier op je blog nog hele mooie herinneringen aan deze dag.

    Slaap lekker voor straks.

    Lieve groetjes, Helena

  48. Hi Madeleif
    You have found the most beautiful place (I knew nothing about it!!) and to think we were not many miles away on Saturday although I don't think I could have fitted it in. Now bookmarked it as a place to go. Have a lovely week.

  49. I can't wait to visit London again so that I can take a day trip! This place is amazing!

  50. Thank you for leaving me a message on my new blog,
    your postings are enchanting, a collection of everything I love
    at my finger tips.
    I shall visit you often and pretend I'm in england.
    victoria Greene, Cambria, California


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