zaterdag 18 augustus 2012

A warm summer evening in the garden

It was my intention to give this post the title 'A night under the stars', but while writing it down I realised it sounded a bit suggestive for a dinner party in the garden. Although the party ended with a pitch dark sky and stars illuminating our dining table.
Therefore a title which is perhaps a bit boring, but nevertheless more appropriate for the occasion.

When having a dinner party in an allotment garden, it is essential to keep ones head clear. Which is difficult on a warm summer day. Especially when you have been in the kitchen for some time grilling the vegetables, while the cherry tomatoes are roasting in the oven.

When filling up my baskets at home, I always check twice before I leave. Just to be sure. Yesterday being the exception. While I was half way to the garden, I realised I had forgotten the merquez sausages and lamb cutlets. I had to turn round and head back home again. That's not all. While I started on my dessert in the outdoor kitchen, the strawberries seemed to be missing. A summer Pavlova without strawberries is like missing the icing on the cake. Thanks to one of my daughters, who cycled to the garden to bring the strawberries, our dessert turned out fine. I did not even have to bribe her!

When you are interested in the recipe for the char grilled vegetables or the quinoa, avacado & broad bean salad, check out the cookery books by Yottam Ottolenghi.

You can find the recipe for the Pavlova in the little cookbook 101 tempting desserts.

Wish you all a wonderful weekend! We are off to the beach tomorrow for a cooling dip.


Madelief x

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  1. Wat ziet het er allemaal weer lekker uit, Madelief...het is ondanks wat 'strubbelingen in de aanloop' volgens mij uiteindelijk helemaal goed gekomen! De aankleding ziet er ook prachtig uit maar dat is aan jou ook prima besteed!

    Een goed idee om morgen afkoeling te zoeken op het strand! Wij hebben eem verjaardag, waar we direct ook gaan 'mooi maken' voor hun 25 jarig huwelijksfeest en dat op het heetste moment van de dag ;)! Ik hoop dat er grote ventilatoren in de tuin staan of beter nog, van die nevelsproeiers! Ik weet niet meer waar dat toch was...we pakten er een terrasje en omdat het warm was werd er een waternevel gesproeid, heel fijntje maar erg verfrissend! Volgens mij was dat op Ibiza, nu weet ik het weer!

    Ik wens je een heel fijn weekend, Madelief! Liefs, Ingrid

  2. What a fabulous evening! The pavlova look divine - such a perfect summer pudding! Beautiful flowers also
    Victoria xx

  3. What a gorgeous dinner setting and dinner to go with it. Everything is perfect and I hope you could you could enjoy yourself after all the work. Keep cool. Love the colors. xo Jenny

  4. poaaahhhhhh ....niet dat ik je stukje tekst niet lees, maar mens...alleen die foto's vertellen al een heel verhaal!! wat een kleurenfeest....puur genieten!!!


  5. That all looks so pretty and romantic Madelief. I did not realise that your garden was away from your home, which must make it extra exciting leaving with your baskets of food already prepared for a delicious looking dinner party beneath a starlit night.

  6. Ziet er heeeerrrrlijk en geweldig mooi uit!! Wat ontzettend genieten he, eindeloos buiten kunnen bivakkeren!


  7. Een prachtige omgeving, heerlijk eten; wat zal het gezellig zijn geweest!

    Fijn weekend. Lieve groet, Miranda

  8. Das sieht alles so wundervoll & extrem lecker aus, ich bin restlos begeisert!!! Wie bekommst Du das Gemüse so toll hin????

  9. What a beautiful post. I am so glad you are back. :-)

  10. Dat ziet er smakelijk uit! En wat heb je er een heerlijke, kleurrijke , zomerse foto's van gemaakt

    Nog een fijn weekend!

    Groetjes, Pietrik

  11. I spy red currants also. The perfect touch to a fabulous looking dinner.

    Lucky friends.

    xo jane

  12. Wat een heerlijke avond zouden jullie hebben gehad....ziet er allemaal zo mooi uit !!..zo leuk !!.....liefs ria......

  13. I wish that I had been their with you - it all looks so delicious! Have a good day tomorrow!

    Pomona x

  14. Sounds like a pretty perfect dinner party to me! :)
    I do like the sound of those recipes.
    Have fun at the beach and thank you for sharing more of your gorgeous flowers! :)
    Vivienne x

  15. ziet er prachtig uit zeg!
    fijn weekend verder.

  16. Oh, Madelief, I love your summer evening!...:)

  17. hello madelief,

    these photos look as if they belong in food and wine magazine. they are spectatular. i can almost taste the salads! i don't think there is anything better than dining under the stars. xo janet

  18. Wat een heerlijke bloemerige kleurige foto's van je dinner party. En wat een warm karwei om dat allemaal klaar te maken en weer mee te nemen naar de tuin.
    Morgen even verkoeling zoeken aan zee is dan wel even heerlijk.

  19. amazing floral photos Madelief...I love them! ...and the chargrilled vegetables look so incredibly appetising... thank you for sharing your beautiful summer evening....enjoy another sunny day tomorrow!
    Fiona x

  20. It all looks sooo delicious and the evening garden in all its glory! Coincidentally I've been doing the same at my niece's villa to celebrate my great nephews birthdays. Definitely under the stars though as these things start later here. Glorious Mediterranean night,happy voices and the heady smell of Jazmin mingled with the fluttering of the candlelight.

    The garden though cannot compare with yours!

    keep well
    Amanda :-)

  21. All the ingredients for a perfect Summers evening. :0)

  22. Everything looks so yummy and summery and delicious!!!! Have fun at the sea tomorrow!

  23. What a lovely summer evening! The food, the flowers, the setting, the company... what could be better? Enjoy your day at the beach... I am GREEN with envy! ;-)

  24. Hi Madelief,
    Your food all looks delicious-such lucky guests! Hope you enjoy your day at the beach.


  25. It looks like such a fun and festive evening. The flowers are so pretty, and I love the tablecloth too.

  26. Everything looks so lovely, the setting, the table, the flowers. I love the blue coffee pot vase and the tablecloth. The food looks so delicious. Have a fun day at the beach! xx

  27. Ohhhh das sieht alles so wunderschön aus, herrlich!

    Viele liebe Grüße

  28. so nice photos of flowers, food. I can feel the spleen of the night!

  29. Enchanting! I think we all wish we were one of your guests! Enjoy some downtime at the beach. Bx

  30. Hello Madelief:
    Now, we do rather agree that a Pavlova without the fruit is something else entirely! Happily all was well finally.

    How absolutely enchanting this all looks to have been. We love the way in which you have arranged the table with such a pretty cloth complemented with informal arrangements of summer flowers in the exact self same shades. Perfect. You really do have such an eye for detail and it shows in all that you do.

    The food looks to have been delicious. The seasonal salads with what we think is couscous looks wonderful and would certainly have been a favourite with us.

    As always we have a glimpse of the garden looking so very pretty and which makes us long to see it all!

  31. Hi Madelief,
    What a simply beautiful post.
    How lovely to be able to have a dinner party al fresco. It all sounds divine.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend,

  32. Hai liebe Madelief,
    aaaah was für eine Pracht ! Was für eine Blumen und auch kulinarische Pracht ! Ich bin sicher, Deine Gäste hätten sich auch mit ohne Würste, Koteletten und Erdbeeren bei Dir wohlgefühlt ! Denn schon alleine das Ambiente in Deinem Garten ist eine Augenweide, da schmeckt alles sicher doppelt gut. Und es ist ja auch kein Wunder, bei der Hitze, dass Du etwas vergisst. In Klein Gallien brennt die Sonne vom strahlend blauen Himmel und wir dösen innen auf der Couch herum und gehen gaaanz spät mit Duki Gassi, wenn es nicht mehr so heiss ist und immer ans Wasser.

    Ich hoffe, Ihr habt heute einen erholsamen und wunderschönen Tag am Strand ! Ich melde mich nach der Sommerpause wieder und wünsche Dir bis dahin eine wundervolle Zeit !

    Herzliche Grüße sendet Dir
    und Duke mit Sonnenbrille :-)

  33. Just when I thought the setting was beyond dreamy, those food photos made me start drooling!
    What a lovely evening it must have been!


  34. What a beautiful setting you have made on your table! And the food looks scrumptious!!

  35. Everything looks so beautiful Madelief! I am sure your guests had a wonderful time in the garden & your food must have been delicious too. Thanks again for your help on a Home Exchange for my Sweetie & I. We have located someone in Amsterdam through that Seniors Exchange I was telling you about and we are exchanging for the month of Sept 2013. Very exciting!! Have a great weekend.


  36. Ja, dit is zomer!!! Zo'n tuin wil iedereen wel, zulk lekker eten ook, zoveel gezelligheid ook, en vandaag naar het strand.....Madelief je bent een geluksvogel.

    lieve groet

  37. Wat zullen jullie gesmuld hebben Madelief, het ziet er allemaal zo heerlijk uit en om er dan op zo'n mooie zomeravond buiten van te genieten is helemaal super.
    Je heb alles weer zo fleurig aangekleed met mooie boeketjes uit eigen tuin.
    In je vorige post zag ik de Juffertjes in het Groen, ook zo'n prachtig bloemetje, ik heb ze ook eens in de tuin gehad.
    Ik las ook dat jullie een heerlijke vakantie in Engeland hebben gehad.
    De foto van de Engelse telefooncel op mijn blog zet iedereen op het verkeerde been hihi. Alle foto's zijn in Duitsland gemaakt, daar zijn wij voor een paar dagen naar toe gereden.
    Fijne avond en liefs, Mea

  38. Wat ziet dat er weer mooi uit: je bloemen, je tafel en die heerlijke gerechten. Wat een feestmaal in je tuin...vanmiddag was het echt te warm, heb je nog een plekje op het strand kunnen vinden? Wij waren in Kijkduin en hebben lang moeten zoeken naar een parkeerplaats:( Maar wel gelukt! Op het strand was het heerlijk, maar morgen weer aan het werk. Hopelijk gaat het lukken met het weer volgende week zondag en kunnen we genieten van je bloemen en de rest, lieve groet

  39. I look forward to each and every one of your posts, they are Perfect! Ada :)

  40. Wat ziet het er weer mooi en gezellig uit! Je gerechten zien er ook smakelijk uit!

  41. Twój stół, pięknie ubrany,smakowite potrawy,
    cudny wieczór....

  42. Lieve Madelief,
    Wat was ik blij dat ik vanmiddag binnen zat....
    Ik dacht iedereen naar het strand, dan gaan wij lekker verven in de winkel, met de airco op 19........
    Maar ik hoop dat we volgende week mogen genieten van jou mooie sprookjestuin!

  43. Liebe Madelief,

    jetzt war ich ja 2 Wochen ( ich vermisse das Meer...)weg und musste mal gucken, was bei dir so los eine schöne Gartenparty !!!! Und man darf auch mal was vergessen...sehr lie von deiner Tochter !!! Alle Speisen sehen KÖSTLICH aus !!!! Ich mag so ggrilltes oder mariniertes Gemüse sehr gerne, ist auch sehr fotogen...
    Hier ist es es heiß, aber schön, dasss noch Ferien und was für eine tolle Sache , dass deien Tochter zur Universität geht, da waäre ich ja mächtig stolz als Mutter !!! So aufregend !!! Wir schreiben jetzt Bewerbungen für meinen Sohn für einen Lehrstelle im nächsten Jahr...auch aufregend...

    So, meine Liebe, ich wünsche dir einen schöne, neue Woche und schicke dir warme Abendgrüße,


  44. Hi Madelief,
    Your feast in the garden looks so wonderful,and what a perfect way to finish it with the twinkling stars overhead. I'm glad your daughter came to the rescue with the pavlova.
    Sarah x

  45. Ich liebe deinen Garten! Die Dekoration ist super schön, glg Anja

  46. What a delightful table and venue for your dinner under the stars Madelief.....
    The menu sounds and looks absolutely delish.......

    Hope you had a wonderful time at the beach and enjoy your week.
    It's so nice to have you back in Blogland.....

    Claire :}

  47. Your dinner party is simply lovely,I have added some photos of Eindhoven to my blog,you are very welcome to visit it!Nice week !

  48. Lovely to find you are back again, dear Madelief! I have just returned from the seaside and am catching up. It looks like such a wonderful dinner party in your gorgeous garden! I have missed seeing your beautiful posts :)
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  49. Prachtig allemaal en het eten ziet er lekker uit,wat een schitterende bloemen heb je nog in de tuin,fijne week,lieve groet Musje.

  50. Wow!Looks like a very tasty meal. I really appreciate the table setting for it was light and very beautiful. Great job!

    3.7 metre garden sheds

  51. Hello, lieve Madelief,
    yes, it is very hot at the moment - which also makes problems to me and my head ;o) In Austria we say: What you do not have in your head, you have to have in the feet - about as was the case with you (and your dear daughter :o))
    But your garden dinner obviously succeeded wonderfully in spite of the small margins. And the pictures of it - from the lovingly laid table, the guests and the delicious food - also look very beautiful!
    Many Küschelbüschels to you, groetjes

  52. Hello Madelief
    Even though things were a little fraught to start with for you, your food and evening in the garden looked deliciously beautiful!
    Thea x

  53. Dear Madelief, it is always such a pleasure to visit your beautiful blog, not only is the late summer garden still lovely, but your food looks perfectly delicious and beautiful also! Nothing surpasses the company of dear friends on a beautiful summer evening, albeit so short lived it seems. Summer is drawing to a close, so hard to believe! Hope you are noting every single minute! N.xo

  54. Oooh Madelief, everything looks absolutely delicious! Your garden looks gorgeous as always. I think I've been cursed with bad weather for the summer along with everyone else so not much to show outside my house. I will just dream about yours!
    Take Care,

  55. What a truly lovely looking garden and feast! Always wonderful to share food, drink, conversation with good friends and family in a pretty surrounding! x




  57. Dear Madelief,

    Your dinner party out in the garden looks amazing, delicious looking food, with your pretty flower arrangements. Must have been the icing on the cake, to have the twinkling stars.

    Happy week

  58. Looks like it was a beautiful party. Love the tablecloth and table setting so pretty. Laura

  59. Oh it looks just perfect, what can be better, friends lovely food and such pretty flowers. Good luck with your new venture I am sure that you will be really successful you have such style. I see that Pippa has an offer on her house, I will so miss going, but I do know of another one close by which I think you will love, take a look I think you will love it.
    Look forward to hearing all about your fair.

    1. My friends and I will miss Pippa's beautiful B&B too. Thank you for letting me know about Boonshill farm. It looks like a beautiful place.

      Have a lovely evening!

      Madelief x

  60. Wauw! Wat ziet alles er heerlijk en prachtig uit!
    En dat tafelkleed.... ge-wel-dig! Mag ik vragen waar je dit mooie kleedje vandaan hebt?

  61. Dear Madelief,

    When I say you are a fairy, it is the reality ! What a wonderful dinner table ! You are a fairy in cooking also, the meal was to be delicious!
    Your tablecloth is very beautiful !
    Nice end of august month Madelief,

    Lieve Groet,

    Nath x

  62. The comment up above makes me smile! =] Fairy, indeed! I know that I believe!!! ;) Entertaining on a warm summer's evening in a garden... ending with the stars overhead - it is magic, for certain!

    Your table is beautiful and the food....!!! =] (and, I'm not saying that just to 'say it'. It looks just perfect to me. I'm wishing I could zap it here for an al fresco breakfast, right this moment!)

    I was just reading a copy of 'Martha Stewart Living' magazine and she was talking about a 'summer house' she has on an island off the coast of Maine. She had a huge weekend party for seventy of her best friends ;) (all staying in her little 'cottage'! LOL!) and she commented on how carefully one needs to plan and make sure that one has everything! There's no running to the store when one is on the island! =O That's so cute about your daughter cycling the strawberries to you. =]

    Remember that I was going to try and have a tea party in the garden? siiiigh.... not this summer! =( BUT! In sheer desperation, we had an impromptu, last fling before school starts, hot dog party in the garden. We invited one friend and their family for each boy. (The parents are our friends, too!) When I say 'impromptu', one family didn't get the message until an hour before but, still, were able to come! and, there were no lights hanging from the trees, alas, and the candles all blew out and we used paper napkins and plates but it was a comfortably warm evening outside with lots of laughter. It ended with a 'campfire' and roasting marshmallows for s'mores - out under the stars. The big dipper was HUBUNGOUS and glowing right behind my friends head. It was such a lovely time and I thought of you about every fifteen minutes! =D (I'm chuckling - I really did.;)) There were no pictures, alas. Just the ones in my mind. =] So, that's why you get your own private blog post about it, right here! ;) =D

    I'm wondering if I can wangle one more 'fancy' dinner outside before the season just gets too chilly - that one I would certainly make sure to get pics of!

    Okay! I have to get going, now! =]

    xxoo xxoo =]


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