woensdag 29 november 2017

New adventures


It's been ages since I wrote last. I hope you are still out there, and well? Sorry it took such a long time for this post to appear, but once I put my laptop in the cupboard, it was difficult to get it out again.

The last couple of months I made some major decisions. One of them is to sell my garden. We spent nine happy years there, but it's time for a change. The garden really is too large for me to handle, and although the girls help me my out as often as possible, it's not enough. So it's a few tears, but a smile as well for New adventures are to begin.

The photo's in this post were partly taken in Delft, one of my favourite towns, on a hazy day about two weeks ago. The town looked magical with the December decorations already up.

The cake on my photo's is a Pistachio coconut and lime cake. It's an easy bake and absolutely delicious! You can find the recipe here.

As you know I have a love for vintage dresses. The ones in my photo's are from the late sixties/early seventies. I found the brown dress with the golden pattern in a tiny shop in Haarlem. I wish I could tell you the name, but I simply forgot. The dress with the black and brown graphic pattern and black belt was bought in Edinburgh (Armstrong & Son). I think they are both late sixties/ early seventies. Do you have a thing with vintage clothes?

Wishing you lovely days ahead!


Madelief  X

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37 opmerkingen:

  1. It is so lovely to see a blog post of yours again but of course life gets in the way. I love your dresses and also the colour of the bronze chrysanthemum is marvellous. Your photos have such a wonderful quality about them a\nd it always so pleasing to see your lovely home and beautiful country. I too love Delft, it is such a picturesque city. I too adore vintage clothing and as I live on the South Coast of England near Brighton and Hastings there are a lot of places I can go and search. Your choices always look so elegant. Thank you for such a wonderful blog. kind regards Sue H. xxx

  2. Lovely to hear from you Madelief, your images are as always beautiful.
    I'll miss your garden pics but if its time to move on, then its time to move on!
    V x

  3. Your photos are beautiful, and it's always nice to read a little of what's been happening, too. The cake looks delicious! New adventures are fun to anticipate.

  4. Wonderful to see your beautiful images and hear of what you have been up to. I am sorry to hear that you are giving up your garden, but sometimes it is time to move on in life! Your vintage dresses are so chic and your cake looks delicious. Best wishes for your new adventures. xx Karen

  5. A garden is very demanding, and although I am sure that you will miss it other things will rapidly fill your time. You also have a wonderful record of your beautiful garden in the form of this blog.
    Love your Autumn leaf colours which around here are now rapidly covering the ground.

  6. Hi Madelief,
    I understand how much time and effort goes into a garden and you certainly created a beautiful one!
    You look lovely in your vintage dresses and the cake looks pretty too.
    I hope you will keep posting once in awhile ....miss your beautiful posts!
    Wishing you lots of beautiful adventures!

  7. Je tuin opgeven? Ik ben onderste boven van. Moet er niet aan denken. Succes met je nieuwe plannen. Groetjes

  8. Ik snap het zo goed, een moeilijke beslissing om je tuin te verkopen. Ik zit in hetzelfde proces. Wel of niet wegdoen.....ik ben er nog niet uit. Jij wel.
    Het is inderdaad veel en vaak ook zwaar werk, en niet meer zo piep voel ik dat best wel na hard werken in de tuin.
    Misschien geeft jou beslissing mij ook wel een zetje in de goede richting.
    Waarom ? Omdat ik aan je foto's zag dat je veel plezier beleefde aan je prachtige tuin.
    Maar het soms gewoon tijd is voor andere dingen waar je ook weer veel plezier aan zult beleven.
    Succes met je nieuwe plannen.
    Groetjes Marja

  9. Wie schade, Dein Garten ist mir richtig ans Herz gewachsen...aber ich kann es verstehen, ich komme hier allein auch kaum hinterher. Könnte jetzt ein Stück des leckeren Kuchens vertragen :-)

  10. Wat gezellig om weer eens van je te horen en te zien. Wat ook een stap om je tuin te verkopen maar ik kan het me wel voorstellen. XX Esther

  11. Hi Madelief, It was lovely to see a post from you again and to hear you are just about to start some new adventures! We love gardening but we appreciate having a smaller garden when we moved. With limited time gardening can be become a chore rather than a pleasure. It will be sad to saw goodbye to your garden but those wonderful photographs and memories of time spent there will remain. The new owners will inherit a wonderful garden too! Delft looks wonderful in its autumn colours that match so well with your lovely dress! Sarah x

  12. Oh Madelief .... it must be sad to sell your beautiful garden but you are obviously on to other things. Change is good. When we went to Amsterdam, we took the train to Delft ...... we loved it .... so pretty.
    I still have some of my clothes from the sixties ...... it was such a unique time in fashion. Lovely to see you in Blogland again .... we all missed you. XXXX

  13. ach madelief wat jammer zeg van je tuin maar snap het wel en iets nieuws of anders proberen kan ook weer inspiratie geven delft ja blijft mooi oude gezellige stad ben er van de zomer voor eerst geweest erg knus met antiek en brocante markt wel jammer dat we nu de mooie tuin foto gaan missen maar er komt vastwel iets anders voor in de plaats

  14. Wat een moeilijk maar dapper besluit lieverd...ik ga je mooie foto's wel missen hoor ...vond het heerlijk al je tuin posten ...maar heb ook weer genoten van deze post.....dus zal vast goed komen.....en als je een keer een middag wilt freubelen met bloemen en plantjes?....je bent altijd welkom in onze winkel...liefs Ria x ❤️

  15. Op IG had ik al gelezen dat je afscheid gaat nemen van de tuin. Enerzijds heel jammer, maar met jouw volle agenda zal je niet in een gat vallen, je hebt een brede interesse en vindt zoveel dingen leuk! Dus dat komt wel goed! Ik wens je een hele fijne nieuwe week! Liefs, Ingrid

  16. Dearest Madelief,
    Indeed, such a detailed garden is taking a lot of time and it never ends!
    Glad you are enjoying other tings.
    As for us, we would rather sell our huge garden, half of it, on the other side of the creek.
    Pieter's heart condition is suddenly such that he no longer is allowed to do any straining.
    Sending you hugs,

  17. Oh your beautiful garden. I`m sad to hear that you will sell, but as you say, change can be a good thing.
    Hugs from here

  18. How difficult to let your garden go, but I can perfectly understand. Love vintage clothes, but don't look for them. I just appreciate on others. The cake looks just wonderful and delicious. Happy holidays!

  19. Hello Madelief,
    I can understand you wanting to sell the garden. It is a lot of work and I, too, cut back on gardening.
    We have a small back garden and I am loving roses of late and cutting flowers. Good luck with your decision.
    Vintage looks fabulous on you. I do love some vintage.
    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.

  20. Madelief,

    Jij verpersoonlijkt de goeie dingen des levens, overheerlijk gebak, de nostalgie van een oude stad en een tuin die verdwijnt in het heldere spoor van nieuwe avonturen.

    Ik wens je feestelijke dagen bij deze winterwende...


  21. bonjour
    Je vous souhaite ce qu'avait écrit jacques Brel :

    « Je vous souhaite des rêves à n'en plus finir, et l'envie furieuse
    d'en réaliser quelques-uns.
    Je vous souhaite d'aimer ce qu'il faut aimer, et d'oublier ce qu'il faut oublier.
    Je vous souhaite des passions.

    Je vous souhaite des silences.
    Je vous souhaite des chants d'oiseaux au réveil et des rires d'enfants… »

  22. Happy New Year and new adventures Madelief. I am like you and have neglected my blog for so long, but have just decided to write again as a kind of diary. You will miss your garden but you do so many other exciting things, with all your travelling and photography you will certainly not be bored. As you know I love vintage, but I certainly don't wear it as well as you. Xx

  23. Lovely to hear from you Madelief, your images are as always beautiful.
    I'll miss your garden pics but if its time to move on, then its time to move on!


  24. Hoping life is good and you and the girls are well and happy.
    Perhaps you'll pop up here again some day sharing the beautiful colors of your life and country!

    Best wishes - Mary

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