vrijdag 14 april 2017

Seize the day


How are you? Thank you for your kind comments on my last blog post. It's been a busy three weeks. Racing from one place to the other. I hope that now we are well into April, I will find the time to enjoy 'the present' more, to do a bit of baking and spend long days pottering in my garden. How I have missed the peace and quiet, the birdsong and off course my flowers. I can't live without them :-).

A few weeks ago Lisse-Lotte Loomer, a blog friend of mine who lives in British Columbia, Canada, kindly sent me a warm, loving booklet she wrote on the incorporation of her mothers greenhouse into her garden. It's called 'Greenhouse Hygge, the house of my growing dreams'. Lisse-Lotte writes how the greenhouse is used as a place to start her seedlings, have tea with her daughters after a day at school or a glass of prosecco with her friends in the evening. I enjoyed reading it a lot. Happiness oozes out of the pages. Lisse-Lotte's lovely images invite you to join in the garden celebration. If you are interested, please have a look here.

The photo's in this post were taken in my home and garden. As you can see the 'flower picking season' has started :-). Hurray to that! The carrot cake is a joined product by my middle daughter and I. She did the baking, I the grating and decorating.

It may take a week longer before my next post appears, as I am off to the UK for a short holiday. 

Wishing you a Sunny and Happy Easter.


Madelief x

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  1. Your photos and flowers are so very beautiful, Madelief. I was interested about the location of Lisse-Lotte's greenhouse, and I see that we live in the same town! Her book looks very interesting.
    Happy Easter! I hope your holiday is enjoyable.

    1. Thank you Lorrie! Such a coincidence that Lisse-Lotte and you live in the same town. Happy Easter!

  2. Dear Madeline
    What joy to see your garden blooming with all the Spring flowers I love. I know what happiness this gives you.
    Muscari, Primroses, Hellebores etc - I can almost smell the fragrance!
    Lisse-Lotte's book sounds like me - I'll check my bookshop - I enjoy reading Hygge.
    Enjoy England and the sheets of Bluebells in the woods!
    Shane x

  3. Hello Madelief
    Wishing you a very Happy Easter and enjoy your vacation to England.
    I have loved looking at your spring garden and all your beautiful flowers


  4. So absolutely beautiful Madelief! I could spend an afternoon in your gorgeous garden among the flowers, nibbling on my favorite - carrot cake - just enjoying life in your company, and Nature's amazing colors.

    Have a fun time in the UK - it's a pretty spring there too I believe, the weather looks good for a change!
    Hugs and Easter blessings.
    Mary x

  5. Wat een weelde aan bloemen Madelief en wat staat je tuin je al weer mooi bij.Al dat blauw in je bloemen zo prachtig. Fijne Paasdagen en geniet van de UK.

  6. Such a pretty post Madelief - enjoy your trip to our shores and hope the sunny weather continues for you.

  7. Your photos are such a delight. Happy Easter!

  8. What a beautiful post! Your photography of your gardens and their blooms makes me want to jump right out into my own gardens. They need rain and work.

    Have a nice vacation and a lovely Easter ~ FlowerLady

  9. Always love my visits to your blog. You have really beautiful arrangements and a very colorful garden. Jack

  10. Ik wens jou ook hele een fijne Pasen toe met allen die je lief zijn. Wat weer een heerlijke foto's om naar te kijken. XX Esther

  11. Mooie foto's weer allemaal madelief ....prachtig......hele fijne dagen....liefs van mij x

  12. Lieve Madelief! Wat fijn dat alles weer begint uit te lopen en dat je weer vaak in jouw prachtige tuin kunt verblijven...echt een heerlijk vooruitzicht hè. Maar een vakantie klinkt ook niet verkeerd. Ik wens je heel veel plezier! Veel liefs, Ingrid

  13. Gorgeous photos as usual. Love the colours of spring flowers. Just a shame it's not quite warm enough this weekend to sit out and enjoy them. I need to get my summerhouse ready! Have a lovely holiday, x

  14. The flowers, the cake, and your garden all delight me. They just make me smile. So beautiful! Happy travels!

  15. A beautiful post, dear Madelief, so full of spring color! Love all the flowers and scenes from the garden. The cake looks too pretty to eat. I hope you have an enjoyable trip. The book looks wonderful. xx Karen

  16. Such a beautiful post! Love your garden and the way you arrange your flowers. I also missed to be in the garden and do some pottering. Garden work is so relaxing. I wish you a wonderful week and I am happy that I can comment again (my blog changed and I couldn't leave a comment without a google account.) Lots of Love Yvonne

  17. Dearest Madelief,
    Such a lovely composition of spring flowers in your photos!
    Lise-Lotte is as fond of a greenhouse as we are! Always have dreamed about a big conservatory but our home is not built for adding one.
    Sending you hugs,

  18. Heerlijk weer een blog over je huis en tuin en dan die prachtige taart!! Ik hoop dat we af en toe mee kunnen blijven genieten, ook hier. Veel plezier op je vakantie, liefs Jolanda

  19. Wonderful photographs.
    Happy and safe travels.

    All the best Jan

  20. Beautiful cake and flowers! How lovely to have so many flowers to cut. I am trying to grow more flowers for cutting this year.

  21. Gorgeous flowers and wonderful pictures! This post is a visual feast! The cake looks delicious and very pretty. Enjoy your trip dear Madelief.
    Helen xox

  22. Your posts are always a sheer delight!

  23. Dear Madelief,
    Another lovely post. Your photos always make me feel happy. I like the look of that cake!!
    Bye for now and I hope that you have a safe trip,

  24. Wonderful pictures!Very beautiful blog!Maristella.

  25. It's lovely to see your garden at the start of another season. Your cut flowers and baking look as beautiful as ever. Sarah x

  26. Thank you for this beautiful post of flowers to sooth us as we wait for our gardens to grow here in Canada. My spring flowers are about to open soon. Enjoy your holiday.

  27. Lovely, lovely and just lovely...


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