woensdag 22 februari 2017

In the spring garden

Before I start, I have to tell you that this is not my garden. I so wish it was, but a girl can dream :-) It is a source of inspiration though. I hope that one day my garden will look a bit like this.

At the end of April last year,  my youngest daughter and I visited Great Dixter house and Gardens in Northiam, England. It was my third visit, having been there before in late spring and summer. I wrote a post about it before. If you are interested, please have a look here.

The Tudor house was once the home of Nathaniel Lloyd, who bought it in 1910. It was restored by the well known architect Edwin Luytens.

LLoyd and Luytens designed the framework for the garden, but it was Nathaniel's son, television presenter and author Christopher Lloyd, who made the garden what it is today: a fine example of an arts and crafts garden. Christopher Lloyd passed away more than ten years ago, but his head gardener and friend, Fergus Garrett, still keeps up his good work.

Although it was icy cold on the day of our visit, the garden was a riot of colour. I don't want to use too many words describing it. My photo's will tell you what it is that I saw.

If you would like to read more about Great Dixter house and gardens, please have a look at their website.

Have a great few weeks!


Madelief X

* Thank you for your kind comments on my last blogpost. I will try to reply them the coming week. 

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  1. Dear Madelief, This is such a lovely post. I live on he South Coast in the UK and Great Dixter is my favourite garden to visit, along with Scotney Castle. You have caught the spring beauty of Dixter wonderfully, you are such an artist with your camera. It would be a delight to have a garden as beautiful as Great Dixter, thank you for sharing your amazing photos. Regards Sue H

    1. Hi Susan, Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog! It makes me blush a little. I tried to pop over to your blog, but somehow the link did not work. My late husband, daughters and I visited Scotney castle several times and, like you, enjoyed it very much too. Whenever we are in the neighbourhood, we pay a visit! Have a lovely week! Madelief x

  2. Jardim belíssímo, parabéns pelas fotos

  3. I thought it high time I popped in for a visit, Madelief: and what do I find - a post about somewhere in England! I have passed Great Dixter so many times, but a long time ago, and have never visited. I obviously need to. Simply wonderful photos!

  4. April in England really is as beautiful as they say. Lovely flowers and landscaping. It's a look to strive for (or adapt).

  5. I've read many articles about Great Dixter, but I don't think they were illustrated with photos that were any better than yours. What a beautiful place!

  6. It is such a beautiful place even if not your garden well worth a visit.

  7. Beautiful photos as always, and what a fabulous subject. We are heading south for a holiday later in the year, so will note this as somewhere to pay a visit. Xx

  8. Prachtige heerlijke kleurige foto's op deze stormachtige dag. Dank je wel! XX Esther

  9. Wat mooi...en wat heb ik zin in de lente.....vandaag een herfstdag...helaas...maar we maken het binnen maar gezellig....liefs fijne dag Ria x ❤️

  10. An amazing English house and garden and your photos do certainly show us just how glorious a spring garden can be. Love the pic of you Madeleif.

    I just can't imagine all the work, especially planting so many bulbs, a huge garden such a this entails. Makes my 100 tulip bulbs seem very insignificant - but they are pushing through now in their pots and will bring much joy and some color in a few more weeks.

    Happy weekend - Mary

  11. I thought I recognised it! For many years, I lived on the Kent/east Sussex border and loved visiting this stunning garden - my favourite I think - although I have never seen it in Spring. Another goal, next time we are there. Lovely photos as always.

  12. Net als bij je vorige post kom ik ook nu weer helemaal in lentestemming, lieve Madelief. Wat is dit een prachtige tuin. Zoveel bloemen en kleuren...geen wonder dat je hier voor de derde keer was. Hier krijg je tenslotte nooit genoeg van!

    Ik wens je alvast een fijn weekend! Veel liefs, Ingrid

  13. Thank you for showing these wonderful garden. It is absolutly amazing!
    With kind regards

  14. Het ziet er super uit. Lekker bont op zn Christophers! Groetjes Hetty

  15. This garden is magnificent! How wonderful for you to be able to visit it in the spring. It is funny because I was just working on my post for tomorrow and it was about spring fever. Your flowers salve my soul with the beautiful colors of the spring garden.

  16. LOVELY and full of inspiration!
    Have a happy weekend Madelief...

  17. Madelief,

    Je voert ons weer binnen
    in de magische wereld
    van een Engelse tuin…

    Ik wens jou een fijne lente
    vol bloemenpracht…


    en telkens weer
    plant je de mooiste bloemen
    in de geheime tuinen
    van onze herinnering...

    1. Beste Troebadoer, Dank je wel voor je mooie woorden en opnieuw prachtige muziekkeuze. Genoten van Schubert!

  18. Hello Madelief,
    What a joy to see you post on this beautiful home and garden. Such promise of Spring. My favourite season
    Have a glorious weekend

    Helen xx

    De foto's spreken voor zich inderdaad!
    Oh als je toch zo zou mogen wonen...

    Fijne week en lieve groet, MJ

  20. How wonderful to see the spring gardens at this beautiful place! I love the tulips with the forget-me-not - so pretty! Nice to see you and your sweet daughter, too. Thank you for showing us these lovely gardens. It won't be long and spring will be here. Hugs xo Karen

  21. Great Dixter looks amazing in the spring! We have only seen it in the summer. There are so many ideas in your pictures which could be easily copied. I love the combination of the Queen of the Night tulips with the purple honesty. Sarah x

  22. Delightful pictures.I live far away in India and dream of British gardens all the time. Thanks for this post filled with lovely pictures that made me re-live my visit to Great Dixter in April of 2015. Further, since you spoke of Lutyens , the architect of the Indian Presidents home ( formerly the home of British Viceroy in India) and most of the modern city of Delhi, was Lutyens. The garden of Presidents home, called the Mughal gardens, was designed by Gertude Jekyll who was a close associate of Lutyens. We have spring now in India.. these gardens open to public for a month from February 15 to March 15 every year and are really beautiful.

  23. I so enjoyed all the gorgeous garden pictures in this post, Madelief! You captured some truly beautiful sights....it makes me excited for spring and summer......even though my garden will not really look like this :)! Lovely to see you here again, and lovely photo of you there amongst the blooms.
    Helen xox

  24. Dearest Madelief,
    Icy cold is an exaggeration I guess, as otherwise the magnolia blossoms would have turned brown from frosty weather. But a nippy, cold day nevertheless but with a nearly clear sky for making perfect photos!
    Love your photo near the forget-me-nots agains the tulips; one can only dream of such a garden.
    Here the tulips get eaten by voles... So we have given up on them.
    Lovely photos and I sure hope you are enjoying the awakening of spring right now!

  25. Dear Madelief,
    Amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing these photos.
    Best regards

  26. You have such a beautiful blog!

    Dixter is day-trip distance from our city, I think we might make the journey. We also have West Dean nearby and Wisley is close enough for several visits each year, we are very lucky.

  27. These photos are stunning. So inspiring.

  28. Oh, Madelief, wat gaaf , ga ook in mei weer naar Engeland, verheug mij er nu al op, zeker na je deze foto's, wat genieten.



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