woensdag 11 januari 2017

A wonderful year

It's probably too late to wish you a Happy, Healthy and Sparkling New Year, but since this is my first blogpost of the year, and I think the time is always right to wish someone 'all the best', I will do it anyway:  
A wonderful year to you all.

The girls and I had a lovely Christmas. What a joy it is to stay in bed late, to have enough time to read a book and do some baking. I made our traditional Christmas Bundt cake, and the girls baked a chocolate mousse tart. They even made their own chocolate leaves. I was SO proud. The tart looked really good and the taste was divine. 

My boyfriend and I made some beautiful walks. One along the river Merwede in Gorinchem, with the trees covered in hoarfrost, the windmill set against the blue sky, on a cold and wind still day. 
When stranded in Dordrecht, because the train wouldn't go any further because of the snow, we walked along the canals and past the harbour. My favourite walk was the one we made along the beach. It was so quiet, the sky and sea seemed to merge, and there was not a ripple on the water.

I hope some more beautiful winter days will follow, before the spring sets in.

Next time I will show you last years garden highlights. Wishing you happy weeks ahead. Before I forget: thank you for your kind Christmas and New Year's wishes. I hope I will find more time to visit your blogs this year.


Madelief x

If you like, you can see more photo's on Instagram.

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  1. And a very Happy New Year to you too, Madelief. The bundt cake looks amazing and I absolutely love those frosty white trees. Enjoy. xo

  2. Dat het nieuwe jaar maar net zo mooi mag worden!liefs Anita xx

  3. Happy New Year Madeley! You sound so happy, which is wonderful xx

  4. A very happy, healthy and peaceful new year to you and yours too. What beautiful photos. I love those near the water and especially the one of the sea. We too have had a couple of hard frosts which turned everything into a winter wonderland and we have just had weather warning of snow! Don't suppose we will see any here in lowland Lincolnshire but I can hope ! Xx

  5. Voor jou ook een mooi en liefdevol jaar...samen met je meiden en vriend.....liefs geniet Ria x ❤️

  6. Jij ook nog de allerbeste wensen voor 2017. Wat maakte je prachtige foto's. Zo gezellig en winters. Laat er nog maar wat sneeuw komen voor de lente komt! XX Esther

  7. It's never too late!😊 That's a gorgeous and very yummy looking cake you've made. I love how the colours match the teacups. I look forward to a new year enjoying your beautiful photography. A very happy new year to you Madelief.
    Jess xx

  8. Happy new year to you too! Gorgeous photos as ever!

  9. Sneeuw! Dat heb ik nog niet gezien hier. Maar de aan gegroeide mist wel. Prachtig. Ook voor jou en voorspoedig nieuwjaar. Groetjes,

  10. Een echt GELUKKIG nieuw jaar voor jou en jullie! Tot woensdag. XX

  11. Your winter walks are beautiful, Madelief. It would be a delight to go for a walk in the frosty air and then home to tea and one of those luscious looking cakes. Wishing you a 2017 filled with joy.

  12. I hope 2017 will be even better than 2016 for you Madelief! As ever, love the gorgeous photos, especially the hoar frost. It makes everything so beautiful.

  13. The windmill with the hoarfrost surroundings is divine Madelief - happy days to you, your family and your boyfriend during the coming weeks and months ahead in 2017.

  14. Absolutely lovely! Isn't it interesting how that halted trail resulted in your being able to see such beautiful sights? xo

  15. Madelief,

    Ik wens je verwijlen in “the flow of live”
    want het leven is zo kort en broos
    maar de schoonheid
    die ook jij ons toont in je blog
    is eeuwig...

    O ephemeral flower
    on a silent hill
    A flash of light
    in a magic garden
    A short dream
    of loveliness ...


  16. Prachtig super mooi je fotos.

    groetjes Conny

  17. Ik wens je een prachtig 2017 natuurlijk ook voor je dochters en je boyfriend! Ben heel benieuwd:) Wat heb je een prachtige foto's gemaakt, van de winter buiten en in je huis. Geniet van al het moois dat 2017 je vast gaat brengen, lieve groetjes

  18. Beautiful pictures!
    I also wish you a very happy and healthy new year 2017 (and I think it's never too late for good wishes)
    As I am following you on Instagram, I enjoy your lovely pictures regularly!
    Have a nice and safe weekend (here it's just begun to snow after a very stormy night....
    Groetjes, Monika

  19. Oh so many lovely pictures of a happy year! Let´s hope for another lovely 2017 Madelief...
    Love from Titti

  20. Always wonderful photos showing that you ended the year and began the new one is fine style, if for nothing else, happily. My favorite photo is the one of the windmill although I do love the street scenes of a place that I probably will never visit. The bunt cake looks pretty tempting,too. Happy New Year.

  21. Jullie hebben allemaal bak-talent, het ziet er deze keer ook weer zo mooi uit! Jammer dat ik het niet proeven kan, maar ik twijfel absoluut niet aan de smaak!

    Gezellig om weer een post van je te lezen, ik kijk alweer uit naar de volgende!

    Fijn weekend...ik hoop dat je nu op een prachtige lokatie verblijft ;-). Veel liefs, Ingrid

  22. Oh, so lovely! A visual delight! So very glad that you had a wonderful Christmas and wishing you all good things in the New Year ahead. xx Karen

  23. Ik wens je een liefdevol, gezond en creatief jaar.
    Wat een sfeervolle blogpost heb je er weer van gemaakt.
    Ik geniet altijd van je foto's.
    Fijn weekend.
    Groetjes Marja

  24. Madelief, such beautiful images. I am so happy that you had a wonderful Christmas and also that you have met someone. Your baking as ever looks so professional and I have no doubts about it tasting delicious too. Your lovely pictures of Holland remind me of my first visit to your blog, and make me want to go there. Have a lovely week. Linda xx

  25. Dearest Madelief,
    That is such a warm and happy post to start off the new year!
    Wishing you all the BEST of all for 2017 and keep it as bubbly as it sounds right now.
    Yes, your daughters did create and amazing chocolate mousse tart!
    All photos are lovely.
    My latest blog post is not showing for some reason... ?!
    Sending you hugs,

  26. Happy New Year to you. I've been playing catch up on all my blog reading recently and have been loving catching up with everyone. So pleased to hear about your new boyfriend, such wonderful news :)
    Here's hoping 2017 is a kind year to you x x x

  27. Stunning photographs Madelief and such a happy and positive post ...... I wish you all a wonderful 2017 and may you all have many more happy times together. Much love. XXXX

  28. Glad you had such a good Christmas, the cake looks delicious! I hope that you have a great 2017. Happy New Year!

  29. Fabulous photos, Madelief! And the cake looks yummy. Happy New year to you! x

  30. Lovely pictures! The cake and tart both are beautiful. So happy for you. All the best in the new year.

  31. Dearest Madelief,
    I wish you a wonderful 2017, too. Your "frozen" photos are great and the cake looks very yummie!
    Lots of hugs from Austria, Traude

  32. Madelief, this and your Christmas post are full of so much beauty! You really have a lovely, full life my dear. I wish you a wonderful 2017!
    sending hugs...

  33. Happy new year to you also!!! Looks like a beautiful winter. So glad to hear that you are doing good. lovely photos as usual!!!


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