woensdag 31 augustus 2016

Fun and laughter



This post, and the one before, may give you the suggestion that my life is one big party, but I can assure you that I am a sensible girl and I do some work in between as well :-) But, I try to make the most of it. It's the get-togethers, the fun and laughter with friends, family and even colleagues, that make your life richer.

Can you remember from my last post how I begged the weather gods for some sunshine, so that I could hold my parties in the garden. Well I got it, and in abundance. The food, and we with it, almost melted!

As there is not much of interest in my garden at the moment (I am still waiting for several Dahlia varieties, Cosmos, Zinnia and even sweet peas, to open their flowers), I decided to post some photo's of the two parties I had in the garden last week.

Some of you may have missed the publishing of this post on Sunday. I try to post as regularly as possible, but at the moment my life is too busy. The coming weeks, and perhaps months, I may post irregularly as well. 

Thank you for your sweet comments on the last couple of posts.

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Madelief x

* Somewhere in February I wrote a post about wearing a  hat. One of my friends I mentioned in this post, reminded me of it. She wore a hat at my garden party and looked absolutely fabulous.

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  1. Such beautiful, elegant, images. And such beautiful colours! (Have I said that before?)

  2. Ah, Madelief, your garden parties must be a wonder to attend. With the colors you provide for accents and the friendships, it must be an unforgettable event! I have been wanting to have a garden party, and I did have a small one this year, but next year I hope to have a much bigger one! Your collection of colors is DIVINE!

  3. Lieve Madelief,

    Dit ziet er weer geweldig uit hoor en wat hebben de gasten zich mooi aangekleed...vooral de dames ;-). De boeketten zijn ook weer zo mooi, deze keer ook meer in mijn favoriete kleuren.

    Het is zoals je zegt: afspreken met vrienden en samen gezellige dingen ondernemen, dat zijn ook voor mij de krenten uit de pap.

    Ik wens je een hele fijne dag...lekker genieten van het mooie weer! Veel liefs, Ingrid

  4. Ja, te begrijpen dat er tussen de gezellige feestjes ook nog iets anders gedaan wordt. Het leven bestaat niet alleen uit fun. Even heerlijk meegenoten van je mooi gedekte tafel, de bloemen en de dames die hier gelukkig nog een jurk dragen. Gelukkig zeg ik, want ik draag zelf heel graag jurkjes, maar soms voel ik me een vreemde eend in de bijt tussen alle spijkerbroeken.
    Groetjes, Janneke

  5. Madeleine - I can't imagine a more beautiful setting in your garden for these amazing parties, your lovely friends must have been overwhelmed by the table, floral displays, and I'm sure great food! Just perfect with sunshine too!

    The pretty lady in the polka dot dress and hat caught my eye - a perfect 'garden party' outfit.

    Don't be too busy and stay away too long - we'll miss you.

    Hugs - Mary

  6. Pardon the spelling of your name - I know it should be Madelief!!!!!!
    Mary x

  7. Dit ziet er meer dan mooi uit, Madelief!
    Het is fijn om tussen drukke werkzaamheden op deze wijze plezier met elkaar te hebben.
    En wat leent zich er beter voor dan je prachtige tuin!

    Liefs, Gerry

  8. Wat heerlijk dat de zon er zo fijn bij kwam. Het ziet er weer helemaal geweldig en gezellig uit hoor. En hoe heerlijk om tussen de drukte van alledag door, zo nu en dan lekker te kunnen genieten van vrienden en familie, op zo'n fantastisch plekje.

  9. Dear Madelief, this post is so full of joy! (Yes, I do know that it's not all parties for you every day,,,but, as you wisely say, we benefit so much from gathering our friends together.)
    I'm glad that the weather gave you sun...warming the atmosphere in several ways. I like the look of those ripe tomatoes. And your guest's hat looks very stylish! xo

  10. Life may not be ALL parties, all the time, but an occasional one like this one would be a wonderful treat!

  11. Wat een prachtige foto's weer! Heerlijk om zo met elkaar je vrije tijd door te brengen. XX Esther

  12. Beautiful flowers, beautiful people having a wonderful time! So glad the weather continued to be kind x

  13. Deine Gartenparties sind so liebevoll dekoriert und gestaltet, dazu noch die wunderschöne Umgebung - wer wäre da nicht gerne Gast?

  14. Dearest Madelief,
    This is magazine worthy photography and styling! WOW, including a classy lady wearing a hat indeed.
    Such a romantic gathering with some light food.
    Hope you manage your time and get things done the way you plan to.
    Sending you hugs,

  15. Dear Madelief - pretty flowers and pretty ladies what could be better, it all looks so welcoming and charming.
    Don't stay away too long.

  16. Het ziet er allemaal gezellig uit hoor.....ben altijd weer blij een post te zien van jou....gaat er altijd een soort twinkeling door me heen he een post van madelief ....leuk leuk...liefs fijne week Ria x

  17. So pretty Madelief .... the colours, the table, the weather !!!! ... and, you seem to have lots of colour in the garden .... far more than mine. It all looks beautiful. XXXX

  18. What fun to attend one of your garden parties Madelief! Your table always look so beautiful...hopefully your weather holds out for a few more gatherings in the garden.

  19. I so enjoy your garden party photos! Your friend in that hat is so chic and lovely! I'm so glad you take the time for such loving times with friends and family. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  20. Beautiful photos from your garden party.
    Hugs from here

  21. Beautiful flowers, and beautiful table setting for beautiful people.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady

  22. Beautiful Madelief....your garden is the perfect place for a party!
    v x

  23. Wat een heerlijk tuindiner hebben jullie gehad, de bloemen zijn prachtig. Lekker nagenieten:)

  24. But your garden is just perfect for a gardenparty! Happy people and lovely flowers :)
    Beautiful pictures too...
    Have a great friday, take care!

  25. Dearest Madelief,
    my postings often act as if I was just celebrating, too ;-). Everyday life is not so interesting for blogs - your garden party photos ARE, however. There are beautiful photos of your garden decoration - and I am pleased that you all had sunshine! The hat really suits your friend very, very good!
    Lots of Küschelbüschel-groetjes, Traude

  26. Life is too short not to take the opportunity to have fun while the sun shines! Your garden is a wonderful spot to socialise. I too am struggling with time for blogging. remember it's quality not quantity. Sarah x

  27. What absolutely gorgeous colors are coming from your garden. Your bouquets just sing of JOY. What lovely garden parties too. How I do dream of sitting just there and wishing I could have been there in the Spring. Now I will also look forward to your Autumn garden coming soon. The apples are amazing. What variety of they?

  28. Madelief,

    Prachtig toch, als een stilleven,
    jouw bloemenpaletjes,
    veelkleurig, geurig, fleurig…
    Ze doen mij dromen….


    Soms zingt de wind
    van oude dromen
    ijle beelden
    van zacht verlangen
    die wasemt
    over zomerheuvels...

  29. Ahhh Your photos are so beautiful ♥


  30. Gorgeous pictures, so bright and colourful...and what a great time your friends are having at your garden party! Happy September, Madelief!
    Helen xox

  31. Wat een leuke blog heb je.
    En wat een heerlijk mooie vrolijke fotot´s.
    Ik ga je volgen.

    gr. Anita

  32. A beautiful garden, a pretty table out among the flowers and good friends to enjoy it with. Perfection!
    Connie :)


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