zondag 26 juni 2016

All things vintage


Since I was a teenager I have been interested in all things vintage. From (custom) jewellery, porcelain, linen, glassware to fashion. Over the years my collection has grown. I don't keep all the things I find myself, I give them to friends and family as well or sell them at a vintage market once in a while.

Recently I have taken up looking for vintage fashion. It's so much fun to find something unique at a bargain price. The reason I gave it up years ago, was that I often couldn't get rid of the musty smell a lot of pre loved clothes have. I don't want to go out wearing a beautiful outfit, smelling like a damp cellar or someone who hasn't washed for a long time.... 

I tried it all: washing in vinegar, freezing, adding baking soda and all kind of chemicals, but to no avail. Until recently.....  I now soak the clothes in lukewarm water and add a few drops of Dettol disinfectant.

When you leave the clothes to soak overnight, the musty smell is replaced by a 'Dettol smell'. You can easily get rid of this by washing the clothes in the washing machine once or twice. Somehow this did the trick for me. It doesn't work on all material, so please keep that in mind. You have to find out for yourself. Most cottons and synthetic fabric do well. I haven't tried it on silk yet.

My daughters aren't too keen on my new method. It even makes my youngest gag. It reminds them of the time children had thrown up at primary school. Teachers used to clean with Dettol afterwards. So, whenever I use this method, I put my tile on the balcony :-)  

In today's post some of my latest vintage finds: a colourful kimono style blouse by a well known Dutch designer, a German pink/red/blue blouse, a tapestry bag, an orange/black French paisley dress and a yellow/green/orange paisley shirt.

The glassware, porcelain cache pot, jewellery, (botanic) prints and teacups come from Charity shops and thrift stores.

Do you have a method of your own for getting rid of musty smells in fabric?

A Happy week!


Madelief x

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  1. Wat fijn dat je een methode hebt gevonden om ongewenste geurtjes uit gekochte vintage kleding te halen! Dat belooft veel goeds voor je kledingkast ;-). Ik vrees dat die over een jaar flink uitpuilt hihi. Maar eerlijk is eerlijk...het staat je allemaal bijzonder goed!

    Ik wens je een hele fijne week! Veel liefs, Ingrid

  2. I guess my solution for must clothes is to just throw them away; now I know how to save them. While we have very low humidity here, stored items can get wet or damp from leaks and floods and such. You do find interesting and pretty things that make your life full of color and charm. And fun. Nor have I ever seen Dettol here in the states. I'll have to look, just for fun. Hoping a lovely week for you.

  3. Wat heb je prachtige combinaties gemaakt met je gekleurde vintage.
    Qua kleding maar ook qua aankleding ;-)
    Mooi gestylde foto's, heerlijk, ik hou ervan!
    Wel fijn dat je een manier hebt gevonden voor de geurtjes, ik zeg beter dettol dan muffe kelderlucht, haha...

    Lieve groet en fijne week, MJ

  4. Dearest Madelief,
    Haha, you are somebody with your Dettol method.
    What I can't stand is the smell of moth-balls... but musty smelling clothes I don't have and not even from anything that I ever bought second hand via eBay. Guess here in the USA due to air-conditioning the air gets de-humidified and solves that problem.
    But in The Netherlands not many homes will have air-conditioning I'm afraid and it is a rather humid country with lots of rain.
    Happy you found a solution though.
    Love your color coordinates; you know what to wear and how to add accessories to it.
    Always like poetry, so full of color and it tells a story in itself.
    Hugs and happy summer; sending you sunshine.

  5. die dettol tip ga ik ook eens proberen, merci
    mooie collectie heb je!

  6. What a great idea Madelief, I must admit I really dislike that musty smell, good to know there's a 'cure' !
    V x

  7. Madelief, you are A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN with so many talents and skills. The lighting in your home is PERFECT to showcase your beautiful color choices, your flowers, your wardrobe! You take my breath away every time.

    I am going to be taking a photo class next month! AND the center where I am going also offers memberships that include the use of the many studio bays in the facility! I AM GOING TO DO IT!

    My home doesn't offer as much natural light as your home does, so I am always trying to find a way to capture this mood of bright delight. Bravo to you as you bless so many of us with your art. HUGS!

  8. Dear Madelief, you have a great eye for finding beautiful, classic pieces. All of them are very appealing and eye-catching; it is hard to choose a favourite. But I will say the first piece, the kimono, is one I would love to own! Great tips for removing the musty smell - I never have any idea what to do...

  9. Hello Madelief,
    Thank you for your wonderful, colouful photos. I love the way you blend and mix the lovely items you display here. Your blog makes me happy!

  10. c'est tonique , vivifiant , joyeux
    merci pour cette avalanche de couleurs
    moi aussi j'aime le style vintage , le petit sac façon Miss Marple est adorable
    bonne semaine

  11. Madelief, all of your vintage finds are quite marvelous. It would be so much fun for me to visit some charity shops with you! I often visit a flea market held every Sunday in a neighborhood school yard, but have rarely bought anything...I just don't have any room in my apartment! Perhaps I should consider some "de-accessioning" but I really do like the odds and ends I've acquired over many decades.

    Dettol is something new to me. I will do some investigation about it. Other than a scarf or two and one man's tweed overcoat (now gone) I've never bought any vintage clothes. When I used to sew all my own clothes, I did enjoy using designs and fabrics, and buttons that had a vintage spirit.

    Lovely post as always, dear Madelief. xo

  12. Jé Madelief, wat ben ji een kleurrijk mens. Geweldig........wat een post, maar ook de liefde en de los die er afstraalt van het verzamelen en het creëren . Zo knap, zo origineel. Ik geniet er gewoon van. Fijne dag.

  13. Dag lieve Madelief, ik ben wat minder op het web, maar kijk zo nu en dan nog steeds met plezier naar jouw vrolijke blogverhalen. Deze is ook weer heerlijk en heel herkenbaar. Je tip van de Dettol (kun je dat ook in Nederland kopen?) ga ik uitproberen, want ook ik struin graag tweedehandszaken af. Ik gooi alles eigenlijk gewoon in de wasmachine, meestal helpt dat wel (maar soms gaat het mis en dan zit ik met een wollen minitruitje, daar moet ik dan weer iets anders mee doen, zo blijft het wel spannend). Dat gele jurkje onderaan is mijn favoriet, staat je ook prachtig!
    Ik wens jouw en je gezin een fijne zomer!
    Liefs, Kyra

  14. Hello Madelief,
    Your vintage fashion finds are beautiful, and suit you so well. When I go into vintage shops, I look through the clothes, but never purchase anything. Perhaps it's the smell, perhaps it's something else, but wearing used clothing doesn't appeal to me. I do sew much of my clothing and enjoy using bits and pieces from vintage things - buttons, lace, etc. I don't mind the smell of Dettol, so if I ever do find something I like at a vintage shop, I'll remember your trick.

    The photo of the varied shapes of colored glass vases on your mantel is so lovely. Have a great week.

  15. Je hebt het allemaal weer mooi bij elkaar uitgekozen. Ik denk dat veel wat aan je dettol tip hebben! Ik niet, kan nooit iets vinden in de vintage kleding rekken. Groetjes Hetty

  16. Heerlijk al dat vintage vandaag heerlijk kleurrijk allemaal hou ervan.....liefs fijne week van mij...x

  17. I love your vintage finds and the clothes look fab on you!

  18. Gorgeous, colourful vintage finds! You really suit the clothes and look lovely in them Madelief! Love the mix of flowers and china as well as other interesting things. Your new cleaning process sounds like the answer to musty thrift shop clothes! Wishing you a happy new week!
    Helen xox

  19. Hi dear Madelief, I just love it when you do a fashion/vintage finds post! I simply love how you look in the vintage fashion. I think vintage clothing can be a bit tricky, but you seem to have the knack of buying just the right thing that absolutely suits you! I adore the kimono style wrap blouse, actually I love them all and you look marvellous in all of them! Have a great week. Sharon x

  20. Wow Madelief, echt prachtige blouses heb je gevonden en hilarisch je Dettol verhaal:) Vroeger, heel lag geleden, kocht ik nog wel eens wat in 2e handswinkeltjes. Ik was dol op witte bloesjes, van die echte ouderwetse. Mooie post weer, ik heb ervan genoten, lieve groetjes

  21. Wat heb je veel leuke vintage kleding gevonden en goed dat de Dettol werkt. Ik kijk ook wel eens in de rekken of er iets voor me bij hangt, want ik hou van vintage bloemenjurken, maar als ik al bij zo'n afdeling kom, loop ik meestal snel weg vanwege de vieze muffe lucht die er hangt.
    Groet, Janneke

  22. You're so classy and gorgeous! I also love all things vintage, but don't have your svelte figure to extend my collecting to clothing. I have to make do with baskets and glassware. :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  23. You are just so darling dear Madelief! You wear everything so well! I love everything right down the the prettiest jewelry. The rug really got my attention! So pretty!
    I have missed to many beautiful posts here and went to see how your garden grows...your flower photos truly are the loveliest!
    sending hugs...

  24. What wonderful vintage finds. I don't often look or buy vintage clothes, but occasionally. I love the first top, it is so happy.

  25. Your vintage-finds are great, dearest Madelief!

    I especially love the green and the „golden-orange“ coloured blouses – they would fit to my wardrobe, too ;o)) I’ve never had the problem with a musty smell in Vintage cloths, may be I just had good luck… But it’s good that you found a method! :o)
    Los of Küschelbüschels, my dear,


  26. Dearest Madelief, HALLO!!!!!!

    I just saw your comment on my blog and I had to come by to thank you. YOu know, I really appreciate your words because you are what I consider a professional! I have just come back from experimenting with the morning. For the first time, I took my tripod with me, on the recommendation of a few professionals AND my husband. Guess what? I don't really notice that much of a difference with the tripod from my photos without. Either I really am missing something and I have a LOT to learn, or maybe I'm heading in the right direction with my choices of light and steadiness of hand! Either way, there is a lot of room to grow, and I look forward to it. Yes, I do wish we were close by!

    Wishing you a magical day of colors and splendor! Anita

  27. Wat een fijne vintage spullen heb je! Ik heb ook net een geborduurd tasje gekocht. In een vintagewinkeltje in Amsterdam. XX Esther

  28. A beautiful and vintage post! I don't think I have ever tried with old fabrics, but if your method works then I say go for it!

  29. I love your beautiful, vintage finds, dear Madelief! You found some lovely treasures. I enjoy vintage clothing, too, and have had good luck with lavender laundry products for erasing odors. Lavender sachets also work nicely while storing. Such a pretty, colorful, and inspiring post! Have a lovely day. x Karen

  30. Wat heb je een goed middeltje gevonden voor het luchtje dat aan sommige tweedehandskleding zit. Fijn dat je de kleding nu gewoon kunt dragen. Mooie combinaties en het staat je ook allemaal even prachtig. Genieten ook weer deze kleurrijke foto's.
    Lieve groet,

  31. Lovely vintage post! Go for it when you find a good method for the clothes...
    Have a nice weekend!


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