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The ghosts of Nunnington Hall


Thank you for your kind comments on my last few blog posts. I am sorry I haven't visited your blogs that much lately. The thing is, I can hardly find the time. I have taken up dancing (Lindy Hop) and together with the choir I sing in and off course family, friends and work, it takes up a lot of my time. I have decided to take a short blog break, as my brother is getting married in the middle of December as well and I am the photographer.  I will be back asap.

This summer the girls and I stayed for a week in a lovely cottage in Nunnington in North Yorkshire. What made our stay there even more special, is that we had a real country house on our doorstep 'Nunnington Hall'. It was built in the 17th century on the banks of the river Rye and once the home of the Ruthland family.

The hall is believed to be haunted, not only by the ghost of lady Nunnington, whose dress is heard dragging up and down the staircase, but by the ghosts of children as well. Others heard a party going on in rooms downstairs, but upon investigation the sounds couldn't be heard. As we wandered from room to room we enjoyed listening to the stories of the house and it's inhabitants. And no.....we did not see any ghosts :-)

The garden is a delight to walk through, with a rose walk, a meadow, a vegetable patch and colourful borders. There is a lovely tearoom and the possibility to play croquet on the lawn, which the girls and I always enjoy doing.

I hope my photo's do the hall and it's garden justice. I captured what caught my eye. If you would like to know and see more. Please have a look at their website.

Almost forgot. The winner of the book Besondere Frauen und ihre Gaerten by Callwey publishers is Janneke from the blog Het bloeiende buitenleven. Congratulations dear Janneke. I am sure you will find lots of inspiration inside. Will you please mail me your address, so that I can send the book your way?  I would like to thank the other ladies for taking part in my giveaway. I hope you will have more luck next time. 

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead! See you soon!


Madelief x

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  1. Heerlijk om op zo'n kletsnatte dag als vandaag van zulke mooie foto's te genieten...van mij mag de lente weer komen hoor. Wat verbleven jullie op een prachtige lokatie met zoveel moois om jullie heen. Daar maakt je camera toch overuren!

    Wat leuk dat je bent gaan dansen! Ik kende deze stijl niet dus ik heb even op internet een filmpje bekeken...nou...dat is wel heel goed voor je conditie! Lijkt mij een inspannende bezigheid maar ook erg leuk om te doen.

    Heel veel plezier en succes met het fotograferen tijdens de bruiloft van je broer. Wat gaaf dat je dat mag doen, spannend ook. Maar ik heb er alle vertrouwen in dat het goed komt!

    Veel liefs, Ingrid

  2. Your images have done Nunnington Hall justice, it looks fantastic! It must be fun doing dancing and singing. I struggle sometimes to find time for blogging especially when I am doing lots of things outside work. Enjoy your break and hope your brother's wedding goes well. He couldn't have chosen a better photographer! Sarah x

  3. Wat leuk Janneke gefeliciteerd!!...mooie post weer lieve madelief.....neem je tijd wij wachten wel hoor....leuk een bruiloft...fijne week liefs van mij x

  4. Hello beautiful! As always, your photography exudes a professional eye, a tender heart. I LOVE that photo of the blue patina olive oil cans in a row, and of the croquet balls! Madelief, I hope you share the photos of the wedding with us. You have a way of making a celebration even brighter. HAPPY DECEMBER!

    1. Thank you so much Anita! Unfortunately I cannot show the photo's on my blog, as I don't want to intrude upon my brothers privacy.

      Have a lovely week ahead!

      Madelief x

      * stll miss your beautiful blog!

  5. Your photos of Nunnington Hall and gardens look delightful - love Peter Rabbit in the rhubarb patch, the tree decorated with ribbons, and the old cans filled with chives.
    Congratulations to Janneke the book is going to the right person, it will be perfect for her.
    Enjoy your brother's wedding - I know that you will take some wonderful photos on the day.

  6. What an amazing place that is! I do love the gardens.. but I especially love the historic interiors of these wonderful places. Thanks for sharing. Have fun at your brother's wedding.. I'm sure he'll be pleased with how special your images will be. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

  7. Wonderful photos, again. Your and your daughters had a wonderful adventure, didn't you? Enjoy your break.

  8. It's a really fascinating and beautiful place, dearest Madelief!
    So manny pretty things to see - i.e. the grass in the rusty cans ...
    I would like to be there RIGHT NOW!!!
    I can understand that you want to take a blog pause - in the time before Chrstmas there is always much to do and you have some additional activities, too. So have much fun while dancing and singing and while taking wedding-photos! And best wishes to your brother!!!
    Lots of hugs and I hope to read you again soon!!!

  9. Wat een heerlijke plek om vakantie te hebben!
    Genoten van je prachtige foto's!
    En Janneke van harte gefeliciteerd met dit prachtige boek, het is echt aan je besteedt!
    En Madelief, geniet van je blogpauze, een heel mooie bruiloft gewenst en heel veel succes bij het fotograferen. Lijkt me spannend voor je eigen broer.
    En mocht je dit jaar niet meer terugkomen, dan wens ik je ook mooie feestdagen toe en een goede jaarwisseling, samen met je dochters!

    Veel liefs, Gerry

  10. Jammer dat je een blogpauze neemt maar heel begrijpelijk. Ik wens je heel veel plezier op de bruiloft en hopelijk tot gauw. XX Esther

  11. hello
    j'ai toujours rêvé d'avoir un jeux de croquet
    un décor idilique pour se promener
    bonne semaine

  12. Heerlijke post, even zomer op mijn scherm. Geniet van de bruiloft, want als fotograaf ben je druk!! Ik weet het uit ondervinding, maar het is enig om te doen. Groetjes,

  13. Beautiful! I'm glad you are busy--dancing sound like fun. Enjoy your blog break--see you when you return. xo

  14. Het zou zo de set van Downton Abbey kunnen zijn. Wat is dit genieten zeg, zo'n huis met zo'n inrichting. Ik vind het super en geniet echt van je foto's.
    Het was heerlijk sowieso om met je even terug naar het geliefde Engeland te mogen.
    Fijne avond,

  15. Heerlijk die Engels tuinfoto's. Ik blijf ervan genieten, was het maar weer zomer! Maar eerst kerst. Ga je ons wel je kersthuis laten zien ondanks je blogbreak? Wat leuk om de bruiloft van je broer vast te mogen leggen en spannend. Succes en het gaat vast een prachtige reportage worden, lieve groetjes

  16. En nu lees ik net je blog en geniet van Nunnington Hall en de tuinen, zie ik plotseling dat ik het boek heb gewonnen. Wat super leuk, ik ga je mailen.
    Groet, Janneke

  17. Enjoy your new hobbies, sounds like lots of fun!! xx

  18. Best wishes to your brother, Madelief. What a wise man he is to have you taking photographs of his December wedding. I certainly do think you are a marvelous photographer.

    Nunnington Hall looks like an interesting place to visit...even if its ghosts might sometimes be shy.


  19. The gardens and hall are gorgeous! I would have loved the ghost stories even if I didn't meet a ghost. Enjoy the break and wedding.

  20. Wow Madelief - the Lindy Hop sounds awesome and will certainly keep one good shape - good for you having so much energy my dear.

    Lovely pix of the house and gardens - typical British beauty with lots of quirky things tucked in to make it even more interesting.

    Enjoy the break - we all need one now and then when life gets overly busy.
    Hugs - Mary

  21. Hi Madelief, what a charming place and your photographs make it all the more inviting. We are often in Yorkshire as my DHs mum came from Knaresborough, but have never been to Nunnington. We will have to put that right on a future visit. I am so impressed with the dance lessons! I have loved dance all my life and took ballet classes in my 30s and 40s and once, mind only once! tried Lindy Hop. My goodness you must have some stamina, but I quite envy you! Hope your brothers wedding goes well. I can understand why you need a bit of a blogging break.
    Wishing you all the v
    Wishing you all the best and waiting eagerly to hear from you soon, Jenny xx

  22. wat een mooie hall de tuinen zijn prachtig leuk ook zon ghost story achter zon hall dat heb je in uk wel vaker
    maar altijd bizar om te horen ook wel weer leuk dat je het wat drukker hebt en dec is vaak wat drukker voor veel mensen dus dat geeft niks en wat leuk van je broer worden vast mooie fotos
    mooie week geweest leon10

  23. Oh daar wil ik ook wel als geest ronddwalen....;) hoe mooi is het daar.
    En wat leuk.....dansen........gaaf!
    Fijn te lezen dat het zo goed met je gaat.

    Fijne avond


  24. So interesting! Just beautiful pictures from a beautiful place!
    Have a great week, take care...

  25. I always enjoy a visit to your blog ... lovely photo's.

    Have a great blogging break.

    All the best Jan

  26. Such a lovely estate and grounds! I can see why it might be haunted - it would be hard to leave this place! Congratulations to your brother on his upcoming wedding. How wonderful to be the photographer on this special day! Enjoy your break, my Dear! Hugs xo K

  27. Perfect photos, Madelief. Simply lovely. Nunnington is one of those places I've not got round to visiting yet. The dancing sounds fun - huge responsibility to be a wedding photographer - but you'll be fine! Good luck!

  28. Dearest Madelief,
    What a beautiful post with such great news about your brother's upcoming wedding!
    You, no doubt will make the best available photograph.
    Always a joy to visit you here and you look like the Lady of the House here...
    I'm way behind with everything but feeling happy since yesterday. Finally my toxic siblings did give in some... After 7 full days Dad got his TV, Radio, Phone + Internet hooked up in his room at the VieCuri hospital in Venlo, Limburg. He was there due to several heart attacks. But with lots of prayers and also my exposing those nasty relatives to the world so to speak by revealing their tactics of cutting off loved ones from any contact with Dad. My uncle in Australia and my cousins, whomever, got isolated too, and for me it was hell. When Mom was for 17 days in January in the hospital I managed twice to stay up till 2:00 AM = 8:00 AM your time and by the grace of generous nurses who lent their phone to Mom I could talk with her. And twice my youngest brother let me do FaceTime with Mom, and I was there with my two sweet brothers during the final night via FaceTime and phone. Pieter did suffer heart cramps and I did not want him to suffer from any emotional stress this time so I had to expose them. I'm a fighter, love my guy and if they don't respect his age of 86; I DO!
    Turned out that one brother stepped a bit down his throne and today, by surprise Dad did come home with my youngest sister. No surgery was needed when they yesterday entered his veins through his wrist. All looked well now and only medications and he was ready to be released.
    I was overjoyed as yesterday was also my 22nd birthday as an American Citizen.
    Sending you hugs and blessings and enjoy your family, quality time!

  29. Congratulations on your brother's wedding. I am sure the wedding photos will come out beautiful, as you are one talented photographer. Enjoy your break Madelief.

  30. What a dream!! Like you've walked into a storybook! And, Madelief, your photos are SO beautiful!! :)

    Hello! It's me! :D And... you have a brother!!!! :D (How did I miss - or forget - that?!) And he is getting married! What beautiful times! :) Best of wishes for you as you're his photographer! :) (Lots of smiles and exclamation points because I feel so much for you! ;) )

    I have been pretty silent, this year, but, OF COURSE, I have not forgotten about you and think about you all the time! Was thinking of you when I saw 'Sinterklaas' come and thought festive wishes for you and your family. And, now, hoping that you see this, I think and hope the very best wishes for a wonderful, meaningful, joyful holiday for you and your family, too! <3

    With so much love to you and yours,

    Katy xxo

    1. Thank you so much for you kind comment Katy! Hope you and your men are well? Much love!

      Madelief x


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