zondag 13 juli 2014

Summer holiday


While my daughters were still fast asleep, I tiptoed out of the house at a half past seven, to go the garden. I had to do communal work at the allotment complex, which is obligatory (eight times a year). It was one of those jobs my husband used to do. I  wasn't that keen this morning, missing my workout at the gym with my friends, but I have to say that I sort of liked it. It was really relaxing.

I volunteered to tidy up one of the rosaries: doing some dead heading and getting rid of old wood and weeds. As it was a warm and humid day, I wore a t-shirt on my jeans only. Looking back, it wasn't such a good idea to volunteer to do the rose garden, wearing only this. My hands and arms are completely covered in scratches, as I forgot my gloves as well! Coming home, the girls asked me what happened to me. They thought I had been in a fight :-)

Afterwards I spent some time in my own garden. Cutting my way through the jungle, making lots of photo's and preparing the garden for our absence. Why do sweet peas always start to flower when we are going on vacation :-)?! The tomatoes are nearly ready to eat as well......

I am taking a blog break. My daughters, son in law and I are going on a summer holiday. No more working for a week or two......we are  going.....to the UK, to Kent to be precise, to stay in a cottage on a beautiful estate. I chose the prettiest cottage with the loveliest surroundings I could find. We all need lots of good vibes, this being our first holiday without Jan. It will be difficult, but hopefully it will be good as well.

Wishing you a wonderful summer! See you soon!


Madelief x

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  1. Dear Madelief - everything in the garden is looking so pretty and your little garden house looks very inviting. Have a wonderful, wonderful summer break in Kent surrounded by your loving family. I do hope that the sun shines on you all. I too am heading off but to the opposite end of the country.

  2. Your post has really cheered me up this morning here in Essex ,the heavens have opened and sadly no boot sale for me today. Love all your colourful china ......xx

  3. Hoi Madelief,
    Jij kon je energie dus wel kwijt in de tuin, die ochtend. Jouw tuin ziet er echt heel lieflijk uit en al dat prachtige serviesgoed en die kannen en schalen... Om te zoenen! En nu lekker op vakantie, ik ben nu al benieuwd naar de foto's die vast gaan volgen... Is er dan iemend die jouw tuin bijhoudt in die twee weken? En de tomaten plukt en de lathyrus knipt?
    In ieder geval wens ik je een heerlijke ontspannen vakantie... Geniet ervan, ondanks de moeilijke momenten die er vast zullen zijn. Zij horen er ook bij...
    Heel veel liefs,

  4. Happy Holiday!!! Euer Urlaubsziel klingt wunderbar, in die Ecke möchte ich nächstes Jahr auch gern fahren, deswegen bin ich dann umso gespannter auf die Eindrücke, die Du mitbringst!!
    LG & habt eine schöne Zeit

  5. Wat een geniet foto's weer, dat serviesgoed op de plank bij het huisje, wonderschoon. Wens jullie een hele fijne vakantie in Kent. Altijd weer leuk spannend om het leukste huisje te vinden. Help, ik wil ook weer.
    Groeten. Janneke

  6. It sounds as if you will be going to a beautiful place, and Kent is so pretty . In fact I can't wait to see your pictures ha ha as I know you will explore every part of your holiday realm. New memories to go hand in hand with your treasured ones, wishing you all sunny days, good food, an abundance of flowers, and laughter.
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  7. Heerlijk om weer even van je tuinfoto's te genieten! Wat een goed vooruitzicht dat jullie naar Engeland gaan. De komende week wordt het mooi weer, het zou heel fijn zijn wanneer dat in jullie vakantie aanhoudt. Wij moeten nog twee weken werken en dan kunnen we ook langzaamaan toewerken naar onze reis. Heb er zin in.

    Lieve Madelief, ik wens jullie samen een paar heerlijke weken! Zoals je aangeeft, zal het best moeilijk zijn om er te zijn zonder Jan. Maar in jullie harten reist hij mee en in gedachten is hij bij jullie, waar jullie ter wereld ook zijn. Daar kunnen geen kilometers tegen op.

    Ga je wel veel foto's maken? Want ik ben natuurlijk reuze benieuwd naar dat mooie plekje dat je hebt uitgezocht. Ik wens jullie een hele fijne en ontspannen vakantie.

    Veel liefs en een dikke kus, Ingrid

  8. Dear Madelief,
    everybody needs some rest from time to time and I wish you a very nice vacation in UK with your family! Although I will miss you and your wonderful inspirations in the meantime :).
    Have a good time!

  9. Wat heb je weer prachtige foto's van je tuin gemaakt! Ik kijk nu al uit naar je vakantiefoto's. Want zo te lezen heb je een prachtig plekje uitgekozen.
    Wat fijn dat je samen met je dochters en schoonzoon op vakantie gaat. Een ook al zal het anders zijn dit jaar, ik wens jullie een hele fijne vakantie toe.
    Fijne zondag. Groetjes van Aleta

  10. Gorgeous selection of vases, tea cups and pots filled with various flowers. Enjoy your holiday, wish you sunny days!

  11. I love the sound of the community spirit within your gardens. We had two allotments some years ago purely for growing veg (as the rules are very strict that no flower gardens were allowed) and what a bumper harvest we had every year. The summer holidays do always seem to coincide with everything blooming and riening at the same time. Your garden is looking utterly sublime.
    Wishing you a lovely vacation Madelief. The cottage sounds lovely, I can't wait to hear all about your adventures.

  12. Dear Madelief,

    Your garden and pretty flowers are delightful - always lovely to see your beautiful photos.
    Wishing you a wonderful holiday with your family and hope you have lots of sunshine.
    Sending hugs

  13. Ik wens je een mooie vakantie, ook al zal het soms niet makkelijk zijn, met je dochters en schoonzoon om je heen zullen de mooie herinneringen de boventoon voeren.

  14. Good morning my beautiful Madelief! I was so happy to see that your email is on your sidebar because I was trying to email you a photo the other day, and was unable to locate your address in my contacts! I have been playing with my camera and getting better results, so I will send you some photos.

    Your objects in the potting shed and in your garden are exquisite. THAT is one of the many reason, in addition to your great skills, that your photos just shine with beauty. I am finally figuring out what makes for a stunning photo, and one of the is perfectly placed OBJECTS of great texture, color and interest! I simply don't have too many things as such!!!!!! But, I am trying.

    Your holiday to Kent sounds like a marvelous place to relax and take photos! I wait anxiously to see what you have to share with us, and I send you my fondest regards and love, hoping you enjoy a great summer day. OH! I hope your "rose attack" scratches heal!!!!! Much love, Anita

  15. All the 'firsts' are very hard Madelief, thinking about you....have a relaxing holiday with your family!
    V x

  16. Lieve Madelief.
    Wat heerlijk dat je weer naar je geliefde Engeland gaat. En Kent is zo prachtig. De tuin van Engeland.Je zal er genieten met je gezin. Fijn dat jullie zo allemaal samen gaan.
    Ik wens je een paar geweldige weken en natuurlijk ben ik erg benieuwd naar de foto's die je vast weer gaat maken.
    Liefs van Riet

  17. What a lovely post, and so pretty!! As always! Welcome to England for your holiday, enjoy lovely Kent,
    with hugs from East Sussex
    Jacqui xx

  18. Dear Madelief, your pictures are always the prettiest thing I see all day :) I love every one of them. Have the most wonderful holiday in Kent in your beautiful surroundings. Enjoy it all!!

  19. Have a nice vacation Madelief and come back with prettypics of Kent... Enjoy!

  20. Madelief,
    Jou Tuin is zo fantastic,zo lief en maakt dreamy gevoel in mijn hart!:)))
    Wens je een hele relaxed en zeer mooi vacantie tijden met jou familie!
    Veel,veel,veel plezier daar.....


  21. Your flower photos always inspire me. I just adore your shelf over the sink in the summer house. So, so pretty with all the bright colours and floral prints. Love it. Have a wonderful holiday and look forward to your next post. Hugs, Deb

  22. Oh Madelief,
    Have a lovely time in Kent …. it is such a pretty county and you and the family will have a wonderful time. It's quite warm here at the moment but, as you know, you never know what sort of weather you will get, here in England !! There are so many places to visit so, I will be looking forward to seeing your photographs.
    P.S: I don't know anyone with a cottage in Kent so that won't happen this time !!!! haha.
    Wishing you all a brilliant holiday. Much love. XXXX

  23. Dearest Madelief,
    Oh my that dilemma we always had to face when working still as international consultants; always we would miss some special blooms or fruits...
    But at least you have goose berries that we cannot grow here because of the heat.
    Good for you that you went to tidy up the garden, and for sure you were thinking about Jan...
    You once again DID it on your own; scratches will heal and you can feel proud of yourself.
    Hugs and happy Sunday afternoon + evening.

  24. what a beautiful, happy-colored collection of pitchers and vases.....and happy flowers to fill them! (my vases seem to run in the white, glass, boring category) happy holidaying!

  25. Madelief, the allotment organization intrigues me more and more. Clearly the people who have this garden space do appreciate their riches.

    I am sorry that you will be missing your own garden's sweetpeas, but perhaps you will see quite a few in Kent. Have a beautiful holiday with your family. May this time together nourish you all in many ways.


  26. Geniet van een heerlijke vakantie in Kent....tja meis moeilijk zonder je man....maar volgens mij sla je je er wel doorheen je bent zo dapper.......liefs Ria....x...!

  27. Your upcoming holiday sounds wonderful! This post is so beautiful , your photos are always spectacular. Enjoy your summer!

  28. I hope that you have a great blog break and summer and enjoy your travels!! xx

  29. Hele fijne vakantie! Wat ziet je tuin er toch prachtig uit! gr. Hennie

  30. Oh Madelief, your garden is looking so lovely and those gooseberries ready to eat! I do hope you enjoy your holiday in 'the Garden of England' as Kent is known. There are many lovely gardens and historical places to visit. Wishing you lots of new memories that you can cherish on this holiday. Sharon x

  31. Dearest Madelief,
    you probably looked like the prince who saved Sleeping Beauty after your fight with the roses ;o) Your garden, however, looks like a very very awakened beauty, wonderful as it blooms and greens here and so pretty your outdoor kitchen! I wish you the very best holiday vibes that exist! And I'm looking forward very much to the photos of your beautiful cottage in Kent and your vacation experiences!
    Oh - and congratulations to the Netherlands to yesterday's victory and thus to 3rd place in the 2014 World Cup!
    Warm summerhugs, Traude

  32. Ha Madelief, fijne zomer voor jou!!! Rust lekker uit en geniet van wat op je pad komt.

    Lieve groet, Eefie

  33. Have a wonderful trip. Kent is delightful and you'll be able to explore so many beautiful places from there.

  34. How very lovely that you are off the UK to enjoy a family holiday. I hope that you all get to enjoy lots of laughter but also share some beautiful memories. I am really thinking of you all, it must be so difficult. Sending you all much love and I have to say, I simply LOVE all these images, in fact I just want to move in!! xoxo

  35. Wat is het iedere keer weer genieten van je prachtige foto's en wat moet je tuinhuis een fijne plek zijn om te vertoeven. Ik wens jou en je dochters en schoonzoon een hele fijne en mooie vakantie toe. Geniet ervan, dan hopen wij na je vakantie te mogen genieten van je mooie vakantiefoto's. Liefs Pascale

  36. Huge hugs to you, Madelief. May your family holiday be filled with love, peace, and, I hope, laughter too. I wish you all lots of love.


  37. Your photos always astound me for the clarity, beauty, and abundant color both the flowers and the china that you use to display the flowers. Have a wonderful vacation. It is my dream vacation to linger in the English countryside in a quaint cottage. Please do take a lot of photos to share when you return. Have a wonderful time.

  38. Ich wünsche dir eine ganz schöne Zeit in Kent und viele schöne Erlebnisse. Deine Bilder sind so schön sommerlich, trotz des vielen Regens blüht dein Garten so klasse. Und deine grüne Teekanne, die gefällt mir immer wieder- ich glaube ich habe sie schon des öfteren auf deinen Bildern gesehen. Hab es fein, liebe Grüße, Ina

  39. Fijne dagen in Kent. Groetjes Hetty

  40. Dag Madelief,

    Al 10 jaar speur ik naar interessante blogjes, maar het is vaak zoeken naar een naald in een hooiberg.
    Af en toe vind ik er nog eentje, zoals het jouwe.
    Heel erg leuk, zo fleurig en oergezellig.

    Ik wens je mooie dagen...

    Er bloeien rozen
    in de tuin
    van je gedachten...

    van albast
    in de vallei
    van je dromen...

    Ontloken in je hart
    vliegen ze uit
    jouw sneeuwzwanen...
    sierlijke arabesken
    in eindeloos azuur...
    hun aura ademt
    eeuwige schoonheid...


    1. Beste Troebadoer,

      Dank je wel voor het prachtige gedicht!

  41. Have a wonderful holiday dear Madelief! As always, your beautiful photos put a smile on my face and make me so glad to know you!!!
    You made me laugh thinking about how you wrestled the roses will no sleeves or gloves. I have done that myself a time or two.
    hugs from here...

  42. Have an absolutely fabulous time! Looking forward to some stories of Kent and the pretty cottage.

    Bon voyage - Mary

  43. Hi Madelief from Newfoundland,
    Wishing you a lovely holiday with your dear family. Thinking of you always.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  44. Sweet Madelief! I saw your comment on my post (thank you so much for visiting!) last night, but had to go off to bed!

    I wanted to clarify something; you mentioned that you enjoyed "my photo of myself" in a dress? OH! Those two lovely ladies, first of all, the young beauty in the red dress, then the older beauty in the white and black dress...those are not ME! I am the humble looking one in the denim short-sleeved jacket, sitting next to a small bridge in Italy! That's me with the black hair. I hope to have some photos for my blog before summer is over, of my home and myself, to reintroduce the "woman behind Castles Crowns and Cottages!"

    Enjoy your holiday my dear and beautiful friend! I will show you a photo through email. Much love, Anita

  45. hoi madelief een hele mooie vakantie toegewenst met elkaar geniet er van
    groetjes leon10

  46. Hi Madelief,
    I will be thinking of you and hope you all have a good time in your pretty cottage.
    Beautiful photos you shared again today.

  47. What a colourful post, just the right stuff to make me think of holidays and time away from every day worries.
    I wish you and your girls peaceful holidays and I hope you come back with lovely vintage finds.

  48. Oh! I can not really put into words the pleasure and enjoyment that I get when I come to visit you. Your photos are fantastic, your plants and flowers....and the china!! I love your teacups!
    I hope you enjoy wonderful holidays, I know they are so special for you.
    We'll be waiting your gorgeous images.
    Besos from Argentina!

  49. Loved seeing all your gorgeous, colourful and decorative pictures today! Lovely flowers and lovely china, and all so delightfully photographed! Wishing you and your girls and your son in law a very happy holiday, dear Madelief.
    Helen xox

  50. Enjoy your holiday with your family Madelief. Sounds nice where you are staying. I am looking forward to seeing some beautiful photos.

    Have fun


  51. Such beautiful images as always Madelief. I sincerely hope you enjoy your holiday in Kent as that is where I live! Looking forward to your photos.
    Jane xx

  52. Have a happy, soothing, and comforting holiday. We will be here when you return to welcome you.
    As usual your garden is gorgeous.

  53. I hope that you have lots of fun!!

    I am home with homestay students staying with us from Japan. They are very nice boys, but I know so many friends who are on holiday now. But one of the advantages of staying at home at this time of year is that I really am enjoying how prolific my sweet peas are this year-- it's my best year ever with them! And the roses....also a real gift.

    You don't have to feel you need to take pictures for the blog of your trip-- but if you did, it would be wonderful! It is so much fun to see these beautiful, cozy and inspiring gardens...and other wonderful places that you visit

    Take care,

  54. Oh WOW! Just love your pictures Madelief! Hope you're having a fabulous time in 'the garden of England' ... can't wait to hear all about it when you get back xxx

  55. Your photos are beautiful :) Thanks for taking the time to capture such beauty and share it with us. I hope you enjoy your vacation, it sounds like it will be lovely.
    Smiles, DianeM

  56. Have a wonderful time in your pretty cottage Madelief. Your garden and china are very pretty. We will miss you, but look forward to hearing about your holiday. I do hope you get some good weather. Love Linda xx

  57. Prachtig, prachtig, prachtig.
    Wat voor mooi bloemen een het service. Erg leuk ik kan er uuren naar kijken.

    groetjes Conny

  58. Thanks for sharing these wonderfully vibrant pictures. Hope you have the most marvellous holiday in Kent. We are enjoying lovely summer weather, so let's hope it stays a while!

  59. I hope you and your family have a lovely vacation, Dear Madelief, with sweet moments and new precious memories. I enjoyed taking this pretty peek at your sweet garden and charming china - so many darling details. I hope your sweet peas will still be blooming when you get back, too. Hugs xo Karen

  60. The best wishes for a lovely vacation Madelief, hope you are going to have a wonderful time i England!

  61. Dearest Madelief
    Wishing you a happy holiday with your family - such a precious time.
    A time to gather your thoughts and make new memories together as reflect on all that happened last year.
    Kent is lovely, will you go to Sissinghirst again? I remember my visit there as if it were yesterday - the white garden was bursting with flower and fragrance, I was in heaven!
    Enjoy your time at the cottage and have fun!
    Much love
    Shane xox

  62. Hello Madelief,
    Hope you have a brilliant holiday in Kent and a lovely summer,
    Liz x

  63. Oh, I love the photo of those Sweet Peas, I think I can almost smell them Madelief.......
    So nice to see your gorgeous photos, full of flowers and colour and Summer.
    There was a heavy frost here this morning, it's hard to imagine it being warm enough to wear a T-shirt.
    Have the most wonderful holiday in Kent, it sounds like you have chosen a beautiful place to stay for this special
    trip.......travel safely and enjoy it......Xx

  64. Hello Madelief
    I hope you are enjoying Kent with your family. Jan will be with all of you in your memories and your hearts. Take care...

  65. I am finally catching up with everyone after my break from knitsofacto. And I've so enjoyed the treat for the eye that this gorgeous post offers. Your garden images are exquisite.

    I do hope you're enjoying a fabulous holiday x

  66. Dear Madelief,

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday in our beautiful county of Kent! I shall be so interested to hear where exactly you are staying?!

    Happy holiday…..

    Sophia x

  67. Ik word altijd zo blij van je tuin,bloemen en servies,doet mij denken aan mijn eigen hobbytuin die ik had,maar ooit zal thuis mijn tuintjes ook zo mooi zijn,lieve groet Musje.

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