zaterdag 30 november 2013

Faded colours

When Annie from Knitsofacto asked me if I would take part in the  'Colour Cooperative', I felt really honoured and said yes straight away. After that, panic struck!  When it came to put together a post which would be suitable for this months theme 'faded', I was at a loss.

When I think of faded colours, images of the old warehouses in our Rotterdam harbour pop into my head. The greens and greys of the metal doors and the worn off lettering on the walls looks simply beautiful. Unfortunately my diary was completely full, so I could not find the time to step on my bike and cycle to the harbour.

I opened up my laptop instead and scrolled though my photographs, taken in my favourite B&B's & shop, my garden and my home. I chose the photo's which I thought show what faded colours are to me. They still look bright, but I can't help it :-)

Please have a look at Nina's, Lori's, Alex's, Annie's, Sandra's and Gillian's blog. You can find more details about their blogs and the colour collaborative below.

A Happy Thanksgiving to my American and Canadian followers and a lovely weekend ahead to all!


Madelief x


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What is The Colour Collaborative? All creative bloggers make stuff, gather stuff, shape stuff, and share stuff. Mostly they work on their own, but what happens when a group of them work together? Is a creative collaboration greater than the sum of its parts? We think so and we hope you will too. We'll each be offering our own monthly take on a colour related theme, and hoping that in combination our ideas will encourage us, and perhaps you, to think about colour in new ways.

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  1. I love your special interpretation of faded, so delicate and sensitive yet still with colour...just your style perfect xxxx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  2. Wat heb je het onderwerp faded colours mooi weergegeven Madelief.
    Alsof ik even terug ben in de tijd, de bloemen, de motieven. de kleuren...prachtig.
    Het lijkt me heel moeilijk om dit alles zo bij elkaar te zoeken, maar bij jou is het zeer zekere geslaagd.

    Lieve groet, Eefie

  3. Madelief - I love your vintage faded beauty, your dresses are truly gorgeous.

    Hello and welcome to the colour collaborative.

    Nina xxx

  4. I love your take on the 'faded ' theme, so very Madelief!!! :)
    V xxx

  5. Hi Madelief! What beautiful, dreamy photos. I love the way you've looked at the theme, through print and pattern rather than nature - a really original take on it.
    Gillian x

  6. Heerlijk al die kleurtjes !!!!.....fijn weekend meis......liefs Ria...x !

  7. Vintage faded beauty.........
    Hoe mooi klinkt dat toch in het engels
    En hoe bijzonder dat je door zo'n vraag op een verrassend geheel komt.
    Dat blijft verrassend , dat er van buitenaf leuke vragen kunnen komen .
    Of leuke verrassingen zoals bij mij Dank je wel voor je lieve reactie .
    Je bent in mijn gedachten . Lieve groet

  8. Wat heb ik genoten van je foto's. Hoewel ze misschien een beetje vervaagd moesten zijn, vind ik de helderheid van de kleuren ook heel mooi. Dat past denk ik ook beter bij jou!
    Ik vind het toch altijd al heel knap hoe jij de kleuren bij elkaar krijgt!
    Ik denk aan je!

    Liefs, Gerry

  9. It's all so beautiful, Madelief! I wonder if you can hear my contented sigh from afar? I wish I could learn a few photographic skills from you. Your style is unique, of course, but there is so much to learn from your pictures.


  10. Faded colours is voor jou eigenlijk een lastig thema, omdat jouw kleuren vaak fel en absoluut ook vrolijk van kleur zijn. Maar het is wel een uitdaging om er over na te denken en je foto's met een andere invalshoek te bekijken. Misschien kom je daardoor wel tot ontdekkingen die je eerder niet zo waren opgevallen.

    Alvast een fijn weekend, Madelief! Liefs, Ingrid

  11. Heerlijk al die kleurtjes na zo'n saaie grijze dag. Ik vind het best grappig dat het zo moeilijk is voor jou om een post met 'faded colours' te maken. Het zegt toch wel iets over hoe je over het algemeen in het leven staat, vrolijk en gekleurd. Voor mij kun je niet genoeg kleurige en fleurige foto's laten zien.
    Lieve groet, Janneke

  12. Hoi Madelief,
    Paniek was niet nodig, je hebt een heleboel prachtige plaatjes samengevoegd die een prachtig geheel vormen. Wat verrukkelijk om te zien... Ik vind dit een echte genietpost!
    Ik wens jou ook alvast een heel fijn weekend,

  13. These are gorgeous images! And given how bright many of these colours will have been when new they certainly look faded to me. And evocative of long ago tea parties and simpler times. I love this post, thank you for taking part :)

  14. Such lovely soft colors. Your pictures are always enchanting--I look at them again and again.
    xo, Jen

  15. Hi Madelief,
    I love your vintage dresses and the lacy sweater hanging on a lace hanger. The wallpaper is also very beautiful. You have such a lovely collection of vintage finds.

  16. What an amazing collection of floral loveliness! Those dresses and the embroidered bags I envy!More opportunities to see your gorgeous china, and a sneaky peak inside your beautiful home!Thanks so much fro sharing!

  17. Madelief, your contribution to the Color Collaborative interpretations of "faded" is uniquely yours. When I looked at your photographs, and read your words, I thought of a "softening" and this brought a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart.

    Faded implies a passage of time, and can result in a continued friendship with a sight or an emotion or a thought or memory that was once very clearly defined. Or perhaps seemed to be clearly defined once upon a time.

    Each of your collaborators have had a different interpretation of the theme. Each has been a true pleasure to see and contemplate.


  18. Your images make me swoon my friend...why are you not a photographer for a have the eye to delight! I had to pin some of these stunning photos of yours...I hope you do not mind.
    Sending you oodles of love and thoughts my friend. xoxo

  19. beautiful post madelief, i loved scrolling through these photos, so dreamy and pretty, they look of a gentler time. thank you for the thanksgiving wishes, we had a wonderful day!

  20. NICE POST!
    I'm liking the tin can and plates...Very Cool and Vintage!

  21. Dearest Madelief,
    Guess you did present it almost best of all; yes I did visit all other participants... as they also did interpret it as 'wilting'...
    At least you did show some fresh and vivid colors (your trade mark) with some soft and vintage colors that are gradually fading out of their original saturated color.
    Well done!
    Oh my, I bet your agenda was way too full for finding time to shoot some new photos but this is perfect!

  22. Helemaal leuk en jij hebt echt fantastische foto's. Ik ga ook nog op de andere blogs kijken.
    Groetjes en fijn weekend,

  23. Dearest Madelief,
    yes, your pictures still shine in spite of "fading" - anyway, they look beautiful!
    Warm Küschelbüschels, Traude

  24. Hello dear Madelief
    I adore your idea of 'faded' - this is so you!!!
    You live in a wonderful world of colour - your vintage dresses are beautiful.
    The cream lace jacket is exquisite and I love your garden embroidery.
    Thinking of you all and sending hugs
    Much love

  25. Wat heb je weer prachtige foto's gemaakt. Vooral je jurkjes trekken gelijk mijn aandacht, mooi hoor!


  26. Wow wat een prachtige foto`s,lieve groetjes Musje.

  27. Op alle foto's geef je het thema weer, op sommigen iets meer en anderen iets minder, maar toch helemaal herkenbaar als Madelief. Wel de bijdrage waar ik het meest van geniet. Fijn weekend,

  28. Oh Madelief this was one amazing feast for the eye. I love your styling and your choice of colours, it is exactly to my taste. Those gorgeous dressed, the vintage china, the plates on the wall, the picture gallery, everything. You are a true inspiration and I wish you a wonderful weekend. xoxo

  29. Beautiful Madelief!

    You have captured colors of varying intensity, and isn't life like that? I love the faded colors of the past AND of the future, for as we age, our hair colors fade, the skin becomes not so rosy, and for some, the memories fade. But it is life, and the colors of all the phases are important. You always capture the MOOD of the moment, and you inspire. I took some photos yesterday in my home that are starting to look more like what I want! I will share soon.

    Thank you for being YOU. We had a lovely Thanksgiving and I thanked GOD for all of the wonderful blogging friends out there, like you.

    Hugs to you dear friend, Anita

  30. Faded or not, your photos are beautiful. They satisfy my compulsion to buy expensive decorating magazines.

  31. So many beautuful colours and pretty things in one post! It's the gorgeous plates and cups which have caught my eye. I have some china tea sets which were my grandma's.

  32. Well, I always, always, love visiting here and Iove this post again as well. Wow! O, ben weer in het Engels bezig. Prachtige post Madelief! Mooie kleuren en idd wel een beetje faded, net wat ik graag zie, zoals de kleuren in het haakwerkje bij het kopje in één van je foto's en de muren in dat vergrijsde paars, prachtig! The colour collaborative blogs, klinkt geweldig! Ik neem vlug een kijkje! Ik hou van kleur zoals je misschien wel weet, zou niet zonder kunnen ;)

  33. auch du schwelgst ja in Farben! Ich mag deine wunderschönen vintage Geschirrteile mit ihren lebensfrohen Farben. Liebe Madelief, ich wünsche dir gerade für die kommenden Advents- und Weihnachtswochen noch einmal ganz besonders viel Kraft, es ist sicherlich eine herausfordernde Zeit. Liebe Grüße- Ina

  34. It must be so nice and fun to be part of a creative group. You get to share your Collections, ideas and projects together. You also have such a colourful Collection that can brighten anyone's day.

  35. Lovely, faded beauty - I adore the dresses and the sweet vintage quality of your photos. So soft and charming. What a wonderful and inspiring collaboration. Thank you for sharing <3 xo
    A sweet hug

  36. This was really a lovely vintage post! Beautiful pictures...
    Have a great weekend, take care!

  37. Je hebt er een prachtige post van gemaakt, ook al is het anders dan wij van je gewend zijn.

    Lieve groet, Miranda

  38. My dear one! I thought I had already visited this FABULOUS post, but the date says you posted yesterday? It is worthy to scroll down once again to see your wonderful display of life in your home. Hugs to you! Anita

  39. What a beautiful and inspiring collection of images - I'm off to visit the other collaboratives. Hope you've had a good weekend
    Jane x

  40. Lieve Madelief.
    Faded colors,dat zal niet meegevallen zijn. Jij en je meest kleurrijke foto's waar iedereen zo van houdt. Het zet je wel aan het denken . Leuk.
    Liefs van Riet

  41. Looooovely!! 'k Vind het allemaal mooi!

    Liefs, Heidi

  42. I have checked out the other blogs too today..faded is a very nostalgic theme to me.
    Interestingly the theme is the same but the subjects differ widely how cool.
    Daisy x

  43. You have such lovely things. I really like all of the dresses, but the one at the left in the photo of them hanging on the door together is simply gorgeous. I'm sure it feels like springtime whenever you wear it.

  44. Lieve Madelief, alle bijdragen heb ik bekeken, Jouw post vind ik echt het mooist en dat zeg ik niet omdat jij Jij bent.


  45. Lieve Madelief,
    wat bijzonder dat je daaraan mocht meewerken! En wat n leuk, kleurrijke foto´s!
    Ik heb trouwens dit weekend je recept gemaakt, met de marchmallows en jellybeans etc, nou dat was een echt succes! Voor herhaling vatbaar!
    Fijne avond!

  46. Your faded colours are so beautiful and I love them all.
    Sarah x

  47. My precious Madelief! HOW GREAT to see you my friend! Many thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment and yes, I do make my house to feel like a French style abode, for I feel the most "at home" in such a space. But we have no snow yet, which is very odd! Your festivities are underway now in The Netherlands, and I so wish I could see, hear, taste and touch all the glorious charms of your country. Many happy wishes to you and your family dear friend! Anita

  48. Dear Madelief,

    Beautiful take on faded beauty, love all your gorgeous photos.
    The gorgeous china, pretty dresses ~ thank you for sharing all the inspiration.
    I look forward to going to visit some of the others.
    Happy new week ahead

  49. The Colour Collaborative....what a great idea......
    Love your photos Madelief, always make me feel happy.....gorgeous Hellebores and I just love that floral cross stitch.
    It's a beautiful, sunny morning here, but the temperature is climbing. The paddocks are drying off changing from green to gold. Sharing some of our blue sky and sunshine with you to warm your day

    Love from Oz,

    Claire XX

  50. Love this beautiful post especially the very top picture......such lovely soft colours! Btw I made your rocky road bars this weekend and everyone really loved them!! Thank you! Wishing you a happy week, dear Madelief.
    Helen x

  51. Dear Madelief, beautiful pictures and colours. Love visite your blog. hugs. Evelyne

  52. Nou, ik heb de andere blogs ook even bekeken. Maar jij bent de topper hoor!
    Jou blog word ik het vrolijk van met al die mooie foto's.

    Lieve groet,


  53. Als ik zo al die prachtige foto's van jou bekijk is het niet verwonderlijk dat ze jou hiervoor gevraagd hebben om mee te doen.
    Je altijd prachtige foto's zijn echt genietmomenten.

    Ik wens je een fijne week.
    Liefs, Mea

  54. All colours are beautiful, I love faded colours! Love your crocheted flower. Hugs Catherine

  55. Dag lieve Madelief.wat een prachtige foto's die kleuren geweldig mooi allemaal.ik ga snel een kijkje op die mooie andere blogs kijken.Dank je wel voor het delen met ons.Liefs Stip

  56. Your colors are so uplifting and lovely, full of life, fun, love..... wonderful post ~
    So nice to visit.


  57. I love your take on faded colours Madelief, and I love that you've added a few brighter elements as me I can't help but go for bright colours they just attract me! Beautiful photos especially the first one with all the pictures on the wall, I really love that! Have a lovely week! Sharon x

  58. Hello Madelief! What a beautiful and inspiring photos! Amazing post! Have a good week! Hugs, Manuela

  59. Dear Madelief,
    You always take such nice photographs. I particularly like the one with the pansies and forget-me-nots - very nice.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and it is not too cold over there. It is freezing here!
    Bye for now

  60. Liebe madelief, endlich komme ich nochmal zu Dir:-)!
    Deine Bilder sind wie immer wunderschön! Und deine Kleider sind bezaubernd, liebe grüße, Anja

  61. Hello, Madelief!
    I think of you often and hope that you and your family are doing better.
    I love the aqua vintage biscuit tin! I remember my maternal grandmother having one very much like that! It brings back 'sweet' memories...LOVE.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  62. Hi Madelief,
    I like your version of faded colors, and how you have made it your own. Happy colors, soft and worn... a lovely combination!
    and a good week to you too:-)

  63. Late to see and comment on this post full of faded color, and all the sunlight streaming in the windows very uplifting. You are always an inspiration~

  64. Dear Madelief,

    Many thanks for your very kind birthday wishes! We loved Bruges!

    My best wishes to you and your family, and you have been in my thoughts.

    Have a happy weekend,

    Sophia x

  65. What a wonderful post with all this beautiful colours! I enjoy this
    fantastic photos and can see you have a very stylish home. The
    purple colour and all the boxes and your bedroom (?)'s
    very me, too :) Have a nice sunday, Madelief:) Hug, Unn:)

  66. So much eye candy! Beautiful as always!


Thank you for your lovely words.