woensdag 24 juli 2013

Tea in the garden

Just after we came home from our short holiday in Zeeland, we had a tea in the garden.  It was a beautiful summer day, with high temperatures. A gentle breeze kept us cool. I used some vintage tablecloths to lay the table with. I found most of them at flea markets, but one was made by my grandmother. Together with my floral teacups and cutlery all sorts, it looked crazy, but nice. I love to mix and match colours and patterns, but I think most of you knew that already :-)!

We all prepared something for the tea: scones, an asparagus quiche, meat loaf, lemon bars, bread with avocado,  salmon, sandwiches etc. It was absolutely delicious!

My new petit fours stand, which I won at a giveaway by Paul from Pauls Magical Christmas wreath company, was a real eye catcher on the table. It has a dolls head at the base, followed by a large letter M from mmmm and a pair of legs at the top. It looks quite quirky! It was made by ceramist Tina Tsang and part of the 'Blaue Blume' tea service. Paul, thank you once again for this great gift! I just love it!!

How are you spending the warm summer days? Hope you are able to stay cool!


Madelief x


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  1. What a lovely party! Love your pretty china and tea treats. Looks absolutely wonderful out in the garden. My hubby and I stay cool at the beach. Not today though because it is raining so I guess we're off to the thrift shops. :) Have a beautiful day.


  2. Your table looks wonderful Madelief! One of the best things about summer, I think, is eating al fresco!
    V xxx

  3. Oooh Madelief ik houd zo van jouw prachtige foto's geweldig!



    I feel as if I am at your tea party, sitting at table and feeling the sun on my back. That blue pitcher with the polka dots is a striking center piece, and YOU were the one that won Paul's tea stand! Everything looks so lovely my dear, and I wish you another beautiful summer day. Anita

  5. Helloooo from sunny uk this afternoon....

    Once again your post is an inspiration for me....dusting off the china...in my mind and that petite-four stand is "to die for"
    bestest to you and yours this week

    Daisy j

  6. A tea party out of a dream. I adore every detail. Your layered tablecloths , the quiche! If you are not a magazine stylist already, you should be.
    Just heavenly.

  7. Hi Madelief, your table looks beautiful, full of lovely quirky vintage china, I love that you overlaid the table with different table cloths, I'm sure the tea was delicious especially in such a beautiful garden! Hope you are enjoying the sun in Holland! Sharon

  8. Ich liebe diesen bunten Mix!! Und das Essen sieht wie von einem exquisiten Partyservice aus - wundervoll!

  9. Zo mooi, kleurrijk en fleurig. Helemaal Madelief! Wat bloeit er ook weer veel in je tuin. Je boeketten vind ik altijd zo prachtig!

  10. What a lovely tea party. Everything looks so pretty and all the food looks delicious x

  11. Oh wow what a beautifully laid table it looks stunning. Jane Austen would certainly look at home at the afternoon tea. Lovely photo's too.

  12. ziet er erg mooi uit en gezellig madelief alice zou jaloers op worden denk! ik groetjes leon10

  13. Hello Madelief,
    Your table looks great and so does your food.. Gives me some ideas!

  14. Oh wat ziet dat er weer beeldschoon uit Madelief en wat kijk ik er al naar uit. Het moet goed gaan dit jaar.
    Lieve groet van Riet

  15. Can I come for tea? it all looks so pretty and food absolutely delicious.

  16. That looks so lovely Madelief - like something out of a page of Country Living.

    Nina x

  17. Ziet er gezellig uit hoor....!.....lekker ook !...hihihiihihhi .....liefs geniet van de zomer.....x...!

  18. Wat heb je alles weer leuk bij elkaar gevonden Madelief, prachtig al die kleuren, dit is echt de kracht en de charme van je blog. Die etagere is ook echt te gek!
    Groeten, Janneke

  19. Lieve Madelief, wat ziet de high tea tafel er toch weer prachtig uit! Daar wil toch iedereen wel een plaatsje aan nemen? De mengeling van kleuren en stoelen maken het weer tot een sfeervol geheel. En al dat lekkers...jullie zullen erg genoten hebben!

    Liefs, Ingrid

  20. What a lovely tea party in the sunshine, you must have all had such fun. The gift you won in a give away fits so well on your table too
    Sarah x

  21. Madelief,

    Je bent mijn HELDIN,echt waar!!!

    Ontzettend mooi post weer en zo gezellig daar bij jou in je prachtige tuin:)*
    Het is mooi, kleurrijk en ziet lekker uit ook!!!

    Hoe fantastisch moet het bij jou zijn.....een echte feestje:)))*

    Dankjewel voor delen alle leuke en mooi momenten hier,

    Wens jou een hele goede rest van de week,
    Liefs en groetjes,

  22. Oh my, Madelief, here I am practically drolling over the keyboard! Such a lovely spread! Thanks for putting the 'colour' in my day!

  23. Wat een gezelligheid! Heerlijk gedekte fleurige lange tafels. Met ongetwijfeld goed gezegschap. Prachtig al die snijbloemen uit je tuin.
    Gaat alles goed Madelief?
    Fijne zomer! X

  24. Hello Madelief,
    how beautiful summery you set the table.
    And the delicious appetizers ... a great eat.
    Thus, the garden makes Outdoor life fun.
    And the next few days and the weekend will be mighty hot.
    It's summer time.
    Have a nice summer week.
    Greetings, Moni

  25. Such a pretty table--gorgeous flowers, delicious food, wonderful colors and patterns! Love love love the blue and white polka dot pitcher.

  26. Dearest Madelief,
    Ah, loved your entire table setting but with the yummy Dutch bread you made me mouth water. THAT is something you have far better than here! But one can tell that it was a lovely tea in the garden.

  27. Wat ziet er er weer heerlijk uit! Ik blijf kijken naar je mooie foto's, van de tuin en de tafel, je bloemen! Ik ga je gauw even mailen:) Lieve zonnige groet

  28. Looks like a lovely day! What a quirky cake stand and I Iove your coloured cutlery and vintage tablecloths x

  29. Heerlijk Madelief. Het ziet er fantastisch uit. Het is te zien dat je dit met veel plezier doet. Bloeit je lathyrus al?
    Lieve groet,

  30. Everything looks so beautiful, colourful and delicious Madelief......
    Love the polka dot jug of flowers and your quirky cake stand too.
    A lovely meal with family and friends......

    Claire x

  31. IK hoop deze prachtige etagere binnenkort ook op jouw tafel te mogen bewonderen!!!!
    Het ziet er weer sprookjesachtig uit!

  32. Wat een prachtige gedekte tafel met heerlijkheden.
    Helemaal verliefd op de mooie tuinboeketten, zo fleurig.
    En je kop en schotels vind ik geweldig.
    Een prachtig zomers tafereel.

    Lieve groet,

  33. Dear, dear Madelief,

    How wonderful to see your comment, really. And to know that you too have a connection with your childhood AND the sea...and your beloved grandparents. It is stunning to me how we remember things, and the slightest detail can come to mind in an instant. Wishing you a beautiful day/night in The Netherlands where so many dear blogger friends reside....Anita

  34. Your garden tea looks very lovely with your pretty tablecloths and sweet tea cups. Everything looks wonderful! Glad to hear you had perfect weather, too. xo

  35. Hello Madelief, what a marvellous way to spend a day. Everything looks truly scrumptious, and all so beautifully presented. Congratulations on winning the cake stand, I am sure it will be a great talking point at your many soirees and teas.
    We had a wonderful holiday and thank you so much for your visit and kind wishes.
    Do you ever hear from Jane and Lance? Are they off travelling do you know? Have a lovely sunny weekend in your garden, with love, Linda x

  36. Hello Madelief,

    What a beautifully laid out tea table......beautifully decorated as always!

    Have a lovely weekend...

    Sophia x

  37. Dearest Madelief, your floral tea-time-table looks so inviting, and WOW, the canapé-stand would have been a perfect place for Janas petits fours she made ​​for her examination (you can see some of them in my new post)... Oh, and I have seen the lavender on your asparagus quiche :o)
    Thanks for your nice words to my lavender-chicken (I never tried to bake lavender cookies but sometimes I use lavender-sugar and I know a very good reciepe for a lavender-mousse ...) and to my caribbean table :o)
    In your comment to the lavender chicken you asked me if purple is my favourite colour... Hmmm, I really don't know. I like purple very much, but I don't think that I have a real favourite color at the moment.
    Some days I prefer watercolors as turquoise and light blue, then grasslands- and lime-green, sometimes subtle gray and white, a few days later absolutely colorful. If someone asks me for my style, I can probably only answer that I love the variety and like to give in to my moods ;o))
    I have also seen your previous posting: You can really be proud of your father (and he to himself, too)! He looks very fit, even if he had a bad year, and so fit he should remain for a long, ling time! Besides, he looks very sympathetic, just like you do :o)
    Warm Küschelbüschel-hugs, Traude

  38. Your tea time table might look crazy as you say but everything has a country feel absolutely charming.

  39. Wonderful atmosphere - I love your tea party in the garden and wished I would have been a guest of yours :). The little snacks look delicious!
    Have a nice weekend,

  40. It would be such a pleasure for me to be one of your guests and enjoy your hospitality dear Madelief!
    You know how to match items and colors and I like that!
    Have a nice end of week!

  41. Wish I could have joined you! The asparagus tart looks amazing, and the tea would taste all the better from such pretty crockery.

  42. What a beautiful setting for tea. Everything looks so pretty!

  43. Wat ziet dit er allemaal vrolijk en gezellig uit! Heerlijk om met dit mooie weer te genieten van je mooie tuin. Een geweldige prestatie van je vader!

    Fijn weekend. Lieve groet, Miranda

  44. Everything looks so beautiful, elegant and most all delicious Madelief. Wow, those Petit Fours stand looks so unique. For sure the asparagus quiche and salmon sandwiches taste so yummy! Have a wonderful weekend!

  45. Who wouldn't long to sit at such a pretty table? It's all quite dream-like...the colours, the patterns against the green. Just lovely.

  46. Goedemorgen lieve Madelief, ik heb dagen geleden al genoten van je prachtige post en vanochtend weer opnieuw. De regen van gisteren zal je tuin vast goed hebben gedaan. Een frisse, verhelderende bui xxxx Ben je al in het fotomuseum geweest, het is de echt de moeite waard. Robert Doisneau is er tot 1 september.
    Heel veel liefs xxxx

  47. Delightful post......love all the colour, decoration and flowers on your pretty tea table.....and the food looks so delicious too!
    Happy Sunday, Madelief!
    Helen x

  48. This is all just so beautiful! I also have the American Rose teacup/saucer set. It's one of my favorites. :)

  49. Love your blog. Beautiful flowers, garden and cup of tea. Evelyne.


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