zondag 9 juni 2013

Wildflower meadow

On an ordinary day it takes me about ten minutes to cycle to our allotment garden, but last Tuesday was different. I got distracted. When I pedal to the outskirts of town, past the park, taking the bridge over the river and the highway, I come across a meadow with some huge old trees.

It is always a beautiful sight to behold, but this time it looked as if someone had sprinkled fairy dust. The field was completely covered in wild flowers. Ox-eye Daisies,  the last Queen Anne's lace, yellow buttercups and the pink and purple bell shaped flowers of the common Comfrey, made it look like a dream.

I couldn't resist putting my bike at the side of the road, close to a line of Hawthorn trees, to take  photographs and pick a bunch of flowers to take with me to the garden. The meadow is alive, not only with colour, but with the sound of busy insects as well. In a small stream nearby a frog is making lots of noise, while a family of ducks swim by. Isn't it special how simple things in life can fill you with joy?! Hope you see them too!

Wishing you all a Happy weekend!


Madelief x

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  1. Lieve Madelief,
    Dinsdag was het inderdaad een schitterende dag. Fijn dat je zo hebt kunnen genieten van deze extra vrije dag. Soms zit heel veel moois gelukkig nog in heel kleine dingen.
    Liefs, Ilse

  2. Beautiful.....
    I love summer!!!
    Chris :o)

  3. Over and over and over again I looked at all the beautiful pictures
    and I read your words ....magic....magical .....
    You are an artist in taking us with you and let us see and hear and take-in ....almost smell too......
    I wanted to be there .....
    And I realised how I had that too
    In the very early morning when I rode on my bike to my school .
    All quiet and finding some beautiful wild flowers along the cycle-path .
    How many times did I stop and pick them and took them with me to find a vase and put them on my table to welcome the children .
    It made me very happy to realise , by reading your amazing story , I had that too ......
    I cherish those moments and they are in my little memory-box
    like the one with the beautiful evenings from Toon Tellegen .
    Thank you for sharing all of this .

  4. Juist de kleine dingen om ons heen zijn vaak zo mooi...jonge eendjes in de sloot, een vlinder in de tuin...gelukkig maar dat we daar oog voor hebben en er open voor staan. Momenteel lijkt het water achter ons huis overbevolkt en wel met kikkers, elke dag geven ze ons een onophoudelijk concert, entree gratis ;-)! Soms vind ik het een vreselijke herrie, maar aan de andere kant is ook dit een deel van de natuur en is zo'n hoorspel al een wonder op zich.

    Lieve Madelief, ik wens je een fijne zondag...ik hoop dat de zon nog doorbreekt vandaag. Erg lief trouwens dat je extra duimt voor onze dochter, we zullen het donderdag hard nodig hebben want het wordt spannend!

    Veel liefs, Ingrid

  5. Gorgeous pictures as usual. I wish I had your talent for photography.

  6. I feel like I am there with you! And I can smell the scent of the flowers and hear the bees . . . . .

  7. hallo madelief wat mooi al die velzzd bloemen en ook dat prachtige boeket in die mooie roze vaas staat prachtig komt heel mooi uit groetjes en fijne zondag gewenst leon10

  8. Wish I could really stroll down the woodland path or through the meadows of your green beautiful country.I keep treasured memories from Holland.You know how it is, we always want what we can't have...Your photos are sprinkled with gold dust!

  9. Beautiful pictures, you've captured these last few summery days we've had perfectly x

  10. Really fabulous, our meadows are just the same, flowers are everywhere, and the buttercups are really huge this year. What a lovely ride to your allotment.
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  11. What a beautiful post to start my day. Your pictures are stunning and you describe it so well I am almost there with you. I agree about the beauty of simple things and how it makes your heart sing! I don't blame you for stopping and thanks for sharing it with us. X

  12. Nature's beauty is hard to resist isn't it.. thank you for sharing it with us again... I'm taking my camera out t o a lovely garden today and hope to share tomorrow.. Cx

  13. Ik zou daar ook gestopt zijn,even heerlijk genieten van de natuur,je foto`s zijn zoals altijd schitterend en dan lekker uitrusten en rommelen in je prachtige tuin,fijne zondag,lieve groet Musje.

  14. Je hebt het prachtig verwoord hoe mooi simpele dingen kunnen zijn en je foto' s zijn als altijd schitterend. Wij kunnen ons gelukkig prijzen dat we hier zo van genieten.
    Fijne zondag verder en een goed begin van de week.

  15. Fantastic. Wildflowers are beautiful.

  16. Wat ziet het er gezellig en vrolijk uit bij je. De zon heeft zo lekker geschenen deze week. De tuin een heerlijk plekje om te vertoeven.

    Fijne zondag.

    x Roz

  17. You have captured the sunshine and shadows - what a joyous time of year - a good reminder that we should all celebrate the small happenings that surround us.

  18. What a wonderful place. Wildflowers are so much more beautiful than over bred exotics aren't they! xx

  19. Hoe Madelief,

    wat mooi fotos.
    Een prachtig plek.

    Je vintagekussen is super mooi.

    groetjes Conny

    Ben jij nu nederlands of moet ik engels schrijfen?

    1. Hoi Conny,

      Ik ben gewoon Nederlandse, maar je mag in alle talen schrijven die je wilt (als het maar geen Chinees or Arabisch is), dat is net iets te moeilijk voor mij ;-)!

      Fijne week!

      Madelief x

  20. Hallo liebe Madelief,
    dein Wiesenstrauß sieht wunderschön aus.
    Du hast ihn total schön mit den einzelnen Dekoteilen arrangiert.
    Mir gefällt deine romantische Art.
    Liebe Grüße und einen schönen Sonntag.

  21. Wat een prachtige plek om langs te fietsen, kan mij voorstellen dat je de verleiding niet kon weerstaan om even te stoppen! Altijd genieten om 'gewoon' in de natuur bloemen te kunnen plukken.

    Fijne dag!

  22. Wat is de natuur toch mooi op het ogenblik hè Madelief. Hier staat het overal ook vol met fluitenkruit ,boterbloemen en paardebloemen.. Je moet er wel foto's van maken en dat deed ik dus ook.Genieten.
    Lieve groet van Riet

  23. Oh, wild flowers is just beautiful. Your photos is so great. Love the cups too.

    Have a fantastic day

  24. Wat leuk !!!...ik ga weer even pinnen hoor bij je !! ....volg jij onze fb site eigenlijk van de winkel...???...ik heb er vandaag echt iets voor jouw opgezet !!..neem even een kijkje...https://www.facebook.com/bonhofmaarssen

    Fijne zondag liefs van mij...!

  25. Hoi Madelief,
    Wat een prachtig gezicht is dat toch, zo'n veld vol met mooie wilde bloemen. Je hebt het heel mooi vastgelegd. De rust straalt ervan uit...
    Wat heb je trouwens een ontzettend schattig dekentje over je stoel hangen... Heel mooi...
    Ik wens je een heel mooie zondag,
    Lieve groet,

  26. I am COVERED in fairy dust now, as I have scrolled down to see all of your lovely photos here, Madelief! We have cottonwood trees here in abundance and YOU would love what is starting to happen. White puffs of "cotton" like substance falls off the trees and it sprinkles everywhere. Some people find it a nuasance because you have to sweet it up; but I find it a wonder, because it is one of the few times you can truly feel as if fairys are flying around you.

    Enjoy your beautiful area and weekend dear one. Anita

  27. Nature is definitely at it's best at this time of year, the Hawthorn blossom is amazing this year!
    V xxx

  28. Madelief, I am so glad that you had your camera handy when you took the woodland detour. The light really sparkled on that day, and your photos let us share in the magic.

    Aren't wildflowers wonderful...like a springtime/summer gift from nature.

    Hoping that you also had fun at the allotment on that fine day. xo

  29. Like something out of a magazine shoot.....just lovely! Heidi

  30. Hi dear Madelief,
    you always like and love the small/little things (Sorry but whats the right word?) this wildflowers!
    Amazing pictures :)
    Thank you for showing it.
    Wish you a nice and sunny week

  31. Wonderful pictures, so full of that summer feeling! x

  32. Fields studded with wild flowers, even a variety of grasses, always make me want to smile, and probably to lie down in them, although last time I did that I ended up with a bunch of insect bites, eugh!

    Beautiful images as always dear Madelief :)

  33. Wat een prachtige natuur op weg naar je volkstuin Madelief en wat een mooi veldboeket heb je geplukt. Wat kan je dan genieten hè. Die mooie zonnige dagen geven je zoveel positieve energie.
    Fijne week en liefs, Mea

  34. Heerlijk al die bloemen langs de weg. En een prachtig boeket heb je samengesteld.
    De zon is was/is heerlijk aanwezig, al was het in de wind wel wat fris.

    Fijne week
    Liefs Lia

  35. What a perfect day. Seem things grow so fast there!

  36. Wild or cultivated, all flowers are beautiful, don't you think?! :) x

  37. Wat een prachtige foto's! Is dit je tuin? Echte mooie bloemen!

  38. Ik geniet iedere keer weer zo van je foto's. En juist al die details die je tegenkomt in de natuur vind ik zo mooi, allemaal kadootjes..

  39. Ik kan ook zo ontzettend genieten van de prachtige bloeiende weilanden. We reden deze week over de snelweg midden door de gele velden. Zo'n prachtig gezicht. Ik hoop dat ze nog even wachten met het maaien.
    Je hebt ook weer prachtige foto's gemaakt van dit mooie natuurschoon.
    Fijne week!
    Groetjes van Aleta

  40. DESCOBRI O SEU BLOG atraves do blog Desde My ventana! Fiquei fascinada... As fotos são fabulosas! Parabéns!

  41. It is such a beautiful time of year..even if a little late
    our lanes are full of delights, as yours
    you cannot beat Mother Nature !
    beautiful pic's "Maddie"
    Love Thea xx

  42. Wat een heerlijke fietstocht en wat is het mooi overal. Geeft weer volop energie . Mooi boeket heb je geplukt , lieve groet

  43. I love natural flower bouquets and I can imagine how you went by bike and stopped suddenly by to pick these beautiful flowers!

  44. Dearest Madelief,
    There is nothing more beautiful than a freshly picked nosegay of wildflowers...! You are so lucky for having this within a ten minute bike ride! Enjoy this while it lasts as soon we move into summer with less and less blooms.

  45. Me encantan las flores silvestres y todas tus fotografías!!
    Un abrazo grande.

  46. Country of dream...Your photos are wonderful, Madelief, you have "the eye" and the heart also.
    Thank you to love nature.
    Nice new week !
    Nath xxx

  47. What a lovely day you had Madelief. I would do the same thing by parking my bike to enjoy the views then take photos. As the saying goes, the best things in life are free.

  48. Your summer day sounds just perfect, Madelief! Lovely images that you have shared, and a pretty bouquet to remember your journey. Simple things = happiness! <3 xx

  49. Hi, Madelief,
    my kids used to pick such benches for me. I loved it. Your seating place looks so inviting and I love your china!
    Love, Ines

  50. Happy Monday to you Madelief!

    Each flower is a work of art and I know I am LOVING walking or cycling through our countryside observing the different plethora of flowers every week. It's not just the beauty of the flowers you have picked; it's how you stage them which is inspiring.

    I noticed this morning that your previous post had not appeared on my blog feed last week! Oh well: I've had the joy of reading TWO of your posts this morning. Thank you!


  51. Hi Madelief,
    What a wonderful post, I love wildflowers and huge leaf trees, it all looks so picturesque! Although it is a pity that you don´t have your garden placed directly at your home, you´re more than compensated by having such a beautiful way to your garden!
    I would have stopped too, to enjoy all the beauty nature offers! Lovely photos!

    Liebe Grüße, Bärbel

  52. Dit was weer genieten van jouw tuin én van een boeketje uit de wei van onderweg. Heerlijk!
    Fijne nieuwe week Madelief.

  53. no wonder it took you so long...what a beautiful place x

  54. I can smell this. I can hear it. I can feel the warm breeze. Your pictures bring me there, I am having simple Earl Grey with 1 teaspoon sugar and some milk in your vintage coffée cup. I brought my crochet. I hope you don't mind. It is nice to have a project on hand, having coffée with someone who shares the same passion.

    PS I saw you taking pictures at the event... I only have a small camera but i would love to take the step and get myself a "real" camera. Any advice on which one to choose, which lens. I do have an old Canon EOS 500 for film with two lenses... It is possible to use those lenses with a digital version of a Canon you think? And how did you get so good at taking pictures? Just experience or are you actually schooled?

    My Rose Valley

  55. Hello Madelief
    What a beautiful route you have for your bike ride to the gardens! The wildflowers are so pretty. Thank you for your comments today on my Linen post. Have a great week!


  56. What a pretty spot to pass by on your way to your garden. Thank you for stopping and sharing the highlights of this meadow with us. Hope you enjoyed your cup of tea in the garden with your bouquet of wild flowers while looking at your Country Living magazine. A great way of relaxing!
    Sarah x

  57. sooo wunderschöne sommerliche Bilder! GLG Anja

  58. How enchanting...
    I love the photo of the little ducks!

  59. so pretty...I can just see you in that beautiful meadow. You are enjoying the beauty all around you my friend. My peonies are finally out...I am in LOVE!

  60. ~ "Awww Summer time and the living is easy"....I could smell the beautiful summer blossoms on this post, Madelief and know wonder you took time out just to be....Your pictures are enchanting as always....and like you I love to pick the posies along the way and bring home to display....Happy new week to lovely YOU! I enjoyed the earlier post on the blog gals get together, how fabby is this......With kindest thoughts from my corner to yours....Maria x

  61. so pleased you were distracted because we benefit! loved the photos and the colours and the sheer feel of a beautiful summer.... we have been out of the loop, so its lovely to be visiting. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  62. Oh Madelief ..... I cannot think of anything more beautiful. Such wonderul photographs ..... idyllic.
    I am sure that your garden is looking beautiful too ..... ours is looking quite nice apart from being covered in a layer of dust ..... we are having a new roof !!!!
    Sorry to have been a little inconsistent with my comments lately ..... there is rather a lot going on here and blogging has taken a bit of a back seat.
    Enjoy the late Spring and I hope that you are getting some better weather than we are ..... it's quite cold here in the UK. XXXX

  63. Liebe Madelief, du hattest recht, es ist einfach wunderschön in de Theetuin. Welch ein Privileg so wohnen und leben zu können, wie der Inhaber.

    Dein Wiesenstrauss ist so wunderschön und die Wege sehen mit dem grün so richtig saftig aus. Diese Jahreszeit ist einfach herrlich. Einen schönen Tag wünsche ich dir morgen, liebe Grüße Ina

  64. Absolutely breathtaking Madelief. Loved, much love looking at your pictures, wonderful amazing photos.
    Hugs xx

  65. Madelief, Your post had me relaxing into a lovely sigh of awe. Simply lovely.

  66. Dear Madelief,

    I can see why you stopped at this most gorgeous place to take some photos and pick flowers. It looks so peaceful and beautiful and isn't nature wonderful with all the little families of ducks, birds and insects.
    Thanks for sharing all this beauty with us.

    Happy week

  67. Such beautiful wild flowers Madelief! Thank you so much for the very sweet comments you have kindly left me recently on my blog .....I so appreciate them!

    Have a lovely week!

    Sophia x

  68. Hoi Madelief,

    Het is ALTIJD zo bijzonder prettig om jou foto´s te zien en bijna samen te beleven alle dingen wat je doet.....:)*

    HOW prachtig zijn deze wilde bloemetjes, ongelooflijk!!!

    Heel erg bedankt voor jou bezoek bij me en voor jou commentaar:-)))*

    Wens je een fantastisch week en HOOP ietsje meer zon voor ons allemaal.

    Liefs en groetjes,

  69. I am convinced you live in fairyland Madelief. Every photo you show on your blog is so rich in colour and beauty.
    Wild flowers have some unusual pretty names. In my mind I can just imagine a fairy called Ox-eye Daisy!
    As always you have created a lovely and refreshing post. The flowers you gathered for the tea table are stunning!
    Summer Blessings to you.

  70. Hi dear Madelief,
    what a beautiful meadow is on your way, hope you had a fine day in your gorgeours garden. The flower bouquets are so lovely and natural. I'm so happy that the summer is still arrived, the roses in our garden starting to bloom, just great.
    You ask where we will on our next trip: we will go to Scotland for the first time, not a real summer holiday, but I hope to see great landscapes. Edinburgh, Glasgow and London we will also visit, so we will also have some city flair. Long time ago I was on Zeeland, and I liked it very much, Middelburg was so lovely.
    Lieve groetjes

  71. I love your gorgeous wildflower meadow post, Madelief! Such a lush and pretty place with a calm atmosphere. Your photos of the garden are wonderfully colourful.....a gorgeous place to sit and relax.
    Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures.
    Helen x


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