zaterdag 13 april 2013

A string of daisies

Now that spring has finally sprung, my head is filled with flowers. As soon as the sun comes through and the soil warms up a little, I will start sowing. Packages of sweet peas, Forget-me-nots, Cosmos, Zinnia and mixed cutting flowers are waiting in a little basket in the garden house.

When at home, I am either crocheting or baking :-) Last week I made an orange chocolate fudge cake, which was delicious. The combination between the orange and chocolate, divine.
I was inspired by the Great British Bake Off, which I enjoy watching now and then. The cake is probably a calorie bomb, but when at work in the garden, I don't mind. I can use the energy and the calories will probably be burned by the time I go home. We had visitors too, so not much of the cake was left on Sunday night. If you are interested in the recipe, you can find it on the BBC's website.

I crocheted two strings of flowers this week. The daisy chain is my favourite. There's something about daisies that makes me smile. It's probably their friendly appearance. My garden is full of little daisy plants which I seeded last year. I hope that in a few weeks time, my garden path will be lined with them.

While I am typing this, the grey clouds move over, to make room for blue skies and sunlight.

Wishing you a bright and sunny weekend!


Madelief x

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  1. Wat heerlijk he, dat de zon weer gaat komen. Hier is het nu nog bewolkt, maar het komt vast goed. Ik vind je daisies slinger erg leuk. Groetjes, en fijn weekend, Gerda

  2. Ich liebe diese gelb/weißen Häkelblumen! So schön! Der Kuchen sieht so lecker fotografiert aus, dass man am liebsten ein wenig von dem Schokoguß naschen möchte. Oder gleich ein ganzes Stück :-)) Ich warte noch auf das schöne Wetter. War zwar gemeldet, bleibt aber noch aus. Gestern abend hatten wir ein Hagelgewitter und heute auch Schauer. Trotzdem werde ich jetzt mal in den Gartenmarkt fahren.
    Einen sonnigen Sonntag wünsche ich Dir!!

  3. What a delightful post. Yum for the cake and clapping wildly for the crochet daisies !

  4. Precious Madelief,

    WOW. Your world is so beautiful, so colorful, and offers to me dreams that I can make into reality even though my world here is still covered in snow.

    What an array of creative explosion here, with your clear and sharp photography, to show in great detail what makes YOU happy. THANK YOU for this lovely moment of a smile. Anita

  5. wat een vrolijk post! leuke madeliefjes ben je aan het haaken die cake ziet er erg lekker uit hopenlijk gaat alles snel in bloei komen met dit weer dan zien de tuinen en de natuur er weer op zijn mooist uit groetjes en een fijne zaterdag gewenst leon10

  6. I love daisies and crochet a little. Perhaps you would share your directions for the 'string of daisies'??

    And that cake looks wonderful!

  7. Even if the sun is lurking behind the clouds your post is filled to the brim with lots of bright sunshine - a treat to visit, and what a pity that delicious cake cannot be reached from the computer screen!!!
    It is surprising how many of our TV programmes go around the world - I had no idea that the Great British Bake Off was seen in other countries.

  8. De kleur geel spat van het scherm Madelief, wat een vrolijke post! Ik heb het vermoeden dat je morgen naar de tuin gaat ;-), dat kan bijna niet anders met dit mooie weer! Zojuist heb ik een uur in de voortuin gewerkt, de annabellen zijn teruggesnoeid, de restanten van salvia's en siergrassen zijn verwijderd. Het ziet er nu heel anders uit! Straks wil ik eigenlijk nog even naar het tuincentrum, er is hier nog zo weinig kleur in de achtertuin...daar wil ik verandering in brengen.

    Je taart ziet er heerlijk uit maar caloriebommen zijn aan mij minder besteed ;-).

    Ik wens je een heel fijn weekend, succes met al je tuinplannen! Veel liefs, Ingrid

  9. Wat een gezellige foto's, echt voorjaar.

    Zonnig weekend, dinah

  10. Beautiful,happy weekend Madelief xxx

  11. Wat zien je madeliefjes er mooi uit, leuk zo'n gehaakte bloemenslinger Madelief.
    En ohhh....die taart....die lijkt me echt heerlijk smaken.
    Nu heerlijk genieten van het Lenteweer. Wij gaan in ieder geval wat tuinklussen doen en genieten van de zon.
    Fijn weekend en een lieve groet, Mea

  12. I just spent my first cup of coffee catching up with all your lovely posts that I missed over the last month.....your garden was such a sight for my still snow covered eyes.....although it is melting slowly!
    I thought of you at this by invitation only estate sale, she had a room filled with china and was incredible and her linens for all of the functions.....incredible!
    My friend, along with her sister and mother will be over in your area next week, they are so excited....take care, Heidi

  13. Chocolate and orange is a delicious combination!
    Love all the crochet, pretty little garlands. :)
    Happy weekend Madelief,
    V xxx

  14. Dear Madelief,
    Not only blue skies but a little bit of warmth too.
    Thank you for reminding me of the pale blue and gold forget-me-nots - they are one of my favourite flowers.
    The flowers look lovely and so does that cake!

  15. I adore your daisies, so white and bright! and the cake looks soo you deliver??Emmax

  16. Wat gezellig al die madeliefjes Madelief en die taart ziet er verrukkelijk uit.
    Fijn weekend!

  17. Ik heb zitten genieten van je foto`s,lief de gehaakte bloemetjes en ohh de taart,ik ga met mijn moeder op hun hobbytuin plukbloemen zetten,zodat wij beide kunnen plukken en wat meer als dat ik nu bij huis kan,fijn weekend,liefs Musje.

  18. I love your crochet daisy chain and the chocolate cake looks so tasty. I am still waiting for things to warm up before I do much sowing! It's been raining here all day today so no hope of gardening. Hope the sun is shining in Holland, thinking of you. Sarah x

  19. Wat zijn die gehaakte Madeliefjes leuk! Heerlijk die frisse gele voorjaarskleur en morgen wordt het als het goed is, eindelijk echt mooi weer, nu zie je na de regen al dat alles op springen staat.
    Fijne zondag!

  20. wunderschöne handarbeiten, wunderschöne farben und der kuchen sieht so lecker aus!!! alles liebe von angie aus deutschland

  21. Your daisy chain is charming! I've had a whole white daisy appear , along with some lemon balm , have no idea how it go there and its nearly two feet tall now and beginning to bloom. The lemon balm is wonderful and sort of minty. Garden surprises are so thrilling.....

  22. The chocolate looks so delicious. You make lovely daisy crochets. I can't wait forte flowers to bloom. Hopefully soon.

  23. beautiful pictures Madelief, I always look at your lovely pinterest collection they are also so inspiring.
    Hugs Lynn x

  24. Wat ontzettend leuk zo'n slinger met gehaakte bloemetjes.......geniet van het mooie weer morgen !!....liefs

  25. Both cake and daisies are delicious! We are back to rain today :( but at least things look green! If you like the Great Bake Off series, I am sure you will love the new one, The Sewing Bee! Along the same lines but for dressmakers, keep an eye out for it.

  26. Madeliefe, how beautiful is your crocheted daisy chain. How delicious I imagine your chocolate orange cake is...I must look at the recipe. Thank you for the BBC link.

    We are still trying to coax springtime warmth into New York. It's here for a few days and then exits...leaving us with chilly rain and wind. And then the rotation begins anew. Daffodils are in full bloom in Central Park, and some of the flowering fruit trees are starting their show.

    I do love this time of year. xo

  27. Dear Madelief,

    What a delight to come and visit you and see your gorgeous little daisy chain and the delicious looking chocolate cake - yummy combination with the orange.
    I too enjoy watching the Great British bake off and it is good to see what they all bake. So glad that Spring has arrived there, and happy that you will be able to get back out in your gorgeous garden.

    Enjoy the weekend

  28. Dearest Madelief,
    Guess the daisies you're talking about are the small 'Madeliefjes'? Or not... they were my favorites in early spring! Meizoentjes... Miss those.
    Your crocheted daisies look very colorful and happy. You have a way with colors and flowers through your lens!
    Hugs to you and wishing you more sunshine.

  29. That's the great thing about gardening, you can justify some highly calorific treat to keep up your energy!
    I love the daisy chain x

  30. Your beautiful crocheted flowers make me want to learn to crochet. I knit but there seems to be so many great crochet patterns out there right now. Your cake look delicious, I love a great chocolate cake. Still waiting for spring to arrive here, we had snow flurries today. Have a great weekend, Laura

  31. Madelief , your ideas are always wonderful!

    That cake looks so tasty!

    Love, Ines

  32. Hoi Madelief; Je hebt echt de smaak te pakken met haken!! Wat een leuke Madeliefjes....Hang je ze op in je tuinhuisje?. Ben benieuwd of t vandaag 20C gaat ieder geval voelt het wel lekker buiten. Gisteren zag ik de eerste zwaluwen en de kieviten buitelen al door de lucht; jippie!
    Toevallig kocht ik gisteren ook zaad van; Zinnias,cosmea, goudsbloemen en lathyrus
    Fijne zondag!
    groetjes Fleur

  33. Such a bright and sunny, happy, heartwarming, and beautiful post!

  34. Wat leuk die gehaakte madeliefjes. Hier viel het weer wat tegen, weinig zon ook, hopelijk was dat bij jou beter. Heb je de calorieën eraf kunnen werken?

    Lieve groet

  35. That choccy cake looks yummy!
    Love the pretty bright crochet chains, so cheerful and bright.Hope you too had the warm sunny day that we had here in the UK today (Sunday)Madelief, and enjoyed time in your garden.
    Gill xx

  36. Love your strings of daisies they do look so springlike and cheerful and am so going to check out that recipe it looks devine and thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Jenny

  37. Hello Madelief, I love your daisies. I love them too, I think it is because of daisy chains as a child. Your cake looks utterly delicious!
    Thanks for visiting and leaving lovely comments. I am looking forward to my new adventure. I will be taking a small amount of space in the gift shop in May, and will be doing a furniture painting workshop at the end of this month, so it is very exciting. I will of course take photographs to let you see. Many thanks for your encouraging words. Much love, Linda x

  38. Wat ziet dit er gezellig uit! Je taart ziet er heerlijk uit... Het was hier vandaag heerlijk weer (al bleef de zon een beetje achter de wolken), maar ik denk dat jij met volle teugen hebt genoten op de tuin!

    lieve groet, Miranda

  39. Waarom krijg ik toch altijd HONGER van jouw blogposts? Een rammelende maag van die lekkere taarten!

    En je madeliefjes.. zo mooi...! Lekker zomers!

    Een fijne (hopelijk zonnige) week!

    't Bezige Bijtje

  40. Oh Madelief, how I love this bright and colorful post! And dank u mijn vriendin for coming to visit, comment and even maybe trying to practice telling your friends where YOU ARE FROM! Enjoy a special week! Anita

  41. Dear Madelief, what a pretty, pretty Spring post! The crocheted daisy chain looks so pretty with the daffodils!
    Can always count on a lovely and inspirational post from you, sending hugs and the best Spring wishes! N.xo

  42. i am in love with your daisy chain, i wish you could show me how to make one. i love daisies too, i think it is my favorite flower. your cake is delicious, your crochet and your photos! i'm so inspired madelief.

  43. Good Morning, hope the sun is still shining for you...looks hopeful here! Daisies are such a happy flower, they beginning to it's probably time to cut the grass!
    Sarah -x-

  44. Everything looks so lovely and sweet! I am so looking forward to new images from your garden.
    Wishing you a great week!
    xoxo Ingrid

  45. Het begint hier net te regenen :(
    Ik kom dus op het goede moment bij jou langs.
    Wat zijn je gehaakte daisies leuk.
    Ik zag dit weekend ook de eerste madeliefjes in het gras.
    De taart ziet er heerlijk uit.
    Fijne week, lieve groet

  46. Very pretty as always Madelief....and what a gorgeous looking chocolate cake!

    Wishing you a happy week...

    Sophia x

  47. Love your sweet crocheted daisy chains! And such a delicious cake, I would love a piece of it! Your flowers are so bright and vibrant, it's wonderful to think that spring is really here now!
    Wishing you a happy sunny week!
    Helen x

  48. I really love your daisy chain- just so cheery and delicate all at the same time. :)

  49. Hello dearest Madelief---I love love love your sweet daisy strings!!!!!!! So sweet and springy!
    Of course the cake looks SO good! I, like you, don't mind a few more calories during garden season because I know I will burn it off. Too bad winter comes and I have to cut waaaay back :)
    sending hugs...

  50. ~ Hi Madelief....A beautiful post with a lovely spring time feel....~I would loved to have joined you for tea and that delicious home made cake! hehe....With kindest thoughts....Maria x ~ the crochet daisies are so special, my friend! just lovely....x

  51. Luvin' on that daisy chain...would be sweet in a spring or summer bridal shower or reception !

  52. your pictures always inspire me madelief! keep going! <3 Svenja

  53. Cosmos - I need to grow some more this year! You're daisies do look lovely too though.

    Nina x

  54. Hello Madelief
    Just catching up, glad to see you have managed to spend some time in your precious garden, it so lovely to see the plants returning, at last the weather is a little warmer
    ..your crochet flowers are so pretty, and what a delicious cake
    Kind regards
    Thea x

  55. Greetings Madelief,
    Your posts are always so inspiring and this one has me savoring each little detail. It is nice to hear of garden plans and flowers to plant after such a long winter! And your crocheted daisies are delightful! I can't decide which is more delicious, the chocolate cake or the lovely plate it is displayed on. Happy Spring and Happy Garden Planning! xoxo

  56. Hi my have been baking again...yummmmm. Wish I could share that one with you. I remember something like these chains hanging in Lia's shop. What I wish I would of bought one.They are adorable. Oh time in Holland.
    I have been home from school with a very bad back...not fun. And to think all that time in Holland lugging that heavy suitcase around I was fine.
    Love to you always....enjoy that sunshine! xoxoxo

  57. Oh my goodness ... wishing I could dive into that divine looking cake right now!
    Sweet daisy chain.
    Hope the sun shines on you this week.
    M x

  58. Wat zijn de bloemetjes erg lief. Leuk project van je.

    groetjes Conny

  59. Oh Madelief, ich hätte nicht vorbeikommen dürfen ;), der Schokokuchen sieht soooooooo lecker aus (ich lieeeeebe alles Schokoladige) und ich mache doch gerade Diät :(((! Dann werde ich lieber die traumhaft schönen Häkelblümchen angucken!!! Herrliche Frühlingstage und viel Freude in deinem Gartenparadies,

    alles Liebe, bis bald, herzlichst Jade

  60. Prachtig Madelief. Wat een heerlijke foto's!
    Zo mooi al die voorjaarskleuren. Onze tuintijd komt er weer aan, zo'n zin in.
    Straks alle zomerbloemen en hortensia's. Wel heel apart dat als onze tulpen bloeien we de eenjarige kunnen kopen. Dat heb ik nog niet eerder mee gemaakt.
    Heel fijn weekend, liefs

  61. Beautiful colors! Just like I love it! Hug Anja

  62. Leuk, leuk! Zinnia, cosmea, lathyrus, het zijn ook mijn lievelingsbloemen. Ik hoop dat je in de zomer genoeg tijd vindt om ons te trakteren op alle bloemenfoto's van je tuin.
    Die taart en de slinger zijn natuurlijk ook geweldig.

  63. Wat een vrolijk gekleurde voorjaarsbloemetjes heb je gehaakt, je hebt er mooie foto's van gemaakt.

  64. Ohhh wat gezellig die bloemenslinger....


Thank you for your lovely words.