zaterdag 16 juni 2012

Sissinghurst castle gardens & Michelham priory

Somehow it always rains when I visit Sissinghurst castle and gardens in the south of England. This year was no exception. No gentle rain, mist like drops or short downpours, but a constant rain that, in combination with low temperatures and wind, makes you feel really uncomfortable. We strolled through the garden, enjoying it's beauty, while seeking shelter under our umbrella's.

At the same time we realised that we probably should have visited the garden two or three weeks later. There was not that much in bloom yet. The part I liked best was the white garden and the orchard, with the curled up fern leaves, first roses, white syringa and blossoms.

Michelham Priory was one of the places my friends and I visited as well. The gardens are not large, but well maintained and created with care around the priory. There is an orchard garden, a kitchen garden a medieval garden and even a physic garden, but there was not really that much in bloom here either. However, the forget-me-nots were enchanting!

The photo's above were taken at Sissinghurst, the photo's below at Michelham Priory. A great advantage of the rain is that it makes the colours very intense!

Wish you all a happy weekend!

Madelief x

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  1. Love your pictures! This place seems so beautiful and romantic...

  2. Jammer dat het zo regende op deze dag en dat nog lang niet alles in bloei stond! Maar er is kleur genoeg te zien hoor! Ik hoop ook ooit nog eens een bezoek aan tuinen in Engeland te gaan brengen!

    Nog een heel fijn weekend!! Veel liefs, Ingrid

  3. Dear Madelief, the picture of the walkway leading to the statue at the Priory and also the Trillium and Ostrich Fern carpeted ground below the statue at Sissinghurst have very still qualities that I like very much.
    I love these pictures as much as summer glory pictures because these show the lead up to the big show!

  4. Some stunning photographs Madelief, in spite of the rain!
    Essie x

  5. Dear Madelief - considering the weather your pictures are charming. The luminous green of the fresh ferns really catches the eye. It is no wonder our gardens are so green this year.

  6. De Michelham Priory tuin ziet er mooi uit met die vergeet-mij-nietjes en het beeld onder de berceau. Sissinghurst blijft altijd mooi en alles hoeft voor mij niet uitbundig te bloeien. Prachtige foto's weer!
    Groeten, Janneke

  7. I love Sissinghurst Castle. I've been there twice :)
    Nice Pics!

    Hugs, Sandra

  8. Hallo Madelief, zonder jou regentekst hadden we er niets van geweten, prachtige foto's en een mooie tuin is eigenlijk altijd mooi, wat voor weer het ook is, geeft ook weer een bijzonder sfeer, alleen voor de wandelaar is dit wat minder......
    Fijn weekend verder,

  9. Misschien werkte het weer die dag niet zo mee, maar de tuin was er zeker niet minder mooi om!

    Nog een fijn weekend. Lieve groet, Miranda

  10. Even with the rain your photos are beautiful..thanks so much for sharing them with us,,

  11. Hello Madelief,

    beautiful photos you've taken home with.
    Yes love the rain and England, 0) what would be England without rain?
    With all the rain but everything looks fresh from flowers.
    The green plants love the roses, unfortunately, does not it.

    Have a fine weekend!
    Dearest greetings,

  12. Ondanks de regen heb je het toch weer mooi vast gelegd.
    En het ziet er door de regen wel heel mooi groen uit.


  13. Absolutely beautiful the Sissinghurst Garden and the Michelham priory too, Madelief! Great shoots too! Well done. My favorite is the photograph with the scupture of the girl and forget-me nots :o) So delicate and romantic :o)

    Hope you have a nice weather :o) It`s raining here in Moscow, the rain could be very romantic too, but I need some sun :o)
    Have a sweet rest of the weekend
    lot of love

  14. Wonderful ! I love these fairy tale garden and castle ! Under the rain the light is fantastic,Thak you Madelief to share these photos with us, England is a very beautiful country.

    Nice Sunday, under the rain or under the sun, life is beautiful.
    Lieve Groet,

    Nathanaëlle x

  15. Madelief, I thought the priory was so peaceful that I looked it up and read it has the longest moat surrounding it in England! Also that there is a working water mill, that must have been chugging along merrily when you were there with the rain.
    I've never seen so many forget me nots together, and how beautiful they are leading up to the garden girl.

  16. Nog niet veel in bloei misschien maar wel twee prachtige tuinen die je bezocht hebt Madelief. Hoedanook de moeite van het bezoeken waard. En bedankt dat je ons even laat meegenieten.

  17. I love armchair travelling with you Madelief!I particularly love your photo of the statue at the Priory.

  18. Hello Madelief

    It is so beautiful to see Sissinghurst though your eyes. I have never been but, through books and an attempt at a white garden I feel so familiar with it.
    It is a dream of mine to go there one day.

    Thank you for this delightful post

    Helen xx

  19. Dearest Madelief,

    The rain is the main reason for those lush gardens! Optimum climate for plants, not so for humans... But it still looks breathtakingly beautiful. In our area it will be impossible to see such lush gardens EVER.
    Thanks for sharing the photos and as for the timing, it is unpredictable I guess...
    Love to you and have a lovely Sunday.

  20. een hele mooie tuin is dit staat ook nog op mij verlang en to do lijstje samen met fauntain abbys zou daar ook graag eens rondwillen kijken en wandelen maar dat is meer midden- noord engeland mooi hoor leuke fotos groetjes leon10

  21. Soooo wunderschön! Dort würde ich auch gerne mal selber hinreisen... abwarten, irgendwann wird das bestimmt mal was. Wünsche Dir noch ein schönes Wochenende. LG Gartenliesel

  22. Ist es schön dort!!! Ich geh jetzt mal in den Garten, meinen Buchs auch so hübsch schneiden :-) Das war nämlich mal mein Plan, aber irgendwie sieht es anders aus...

  23. Dear Madelief,
    Sissinghurst is so wonderful and the white garden is my favourite,too.
    It´s a pity that it was raining during your stay, but the atmosphere there is amazing everytime. Two weeks ago we wanted to go there again, also because there should be a boot fair. It was cancelled because of the rain :-(. Next year - next try.
    The pictures are great.
    Lovely hugs

  24. Wat een prachtige foto's van een prachtige plek....fijne zondag....liefs

  25. Wat genieten...prachtig om de tuinen te zien. Mooie foto's ondanks het weer. Voor mij weer een inspiratie, ik vind het zilverblad zo leuk in een border. Fijne zondag en een lieve groet Diana

  26. Prachtig,ik heb zitten genieten,wat zou ik daar graag wonen,ik vind de stenen van de huizen daar zo mooi,haha waar let ik op,maar ze hebben zoveel mooie details hun huizen,ik keek mijn ogen uit toen ik in Kendal was,ik wens je een fijne zondag,lieve groet Musje.

  27. Hello Madelief:
    Sissinghurst will always remain very dear to our hearts. We have known that garden for so very many years and for us it is, in our minds, representative of the very essence of all that is best in English gardens and gardening. Such a pity that your latest visit was in the rain, typical it would seem of this summer in Britain, and that, as far as timing goes, a couple of weeks later would have resulted in rather more in flower.

    Michelham Priory is entirely new to us and looks absolutely delightful. We shall certainly have to seek it out when we are next in that area.

  28. Hello Madelief,

    I am sorry you had such damp weather; good for most plants but not so good for taking all the beauty in of Sissinghurst! As you know that is my homeland and I go to that little corner of paradise every summer with my mother and children. I love all the literature around Sissinghurst and Vita Sackville West; pure inspiration.

    Have a beautiful week.

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      I agree with you on the literature of Sissinghurst and Vita Sackville West. It is pure inspiration. Do you know the book 'Among the bohemians' by Virginia Nicholson? You may like it too. I also enjoyed reading Harold Nicolsons book 'Journey to Java' on which he and his wife cruised to Java and back. At that time they were both in their seventies.

      Wish you a happy new week!

      Madelief x

  29. Madelief, I enjoyed seeing each of these gardens, each with a very special atmosphere, and thank you very much for braving the rain.

    As another comment said, it's very interesting to visit a well-planned and maintained garden before the "big" season really gets going.


  30. Ik heb er als JONKVROUW door heen gegaan......het was heerlijk......prachtig....ik heb er van genoten Madelief.......bedankt voor deze geweldige wandeling!!!!!
    Fijne dag nog & lieve groetjes,

  31. Beautiful......I can just imagine the life here back in the day....

  32. Hello dear Madelief,
    I'm so sorry to hear, that the weather was' nt good, but I hope you enjoyed this wonderful nevertheless. But I guess, that there was' nt so much people, so that you had the garden for your own :-)
    As we visit this wonderful garden a few years ago, I was really overwhelmed, it was so great, and of course I love the "White Garden" too...
    Viele Grüße

  33. Liebe Madeilief,

    auf diese Bilder habe ich gewartet !!! So wundervoll, der Garten ich habe schon viel darüber gelesen , war aber noch nie dort...und du hast immer dasselbe Wetter ? Schade, aber es ist halt England...Der weisse Garten ist besonders toll, wäre auch meine Favorit...
    Heute war hier endlich Sommer und wir waren nur draußen..bei einem Fest und im sollte es bleiben..

    Wünsche dir einen guten Start in deie neue Woche, liebe Grüße,


    1. Hi Sanne,

      I did not really mind about the weather. When you go on holiday to England you know (like in Holland) that the weather is unpredictable :-)! The rain really added to the beauty. Making it all look lush and green. Furthermore, there were not that many people in the garden. At the end of the afternoon the rain stopped and we had a 'dry hour' in the garden!

      Hope your beautiful weather will continue, so that you can spend time outside!

      Wish you a happy new week too!

      Madelief x

  34. I've always wanted to visit Sissinghurst, looks beautiful x

  35. Dear Madelief,

    Thank you for braving the rain and cold to take these gorgeous photographs.
    The Castle, priory and gardens are so beautiful and with the rain makes everything look fresh and new.

    Happy new week

  36. Oh my your images are stunning! They just jump right off the pages.

    I have some very good news to share with you my friend....I just booked a flight to Amsterdam next March!!! A girlfriend and I have decided it is time for a girls holiday to Holland! I am hoping that I can meet you! I am soooooo excited! xoxoxo Happy hugs to you.

    1. I have got a huge smile on my face reading your comment Koralee! Love to meet you and your friend!!! Please let me know what dates you will be in Holland and which places you will visit, so that I can block a date in my diary! It will be a joy meeting you!!!

      Wish you a happy day!

      Much love,

      Madelief xoxo

  37. Wat mooi! Je hebt echt hele mooie foto's gemaakt. Ik wil toch ook eens zoiets gaan doen, werkelijk fantastisch. In Engeland moet je regen kennelijk maar op de koop toenemen. Net als in Nederland trouwens. Jammer maar helaas. Maar van je foto's wordt ik echt hebberig (of hoe noem je dat, dat je er eigenlijk het liefst ook naartoe wilt gaan en wel meteen)
    (ik schrijf maar in het Nederlands, dat kun je hopelijk toch wel lezen?)

  38. Great photos I actually think that English gardens look and smell so beautiful just after some summer rain.

    Fleur xx

  39. All images are so invited,dear Madelief:-)*

    SOoooooooooooo pure and fresh!!!
    Reagardless of bed weather....

    I send you my hugs,

  40. Wat een prachtig epiek om te zijn en wat heb je het mooi op de foto gezet!

    Fijne week!


  41. Dear Madelief - your images are spectacular despite the dreary British weather! Well done to you for hanging on in there and soaking up the beauty of Sissinghurst regardless of the rain! You are so right - the rain makes the greens look greener and far more lush - thank you dearly for suffering so that we could reap the rewards of your magnificent photography!!
    Paula xxx

  42. Ook ik zit hier weer te genieten Madelief!

  43. Hej Madelief, zelfs met regen heb je prachtige foto's gemaakt. Het is een geweldige locatie om te zien, ik hou daar wel van.
    Lieve groet,

  44. Dearest Madelief,
    may be it wasn't the best weather, but I love your England-photos, first of all the photo of the woolly hedgenettle / Stachys byzantina with the rain drops and this one with the girls statue and the (really enchanting) forget-me-nots! Lucky me I don't get wet or cold while looking at these pretty images. Today we had about 30 degrees celsius and that's just a little bit too hot for me - so it's a great joy for me to send you a portion of our beautiful sunshine :O) : ☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼☼
    Lots of Küschelbüschels, Traude

  45. Amazing!! Thanks for sharing these wonderful inspirational images! Hugs Yvonne

  46. I'm sorry you had to endure such uncomfortable weather to bring us these magnificent photos, but thank you for doing so :)

  47. I always enjoy seeing where you travel to….I love the shot of the fuzzy lambs ears.. Thanks so much for stopping by, Laura

  48. The gardens are beautiful. I love the windows in the castle with all the diamond panes. So pretty with white, blue and purple flowers. Thank you for sharing such a lovely place. xx

  49. Hi Madelief,

    ik heb weer genoten en vooral ook weggedroomd bij je prachtige foto's. Wat zal je eigen tuin er ook mooi bij staan deze dagen!
    Veel felicitaties aan je dochter voor het behalen van haar VWO diploma, het wordt een heerlijke zomer!!
    Hier gaan de aapjes nog 3 weken naar school en dan is het vakantie.
    We zijn veel in ons nieuwe huis, we blijven in Rotterdam hoor ^.~, het plan is er tijdens de zomervakantie in te trekken.
    En volgend jaar een vintage cup of tea met Koralee, doen we. Hihi, lijkt me heel gezellig en bijzonder.
    Liefs xx

  50. Hi Madelief,
    A wonderful reminder of the beauty of Sissinghurst. I'm a huge fan of green and white gardens.
    One of the plus points (are there any?) of so much rain, is that the gardens look so vivid, beautifully captured in your photos.
    Hope you have a lovely week,

  51. Beautiful photos, I really must visit Sissinghurst, it is on my list, so glad you enjoyed your trip, sorry about our weather, It is still very unsettled
    Thea x

  52. It looks beautiful even without all the other flowers and the rain. Definitely a place I would love to visit one day.
    Take Care,


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