woensdag 23 mei 2012

May garden

After five lovely days in England, I arrived home Sunday afternoon. My friends and I had a good time, visiting gardens, walking around Brighton and Tenterden and catching up with each other. Although we had some showers, great part of the week was pleasant. The temperatures mild. Perfect for spending outdoors.

I haven't sorted out my photo's yet, so I hope you don't mind waiting a little bit longer before I show you which gardens and places I visited and and what I brought home with me.

Today's photo's were taken in my garden just before I left for England. You can see I have lots of Aquilegia's in the front and back garden. My Alliums were almost in bloom, so were my corn flowers and geranium Wargrave pink. One of my favourites at the moment is the lilac phlox 'Clouds of perfume'. The abundance of colour, the smell and the fact that it lasts in a vase for more than a week makes it just perfect for me.

What's your favourite flower in bloom at the moment?

The little bunch of flowers in the enamel jug consists of Bluebells, Spanish hyacinths, phlox Clouds of perfume & Cow Parsley.

Happy Wednesday!


Madelief x

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  1. Lieve Madelief!!

    Wat goed om te lezen dat je een heerlijke tijd in Engeland hebt gehad, met over het algemeen droog weer. Ik ben erg benieuwd naar je foto's maar deze post over je eigen tuin is ook weer genieten, wat staat er al veel in bloei bij jou! Hier is de tuin nog vooral groen, er staat een paarse geranium in bloei maar dat is het voor nu. Wel heb ik gisteren lavendel gehaald, dat ga ik vandaag maar eens rustig in potten planten.

    Ik wens je een heerlijke dag, misschien ga je nog wel naar de tuin want het is er (vanmorgen in ieder geval) prachtig weer voor!

    Veel liefs, Ingrid

  2. Liebe Madelief,

    das sind wieder traumhafte Bilder Deines superschönen Gartens.

    viele liebe Grüße

  3. Your garden I'll say it again is just a little bit of heaven.......I moved all my pots outside today as it looks like our freezing temps in the morning are finally over...yeah!
    I can't wait to see your pictures of London....Have a wonderful evening!

  4. Hello Madelief,
    I love the Aquilegias in my garden at the moment.Yours are fabulous, especially the bright pink ones,the Aliums are stunning too!
    The Cow Parsley looks so pretty and dainty in your jug.

    I think I was a bit late with my comment on your last post, but I'm glad you had a lovely time in England
    Rachel x

  5. Goedemorgen Madelief,

    Het is toch altijd een feestje om jouw blog te openen.
    Word er altijd vrolijk van, en nu met het weer buiten is het helemaal genieten.

    Fijne dag, lia

  6. EINDELIJK.........(dacht ik),
    Maar nee hoor "gewoon" weer een PRACHTIGE post uit EIGEN tuin!
    Ik wacht geduldig af.....
    Mijn favoriet in mijn tuin is de Blauwe Regen, ik heb er 4,waarvan er één ineens wit is (????)Daar zit ik me altijd op te verheugen en geniet er dagelijks van. Dat is mijn stukje Engeland aan huis!
    Fijne dag

  7. Welcome back Madelief. I am happy to hear that you had a lovely time in England. I look forward to all the adventures in more detail soon.
    Your garden really is very pretty at the moment and with so many flowers, I would love to experience the scent of Phlox 'Clouds of perfume' it sounds heavenly. The Allium and Aquilegia are doing so well already in your photographs, we are still at bud stage for Allium 'Purple sensation'.

  8. LIeve Madelief. Ik heb veel aan je gedacht de laatste dagen en ik heb je in stilte benijd om je bezoek aan die prachtige tuinen. Nee hoor, zo erg is het niet .Fijn dat het goed weer was want dat is wel erg belangrijk hè. Ik wacht op al je foto's. Leuk dat het zo gezellig was met je vriendinnen.
    Je tuin ziet er ook prachtig uit, alles in bloei, zo mooi.
    Fijne dag !
    Liefs van Riet

  9. Wat een prachtige tuin heb je toch. Hier komen de akeleien nog maar net in bloei. Die Phlox is werkelijk prachtig!

  10. Hey, Madelief.
    Wat een geweldige post.
    Zulke mooie foto's .Ik weet niet eens welke ik de mooiste vind.
    Wat staat er al veel in bloei!
    Een prachtige tuin.
    Heel grappig het rozenmotief op de kan, komt me bekend voor....
    Staat ook op DE kan van mij ;-)))
    Geniet van het mooie weer.
    Lieve groetjes, Annette

  11. Beautiful flower shots. I love that old enamel jug with the roses painted on it. So glad you enjoyed the English gardens, I certainly enjoyed the photos above!
    My favourite blooming flowers at the moment are the iris. They come in such gorgeous colours and look so exotic!
    Have a beautiful day!
    Greetings from Switzerland, Sandra

  12. if i ever had the chance to have another daughter i would name her 'madeleif'...i adore that name and your beautiful garden is what dreams are made of...'enjoy' xx

  13. Het word steeds mooier & mooier......prachtige foto's.....en zo uitnodigend.....ben bang dat we met zijn alle wel op de thee willen komen......een droomplekje.....wat uitkomt!!!!
    Fijn dag & lieve groetjes,

  14. Hi, Madelief-
    your "May-flowers" look very elegant and majestic- my favourite colors for the garden, too...
    Oh- Brighton is soooo wonderful. I´ve been there for 25 years with a friend. We had so much fun and I loved it. I hope, I can visit this cute little town again with my children...
    Enjoy your day-

  15. Beautiful pictures ... glad you had a nice time in England, I've just been away for 5 days and everything seems to have bloomed while I've been gone! I love Aquilegas too ... love from your newest follower, Claire xx

  16. Dear Madelief,
    Oh, your phtographs are so beautiful, as always. My favourite flower at the moment is the Cow Parsley that you have in the pink jug. We walked along the river the other day and I picked an armful of it and it's in a jug in our breakfast room. I hope that you enjoyed your time here in England....sorry about the weather !! It is now sunny and should be 27 degrees today which is good as we are off to The Chelsea Flower Show !! I don't know if you have been but it is the best flower show in the world so, you would love it.
    Did you get to see Jane and Lance when you were in Brighton or were they in Hungary?
    More pictures of your beautiful garden please and enjoy the lovely weather. Much love. XXXX

  17. Glad to hear that you had a great time in England, Madelief! And what a beautiful garden you`ve got (made!) Your "clouds of perfume" looks so delicate and romantic :o) Love`em! My favorite flowers by now in Moscow are apple tree bloom, lilac, cherry bloom and forget-me-nots.
    P.S. Please, came to enter into my giveaway
    Have a wonderful day

  18. Hello Madelief:
    Welcome back! We were so sorry that our paths did not cross in Brighton but are delighted to read that you have had a wonderful time with your friends in England. We look forward to reading of your adventures in due course. We cannot wait to hear where you finally went.

    Phlox is such a wonderfully varied and deliciously perfumed flower. It is such a welcome sight in the late spring garden and looks so lovely in yours. The scent must be fabulous!

  19. Wat mooi weer allemaal in je tuin Madelief en weer prachtig op de foto gezet!fijne dag nog....

  20. What a wonderful garden you have! It makes me dream!

  21. I've missed you! Your May garden pictures are charming & I can't wait to see the gardens you saw while you were away....

    Right now, white roses are blooming profusely in our garden beds! I find them impossible to photograph properly with my cell phone. It just doesn't do them justice. The columbine that have scattered themselves everywhere are also favorites of mine...

  22. Dear Madelief - your posts are such a visual joy to see. Your colours always compliment your lilac background beautifully. Look forward to seeing your photos from your visit. It has suddenly turned extraordinarily hot here. I love Aquilegias, in all of their various guises and colours. They look after themselves, and look so enchanting nodding away in the borders.

  23. Prachtig! helaas heb ik geen tuin, maar ik ben nu druk in de weer om wat fleurigs van het balkon te maken..
    Geniet er maar van!

  24. love all your beautiful garden flowers. sounds like you had a lovely time in England, looking forward to seeing your photos

  25. Just what May should look like.

    I would be happy just to come and visit your garden.

    xo Jane

  26. Hallo Madelief,
    Wat heerlijk dat jullie zo´n fijne week in Engeland hebben gehad. Weer lekker bijgetankt? De bloemen in je tuin staan er mooi bij hoor. De clematis in je laatste foto heb ik ook, heeft die van jou ook veel minder uitbundig gebloeid als vorig jaar? Hier nog niet een kwart van de bloemenpracht van vorig jaar. Op dit moment is mijn favoriet echt mijn blauwe clematis, die doet het zo mooi... en de akelei, daar ben ik ook echt weg van...
    Ik wens je een heel fijne woensdag,
    Lieve groet,

  27. Dear Madelief,
    your garden looks ever so lovely, like a little paradise of flowers!
    I absolutely love aquilegias at the moment, my birthday flowers, and I love the giant allium with its many little blossoms...

    Have a lovely day

  28. Dear Madelief, once again you have made my heart sing with pleasure at your photos. You have such a pretty and colourful May garden. Mine is mostly still green at the moment but with splashes of colour here and there.

    The sun has been shining for two days straight and its nice and warm so hopefully things will start to bloom now.

    I look forward to seeing your posts about Kent and Sussex - it sounds like you had better weather than we had in April!


  29. Okay Madelief - this time you have surpassed yourself with these photos. These are my most favourite yet - although that is sure to change every time you post more of your stunning garden - it just keeps getting better and better!

    And why hasn't a tea company hired you to orchestrate their advertising campaigns yet? I have NEVER seen tea made to look as good as it does in your vintage cups and saucers. As usual, visiting here is pure delight.

    Looking forward to seeing your images of England. You just missed the really hot weather - today and yesterday have been stunning in England - hooray for the Summer!
    Paula xxx

  30. My favourite at the moment are ' forget me nots'. All over my borders I have little blue flowers popping up - they are so delicate and beautiful ...I must go out and take a picture!

    Glad you enjoyed your trip to the UK, we are enjoying glorious sunshine today, it actually feels like a perfect May day.

    Fleur xx

  31. Prachtig Madelief......wat een heerlijk weer he??!...net thuis van de winkel....even mail lezen paar blogjes en dan weer naar buiten......wel in de schaduw hoor...wat is het warmmmmm...ben je naar de Chelsea show geweest ???......fijne avond....liefs van mij.....xxx

  32. Welcome back Madelief,
    nice to hear about your time in England!
    I look forward to see the gardens and buildings you have visit.
    Your May-garden looks so beautiful.
    My favorite flower now: paeonies :)
    Have a nice and sunny week :)
    lots of hugs

  33. Delicious pictures of your May garden, Madelief! I so love those pinky purple pastels, they are wonderful with the fresh green leaves. Looking forward to seeing the pictures of gardens that you took over here....I just know they will be lovely too!
    Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  34. Hi Madelief,
    Your May garden is beautiful! I love the Clouds of Perfume too but my is not in bloom yet. My alliums have just started to bloom too.I love that vintage tea pot with the lovely bouquet.I have never seen one like that before.
    I am looking forward to seeing your pics of England but I will wait patiently.
    Yes, our little Lila has grown hasn't she!

    Take care,

  35. Mooi Madelief, wat groeit en bloeit er dan veel wanneer je thuis komt. Je kunt direct weer aan de slag... Op het moment staan er bij ons nog mooie roze pioenrozen, maar ook korenbloemen. Fijn dat je hebt genoten, ik kijk uit naar je mooie foto's!! Lieve groet Diana

  36. Fijn dat je er weer bent na een heerlijk verblijf in Engeland! Je tuin ziet er prachtig uit, mooi met al die verschillen bloemen. Mijn favoriet is momenteel toch wel de blauwe regen die vol overgave bloeit...

    Fijne avond. Groeten, Miranda

  37. As always, your pictures are delightful!
    I don't know if I could pick a favorite in bloom at the moment . . . hmmm, maybe my 'cecil brunner' climbing rose. She's on the fence next to my gate full of blooms and amazing fragrance!

  38. You have magic in your fingers, Madelief. Your garden and pictures are proof enough! I am in garden heaven here. Judging from your garden style you must have reallly enjoyed visiting the gardens in Kent and Sussex too. My favourite flower in bloom? Ahh, that is a little like asking which is my favourite child! I am joking, of course but I love all flowers differently. Every May I gasp as if for the first time when I see this spectacular red rose bush which spreads over the walls of a beautiful,old house in our village. Those deep red velvet roses are amazing to behold.

    I am off to Kent this weekend to visit my parents.


  39. It must have been wonderful to come home to your garden, and seen all the new blooms, even after only five days its surprising how things change so quickly in a garden. Right now its wild sweet peas. And we can't pick them!
    Well maybe a blossom or two and one is enough fragrance to fill the car on the drive home from the fields.

  40. Dear Madelief,

    I can see that not only your garden is growing but your enamelware collection too! Love the pink pitcher and the cafetiere with the rose motiv. We habe the same little violet flowers in the garden.
    Our first clematis is blooming, the roses need a little more time.
    I think, the gardens are in may the most beautiful.
    Enjoy your little paradise!

    much greetings,

  41. Your May garden is perfect! I love looking at all this beauty that surrounds us these days...I love lily of the valley; its delicate bell-like blooms; its divine scent; unfortunately, it doesn't last long....I, though, was able to take some shoots and create a post about this enchanting flower. Your photos are always a delight to me and I am patiently waiting for a photo tour of England! Enjoy the splendid season!

  42. Dear Madelief,
    I like your garden ! Your phlox is magnificent, mine is not decorated with flowers yet ! I also like your cups decorated with violets, it is very attractive ! Wonderful garden and wonderful bunches of purple and blue flowers, tahnk you Madelief for this tea in your garden.

    Nice thursday !
    Liebe Groet,

    Nathanaëlle x

  43. Lovely photos...great lens. Like a trip to England, myself.

  44. Dear Madelief,

    Your flowers are all so beautiful, the bluebells and cow parsley are so sweet and look gorgeous in your pretty enamel jugs.
    So glad you had a lovely time in England and I look forward to seeing your photographs and hearing about your trip.

    Happy Thursday

  45. I like your may garden and the vintage kettle is so cute!:)

  46. How nice your garden looks with all the wonderful flowers. I also have my camera at hand, because there is so much to take nice pictures of!
    Greetings from Barbara

  47. Hallo Madelief,Deine Bilder sind einfach wunderschön und die Impressionen der Blüten so zauberhaft..ich wünsche Dir eine ganz ganz tolle gartenzeit herzliche Grüsse Belinda

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  49. Hi Madeleif, welcome to my blog and thank you for your kind comments , love Claire xxx

  50. Hi Madeleif!
    Found you through lovely claire at thriftwood blog.
    Your pictures are enchanting...
    Maria x

  51. WOW!!! Such POPS of colour everywhere!Im mesmerized at the beauty and simplicity of your photos! Im so very thrilled to have found your blog and Im your newest follower and I can assure you I WILL be back again to visit you:)Please wont you stop by sometime and see whats blooming in my neck of the woods? thanks so much! Deidre~ http://simplysimplisticated4.blogspot.com

  52. Hello my dear, welcome back again!!!!!!!!!!! I'm happy that you had a wonderful time and looking forward to your England-photos, but well, I can wait in Buddhistis equanimity ;o) You offer me at least a good substitute or a good diversion program - your flower photos are phantastic and full of life!
    I'm not sure about my actual favorite flower - maybe the peony or my white bell flowers? The first wild roses? Sage flowers? I'm afraid I love them all!
    ჱܓჱܓჱܓჱܓჱܓჱܓ ჱܓჱܓჱܓჱܓჱܓჱܓ
    Groetjes & Küschelbüschel, Traude
    ჱܓჱܓჱܓჱܓჱܓჱܓ ჱܓჱܓჱܓჱܓჱܓჱܓ

  53. Always a pleasure to come here, dear Madelief!! Your garden looks like heaven!
    Kisses, Bela

  54. Heerlijke foto's weer, en ach een Engelse of een Madelieftuin, het is allemaal even mooi! Lieve groet

  55. Hello Madelief, Your garden looks beautiful, full of romance, glad you enjoyed your trip.
    Thea x

  56. Hi Madelief - I am your newest follower. I live in Carleton Place, Ontario Canada. I came across your beautiful blog tonight while visiting others and I was so excited to sit and look at all your gorgeous china. I was in tea-cup heaven. Such a pretty home, gardens and all the beautiful dishes. You are a girl after my heart. I will be back for sure to enjoy all your posts. Hugs, Deb

  57. Hi Madelief,
    I'm glad you had a wonderful time in England and the weather was better for you. Your garden looks beautiful, my favourite flower at the moment has to be my aquilgeas too. I saw some phlox "Clouds of perfume" for sale the other day I wished I had bought it now!
    Sarah x

  58. Liebe Madelief,

    habe an dich gedacht, als du in England warst....:)) war bestimmt wundervoll und ich freue mich auf Bilder !!!!
    Deinen Gartenblumen sind allesamt wuuuunderhübsch !!! Du hast echt einen grünen Daumen !!!
    Wirhaben ab heute Pfingstferien und werden auch verrreisen, aber vorallem genießen wir Uralub und freie Zeit..

    ein ganz schönes Wochenende wünsch ich dir und liebe Grüße,

    bis bald ,

  59. Dag Madelief, helemaal verzot op je blog , heb ik mij al tientallen keren aan proberen te melden, helaas, door een hele slechte internetverbinding hier in het bos, duurt het heel lang voordat een blog geladen is en na 15 min. druk ik dan eindelijk op b.v. reactie en dan krijg ik oeps....geen verbinding. Dus in de veronderstelling dat het nog steeds niet gelukt was , het aanmelden ,heb ik mij inmiddels 2x aangemeld. Maar....ik ben aangemeld, dus ga je volgen , helemaal leuk, ik las dat je ook naar Engeland gaat om tuinen te bezoeken, dat doen wij ook elk jaar. Wat een genieten, vorig jaar trouwens naar Normandië geweest met een tuinreis en dat was ook werkelijk schitterend. Zeg , leuk om je te volgen , ik kom zeker nog eens langs.



  60. Dearest Madelief,

    What a lush May garden you have! No wonder, alongside a stream so there is plenty of water + the Dutch rains. Wish I had some of your rhubarb pie from the previous post, always one of my favorites, the tartness of rhubarb.
    Certainly you had a great time in England at this time of year for visiting their lovely gardens.
    Yes, I am feeling better, till Tuesday when I finish my medication (side affects are never something to applaud for) I will manage. Did do lots of weeding in the garden yesterday and need lots more to do. Days are way too short in the spring and summer and it is already very hot here as you always can read on the sidebar of my blog.
    Sending you lots of love,

  61. what a beautiful post and gorgeous photos of your garden..so glad you enjoyed Brighton ..we have close associations with that area....my favorite flower in bloom at the moment is one which you will not find in our shop!!...its the billowing clouds of cow parsley down every english country road at the moment..it just says early summer to me...xx

  62. As usual, I am blown away by your beautiful garden. Such a wonderful, happy space!

    Have a lovely weekend, Stephie x

    1. ich liebe diese wunderbaren zarten Blumen. Ein wunderschönes, sonniges Pfingstfest wünsche ich dir. Herzliche Grüße

  63. So very, very, VERY pretty, Madelief! I don't know hwat to say is my favorite. Isn't that funny? I can't believe how much things are filling in, though. What I appreciate about your garden is that it's set up to be in. Right now, we only have the stone steps to sit on. We have grand plans for a garden bench, though, and I'm thinking that I'll move the table around when we drag it out of storage - why not? It makes me think that your garden is almost like a 'playhouse' - like your little cottage, there, feels. Except.... I know that it's not all play, eh?


  64. Wat een reacties.....
    Het zijn ook weer mooie sfeerfoto´s in je tuin.
    En wat leuk dat je ook Engeland gek bent. Brighton
    en Tenterden zijn me beiden zeer bekend.

  65. Your garden in just brimming with beauty! I hope that you are having lots of warm weather so we can see what else will be popping up in your garden!
    Take Care,


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