woensdag 18 april 2012

Merry & Bright

Although we had a beautiful start today, it's cold and wet in Holland for the time of year. It feels like autumn in stead of Spring. I wish we would get a south-westerly wind, that brings in warm air. I could really use it, because we have a tea party planned for Sunday. I would love to hold it in my garden.

If only because the garden is really pretty right now, with the cherry trees in full blossom, the blue and white grape hyacinths at their best and the woodruff almost in bloom. I would love to share it with my family. So please keep your thumbs up!

Let me show you some of the things I recently found and will use for my party.  They are all quite colourful. Hopefully they brighten up your day. Like they did for me!

Wish you all a Happy Wednesday!

Love, Madelief x


64 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een mooie kopjes zeg! en de koektrommels helemaal jou!
    Fijne dag

  2. Beautiful Madelief....you certainly have brightened my day with those pictures. It is absolutely pouring down with rain here and it's time for the school run!!
    Enjoy your day,
    Essie x

  3. Dear Madelief, what a beautiful colored box you have! In Holland you find them on the markets...not here:-(. I love the bunch too! Have a nice day, hug Anja

  4. Hello Madeleif:
    We have been inspired by all of your wonderful finds to seek out similar things in Budapest and, only yesterday, we discovered two small shops selling a whole range of interesting items - some you would never wish to have, and others which are highly desirable and quite reasonably priced!!

    This post resonates so much of spring and is, as always, so very pretty. We do hope that the weather will improve for you by the weekend and that you will be able to have your party in the garden which, we are sure, looks lovely.

    We shall keep our fingers crossed for you!

  5. Ich drücke die Daumen! Deine Fotos sind soo schön!! Ja, ich hab neulich auch gedacht, es fühlt sich wie Herbst an.

  6. schitterende kleurtjes op een grijze dag! liefs, @nne

  7. There is squally rain and a brisk north easterly wind blowing here today. Feels far colder than it should at this time of year. I do hope it blows itself out quickly and doesn't reach you. My fingers are crossed for good weather for your tea party. Look forward to seeing the photos. M x

  8. Hi, Madeleif!
    What a beautiful pictures! Looks like you planned a verry sweet tea party for your Family :o) Hope your plans will come true :o) Love your colorful box. And the tea cups are so delicate and spring-like. And flowers loooks very happy and bright :o)
    Wish you have a very sunny and warm weekend, Madeleif

  9. Beautiful china. I will be looking for finds like those you found. Where do you look in Holland? Are there antique markets, garage sales, flea markets? I live in Zeeland. I plan to go to Lille in France which isn't far from where I live to snoop around this summer.
    Have a grand tea party!
    :) Jenny

    1. Hi Jenny,

      I never go to antique markets, because the prices are too high. Most of the time I visit flea markets and thrift stores. Lille sounds perfect! They have an amazing flea market at the beginning of September!

      Have a lovely day!

      Madelief x

  10. Dear Madelief,
    I keep my thumbs up for your. I love all these colourful things.
    You will!!! have a wonderful tea party!
    Did you visit Breda this week?
    Lovely hugs

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    Amazingly decorated pictures.
    Everything is looking prefect,
    The little vases each with a single rose
    is just loving idea.
    Enjoy the day.
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  12. Het zou inderdaad erg jammer zijn als je je tea party niet in de tuin zou kunnen houden! De voorspellingen zijn helaas niet al te best, wat dat betreft is het jammer dat je er geen groter tuinhuis hebt staan waar je met gemak je gasten in kwijt zou kunnen. Ik verlang ook naar de zon hoor, het terras is hier helemaal schoongespoten en we willen een deel van het tuinhuisje schilderen maar daar komt nu ook niets van. Ik denk dat ik zo dadelijk maar even naar het tuincentrum ga, bij de voordeur staat een bloemenmand die wel een opkikker kan gebruiken!

    Ik wens je een hele fijne dag en ik duim voor zondag hoor!! Veel liefs, Ingrid

  13. Hi Madelief,

    I hope that you had a wonderful Easter! Your photos are as gorgeous as ever....just hat I needed, a good colour fix for such a grey wet day here too.

    I do hope you manage to get the sunshine you need for the weekend.

    Take care

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  14. wonderfully chipper colours....and I am keeping everything crossed for a sunny day for you
    fee ♥

  15. Dear, dear Madelief,

    I am crossing all my fingers and toes for you! We are having the same cold, rainy, blustery weather as you here in France.

    Your pictures are perfect and full of the colours which I prefer. Thank you for that joyful splash of colours, Madelief; it has really cheered up this grey morning for me!


  16. Pretty, pretty tulips and beautiful china Madelief. Here's hoping for a change in the weather on Sunday. We are having the same rainy weather here, although we can really do with it. Our grandson is having his first birthday party on Sunday so we could do with some sunshine.
    Also, we are off to Amsterdam on Monday so would really like the rain to stop !!!! XXXX

  17. Beautiful colours! I am sure - you will have a wonderful tea-party!
    Best wishes

  18. Love the vinatge pheasant tin. Reminds me of secretly raiding the cookie tin as a child before I had eaten my dinner!
    I love the flowers are they Nemesia or is it Wallflower? Either way they look lovely.
    Heres hoping for some glorious weather for your tea party.

  19. love all your treasures, especially tulips in a dotty vase! Hope for a nice weather, stay warm!

  20. Mooie kleurrijke foto's, prachtige ranonkels en die ronde koektrommel is helemaal geweldig.
    Ik duim voor je dat het droog blijft.

  21. Ha Madelief,

    es ist kalt und ungemütlich.
    Ich würd so gern in den Garten gehen une werkeln,
    es muss noch sooo viel gemacht werden.
    Deine Foto's sind wieder herrlich erfrischend und shön.
    Ich liebe deine blumigen Tassen und Deko.
    Und die Dosen sind so schööön, sicher haben sie schon ein gewisses Alter und Rarität erreicht.

    Herzlichst, Moni

  22. Really hope you get a lovely sunny Sunday, even if it doesn't your cheerful china will make sure your tea party is a success!

    Beautiful pictures.
    Fleur xx

  23. Ik word hier zeker vrolijk van! Je hebt alles weer met zorg bij elkaar op de foto gezet, gezellig voor een party! Ik duim voor je, op naar droog en zonnige weer! Fijne dagen, lieve groet Diana

  24. Wieder so tolle Fotos.. so schönes Porzelan.
    Ganz liebe Grüße

  25. Spring is my favorite season.It is so flowery and colorful as are your beautiful photos

  26. Ah, it is all so bright and cheery and there are those pretty, pretty ranunculae, again! =] I love those old tins, too. I don't have a lot of my own - old ones, I mean. All of mine are new but I can never bear to throw them away. My mother, however, has wonderful old tins filled with all sorts of treasures that my Nana started collecting in the twenties and thirties. It's fun! They're stashed in odd places all over the house because my mom is a curious pack rat. For example, the button tin is stuffed in the linen closet, full of, of course, vintage buttons. TREASURE! =] (and, I mean, it's treasure - not because of how popular vintage buttons are, at the moment, but because, as a little girl, I loved to dig my hands into the smooth buttons and, then, to take them all out and look at them. I mean, real magic treasure! =])

    I hope that your party is under sunny and warm skies - just right - with lots of laughter and peace and bird song. Happy days!


    Me xxoo

  27. Oh yes your brightness is welcome here today as it is raining and cold. I will keep my thumbs up and my fingers crossed that you have mild weather for Sunday.

    How pretty those pink flowers are in those glass bottles.


    1. ich wünsche dir von ganzem Herzen schönes Wetter für das Wochenende, so das deine Teeparty im Garten stattfinden kann. Es ist so schade wenn alles so schön blüht und wächste und man e snicht richtig genießen kann, weil das Wetter zu schlecht ist. Ich wünsche dir eine richtig gemütliche Teaparty.

      Liebe Grüße

  28. Everything is beautiful. I hope you are able to have your tea party in the garden (and take some pictures to share with us)!

  29. Gorgeous photos of your flowers and china, love the tulips!All so bright and cheerful on such a wet day.
    Hope the weather improves for your party on Sunday - fingers crossed for you Madelief!

    Gil xx

  30. My day has definitely been brightened by visiting hereabouts! Best wishes on having splendid weather for the garden tea party.


  31. Hello Madelief
    Beautiful flowers and china, I collect most colours as long as it is pretty, then put together collections, as I see you do. Fingers crossed for Sunday, the weather has got to cheer up soon.
    Thea x

  32. En of ze me opvrolijken! Pfftt... ik zit hier gewoon met steenkoude vingers te tikken (en de verwarming staat zelfs aan!), ga zo eerst even een kop thee inschenken!
    Superleuke spulletjes allemaal, dat gaat een onwijs leuk feestje worden!
    Lieve groetjes Elly

  33. You should be working for a magazine...your photos are so beautiful you just want to hold on to there magic!
    I'll pray for bright sunny skies.....

  34. Oduševljena sam ovim postom, divne boje, prekrasn i čiste fotografije, tulipani, vintage šalice... sve je tako divno!

    Lijep pozdrav i poljubac:)

  35. Your flowers and your photos are so beautiful! I'm partial to the pink ones in the miniature vases and bottles on the silver tray...it's the little things. I hope the sun shines brightly for your tea party this weekend.

  36. Hoi Madelief,
    Nou, hier word ik zeker weer helemaal vrolijk van hoor. Heerlijk al die kleurtjes en de ranonkels... wie kan die nou weerstaan.
    Ik zal voor je duimen dat het zondag mooi en droog zal zijn...
    Ik wens je een heel fijne avond,
    Lieve groet,

  37. Hope your weather changes Madelief and you have a beautiful sunny day for your garden tea party! Your photos are so bright and cheery. Love all your pretty finds for the party. Have a wonderful day!

  38. Wat een prachtige vondsten, ik word er inderdaad helemaal vrolijk van en zelfs de zon komt er nog een bij... Ook ik ben druk aan het duimen voor mooi weer dit weekend, want zaterdag houden wij een tuinfair. Alvast veel plezier gewenst voor zondag.

    Fijne avond. Liefs, Miranda

  39. Heerlijk kleurrijk Madelief. Gezellig al die kleurtjes bij elkaar.
    Liefs van Riet

  40. Wat een geweldige kleurtjes allemaal Madelief.....leuk hoor...ik ben vrolijk....liefs van mij....xxx..

  41. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you and hope the weather is fine for your party on Sunday.. I love all those beautiful things you have found.
    Sarah x

  42. Hoi Madelief, ik word altijd zo vrolijk van jouwn bloemen en of ze nu echt zijn of op een kopej of een blik zitten dat maakt niet uit, alles is even prachtig!

    M`n tuintje begint te groeien hoor, toch zijn er ook een paar gesneuveld. De gaura kan ik maar niet overwinteren, die gaat bij mij altijd dood. Ik had twee busjes met strooizaden gekregen voor een boerenweide en japansgazon. De busjes zijn van de ALdi misschien ken je ze? Ik heb m`n hele pluktuin ermee bezaaid....nu maar afwachten wat daar van opkomt? Lief dat je me er naar vraagt....


  43. Oh dear Madelief, when I see your wonderful photos it doesn't matter that it is still cold outside. I really get the spring feelings through them :)))) Lots of love Yvonne

  44. I like to look at your pretty pictures. Your pictures of flowery cups, boxes and flowers are arranged just like paintings. I’d love to take a walk in your garden.

  45. Dearest Madelief,

    We too had a rainy day so no work possible in the garden but very much needed for the plants and trees. You show very nice items again, you got such great taste and are an excellent photographer. Enjoy what you're doing; rain or shine!


  46. Everything is so pretty over here all the time. We are sharing the same weather as you and I am sad because our blossoms are out but we can't enjoy their full beauty because of the rain.
    Hugs to you my friend.

  47. Dear Madelief,

    Love all the pretty bright pretties today, the flowers and your gorgeous china make for such lovely photos.
    Do hope that the weather will be fine, so you can have the party outdoors.

    Happy Thursday

  48. Your view for beauty is great- every single shot is art...
    I love all your flowers and the pretty china...
    Enjoy your day!

  49. Ja, we hadden elkaar bij Villa Augustus tegen kunnen komen maar nog meer bij Lia. Ik was er gistermiddag en jij wat eerder op de dag begreep ik! Wat had ze weer een leuke spulletjes, ik heb weer massa's foto's voor haar gemaakt! Jouw plaatjes zijn ook weer mooi, ik hoop dat het gaat lukken zondag....lieve groet en fijn weekend alvast

  50. Such delightful pictures today of your sweet china and colourful flowers, and you often seem to find some lovely vintage tins too. I hope your weather warms up for the weekend! We are having chilly temperatures this week too, despite some sunshine. I hope you enjoy your party, whether inside or out!
    Happy evening, Madelief!
    Helen x

  51. It's cold here too! We have visitors coming next week from Provence. All through March it was hot and sunny and it looked wonderful here. Now it is cold and raining. The garden still looks fabulous but it is too cold to stay out in it! Good luck for your party!

  52. Dear Madelief
    No matter what the weather brings, I'm sure your party will be a springtime exuberance of colour and style. These pictures of your pretty "finds" and gorgeous flowers have really brightened-up this rather bleak day, here in the North. Have a wonderful weekend.

  53. Your flowers and sweet china look so beautiful in these lovely pictures, Madelief. I hope you have a lovely party whether you hold it indoors or outdoors. I have tried three times to leave a comment on your blog this week, and they all vanished! So I'm hoping this one will stay!
    Have a lovely weekend, hope the sun shines for you!
    Helen x

  54. I bet that your party will be beautiful in our out of the garden - but I shall be keeping my fingers crossed for you regardless, and I really hope that you get your warm wind! Be sure to post a picture of the end result and GOOD LUCK!!

  55. Oh wondeful photos ! Your flowers and china are delicate and coloured. It's spring ! But we needed rain in France, and rain is welcome for us now. I hope for you a shining day for your sunday tea time party.
    Nice Week-end Madelief !
    Nathanaëlle x

  56. Dearest Madelief
    I'm praying you have a warm Spring day so you can enjoy your tea party in the garden amidst the flowers - with a soft warm breeze carrying the perfume of the flowers!!

    LOVE all your beautiful new tea cups - wish I could be there with you - I LOVE a tea party especially in a pretty garden!!
    Have fun mon ami!

    hugs and love

  57. You found some wonderful things, Madelief! My fingers are crossed that the weather will be beautiful for your party on Sunday!
    Happy weekend,
    ~ Zuzu

  58. Liebe Madelief,

    ohhh, ich bin schonwieder sooo spät, sorry...
    Du hast wundervolle teile gefunden , dein Sammlung ist echt sooo schön !!! Und ja, auch nhier ist es kalt, es regnet total oft und an Gartenarbeit ist nicht zu denken, auch ich fühle mich hier wie im Herbst !!! Und ich beneide dich, dass du bald nach England kommst !!!
    Das wird sicher besonders schön..und bis dahin wird das wwetter sicher wärmer...musste auch heute am Samstag arebiten, daher sind meine Wochenenden so kurz...

    Wünsche dir ein wundervoll, erholsames Wochenende mit deiner Familie,
    liebe Grüße,


  59. Gorgeous! Hoping for some kind weather for you tomorrow! Bx

  60. Het zal binnen ook gezellig geweest zijn, jammer dat het geen weer voor een buitenparty was. Ranonkels en koektrommel vallen heel erg in de smaak bij mij ;)
    Fijne week, lieve groet


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