dinsdag 27 juli 2010

The man in the painting


This was our second visit to Bowood. Our first visit to the house and gardens was eight years ago. At that time we did not come any further than the adventure playground and the space dive, a spectacular slide with a 19 feet vertical drop, which our girls loved.

When we asked them what they would like to do during our recent stay, they were very clear about it: visit Bowood once again. We did not mind at all!

Bowood is a magical place, with so much to see. There is the impressive park, created by Capability Brown (18th century landscape architect), a grotto with waterfalls and an aritificial lake, a boathouse and a Doric temple from which you have an amazing view of the house.

The terraces and flower borders close to the house were a sea of pink, lilac and purple at the time we visited. The scent of roses and lavender intoxicating. I enjoyed strolling in the park, breathing in the atmosphere, letting my mind wander and my imagination fly.

The house was built at the beginning of the 18th century and is the home of the marquiss and marchioness of Landsdowne. Several rooms are open to the public and are full of treasures; from Napoleon's death mask to a little bunch of orange blossoms from queen Victoria's wedding bouquet. The orangery is filled with ancient tapestries, beautiful chandeliers, well shaped sculptures and Mediterranean flowers.

What struck me most was a portrait of one of the forefathers of the present owner, a handsome young man, born in the nineteenth century. It was not only his sweet looking face, the way he posed for the painter, but also his casual dress that impressed me. Somehow he would not look out of place if he were to step out of the painting and walk among us...

Well, I realise I have written way too much for one post. So sorry. Let me take you on a tour through the house and gardens. Enjoy the photos!

Lieve groet, Madelief

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  1. WAT een schitterende foto´s van een prachtige omgeving ♥♥

    Liefs van Marian

  2. Dear Madelief, I MUST go at once to Bowood [or as soon as I am able]. For some extraordinary reason I have always put off a visit thinking I should not find it of great interest. Clearly from your posting, both photographs and commentary, I have been very, very foolish for it looks to be absolutely charming and well worth several visits. I loved all the soft pinks and lavenders around the house and the portrait of the young man is, as you say, very attractive and something I should have no difficulty in finding a place for.

  3. Wat maak je toch een PRACHTIGE foto's Madelief. Bowood, a must have seen!! Je dochters, op die ene foto? Wat een leuke, hippe, vlotte meiden!
    Ga nu de tekst lezen, hihi, ik kijk altijd eerst naar je mooie foto's en dan pas de tekst.
    Een gezellige avond! xx

  4. Oh, Madelief! This post is sheer glorious happiness! This is, already, one of the gardens that I want to visit someday. I hung on every fascinating word, from the sheer drop of that slide to the items in the house! Your photos are WONDERFUL! Yup! I say that I am very content with the wonderful place where I live but, oh, it looks like so much fun to live in a place like THAT! Think of the Elizabeth Bennett walks that one could take! Thank you, thank you for sharing all of this!!!

    Love, Katy Noelle xo

  5. Wat geweldig dat je binnen foto's mocht nemen meestal is dat verboden.In Buckinhamplace in londen mocht het jammer genoeg niet en ook niet in Warwick castle.Groetjes Joan nu vanuit Wales

  6. Dear Madelief, what a beautiful place and so nice pictures!! You tell us an intressting story about Bowood. The portrait of the young man doesn't looks like the 19 centuries, it could be also the 20th!!!
    Thank you fot this post, i like it :-))
    lieve groet

  7. Wel een beetje aan de korte kant, deze post hi hi...van mij had het nog wel even mogen duren hoor!

    Wat een droomplek Madelief...zoals alles in bloei staat, maar ook het geheel, het interieur!! Het is in één woord prachtig, het ziet er allemaal schitterend uit!

    Ik hoop dat je ons nog een aantal keren mee op pad neemt tijdens je reis!

    Lieve groet, Ingrid

  8. Hi Madelief.Nou had ik net een comment geschreven en ineens was hij vertrokken. Ik zei, wat een mooie plaats en wat een schitterende foto's heb je weer gemaakt. .De jongeman op het schilderij is inderdaad levensecht. Prachtig.
    Lieve groeten van Riet

  9. Dearest Madelief,

    What an educative tour with romantic images! Love the pink roses that line the wall next to the stairs and the walkway... Wish I could take a walk there right now! Thanks for sharing this!!!

    Sunny greetings from Georgia/USA


  10. Wow wat is het daar schitterend zeg! Prachtige foto's heb je er van gemaakt. Zo kunnen wij er ook van meegenieten, dankjewel!
    Fijne avond,

  11. Hi Madelief,
    It's a beautiful place,I likethe architecture of the building and also the wonderful gardens. Undoubtedly a place to visit,
    Big hugs,

  12. Hoi Madelief!
    Leuk om weer op tuinreis te mogen op jouw Blog...Wat is Engeland toch mooi!
    Wat een inspirerende tuinen.
    Hoewel ik daar ook wel vaak een ploegje tuinmannen aan het werk zag, hoor!En WIJ moeten het allemaal maar zelf doen!
    Kijk uit naar de volgende foto's!
    groetjes Fleur

  13. Dear Madelief,
    I didn`t think you wrote too much about this very special place !!! I like to be there...it`s soooo beautiful, the buildings, the garden ( the blossom of the flowers harmonize perfect, I like those blue/ pink very much... Thanks for the nice fotos and for taking part at my giveaway !!!
    All the best and have a nice week,

  14. What a wonderful treat that places like this are shared with the public. And how nice of you to share the pictures with us! Thank you.
    Have a wonderful day, Lynea

  15. I have not been there yet. It looks like the kind of place I would love to visit. It is within easy driving distance of where I live. Your photos are beautiful, I so enjoyed the tour! The gardens look superb, all those abundant and colourful flowers!
    I agree that the portrait is very eye catching. I too like how natural it looks.
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  16. Prachtige post weer Madelief,ik geniet mee van al het moois en de cottage aan het water vind ik de max!!!!

    Liefs ingrid

  17. Oh Madelief, wat trakteer je ons weer op mooie foto's. Ik ben altijd benieuwd wat voor moois je ons weer laat zien als je een nieuwe post hebt. En door jou posten ben ik vandaag naar de millingerwaard geweest, Wat een prachtige plek om te lopen en die theetuin. Geen woord teveel.... Dank je voor je mooie tips. Mijn volg post zal ik erop terug komen.

    lieve groet Lia

  18. HI Madelief!!!

    Very interesting post and not too long at all!!!!! And I can see what you mean about "The man in the picture"..:)

    England is so good at all these old properties - and I never get tired of looking at them. The stories behind are always fascinating! Letting your imagination fly away with you is VERY easy.... I think they should give one the period dresses etc to wear when visiting, wouldn't that be fun???

    Have a wonderful evening!!!


  19. Wat een geweldige foto's !!! wauwwwww.......echt zo mooi !! fantastisch dat je dit met ons delen wil !!! bedankt lieve groetjes Ria....

  20. Thank you for the tour.. I feel like I've left Baltimore and arrived in heaven. It is truly beautiful.

  21. ohhhh wat ben jij op veel mooie plekjes geweeste n wat laat je ons mee genieten,

    liefs Irma

  22. Ik heb het in één adem uitgelezen, een heerlijk verhaal en al even zo prachtig de foto's. Een sprookjesachtige plek. Alles is toch wel veel mooier als de bloemen in bloei staan, prachtige border.
    Lieve groet

  23. Hello Madelief... What an incredible place to spend the day...like a fairytale! The so beautiful castle of a house to the beyond charming cottage by the lake, Oh the gardens... stunning! Lucky You!!!

  24. Wat een droom huis en vooral droomtuin. Prachtig de foto met de grote border voor het huis, even wegzwijmelen!
    Echt genieten je foto's en verhaal!
    Zomerse groetjes Jolanda

  25. You visit such beautiful enchanted places. And you take such beautiful pictures, like the one with tree bark, that we are able to go with you.

    thank you again for making my world more beautiful.

    xo Jane

  26. Madelief, I am so happy you wrote this post, and it was not too long at all. Wonderful title, it captured me at once. And, then to see this jewel you have shown to me is magic. I agree about the "tree bark" in the one photo, very well done. Also, I love the little folly across the lake. You know I love each one of your posts. This one is splendid. xx's

  27. Wat een bijzonder bezoek! Lieve groet, @nne

  28. Hi, Madelief-

    oh- all is so beautiful!

    Those stairs- the pink roses- the paintings- chandeliers- the sea of flowers- I love it! I can imagine, that´s a dream to walk through that "magic" place.

    Enjoy your memories-

    Love, Ines♥

  29. Mooi mooi mooi, ik hou zo van Engeland met z'n prachtige landhuizen en tuinen. Hopelijk heb je nog meer voor ons in petto. x

  30. Prachtig...prachtig......
    Buiten is al een plaatje om te zien...maar de binnenfoto's zijn zo haast nog fijner.....
    Wat kun je hier heerlijk wegdromen....;)
    Fijne dag

  31. What a magical place dear Madelief !

    I would love to walke around there and smell all those roses and lavender, to here the waterfall and watch this mystic house and think about the stories it would tell. This young man looks a bit sad to me, what he might had in mind while he was painted ??? Maybe a lost love ? It is always the atmosphere that makes an old house and this park interesting.

    Thank you so much for sharing it with us !

    By the way: I´m here to read, therefor you cannot write Too much :-)

    Lieve groet from

  32. Looks lovely and the place looks also deserted. Was it crowded with visiters or did you and your family had the place to yourselves?

  33. those gardens are incredible!

  34. Liebste Madelief,
    vielen, vielen Dank - du führst uns wieder an so einen himmlischen Ort voller Zauber und Poesie!!! Architektur, Garten und die umgebende Landschaft sind einfach von unbeschreiblicher Schönheit und berühren mich sehr - du hast die einzigartige Atmosphäre wunderbar eingefangen!!!! Ich hoffe sehr, diese wundervollen Orte auch eines Tages besuchen zu können!!!
    Herrliche Sommertage und vielen Dank, für deine lieben Zeilen,

    allerliebste Grüße, bis bald, herzlichst Jade

  35. Hello Madelief,
    Such a wonderful post! What a magical place I shall have to visit there myself sometime!So pleased you enjoyed your holiday in England! Your garden looks beautiful as always!
    Have a lovely evening
    Rachel x

  36. What a pretty blog! I'm following, now.

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog!


    Sandy @ My Shabby Streamside Studio

  37. Dear Madelief
    A most beautiful estate whose gardens are exquisite. A most quintessential English home and garden. Your photographs are wonderful Madelief and it's not too long a post at all. XXXX

  38. Wonderful photos of a great trip! Lovely!!! Hugs Yvonne

  39. Just think of what it was like to live there so many years ago or even to live in something like that now....such Beauty!

  40. Ow wauw ik blijf kijken naar de foto`s,wat ziet dat er prachtig uit,dat watervalletje en dat huisje,zo wil ik wel wonen haha,ja schitterend,wat zullen jullie genoten hebben om het in het echt te zien,lieve groetjes Joke.

  41. Your writing is always as beautiful as your photos! And you are so right - the young man looks as if he could be my son's friend!

    Love the gardens - incredible!

    Have a wonderful week, dear friend!

  42. Hi Madelief,
    I always enjoy your writing as well as your photos-never too long!
    What a beautiful place to visit-the gardens & the are so beautiful. I love the little cottage too-it would be fun to decorate.

    Look forward to more of your trip photos.

    Take care,

  43. What a beautiful post! The colours in the house and garden are so gorgeously soft and muted. I am intrigued by the painting - the style of the clothes and pose seem 20th century for sure, maybe he's older than he looks and born just at the end of the 1800s. In which case, one of the few upper class men who survived the horrors of the trenches in WW1. Gets more and more facinating! My guess though, would have been quite a bit later, somewhere between 1930s -1950s but I'm not an expert.Lack of a moustache dates him perhaps? I'll be following your blog, it's so interesting and the photos are beautiful.

  44. Dear Madelief
    Wow, once again.....what a beautiful post with gorgeous photography! Thanks for taking us on a tour through Bowood...the gardens and interiors of the home is lovely! I see what you mean about the portrait of the handsome young man, I agree with you! Can't wait for all your aother photographs of your trip!
    Liefde groete

  45. thanks for let us visit this wonderful place with you


  46. Liebe Madelief!Was für ein zauberhafter Ort!Ich bin begeistert!!!!GGLG und einen schönen Abend, Anja

  47. wow, we just don't have places like this here in BC. How beautiful.

  48. Dear Madelief,
    thanks for this lovely and very interesting tour through this wonderful place. I haven´t heard of Bowood before, but it´s definitely a place I would like to visit on my next England tour (oh dear, this list is getting longer and longer...). Your photos are fantastic, I love these English landscape gardens. And this handsome young man looks very "modern" indeed.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    Liebe Grüße, Bärbel

  49. Now Madelief, you can never write too much on your post! It is always so interesting to read everything....it makes your photos come to life!
    What a handsome man in that painting, and what a beautiful place to visit. I will have to look it up on the internet later on as I have vacation fever bad!!
    Take Care,

  50. Bonjour Daisy,
    Oh how beautiful, the gardens are exquisite. Your images are so well done. Thank you for your visits and kind words. Things are really coming along for the mag launch!
    Bon week,

  51. This is such a wonderful post Madelief. It combines all that would enthrall me for a big day out. The gardens are wonderful, full of billowing blooms and fabulous long borders. The house is magnificent clothed in a lovely array of climbers and that boathouse would have made my imagination run wild as a child, surely home to a magical creature just waiting to invite you in for tea!(I know, I know, I read far too much Enid Blyton as a child!) :)

    Have a lovely week and thank you somuch for including my giveaway in your blog it is very kind of you.



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