woensdag 26 september 2012

A day at the Swan Market

We had our first autumn storm on Monday.  I had to zig zag my way to the train station on Tuesday morning, because of the large branches that had fallen to the ground. It made me realise how lucky I had been with my day at the Swan Market. Although we had rain in the afternoon, great part of the day was just lovely. Imagine....if the storm had come earlier, my cups and saucers would have been all over the place.

The market was a success. Thanks to my family and friends who helped me out in the stall and several blog friends who came over to visit. A big kiss and thank you to you all!

I enjoyed the lively atmosphere at the market, the variety of people strolling along the stalls and the beautifully, often handmade, items.

I am not sure if I will do it another time, but never say never :-). The next XXL version of the Swan market will take place on the 9th of December. It will be an extra Christmas edition. If you are interested in going, don't forget to write down the date in your diary.

Wish you all a happy Wednesday!

Madelief x

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  1. Hello Madelief:
    The pictures serve to make us wish that we had been there in person, but, as that was not possible, we have so enjoyed looking at these glimpses of the Swan Market. We are not surprised by how very attractive your stall looks to have been. You have such an artistic eye and we are certain that you must have received many compliments throughout the day.

    The whole event looks to have been great fun and with such a wide variety of lovely and stylish things for sale. We are delighted that the weather held for you as it is all such a lot of hard work and rain makes everything more problematic.

    The vintage clothes and accessories were a surprise....could this be a new development for Madelief?!!!

  2. Your stall is so pretty, and I'm glad it was a success. It must have been a lot of work!
    The Market looks like great fun. Hope I get to visit one day.


  3. I love such markets and I love your pics!!Unfortunatly we do not have markets like this in Germany....big hug Anja

  4. Wow, I wish we had street markets like that here, looks fabulous Madelief!
    Victoria xx

  5. Hello Madelief
    Glad you enjoyed your day at the market, your stall looked a delight, full of pretty treasures.
    A lovely snapshot of your special day
    P.S. Our weather has been wild wet and windy too!
    Thea x

  6. How wonderful! So many colors and different types of vendors! Your table looked very inviting ... Good thing I live to far away or I may have spent my last dime. I grew up surrounded by beautiful tea time related items and have missed them all dearly ... I do believe its time to raid my mothers stock! :) glad you had a successful day!

  7. Gelukkig maar dat jullie mazzel hebben gehad met het weer, je moet er inderdaad niet aan denken dat er een flinke storm over heen was gekomen...zo zonde van alle kramen en spullen. Je kraam had veel Madelief spulletjes, maar ja...dat kon natuurlijk ook niet anders. Ik zie een groen trommeltje bovenop een stapel staan, zo'n trommel hadden mijn ouders vroeger ook, gevuld met koekjes.

    Ik denk dat het een bijzondere ervaring voor je is geweest - de keren dat ik ergens heb gestaan vond ik dat in ieder geval wel zo - en ik hoop dat je goed verkocht hebt.

    Liefs, Ingrid

  8. What a great market, so glad you had a successful time and that the weather was kind to you!
    You had so many pretty things on your stall. :)
    Vivienne x

  9. Was ist das für ein Markt? Ein Misch aus Kunst und Flohmarkt? Jedenfalls sieht es absolut toll aus. Es freut mich, dass es ein Erfolg war und das Wetter mitgespielt hat - wir hatten auch einen starken Sturm am Montag. So viele gut gekleidete Leute bei Euch.

  10. Wat goed dat het weer jullie gunstig gezind was! Ziet er heel kleurrijk uit allemaal.

  11. So glad you had a good day and the bad weather held off ... just. I love the little teacups - everything looks wonderful. Wish I could have been there! M x

  12. Beautiful market, how many beautiful things!!!! I could spend hours and hours in a place like that. x

  13. Your stall looked amazing.....I miss my shop a little here and there lately!
    My girlfriends and I would have bought you out! oh how I wish one of us was closer in my case me...hehehe!

  14. Dearest Madelief,
    OMG - I cann't imagine all cour pretty cups and saucers all over the place!!! Your booth looked wonderful and I am happy for you that it was a success, that there was little rain and no storm! (But I see: The umbrella of the young lady twisted ...) No broken cups, no flying dresses :o)) - this really was good luck!!!
    Warm Küschelbüschelhugs to you!!! ♥♥♥♥ Groetjes, Traude

  15. Dobrze,że deszcz,wiatr nie nie popsuł imprezy i nie zniszczył twoich cudownych filiżanek!!!
    Zawsze, gdy do Ciebie przychodzę, wiem, że zobaczę piękną porcelanę:))
    Serdecznie pozdrawiam. U mnie dzisiaj była piękna słoneczna pogoda:)

  16. Glad to hear that this wonderful market would be successful for you!
    Your stall looked amazing and lots of beautiful things looked very inviting :)
    I could spend a lot of time in such a lovley place.
    Have a nice week and lots of hugs

  17. Lots of pretty things. Love the pic of the guy checking out the tea-cu. Pretty funny. Deb

  18. I love markets. I would have been there had I been thousands of miles closer! I'm glad the rain held off.
    Penny x

  19. Rotterdam is very stylish, the ladies outfits are nice, love the plasic or net skirt over leggings! Beautiful stall you created, like a tea garden in the sea of the others. So happy for you that it was a success.

  20. hallo madelief je stalletje zag er erg leuk uit mooi leuke fotos ook de markt zelf ziet er erg gezellig uit leuke zelgemaakte dingen ook en die tas ook super ha ha ha grappig gelukkig heeft de storm niet doorgezet dat zou zo zonde zijn geweest groetjes en fijne avond leon10

  21. I spy lots of gorgeous things but I would have had to buy the pretty scent bottles.

  22. A great market!!! And your place looks wonderful. Hugs Yvonne

  23. Wat zijn je foto's leuk. Zeker die vanuit je kraampje, de mevrouw met de gele rok staat er bij mij ook op! Wat een leuke mensen liepen er rond. Het was te druk om ze goed op de foto te zetten. Heb je de smaak nu niet te pakken om het vaker te doen? Ik ben in ieder geval erg blij met m'n aanwinst! Lieve groetjes

  24. I love it! It seems to be a very nice atmosphere there. It´s a pity that it´s so far away from our home.
    Lovely hugs

  25. I think shopping at a market is something in our blood Madelief! I miss it so!
    It looked lovely and I only wish I could have been there.
    Psst...Tell me the set of bottles (for the vanity) is not yet sold???
    Let me know...

  26. Dearest Madelief,

    Wow, you escaped the storm and that made you very lucky indeed. Strong wind does not go well with porcelain.
    Could you keep things dry during the rain?
    Hope it worked out well. That must have been quite a task for packing and setting up and again for packing up...
    Glad to read it was a great success!
    Hugs to you,

  27. How wonderful - the colours are incredible! I particularly love the teacup with the little feet - absolutely adorable, and although it's not part of your stall, I really love the outfit on the girl with the yellow and orange floral skirt and blue jumper - she has great style!
    Glad that you had such fun - I would love to be part of something like that.
    Best wishes,
    Paula xxx

  28. Fijn dat het weer zich van haar goede kant liet zien! Je kraam ziet er erg gezellig uit, fijn dat het een geslaagde dag was.

    Fijne avond. Lieve groet, Miranda

  29. Hello Madelief

    What a delightful day and your stall looks so colourful and beautiful. I can image the work entailed in setting up and removing following the show.

    Your china cups always bring joy


  30. Oh, that looks so lovely! I would have loved to come by...

    Have a wonderful evening

  31. Ha Madelief, Wat ziet dat er allemaal gezellig uit en wat had je een hoop leuke dingen in je kraam. Zo jammer dat ik niet kon komen. Fijn dat je zoveel hulp had en was je niet bekaf 'savonds. Ik heb steeds aan je gedacht en naar het weer gekeken. Het viel gelukkig mee he.

    Lieve groet van Riet

  32. Well done on setting up your pretty stall and having a successful day, Madelief! Your pictures of it all are so bright and colourful. I know I would have enjoyed a wander around the Swan Market too :) And so glad the weather held for you too.
    Wishing you a happy week.
    Helen x

  33. Your market stall looks lovely, Madelief, especially with all the colorful bunting and pretty things you had for sale. Your photos capture the atmosphere perfectly - so many fashionable people and gorgeous colors! I would be in heaven there and very much poorer, I can tell you!

    Hope you have a lovely week.

    Karen xx

  34. Ik vond het superleuk om je te ontmoeten en je kraam was mijn favoriet,ik ben heel blij met mijn aankopen en hoop toch dat je het weer eens doet,want had graag nog meer gekocht,fijne week nog,lieve groet Musje.

  35. Wow loving the Swan Market, just wish I lived closer! Sometimes I seem unable to leave you a comment, but I always read, and enjoy your posts, even if I can't tell you! Ada :)

  36. Lovely photos of your exciting and eventful day Madelief! I love the attention to detail of your stall with such pretty tags on your unique and beautiful merchandise, there are a couple of beautiful dresses I can imagine owning...

    If you get a stand next year I will plan to come, as of this year I now have eight family members living in Amsterdam so I'm sure I can find every reason to visit!

    Well done for following your dream ...this has been a great achievement!

    Have a great rest of the week basking in your success:-)

    Fiona xx

  37. I was thinking of you on Saturday, your stall looks so pretty with some wonderful things to buy. I'm so glad it was such a success and the weather was reasonable for you.
    Sarah x

  38. Oops! Tried the email but it seems I might have misspelled the address. Just in case, thanks and yes, I am still interested!


  39. what a wonderful looking market - love the stripy pavement/car park/Tarmac and the way the colours intensified in the later shot during the downpour. Glad that your stall did well - Have to say I'd have been tempted by quite a lot of what was on offer!

  40. Oh Madelief, it's grand to see what a success you had at the Swan. The lack of shadows in your photos do show that the day was overcast...thank goodness that you escaped the windy rain storm.

    I would imagine that the organizers of the Swan would already have issued you an invitation to participate in the next market. What a beautiful display you created, bringing your distinctive sense of style to a new audience.

    Bravo, do take a bow!

  41. Wat fijn dat het geslaagd was meis......ziet er superr uit...liefs van mij...xxx...

  42. Looks like it was a wonderful market. I love the pink tea cups with the square handle. beautiful. Thanks for popping in, Laura

  43. Wowww I am so impressed , your sal looks absolutely divine filled with so many lovely and sweet things!!! Congrats it´s top!!

  44. Liebe Madelief,

    wie schön, dass der Markt ein voller Erfolg für dich war !!!
    Kein Wunder bei deinen schönen sachen...die Stände waren ja allesamt wunderschön und kunterbunt...ich mag solche Märkte ja sehr...
    Oh ein Weihnachtsmarkt ...das wäre mir glaube ich zu kalt...

    Schick dir für heute liebe, verregnete Grüße,


  45. zo dat zag er wel heel gezellig uit daar. lekker kleurrijk..fijn dat je het zo naar je zin hebt gehad
    liefs hannie

  46. Wow, what a wonderful place to shop. I would buy one of those bags, definitely, for my daughter's blog. Do you know anywhere else that I could find one? Doesn't that lady look amazing and the man behind her obviously agrees!

  47. Hi Madelief,
    Well done, it looks like you did a fantastic job.
    Your stall looks super stylish, but the whole fair looks like such an interesting event.
    Hope you have a lovely day,

  48. Wat een leuke kraam had je!!!
    Moet je toch echt vaker doen hoor.......
    En zo leuk om je dochters te zien!
    Mijn aankopen staan heel leuk op tafel samen met een hele leuke vaas die ik pas van Jolanda kreeg,ik zal het nog op mijn blog laten zien!
    Tot snel

  49. Wat leuk madelief dat het een succes was!
    En gelukkig ja de storm was pas op maandag, maar het was n flinke!
    Fijne avond!

  50. que lindo!!! felicitaciones!! no sabia que habias armado una tienda! te quedo muy bonita!!!

  51. I'm really pleased the market went well! Your stall looks lovely!

  52. What a great market! I bet you had a great time and sold lots too! Have a great weekend!


  53. how pretty everything looks, it's good to hear it was a success! i would have loved to have been there, flea/craft markets are so much fun!

  54. Bonjour Medelief!!!
    Quelles joli fotos!! J adore!! Ils sont just MAGNIFIQUE!!
    Bonne semaine!!
    xxx Maria xxx

  55. Wat ziet dat er gezellig uit en die slingers... ik ben zo weg van stoffen slingers..ze hebben hier van de week ook volop gehangen met de verjaardagen van de kleintjes.. 9 dec.. ik noteer hem...ik ga proberen om langs te komen..

    Ik wens je een fijn weekend.

  56. Dear Madelief,

    Your stall at the Swan Market looks fabulous! I can imagine most of your lovely things getting snapped up immediately. Was this a de-cluttering exercise or the beginnings of a new business venture for you I wonder ....:-).

    Would love to have been there but, ooh 9 December - my birthday! Perhaps I should drop a few hints to the OH that a trip to Amsterdam/Rotterdam is in order (*wink*).

    Good to read that you had a lovely time in the UK. The Cotswolds villages are so pretty, haven't been to that neck of the woods for a while now.

    Happy weekend Madelief.


  57. Looks like you had a good day at the market. Glad it was a success, I'm sure your lovely china was snapped up! xx

  58. I am from Chile. I love this Blogs!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment on my blog!


  59. Hoi Madelief,
    Ook hier even teruggekeken. Wat moet dat leuk geweest zijn zeg, op die markt. Ha, het donkergroene blik op foto nr. 5 heb ik onlangs bij een kringloop gekocht. Ik zag het staan en waande me gelijk terug bij mijn moeder in de keuken. En toen ik het aan Ben liet zien zei hij meteen; die had mijn oma ook. Dus voor ons beiden gelijk die herkenning. Dat moest mee natuurlijk... Zo leuk, nu gebruik ik het weer als ik koekjes in huis heb.
    Ik kan me voorstellen dat jullie een heel leuke dag hebben gehad op de Swan Market...
    Lieve groet,

  60. Beetje late reactie, Madelief, maar wat ziet je kraam er mooi uit!! En...zooo veel mooie spullen! Ik zou het moeilijk vinden om te verkopen omdat ik alles stiekem zou willen houden ;-)

  61. Hello Madelief!
    I wish I had markets like this around here :(. Everything looks very cute and so tempting!
    No doubt it had to be a success.
    Best Regards
    Garden Chair


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