zaterdag 22 september 2012

In full swing

The preparations for the Swan market tomorrow are in full swing. The table in my living room is covered with different kind of teapots, plates, handbags, cups and saucers, jewellery and even some clothes. Almost everything you need for a vintage tea party will be for sale in my stall ;-). My hallway is full of boxes. It really is a mess. I think my family will be happy when it's all over and the house and I return to normal again.

My friend Ilse must have been sitting behind her sewing machine until late at night, making metres of bunting in the prettiest floral fabrics. The moment I set eyes on them, I was hooked! The bunting will be for sale in my stall as well.

I will not be there on my own. My husband and daughters will help me, so are two friends. I hope they haven't seen the weather forecast yet, because if they do they may well decide to stay at home.   It will probably be a wet, but hopefully jolly, affair :-)!

In between preparing for the market, I found some time to bake blueberry muffins. They taste light and healthy and look beautiful with their golden glow. You can find the recipe here.

If you are planning to come to the Swan Market, don't forget to take cash money with you, as most stall holders don't have a cash machine. I will be on the market from 12.00 until 18.00 hours. For more information about how to get there, please visit the Swan Markets website. Looking forward to meet you! 

A Happy weekend to you all!


Madelief x

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  1. Good luck with the stall. The blueberry muffin looks yummy and I love the crockery.

  2. Lovely images Madelief! Good luck with the Fair, I'm sure you'll do well ... and the muffins look divine!

    Claire xxx

  3. Oh how exciting, Madelief. I hope you have a glorious time... despite the weather! I get so much inspiration when I come here to visit. Such beauty.

    AFTER your busy weekend, please send me your postal address! After a few finishing touches your hare will be ready to meet you.


    1. Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you for your kinds words! Looking forward to meet mademoiselle country garden :-)! I will mail you asap.

      Have a lovely weekend!

      Madelief x

  4. Best of luck with the fair, your stall will look so gorgeous, please take lots of photos to show us! Bx

  5. Lieve Madelief,

    Weer of geen weer, het wordt vast een succes met al die mooie spullen die er te zien & te koop zijn (wat weer betreft zou vandaag inderdaad een mooiere dag zijn geweest). Maar ach, take it as it comes, je kunt het toch niet veranderen!
    Heel veel succes & plezier (en lekker warme regenlaarzen aan!)!

    Liefs uit het zuiden,

  6. Hello Madelief!!
    How exciting! I am sure it will be an outstanding success. You do everything with such LOVE and passion I am sure you will have an absolute fun day. Will you be selling your blueberry muffins? They look delicious. i am missing my lovely little tea room and all the vintage china and baking. I am going back in October to put everything into storage. BUT since i have been in London I have bought 3 lovely tea sets, Royal Albert, Empire and Staffordshire Lily of the Valley :D So I am now planning to be and hold a small tea party in the conservatory of my rented house, and donate all monies to the Alzheimer charity. Your bunting looks fab and LOVE the huge glass cabinet too!
    Have a happy happy weekend

  7. Hello Madelief:
    We are so with you in spirit and are so desperately sorry that we cannot be with you. We are certain that, whatever the weather, it will be a huge success and that your vintage tea part items will be in huge demand. And, if the weather is wet, then Jan will simply have to smile from under an umbrella, take in the money and hand out the change!!

    Do, please, post on it all - we cannot wait - but for now we send you all our love and best wishes for a wonderful and profitable day.

  8. Je blueberry muffins zien er heerlijk uit Madelief! En de cupcakevormpjes zo mooi gebleven. Bij mij worden die altijd helemaal 'opgeslorpt' door het bakken. Als ik er achteraf een vers cupcakevormpje rond doe, dan sluit dat niet zo mooi aan bij de cupcakjes dus dat vind ik dan ook weer niet mooi.
    Oooooo, die klompjes!!! Heb sedert deze week net dezelfde hier in huis ;-) en neen, ik was niet in Holland.... Je moet maar eens kijken op mijn blog, postte er eerder deze week over maar wellicht heb je daar nu geen tijd voor met alle voorbereidingen voor de fair. Spannend en prachtig dat heel het gezin je steunt.
    Heel veel succes op de Swan Market en hopelijk vliegen de regenwolken gewoon aan jullie voorbij.

  9. Jaaa ik ben er,of het nu regent of niet,ben helaas wel ziekjes,dus zal er ook niet te lang zijn,maar wil het echt niet missen als groot fan van zulke borden en kopjes,fijne dag en succes morgen,lieve groet Musje.

  10. By my calculations you are in full swing about right now.

    Hope you have a fun and successful day

    xo jane

  11. Dear Madelief,
    everything looks so adorable! I'd love to be there and hope you all have a great time!


  12. Wonderful images Madelief! Have a fabulous time at the market!
    Victoria xx

  13. Liebe Madelief,

    ich war heute auf dem Flohmarkt ( zum einkaufen ) und habe schon an dich gedacht...bestimmt wird dein Stand ein voller erfolg , bei den schönen Sachen !!! Und noch schöner , wenn die ganze Familie mithilft, es amcht dann ja noch mehr Spaß...mich nervt nur immer das zurückräaumen und wieder Zuhause verstauen , von den dingen, die nicht verkauft wurden. Aber das wird bei dir sicher nicht viel sein..

    Dann wünsche ich dir einen guten Verkauf und nette Kunden !!!

    Ganz liebe Grüße,

  14. Aan de goede voorbereidingen zal het niet liggen, Madelief! Ik wens jullie morgen een hele gezellige & succesvolle dag, ik hoop dat het droog blijft in Rotterdam. Ik ga in ieder geval voor je duimen :)!

    Veel liefs, Ingrid

  15. I know that your stall is going to be a huge success. They'll be queing up to snap up all these fabulous goodies. I am crossing my fingers for sunnier skies for you but either way I'm sure you'll have a fab time.

  16. Sounds great!;)
    Good luck, Madelief!

  17. Good luck at the market! I can see so many lovely things

  18. Hallo Madelief,
    Wat zien je spullen er heerlijk vrolijk uit zeg. Ik weet zeker dat je alles ruim voor 18.00 uur verkocht zult hebben. No problem! Als ik de gelegenheid had langs te komen, zou ik zeker e.e.a. van je hebben gekocht. Maar morgenvroeg vliegen we naar Madeira voor een weekje, dus kan helaas niet komen... Ik wens je heel veel succes en enorm veel plezier op deze geweldige Swan Market. Enjoy.
    Lieve groet,

    1. Een fijne vakantie toegewenst Mirjam! Veel plezier op Madeira!

      Madelief x

  19. Verstehe ich das richtig, Du verkaufst da das schöne Geschirr??
    Ich wünsche Dir viel Erfolg (zweifle nicht dran).
    Und kein Regen!!

  20. Hi Madelief,
    It all looks wonderful and so much fun. Good luck with everything! I am sure it will be a great success. All your charming and beautiful china will be gone in minutes! Your cakes looks delicious and I am sure will sell like hotcakes!
    Have a fantastic time and come back with some images to show us.
    xoxo Ingrid

  21. So many pretty things, I hope you have a happy and successful time at the market Madelief. Perhaps they have got the weather forecast wrong and it will be a beautiful sunny day, here's hoping!!
    Happy Weekend,
    Vivienne x

  22. How exciting Madelief, I hope you have a wonderful day! If I were closer I would definitely come and say hello, and buy lots of beautiful things from your stall. Em ♥

  23. Het ziet er geweldig uit!!! Jammer dat ik niet kan! Heellll veel succes en genieten!!!

  24. Your stall will be the prettiest one there. You will inspire everyone to have tea parties!
    The buntings perfectly complement your wares.
    Hope the weather is nice!

  25. So beautiful! Good luck tomorrow, I only wish I could be there! I live the bunting, and the china will look stunning all laid out. Thankyou for sharing the blueberry muffin recipe, I will try it out for sure!!

  26. Hoi Madelief;
    Wat ben je weer druk bezig!!! Ik wens je een hele leuke ( droge)dag morgen!
    Wat leuk dat ook je gezin meedoet!
    Ik heb ook genoten van je prachtige gardenfoto's van Engeland!
    groetjes Fleur

  27. I know that the fair will be a huge success and envy those lucky folks who will be able to partake of some of your vintage china and those other garden party treasures.

    Whatever the weather! xo

  28. Wat leuk Madelief! Ik hoop dat je veel plezier hebt op de markt en ook veel verkoopt!
    Fijn weekend!

  29. I do think there will be a throng at your table, clamoring for a teacup set and bunting too, so they can bring a bit of your special magic home with them for their own teas. I can't wait to see how you set up your stall, and hope their are lots of action shots too. Would love to see the Happy faces in the crowd!

  30. Kan ik al reserveren...........
    Tot morgen, ik hoop dat ik je kan vinden!
    In ieder geval heel veel plezier met jouw feestje, want dat wordt het vast en zeker!

  31. It all looks so pretty, I am sure you will have wonderful day, there are lots of ladies who "do tea" out there, they will find your stall irresistible!
    Wish you well
    Thea x

  32. Hope you do really really well! What a wonderful collection of things - I am sure that you will be besieged with purchasers!

    Pomona x

  33. HA! kan ik je herkennen aan je slinger? Je hangt m toch wel op? Ik ben morgen ook op de swan market....maar DACHT dat het droog zou blijven? Ik begrijp dat ik dus alsnog de schuur in moet voor mn regenlaarzen en cape? Fijn....o well....warme koffie en appeltaart.....we komen de dag wel door!!
    Wie weet tot morgen!!!


    1. Hoi Lynda,

      Gezellig dat je komt! Waarschijnlijk hang ik deze slinger op of anders een in het roze :-)

      Tot morgen!

      Madelief x

  34. I am sure you will do really well on your stall with all the beautiful china and bunting, Madelief....and your own special styling talents to arrange it all of course! Lovely pictures today, and the blueberry muffins in their sweet purple paper cases look gorgeous.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Helen x

  35. BEST OF LUCK, sweetpea!!!! not like you'll need will have them swooning...just like we always do!!!!! ;}

    m ^..^
    ps...i have that same tin...
    pss...where did you get that pink floral washi tape! i almost needed smelling salts after i saw it! ;}

  36. Wat zien die muffins er lekker uit.....
    En je post nog zo heerlijk lenteachtig in de herfst.

    Fijn weekend
    Liefs Lia

  37. Best of luck, Madelief and I do hope the weather is cooperative for your new enterprise! I so wish I lived near, I would be there to take some lovely treasures home with me. xx

  38. That sounds like so much fun and those blueberry muffins look so delicious.

    Happy weekend

    Nina x

  39. I wish you a wonderfull day for tomorrow! I like your Madelief card logo :)

  40. Beste Madelief,

    Veel geluk met je sales morgen! Laten we hopen dat de weergoden het af laten weten met de regen.

  41. I'd be there if I lived closer but I live in Canada so I will have to enjoy through your blog. Lovely photos. I love your blog, Madelief. Deb

  42. Heel veel succes morgen...aan je spullen gaat het niet liggen zo mooi allemaal....liefs

  43. Beautiful pictures and cute coffee cups. / Anna

  44. Heel veel plezier morgen en wat leuk dat we alvast een beetje konden voorgenieten! Wat een mooie spulletjes

  45. Swan Market? Oh Madelief! If only one could step in the photos...Thank you for sharing the lovely photos though and best wishes to you and your loved ones for the sale! With such lovely things, the weather will not matter!
    A big hello from our little island (dry dock on, no ferry...We feel like castaways! So peaceful!)

  46. Je foto's zien er veelbelovend uit; het gaat vast een super geslaagde dag worden! Ik wens je heel veel plezier en een succesvolle verkoop, helaas is het voor mij iets te ver, maar het ziet er allemaal geweldig uit!

    Lieve groet, Miranda

  47. Oh me oh my....I spy so many lovely treasures...your table will be a hit! Now onto that box of pretty tape...where do you get it from.? We can get some here but not nearly as pretty.
    Enjoy my friend...xoxoxoxox

  48. SOooooooooooo sweet,so lovely and absolutely invited,dear Madelif:-)))*

    Fantastic images,adore your post again!!!

    Wish you wonderful Sunday,


  49. Ooh Madelief
    you have beautiful things for the Swan Market - if only I lived near Rotterdam I would have been there to support you.
    However New Zealand is a little too far away!!!

    Our family loves Blueberry Muffins too - I looked at your recipe and it's basically the same as mine, except I have 1 cup of milk and the rind and juice of a lemon! Let me know if you would like a copy of mine!

    hugs and love

  50. Volgens mij treffen jullie het nog met het weer, het is hier droog en de zon komt zo af en toe tevoorschijn.
    Ik hoop dat jullie een geslaagde dag zullen hebben, aan alle voorbereidingen zal het niet liggen. Wat leuk ook die labeltjes.
    Ohhh....en die muffins zien er heerlijk uit .
    Fijne dag en een lieve groet, Mea

  51. I love all your cups, saucers and teapots! I have quite a collection, too! Since coming back from Italy I have bought a few more. England is such a gold mine for lovers of antique and vintage, isn't it?

    Love your photos, by the way... simply beautiful!






  53. Hello Madelief, I am a little late with my comments, so I hope you had the most marvellous tea party. I love all your photos in shades of blue, so very pretty. Your little tags you have designed are adorable. I am sure that it all went down very well, and that you were a roaring success! Much love, Linda x

  54. I recognise the pretty china cup in your pictures with the little blue and purple flowers - the one balanced on the very top in the first picture and again by itself in the second. It is the same as a set my mum-in-law had. She used the cups everyday and when I saw your pictures they brought back very happy memories of when we went to visit and she gave us steaming hot cups of tea with scones and meringues that she had freshly baked and filled with jam and cream.

  55. Hi Madelief
    I was too late to wish you well being on our silver wedding anni trip to Venice (actually on the way home by time of your posting!)..I hope your stand went down a storm!
    Looking forward to seeing some memories of the day!
    Have a great week!
    Fiona xx

  56. Dear Madelief,

    Your Vintage Tea Party stall must have been so beautiful and just wish I lived closer so I could go to the Swan Market. Hope you had a lovely time.
    The china, and flowers are so pretty. I enjoy baking blueberry muffins and they are so healthy.

    Have a great week

  57. Hi Madeleif
    Oh I so hope your fair was a success, what lovely things you have, and I know what you mean about the house being in a mess beforehand it also takes me at least 2 days for the house to return to normal after a fair, my home at the moment is still not straight and this morning we have bought more things!!
    I look forward to seeing lots of photos and stories about the fair.

  58. Hello sweet Madelief!
    It has been a while since I've popped over for a visit. Your stall is going to be so pretty! Wish I could come!!! :)
    Hugs & happiness to you & yours,

  59. Dear Madelife,
    Unfortunately an ocean separates us, but we would love to go visit you :(
    So... wish you success : )
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy hugs
    Camomila Rosa and Alecrim

  60. Hope you had a fun and successful time at the market Madelief! Your stall must have looked wonderful with all your gorgeous vintage china and other goodies - your friend's bunting is pretty!
    I do hope you can share some photos with us!
    Gill xx

  61. I can't wait to hear all about ....I bet your a sell out with all your goodies with your impeccable taste....

  62. Thanks to Frances I've found you.
    Absolutely lovely in lavender.
    Bon chance at the fair
    merci carolg

  63. Hope you had a nice time and nice weather!


Thank you for your lovely words.