woensdag 19 september 2012

An unexpected surprise

It was our intention to visit Sezincote house and gardens, but upon arrival the gate was firmly closed. The sign read that the garden would not open until two o'clock in the afternoon. When it's only ten o'clock in the morning on a rainy day, four hours is a long wait. While walking up the road to the village of Bourton on the hill, we noticed the entrance to another garden, the garden of Bourton house.  It was quickly decided that it might be interesting to have a look. It turned out to be an unexpected surprise!

Bourton house and gardens is situated on a hill not far from Moreton in the Marsh. You enter through a converted barn into a pretty orchard, where you can have refreshments when the weather is fine. On a rainy day you can take shelter in a converted barn.

The garden is not large, but exquisite and enjoyable, with a knot garden, some water features, a topiary walk and colourful borders. The eighteenth century Georgian house, built of Cotswold stone, looks impressive in the background.

A great advantage is, that the garden is not as well known as some other Cotswold gardens nearby and therefore less crowded.

While taking shelter for the rain, we had a pleasant talk with two English garden enthusiasts, who told us the garden was now owned by a Dutchman. Our fellow countryman could not have made a better choice. The place looks enchanting and well taken care of. I hope my photo's do the garden justice.

When you are interested in visiting. Please check out the website of Bourton house and gardens.
Have a lovely day!

Madelief x

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  1. Wat een prachtige rondleiding weer Madelief en de bloemen zijn weer mooi op de foto gezet hoor!fijne avond nog....liefs

  2. Oh your photos certainly did it justice Madelief!! :)
    Really beautiful flower pictures and I love the photo of the house with the lavender in the foreground. :)
    Vivienne x

  3. I love the costwaols ...Imust go back...what an unexpected treat

  4. Volgende keer ga ik met je mee hoor!!!!!
    Tot zondag.......

  5. oh wat een mooi huis en tuin weer wat leuk ook dat locals vertelden dat het nu door een nederlander onderhouden wordt deze meneer heeft veel smaak maar ook heel veel onderhoud wel prachtig om rondtekijken.
    groetjes leon10

  6. het is net of ik er zelf ben geweest prachtige plaatjes!!

  7. Madelief, delight comes as a surprise in an expected places; it is the awesome part of life:) I love your pictures ( as always) and thank you for the wonderful tour! I enjoyed it immensely.

  8. Wat een prachtige tuin, Madelief...een geluk dat jullie daar bij toeval terecht kwamen. Ik vind vooral de paarse en witte bloemen zo mooi, het ziet er geweldig uit! Een adresje om te onthouden...

    Een hele fijne avond!! Liefs, Ingrid

  9. Madelief, you've captured everything so beautifully! Absolutely love the blues, yellows and oranges of the flowers xxx

  10. I think that was a serendipity, this is where you're really supposed to be day. Beautiful gardens even in the rain. xo Jenny

  11. Moreton in the Marsh ken ik wel, maar ben niet in Bourton House and Gardens geweest. Schitterend! Ik moet er gewoon van zuchten, we krijgen er nooit genoeg van.
    Fijne avond verder, Janneke

  12. Hello Madelief:
    We are so pleased to read that you enjoyed this garden. Bourton House was owned until recently by two great friends of ours, Monique and Richard Paice who made the garden at Bourton House over a period of 25 years. They invested much of their lives to creating this wonderful garden and achieved the accolade of Christie's Garden of the Year award in 2005 [as we recall]. The mixture of formal and informal plantings is inspired we think and there are so many interesting plants in the borders.

    The house is a delight too with a marvellous staircase and rooms with delightful views onto the garden and the wider Cotswold countryside. Especially memorable was the Paice's leaving party for which they erected a huge Indian tent on the lower lawn.

    We are so pleased to see that the garden is continuing to be loved by its new owners!

  13. What a utterly beautiful place. Fabulous photos Madelief!
    Victoria xx

  14. Dear Madelief, the Bourton garden is simply WONDERFUL! The thistles and all the other beautiful blue blooming flowers, the differnt shades of green ... the aesthetic forms, the beautiful house .... your fellow countryman has really found a nice piece of the world for living! And what a lucky stroke of fate that you've found there!
    Warm Küschels and Büschels, Traude :o))

  15. Heel erg mooi, wat een verscheidenheid aan bloemen en planten! Prachtige foto's heb je weer, echt genieten om zo even mee op reis te gaan, lieve groet

  16. Dear Madelief,
    the Bourton garden is fantastic!!
    It's like heaven on earth :)))
    Thank you for the wonderful trip.
    Have a nice week
    Lots of hugs

  17. Wat een prachtige tuin heb je ontdekt Madelief! Heerlijke foto's hoor!

  18. Its extra special when I visit here and can really understand the post because I've been to this particular place, and Moreton on the Marsh is really one of the loveliest places I've been. I enjoyed seeing all these amazing photos so much!

  19. Wat een cadeautje om zo´n tuin te ontdekken. De kleuren van de bloemen, zo mooi.Je hebt echt een onvergetelijke reis gemaakt.

    Lieve groet

  20. Geweldige foto's weer.....liefs van mij...xxx...

  21. Soft and subtle colors, this is a true source of inspiration. Thanks for sharing :)

  22. Hello Madelife,
    This house is amazing... and the gardens make me dream with a magic place. So beautiful flowers... I am glad that you choosed visit this place. Thanks: )
    Happy Hugs
    P.s.: you are invited to visit us anytime for a big bite of chocolat cake...ahahahah

  23. Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing it.

  24. Wat een waanzinnige foto's.
    Dank je dat ik even met jullie mee mocht lopen!
    Die kleuren!!
    Lieve groetjes, Annette

  25. I love unexpected surprises like this, that are better then the plans! What colours! The blue really sings out! And the red! I have a similar pic of some thistles; I love their form.

  26. Your photos are beautiful and it was a perfect way to spend the time while you were waiting. I think there are probably lots of charming places to see in the Cotswolds-I hope to get back someday.

    Thanks for sharing,

  27. Only one word for this garden : Wonderful
    Thank you Madelief for share these photos, it is a dream place...
    Autumn is coming in 3 days, I wish you a fantastic season, it is my favorite !

  28. How grand to have found the open door to this lovely garden, and ... to have had the sun emerge as well. Your photos show what a pleasant time could be spent here.


  29. Lovely! There is, of course, nothing like that here. When we visited the UK in 2006 we took a day trip to the Cotswolds but spent most of it in the car due to the torrential rain. ;)

  30. The Bourton garden is fantastic!!
    Beautifull place!!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  31. The gardens really are lovely. I enjoyed your beautiful photos.

  32. Dearest Madelief,
    That was indeed a very pleasant surprise instead of disappointment! Looks like a heaven for this Dutchman, he can garden to his heart's content. A lovely place and such pretty colors, loved the blue especially.
    Hugs to you,

  33. What an enchanting place to unexpectedly happen upon! I have never seen some of these unusual flowers before, a treat for the eyes here, and it must have been a treat for all the senses experiencing it firsthand. Thank you for taking us on this lovely tour! xx

  34. Zoals altijd weer prachtige foto's.

    groetjes Natasja

  35. ooh wat een tuin zeg!! wat een kleuren en wat een sfeer! die jij natuurlijk weer uit de kunst hebt gevangen!!
    fijne dag

  36. Wat weer een prachtige rondleiding Madelief en de tuin is er ronduit schitterend. Zo mooi al die vormgesnoeide Buxus, ben er dol op en wat een aparte Margrieten met die gebogen bloemblaadjes.
    Ik heb weer genoten van je prachtige post. Een klein stukje Zomer in de nu wel bijna Herfst.
    Fijne dag en een lieve groet, Mea

  37. Dat was geen slecht alternatief. Prachtig is het er. De buxus vormen zijn ook heel mooi. Helemaal genieten weer met je prachtige foto's.
    Lieve groet,

  38. What a magical place Madelief, you have captured it beautifully, the flowers look so fresh I feel I could reach out and pick them!
    Thea x

  39. Liebe Madelif,

    was fü eine glückliche Fügung !!! der Garten ist wundervoll, besonders der Knotengarten...das ist für mich typisch englisch und echt ein Holländer ist jetzt der Besitzeer? Wie schön er hat das zauberhaft hinbekommen. Jetzt kann ich mir gut einen Szene von Jane austen ( oder Jane Eyre ) im garten vorstellen...wie gerne würde ich das mal wieder sehen...

    Vielleicht fahren wir ja im nächsten Jahr nach England...ich habe Fernweh.. kein Wunder bei deinen schönen Bildern !!!

    schick dir liebe, vielbeschäftigte Grüße,

  40. You my friend always take the best photos...these gardens are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing all this joy...would love to visit here.


  41. Een prachtige tuin en dat per toeval ontdekt! Je hebt het weer erg mooi in beeld gebracht, zodat ook wij weer mogen meegenieten.

    Fijne dag. Lieve groet, Miranda

  42. WAt toch een paradijs.......
    Heerlijk om even met je mee te mogen genieten.....zoveel moois, zoveel kleur......geweldig.
    Heb je ook zin in de herfst...?

    Fijne avond


  43. Hallo Madelief,
    Wat een geweldig mooie verrassing moet dit voor jullie geweest zijn. Ik vraag me af of jullie nu ook nog naar die andere tuin zijn geweest. Maar deze is in ieder geval prachtig. Wat een mooie bloemen en planten. Het lijkt me zo heerlijk om daar eens rond te kijken en inspiratie op te doen...
    Ik wens je een heel mooie avond,
    Lieve groet,

  44. I love the mellow colour of Cotswold stone and the house and gardens look delightful. What a fabulous find.

  45. How serendipitous that you found this charming garden, Madelief! I often find that smaller less well know gardens are a real delight to visit, with their own unique features and plantings. These photos are gorgeous, I love all the flowers and the pretty house.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
    Helen x

  46. To naprawdę była miła niespodzianka! Ogród jest przepiękny.Musze zobaczyć stronę internetową. Koniecznie.

  47. Oh I wish we still lived in the Cotswolds - I love the mellow stone - what a wonderful find - I am definitely going to book us in for a weekend in the Cotswolds next year to visit some of these beautiful places.

  48. Wow! looks beautiful. I will have to take a trip there.

  49. Hi I've just found your lovely blog! The garden you visited looks stunning, glad you got to visit. Blessings Niki x

    1. Hi Niki,

      Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! Wish you a lovely day!

      Madelief x

  50. Finding unexpected gardens is such a pleasure when traveling. This garden definitely needs to be on my list of places to visit.

  51. Dear Madelief,

    much thanks for your lovely comment to my crocheted blanket. Yrs it is a lot of work but it is worth it. Now I think the blanket is a bit too colourful so I need to make another blanket with less colours. But I´m proud of my first self crocheted blanket.
    My Laptop is broken 4 weeks ago, then I used an old PC but now my lovely husband buyed me a new laptop. So I can start to blog again.

    The pics of your garden visit are absolutely amazing. I would love to visit this beautifull garden too. Beautiful motivs and fantastic colours. You should think to write and illustrate your own book - I would buy it immediately.

    Have a nice weekend with lots of happiness,

  52. Genoten van de mooie foto's van deze onverwachte ontdekking. Ik had de naam van je blog al vaker zien staan, maar nooit een bezoek gebracht. Ik heb er nu een tijdje vertoefd en met plezier je oudere posten gelezen.
    Groet, Annet

    1. Hoi Annet,

      Dank je wel voor je enthousiaste reactie!

      Fijne dag,


  53. Dear Madelief,

    Your pictures do indeed do justice to this enchanting garden. What struck me initially was the stunnning juxtaposition of blue flowers against the Cotswold stone building. Every photo you have taken of the vibrant blues and yellows is a little work of art. I must tell my sister, who lives in Cheltenham with her family, about this garden.

    I need your postal address, lovely Madelief. You should be getting a long-eared parcel some time next week.


  54. Your photos truly do the beautiful house and garden justice.

    What a lovely surprise for all of us.

    xo Jane

  55. Dear Madelief! I've come to this post several times - since the moment you first published it.... and will I be the last one to comment?! Madelief.... it's beautiful! Your photos are beautiful! (and there's lots of purple! =D) and, I just.... I was (am) just so happy for you... and I say that all the time when I visit you... But.... this time I REALLY mean it! (I'm laughing at myself...=]) Of course, I'm always genuine...bounding and enthusiastic and... apparently, I'm not the only one who resonates with you.... ;) but, this post made me a bit lost for words. I really enjoyed it!!!!!! and your photography is WONDERFUL!!!

    HUGS! =]



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