woensdag 12 september 2012

Truly scrumptious

My train leaves in an hour. My bag is packed, with a bottle of water, some sandwiches for the train journey and off course, my camera. Nowadays I rarely leave without it.

I am off on a one day trip to Amsterdam, for a surprise party. Although I visit Amsterdam regularly, I always enjoy going there. It has such a lively atmosphere. On a fine day like today, with sunshine and blue skies, I look forward to walking it's streets even more.

In today's post my favourite pie at the moment: the coffee walnut cake from  The great British book of baking.

Carrot cake has been a long time favourite of mine, so have lemon drizzle cake and apple pie, but this cake beats all. The texture is light and fluffy, the cream layer not too heavy and with a subtle taste of coffee. It is truly scrumptious!!!

I found the tins and cups you can see on the photo's, at our local flea market recently. Somehow I couldn't leave them behind. They probably go with me to my stall at the Swan Market in two weeks time.

Wish you all a wonderful Wednesday! Hope the weather in your part of the world is as glorious as in mine.


Madelief x

  • 175g/6oz butter
  • 175g/6oz caster sugar
  • 3 medium free-range eggs
  • 175g/6oz self-raising flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 tablespoon instant coffee granules
  • 75g/3oz walnut pieces
    Filling and Topping:
  • 125g/4½oz unsalted butter
  • 300g/10oz icing sugar
  • 3 tablespoons instant coffee granules mixed with 2 tablespoons boiling water
  • 4 tablespoons cream
  • 25g/2oz walnut pieces and halves, to decorate
  • Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4.
  • Line the base of two 20cm (8in) loose-bottomed sponge tins with baking parchment.
  • Beat the butter and caster sugar until light, pale and fluffy. You could do this by hand, but it is far easier with an electric mixer.
  • Crack the eggs into a bowl, break them up with a fork, then add them a little at a time to the butter and sugar, beating well after each addition.
  • Combine the flour and baking powder and gently mix into the butter and sugar, either with a hand-mixer on a slow speed or by hand, with a large metal spoon.
  • Dissolve the coffee granules in a tablespoon of boiling water, then stir into the mixture.
  • Chop the walnuts and fold them in gently
  • Divide the cake mixture between the two tins, smooth the top lightly and bake for 20 to 25 minutes – the cake should be springy to the touch and a skewer inserted inside should come out clean.
  • Transfer to a wire rack to cool.
  • For the butter cream topping, beat the butter and icing sugar together in a small bowl until pale and light.
  • Add the dissolved coffee and cream and mix well. Then work in the nuts.
  • Spread the butter cream over the top of each cake when cool, then place one cake on top of the other.
  • Decorate the top of the cake with the walnut halves and serve in generous slices.

75 opmerkingen:

  1. A feast for the eyes! Beautiful dahlias, delightful china and scrumptious cake ... gorgeous pictures, Madelief. Hope you have a lovely day in Amsterdam ... somewhere I haven't been, but would love to one day ...

    Claire xxx

  2. Have a wonderful day in Amsterdam - coffee and walnut cake has been a long time favourite of mine, and yours looks, as you say, truly scrumptious.

  3. Hello Madelief! What beautiful pictures once again! That cake looks yummy! I will have to try it! Oh, and I adore your red polkadot dress...so pretty! Have a fabulous day in Amsterdam! Tania ♥

  4. Hello Madelief:
    Your Dahlias are absolutely glorious. Such rich, velvety shades, they look wonderful and explode like fireworks in your arrangement. Such a welcome burst of colour in the late summer.

    In our gardening days we had a small tea room in the garden. Coffee and walnut cake [homemade as we did in those days enter the kitchen]was a best seller amongst the garden visitors and has always been a favourite with us too. Oh, if only we were closer to call round and share a slice with you.

    And, how jolly you look in your wonderfully dotty dress! Enjoy a lovely day in Amsterdam.

  5. ooh ik ben om!!!
    Ik zou nog zo geen zoetigheid meer bakken de komende tijd maar dit! waaah dit moet ik doen! Echt noten en zoetigheid ja die combi is voor mij onweerstaanbaar!! Dank je voor het recept zeg!
    ooh als ik om de hoek woonde kwam ik nu acuut bij je langs om te proeven!!
    fijne week

  6. I do believe you guest the most beautiful photos that I have ever seen.I woul ask you some help,do you know some web site where I can read some job offer for Netherland (in english)?Thank you very much for your help.

    1. Hi Lily Bets,

      Thank you for your kind comment. Please have a look at this website:


      I hope you may find a job there.

      Madelief x

  7. I LOVE coffee walnut cake! Have a great trip. :0)

  8. erg lekker ziet de taart er uit madelief, veel plezier in amsterdam! het blijft een gezellige stad kom er helaas niet zo vaak wat mooi boeket heb je op tafel erg mooi die diepe tinten rood en paars
    groetjes leon10

  9. Coffee and Walnut Cake has always been a long standing favourite in our family. Just a basic Victoria Sandwich recipe with coffee added, but the combination is just right.

    Always enjoy reading your Blog Madelief and will continue to do so.

    Lil Bit Brit

  10. Ah, dar is het geheim van de cake. Ziet er heerlijk uit, zou maar zo ook mijn favoriet kunnen worden. Prachtig boek ook.
    Veel plezier in Amsterdam.
    O ja, de Dahlia's zijn super in deze ton sur ton kleuren.
    Lieve groet,

  11. Everything about this post blesses me! I have a collection of tins and couldn't help but copying yours to my newly created Pinterest board....the color of the flowers - zinnias - if I'm not mistaken - are just GORGEOUS. And I will be making the cake as soon as I get myself some instant coffee granules.

    Wish I could go along to the party :) The train ride itself sounds inviting...

  12. Hello Madelief, I adore coffee cake, I think it's my favourite, but I tend not to make them as my family don't like it, but looking at yours makes me want to, even just for me! Your dress is lovely, I hope you have a wonderful day in Amsterdam.
    Many thanks for your visit and lovely comments. I do love arranging flowers and have made my mind up to do more of that and less painting furniture, as that is getting too physical for me now. I am off to catch up with the posts I've missed now! Much love, Linda x

  13. Wat een prachtige Dahliapost Madelief.....zo mooi de kleuren samen!!!en de taart..........ziet er lekker uit!....liefs

  14. Liebe Madelief,

    jetzt bist du sicher schon im Zug, solche Alltagsunterbrechungen, wenn auch nur für einen Tag sind sooo schön !!! Da ich ja noch nie in Amsterdam , war freue ich mich sehr über deinen Berichte von dort !!! Wie spannend , eine Überraschungsparty, für wen ? Von wem ?

    Dann wünsche ich dir viel Freude und eine schöne Zeit, hier rgenet es in Strömen, der herbst kommt ...

    Schick dir ♥-liche Grüße


  15. ziet er heerlijk uit zeg..mmm..maar ik lust geen koffie....zal ik de taart dan wel lekker vinden???veel plezier in amsterdam....mijn geboortestad dus daar heb ik een zwak voor natuurlijk
    liefs hannie

  16. Thanks for sharing your recipe, the cakes looks delicious.
    I love your berry coloured dahlias, very pretty.
    Have a lovely day out in Amsterdam. :)
    Vivienne x

  17. I always like to see your sweet pictures :) and the cake recipe seems to be "délicieuse" !!!
    Have a nice trip :)

  18. I hope you will have a great party there.
    Lovely hugs

  19. Love the old tin boxes, Madelief. I used to collect them years ago. I love the photo of you in the dress, so sweet. Love your photos,love your blog. Hugs, Deb

  20. Gorgeous, rich colour flowers!
    Thanks for sharing the coffee cake recipe, it looks wonderful and we love coffee cake in our house so will have a go!
    Hope you had a great day out in Amsterdam Madelief!
    Gill xx

  21. Mmmmmmm.....die koffie-walnoottaart ziet er heerlijk uit en echt een taart voor dit seizoen.
    Wat leuk zo'n verrassingstocht naar Amsterdam Madelief, ik wens je er ontzettend veel plezier en ben benieuwd waar deze verrassing je allemaal brengt.
    Ik geniet nog even van die prachtige Dahlia's.
    Lieve groet, Mea

  22. Sounds like a pretty fantastic day! Your cake looks delicious, I will definitely try your recipe! Thank you for sharing, love your gorgeous photos as always!

  23. What beautiful photographs and flowers! Love those old tins too, especially the hunting scene, something about those red jackets, even if we feel sorry for the Fox. The cake looks so delicious .... and we love Amsterdam too. Enjoy and bring us back more photos! xx

  24. Wat een geweldige post weer lieve Madelief,zo mooi de Dahlia`s en de kopjes en blikken,ik mag alleen nog met een budget naar jouw markt en dan moet ik echt beloven dat ik ga sparen en hij heeft gelijk,anders komt ons huis nooit af,de taart ziet er jammie uit,helaas snap ik niet alle Engels,dus moet eens kijken op mijn gemak er naar,ik wens je een fijne avond,lieve groet Musje.

  25. Zo lekker was je taart! Ik zou zo weer een stukje willen proeven:) Gaat de taart mee naar je verrassing? Of is het een foto van een paar weken geleden. Prachtige dahlia's trouwens, ik ga ze echt komend jaar ook in de tuin zetten...als ik het niet vergeet! Lieve groet en een heerlijke dag

  26. wow what a cake. a pure sin :D but i like it. wish you a nice day in amsterdam (it is one of my favorite cities)
    enjoy it! hugs, svenja

  27. Veel plezier in Amsterdam!
    Ik heb net een appelcrumble met speculoos gemaakt, maar jouw taart ziet er ook wel heer erg lekker uit, die probeer ik ook eens. Ik hoop ook ooit eens zoveel dahlia's uit de tuin te kunnen plukken, ik vind ze heerlijk ouderwetse herfstbloemen. En ze zijn er ook in ALLE MOGELIJKE kleuren, altijd mooi om te combineren. Ik zie ze het liefst in grote bossen bij elkaar in een vaas

  28. Ik wou nog schrijven 'groetjes, Annelies', maar om een of andere reden kon ik geen tekst meer ingeven...

  29. Thank you for sharing the recipe Madelief.
    I love the TV programme, but have'nt got the book.
    Definitely one to make.
    Hope you have a lovely day,

  30. That cake looks delicious and your dahlias are beautiful. Hope you have a nice time in Amsterdam. xx

  31. Hello! I really cannot imagine anything more wonderful than traveling by train to Amsterdam for the day, camera in hand and wearing a polka dotted dress~ I can't wait to see pictures. I do think its the most remarkable city.
    Oh, that cake. Perfect time of year for it too, with all the fresh walnuts in.

  32. Mooi de dahlia's Madelief en wat leuk Amsterdam !!..en een surprise party ??? ...nog leuker.....geniet liefs Ria...xxx...en heerlijk die taart!!!

  33. Die taart ziet er heerlijk uit Madelief en hij smaakt ook zo natuurlijk. Je dahlia's zijn prachtig , ik ben daar gek op. Wat leuk een surprise party en nog wel in heerlijk Amsterdam. Zien we weer foto's van je?
    LIeve groet van Riet

  34. I adore the colours of the dahlias. I feel inspired to find the fabric to match to make a quilt. Hope you had a lovely day out.

  35. your photos never cease to blow me away!

    kate xxx

  36. Hello Madelief
    Your cake looks delicious, yes it is one of my favourites too, my mum used to make the best ever she always used Camp Coffee, I love your dahlias look beautiful, enjoy your trip
    Thea x

  37. Deze walnoten cake ziet er erg lekker uit! Ik hoop dat je n gezellig dag hebt in Amsterdam.
    Lieve groeten,

  38. Wat heb je veel verschillende Dahlia's, bij mij willen ze van 't jaar niet zo. En bedankt voor het koffie walnotentaart recept. Ik ben dol op taart, zowel bakken als eten (haha).
    Gr. Janneke

  39. I do hope your day in Amsderdam is lovely! Thank you for sharing this delicious cake. Your flowers and china are beautiful and I do like your polka dot dress! xx

  40. Wat jammer dat ik door het scherm niet gauw met een vorkje een stukje van je taart kan nemen....want o, wat is ie lekker! Ik heb er tijdens de high tea van gesmuld hoor, dus heel begrijpelijk dat dit op dit moment je favoriete taart is! Ik hoop dat je een heerlijke dag in Amsterdam hebt gehad, je laat op je blog vast nog wel weten hoe het is geweest!

    Liefs, Ingrid

  41. What a great post! The cup is so fine and delicate, and I love roses, the tins fabulous (like you, I couldn't have left them behind, but they would stay with me forever!) and the flowers so striking, to match your wonderful polka dot dress! And thanks for the coffee cake recipe which I must try at the weekend. Weather not so nice now here in London, but we had a glorious weekend!

  42. The cake looks delicious but I have to confess my attention is drawn to the beautiful bouquet of Dahlia's. Are these all Dahlia's from your garden Madelief? Love the tins on one of the pictures too.
    Have a lovely day out in Amsterdam!

  43. I can picture your walking happily down the streets of Amsterdam on a beautiful sunny day-camera in hand!
    Your cake looks wonderful and your bouquet and china also.

    Thank you for asking about Mom and Lucas. Lucas is still doing pretty good and doesn't mind the day travel to Montreal every week-the trial has been extended for 2 mores years so they will have to continue to fly up every Friday. His Mom(our daughter) is homeschooling him this year and so far they are enjoying it.
    Mom is doing pretty good and I was telling her today that you were asking about her. Thank you for your concern.

    Look forward to your lovely Amsterdam photos.

    Enjoy your day!

  44. Bellísimas flores y la tartaleta se ve deliciosa.
    Bss de colores.

  45. The cakes looks absolutely scrumptious!
    As do the dahlias. I'm just trying to make space in my little garden to grow some x

  46. I don't know how you could have left those dahlias behind! I hope you packed a little slice of cake for the trip too.

    xo jane

  47. That cake looks delicious, but I what I am really distracted by are those tea/biscuit (which?) tins! They are lovely. :)

  48. oh my! does that cake ever look yummy! but more importantly...CUTE DRESS!!! ;}

    m ^..^

  49. Dear Madelief,

    Coffee and carrot cake are my favourites too, your cake looks delicious with the walnuts on top. I love your pretty dahlias and your red and white spotted dress.
    Do hope that you have a wonderful time in Amsterdam.


  50. Such all round gorgeousness - cake, dahlias and vintage things....love those tins. What a beautiful treat.

    Nina x

  51. Hello Madelief!
    What amazing images - I was just delighting in the beautiful flowers, when you threw in that fabulous cake! However, then you sealed perfection by adding that marvellous spotty red dress - SUCH a joy to see! I never fail to leave your lovely blog without a huge smile on my face - your colours and images always make me feel so happy!
    Enjoy Amsterdam, and I will definitely try this cake!
    Best wishes,
    Paula xxxx

  52. Yummy cake, it looks delicious. Do you get the programme Great Bristish Bake off in Holland? Hope you had a lovely day in Amsterdam.

  53. Oh, wait! What to comment on first?!!!

    Alright! You're adorable - what a dress!!! Love it! =D

    It's silly but must be said, also - I LOVE those tins. I've been enjoying Pinterest. It's interesting to start seeing the trend of what photos I'm drawn to. It's like a little acid test to show up what my style is. You should see all of the tins I've pinned! Something about them.... I very much like the green colors of these.

    and, as if that wasn't enough - our minds are swirling the frosting in the same direction! =] I've bought mascarpone cheese for a walnut cake that I've been dying to try for a while, now! My most ravenous boys don't like nuts, too - so I think I'll be able to savor it without wolfing it down. (Lliam has been known to steal bites off of other people's plates. One can't linger when he's around! =/)

    and, Madelief - your comments on my last post meant an awful lot to me - as they usually (always! ;)) do. I just wanted you to know!

    Love to you!!


  54. What fun...you lucky girl..Amsterdam!!! Just where my Molly is...wish I was going there today too.....enjoy and thanks for the yummy cake recipe...feel like baking soon so this may be just the recipe I need....{I always feel like baking!} Hugs. xoxoxo

  55. Aaaahhhhh.................Madelief,je maakt mijn hartje smile:-)))*

    Fantastic Dahillas flowers and your appletaart,I think is SOoooooooooooo delish,girl!!!

    Thank you so much for coming by....and yestraday night I have placed my new post about a Fall trends,colors palett.

    Wish you bright,sunshine day,my dear virtual friend:-)*


  56. Prachtige post weer met mooie bloemen, lekkers en servies..perfect combination! Amsterdam..heerlijk..vind ik ook..ben opgegroeid in de Pijp en mijn ouders wonen nog aan de Sarphatiepark..ben daar dus ook regelmatig te vinden..kan zo genieten van de gezelligheid daar..


  57. Dearest Madelief,

    That looks very promising for enjoying a good cup coffee with your scrumptious coffee cake when you return from Amsterdam!
    Great photos, love your flowers and the polka dot dress in the photo!
    Hugs to you,

  58. Der Kuchen sieht in der Tat himmlisch aus!! Da werd ich mich mal ans Übersetzen machen :-)
    Ich hoffe, Du hattest einen tollen Tag in Amsterdam!!

  59. Your post is truly scrumptious the colour of those dahlias and lovely coffee cake and vintage tins and cup! Hope you had a nice day out in Amsterdam.
    Sarah x

  60. Such bright and colourful dahlias, lovely red and white polka dot dress, and yummy cake! So many delicious things in one post! I hope you had a lovely day in Amsterdam, Madelief....I love it there!
    Helen x

  61. I was tempted by Jane and Lance to stop by, and I am not disappointed! What a darling blog you create...
    You have the eye of an artist, colors and compositions....all are lovely!

  62. Het ziet er heerlijk uit, wat zal de taart smaken! Je hebt ook weer een prachtig boeket bloemen. De kopjes blijven trekken haha, bij mij ook hoor.
    Waar sta je op de markt? Een fijn weekend, liefs Diana

  63. Thanks for the yummy recipe Madelief:-)...lovely bright, happy images as always, love the little tins you found and the gorgeous red spotty dress!
    Wishing you a fabulous trip with your trusty camera:-)
    Fiona xx

  64. I love your dress and all this beautiful flowers!

  65. Hallo Madelief,
    O wat zijn die Dahlia´s mooi. Dat is tegenwoordig echt mijn favoriet hoor, de Dahlia. Deze hebben wel een heel mooie kleur. Alleen zo jammer dat ik ze bijna nergens in de bloemenwinkels kan vinden, anders zou ik wekenlang alleen maar bossen Dahlia´s in huis hebben.
    Je trommels en kopjes zijn zo mooi... Heerlijk om naar te kijken.
    En je taart ga ik beslist een keer proberen te maken...
    Ik wens je alvast een heel fijn weekend,
    Lieve groet,

  66. Oh, what a yummy post! Love the flowers and your cake looks scrumptious, as you said. Pretty teacups too. Enjoy your trip to Amsterdam and have fun this weekend!


  67. Heb je een leuke dag gehad in Amsterdam? De taart ziet er heerlijk uit en samen met de prachtige dahlia's levert het gezellige plaatjes op!

    Fijn weekend. Lieve groet, Miranda

  68. Ha Madelief,
    Wat ziet het er allemaal weer prachtig EN lekker uit!
    En natuurlijk kom ik naar Madeliefs Vintage Tea Party op de Swan M.!!!!!!!!
    Als ik je posten zie, dan beloofd dat heel veel leuks!
    Ik hoop dat ik je kan vinden tussen al die kramen, misschien mag ik je 06 nummer, kan ik eventueel een zoekaktie organiseren!
    En als je veel over hebt, denk het niet!, dan is er op 14 oktober:
    Kralingen op Straat!
    op de beneden Oostzeedijk, wordt erg leuk, ik heb ook een kraam!
    Ik ga nu mn mandje in, ben heel erg moe, ik heb deze week ZO VEEL gedaan in de winkel!
    Dus moe maar voldaan!
    Fijn weekend

  69. Dear Madelief,
    thank you for the delicious recipe - and the pretty photos of the marvellous flowers!
    Have a nice time in Amsterdam!
    Best wishes, Siret

  70. Came to you via Frances' lovely blog.
    You'd better go there quickly for a surprise.

    Love your dahlias and long to taste your lovely cake.
    Enjoy Amsterdam!

  71. Ahhh Madelife,
    Your flowers are lush with so many colors.... How ever... But this cake ahahhh is a temptation to our eyes. The recipe was copied... Thanks for share with us : )
    Happy hugs


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