maandag 23 maart 2015



Thank you so much for your kind comments and emails and for participating in my giveaway. I am glad you like the teacups I chose for you. I will miss them in my cupboard, but I can't help looking forward to the new treasures I will hopefully find. We have Kings day coming up soon (flea market time), which means I have to make room :-)

I am not going to keep you in suspense much longer. This time the teacups go to Helen from the blog Helen Philipps (pink set) and to Gerry from the blog Merel-Viool (red set) Congratulations sweet ladies! I am really happy to send them to you, because I know they will get a good home.
Could you please email me your address?

For all of you who did not win today. I have a new giveaway coming soon. When you are interested in gardening books and garden parties and can read German, please have a look at my blog now and then.

Today's photo's were taken in the garden last Wednesday. I was hoping for a sunny day, but got a misty one instead. It was perfect weather though for getting my garden ready for the season. The hellebores looked exceptionally beautiful. They have a lovely position underneath an old hazel tree and brighten up this normally dark part of the garden. I thought I had only two varieties, but was pleasantly surprised to see the flowers of a new seedling popping up. It's the pink hellebore with the yellow heart in the photo below. It's definitely going to stay! Do you grow hellebores in your garden?

Wishing you all a happy week ahead. Lets hope the weather will be perfect for gardening!


Madelief x

zondag 15 maart 2015

Vintage teacup giveaway

When I scrolled through my last couple of blog posts, I realised I have forgotten to thank you for quite a while now: for you sweet comments on my new kitchen, the adventures I had with my daughter Annebelle at the allotment complex and many more. Thank you so much! They always make me smile!

I thought it was high time to do another giveaway. As I have lots of vintage tea and coffee cups, I would love to give some to you. Ha, ha, you are actually doing me a favour by joining in, because this way I can add some new ones to my collection ;-)

I hope you like the ones I chose for you. Please let me know which set of cups you prefer. The pink set (below this text) or the red set (above this text). My youngest daughter Annebelle will pick the winning number. You are all welcome to join in, from The Netherlands or abroad. The giveaway will end next Sunday, the 22nd of March. I will announce the winning number on Sunday or Monday. It depends how busy my weekend is :-). 

Wishing you lots of success! A Happy new week!


Madelief x

maandag 9 maart 2015

Childhood memories

This weekend I visited my aunt, who lives in a small village called Wahlwiller, which is nestled in between the green hills of Southern Limburg, close to the German and Belgian border. It's one of those places where time stood still. Where everyone knows each other by name and where people still go to Sunday mass, before heading to the café. I love it there. It brings back lots of childhood memories of a time when my grandparents were still alive and my parents, brother and I used to go to Limburg for the weekend every other week. 

It's not only the childhood memories and the beauty of the place that attract me, but the far reaching views, the stillness and the starry skies on a clear night as well. For a city girl like me, living in a small village like that feels like a dream. I don't think I could settle there, missing the hustle and bustle of my home town Rotterdam too much, but I am really happy that I still have family living there and a bed to sleep in whenever I like.

The photo's in today's post where taken this weekend and last August when I visited Limburg with my parents. They were mostly taken in Maastricht, the town where my mother grew up and in Wahlwiller and the surrounding countryside. The last couple of photo's show the church in Wahlwiller, which is really special and well worth a visit. It has amazing paintings by Rotterdam painter Aad de Haas, which are being restored at the moment.

Wishing you a happy week!


Madelief x

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