zaterdag 15 september 2012

End of season

On our allotment complex the gardening season has ended. After spending the summer in their little garden houses, people are packing up to go home. It's getting more and more quiet. Our neighbours are still there and won't leave until the first frost.

We haven't cleaned up the house and outdoor kitchen yet. The weather is still fine and I don't want the summer to end. We try to enjoy the garden as long as possible. We often do this in the company of family and friends, but now and then my husband and I have the garden to ourselves, like today. It's just perfect sitting on the veranda reading a book, with birdsong in the background.

Although much of the colour has left the garden, there are still some flowers in bloom, like  Dahlia's, Roses and the last Sweetpeas. The Cosmea is a bit disappointing this year. Producing lots of long green stems, but few flowers. Inside the greenhouse the chili peppers are turning red at last and the black peppers are ready to be picked. I had a huge crop of garlic this year. After having dried for a couple of weeks, they are ready for long term storage.

Are you enjoying home grown fruit or vegetables?

Wish you all a happy weekend!


Madelief x

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  1. oh my dear madelief.. what wonderful post.. I love your flowers and your vegetables..
    have a wonderful sunday..
    Kisses and many hugs.. Susi

  2. Hi Madelief
    We are BOTH hanging on to summer! Next year I will grow sweet peas (they were my mums favourite along with roses), also I hope to find time to grow some vegetables...I've never seen a black pepper, does it taste like any of the other coloured peppers? The tea and cake look divine and I love the colourful detailed cross stitch? embroidery on the always it's all so beautiful...I haven't given up on more tea and cake alfresco to come to balance the wet, wet, summer this year.
    Have a lovely rest of your weekend!
    Fiona xx

    1. Hi Fiona,

      I really have no idea how the black peppers taste. I think I will try them out this week. Hope I will survive them :-)

      Enjoy your weekend!

      Madelief x

    2. Let me know when you've sampled them Madelief, if they're half as good as they look you could be pioneering a new culinary trend as they look amazing:-) reminds me of discovering black pansies which I love.
      Have a fab week and looking forward to your next post!
      Fiona x

  3. Gelijk heb je, ik zou het vertrek uit de tuin ook zo lang mogelijk uitstellen hoor! Wij hebben een paar jaar geleden de verjaardag van de jongste begin november nog buiten gevierd! En dat duurt nog een aantal weken! Morgen schijnt het heerlijk weer te worden...een echt tuindagje dus!

    Fijn weekend Madelief!

    Liefs, Ingrid

  4. So glad you still have a chance to enjoy your garden, we had a sparkling day to day, far to nice to be indoors, I always enjoy these late summer days too, your cream teas look delicious
    Thea x

  5. The leaves are turning their Fall colours in my neck of the woods. Summer sun is gone and now there is a lovely cool breeze. I don't mind the Fall at all. Your photos are lovely today and now I want cake. Deb

  6. Als ik zo'n tuin had, zou ik er ook zo lang mogelijk blijven. Heerlijk genieten toch? Leuk die pepers en wat veel knoflook, dat heb ik nog nooit geprobeerd. Als ik zoiets zie, wil ik het altijd gelijk ook proberen, wie weet volgend jaar. Bij mij loopt mijn moestuintje ook op z'n einde, alleen de afrikaantjes (haha) staan er nog volop te bloeien. Je verlekkert ons nog wel even met die cake met aardbeien en slagroom.
    Nog een fijne zondag met nog meer mooi weer!

  7. Such beautiful images, as always :) Here I'm enjoying the last of the flowers in the garden and all the autumn wonders I can forage for in the hedgerows.

  8. I don't want summer to end either Madelief, I'm like this at this time of year, every year!!!
    My cosmea were very poor too, just a few flowers and like you lots of long green stems. It's strange how some years are good for some plants and not so good for others.
    Pretty images as always,
    Vivienne x

  9. Lovely, lovely! The chillies are so vibrant, and I love the black peppers! And my mouth is watering looking at the scones. We have been enjoying a bit of an Indian summer here in England as well.

  10. Sepember colors are softer. I think it's beautiful too. We enjoy our small garden this weekend because the weather is perfect, warm and sunny...better than this summer!

  11. I have the sweetest, sweetest peppers ever! Very yummy! Your photos always take my breath away, it's quite hard to put into words the effect they have on me! Have a great Sunday! Ada :)

  12. Hi Madelief,
    The summer has flown by...
    It must be nice to have some quiet time alone in the garden with your huband & the birds:-)
    I always enjoy seeing all your beautiful blooms, LOVE the ruffled pink roses, can NEVER get enough!
    Enjoy feasting on your veggie bounty:-)
    Hugs and wishing you a beautiful few final days:-)

  13. Wij zijn vandaag ook weer naar de tuin geweest hoor, zo lang het droog is! En ik zag vandaag een hele mooie nieuwe lupine ( is aangewaaid), een roze. De asters bloeien, sedum en ook nog rozen. Voorlopig hopen we nog te kunnen genieten en anders doen we het buitenkacheltje aan.

  14. Dearest Madelief,

    You manage to have colors till the very end of summer. Certainly, that's how you planned for it! It is a joy, as long as it is warm enough to be outdoors, especially when sitting still and reading. I always have to watch my sciatica. Staying out too long may end in a punishment.
    Enjoy your weekend!
    Hugs to you,

  15. Hey Madelief, wat heerlijk om wat tijd te spenderen in je tuin. Fantastisch om er dan ook nog groenten en fruit van eigen kweek te kunnen oogsten. Dat hebben wij niet wat ik wel jammer vind. Paprika's heb ik vroeger wel nog binnen op de vensterbank gekweekt toen de kids nog klein waren. Het was wonderlijk voor hen om heel het proces van zaadje tot vrucht te volgen. Maar zwarte paprika's, nooit van gehoord. Ik vind ze fantastisch. Moet ik zeker naar op zoek, dan kan ik nog eens aan het kweken gaan.
    Lieve groet,

  16. Dear Madelief, Your garden flowers are lovely! The flower in the blue glass vase are so colorful and pretty amoung your beautiful china. Your peppers are amazing, especially the black ones. I will bet they taste just as delicious as they look. You always fill me up with such beauty. Enjoy these last glorious days of summer. Hugs, xx

  17. Wat fijn dat je nog heerlijk in je tuin kan zijn Madelief en je hebt nog mooie vazen met bloemen. Heerlijk. Je foto's zijn prachtig.
    Fijne Zondag.
    Liefs van Riet.

  18. Heerlijk...geniet zolang als je kan van je heerlijke tuin......liefs fijne zondag !!

  19. black they taste the same.??? nice shots

  20. The bounty from your garden looks wonderful! Those black peppers look amazing have never seen pepper that color before. I get most of my fruits and veggies from the farmers market but grow lots of flowers. Laura

  21. September is a lovely month to enjoy the fading beauty of the garden. It sounds like a lovely day for you and your husband.
    I have a small veggie garden but we had lots of tomatoes,garlic,onions and carrots this year.

    Happy weekend!


  22. It has been a lovely end to the summer. Enjoy it while you can! Those black peppers look beautiful. I have some that are supposed to be orange, but they are still green! xx

  23. And then the summer was gone again.....beautifuel pics from your garden..
    happy sunday
    hugs hugs :)

  24. Dear, lovely Madelief,

    September is such a poignant month, isn't it? We are aware we are living on borrowed times savouring each and every 'last' sunny day. On Friday we were plunged into grey, blustery autumnal weather and it came as a shock. This weekend we are graced with glorious weather again so I am seizing moment and going cycling with my son through the vineyards and along the Loire.

    Perhaps I feel compelled to write this each and every time but this series of pictures are particularly stunning. Amazing chilli peppers and black peppers juxtaposed with summery cakes. I feel your desire to cling to the end of summer too.

    Your Mademoiselle Hare is being stitched at this very moment and I am enjoying every minute.


  25. Wat ziet het er nog mooi uit bij je in de tuin.
    En wat een prachtige foto's!
    Geniet van een mooie zondag.
    Groetjes, Annette

  26. jammer hoor maar hier genieten we nog heerlijk na:-))

  27. Like you, I am enjoying the warm weather to its very end. And at long last my tomatoes are ripening - worth the wait! Such a lovely time of year. X

  28. Heerlijk om zo'n tuin te hebben. En weer prachtige foto's. Geniet nog maar fijn van de mooie dagen, ga ik ook doen. Fijne zondag, groetjes, Gerda
    (En ik zou ook graag uit mijn eigen tuin eten, komt nog wel een keer. Dan smaken de tomaten misschien weer naar tomaten, zoals in Italie.)

  29. Hoi Madelief,
    Wat jammer dan hè, dat het zomerseizoen ten einde loopt. Maar als het goed is kun je nog wel wat weekjes genieten van al het moois in jouw tuin. Afgelopen jaar werd het op 1 oktober nog bijna 30 graden. Ik reken er gewoon op dat we nog wel wat moois krijgen...
    Je foto´s zijn weer een genot voor mijn ogen. Heerlijk, zulke prachtige bloemen...
    Ik wens je een heel mooie zondag,
    Lieve groet,

  30. Beautiful post! I think you've worked hard in your garden! x

  31. Hello Madelief:
    These few brave flowers hanging on at the end of the season rather remind us of ourselves this year. We feel that it has been the most marvellous summer and we are reluctant to let it go just yet. And yet, the hint of chill in the air is more than a reminder that Autumn is here and winter will be on its tail.

    How lovely to be enjoying your allotment garden by yourselves. It will be sad to pack up and leave it for another year, but you have such lovely memories of happy times spent there with family and friends. Roll on Spring!

  32. Madelief, you describe this time of the year so well. It is a time of contemplation of a departing season and also a time to greet the possibilities of the season that now begins.

    In my city environment, summertime is not always pleasant, sometimes seems harsh with its heat and humidity. I am welcoming the cooler, dryer air, although sorry to see sunsets arriving earlier each day.

    I know that you are enjoying these September days in your garden. Your photographs allow the rest of us to enjoy a bit of that garden, too!


  33. Everything looks so beautiful (and delicious)! I'm glad you are enjoying every minute of your garden, and making it last as long as you can.

  34. Hoi Madelief,

    Wat maak je toch altijd prachtige heldere foto's!! Je Cosmea (de foto onder de knoflook toch?) is wél erg mooi! Die wil ik ook! Weet je welke 'soort' dit is?
    En ja, ik zou graag 'homegrown' groente en fruit willen, maar kom nog niet veel verder dan de kruiden: rozemarijn, peterselie, basilicum, munt, enz. Wil komend seizoen toch eens meer gaan proberen, vooral die zwarte parika's en de knoflook zien er goed uit!!

    Fijne week Madelief!
    Liefs uit het zuiden,

    1. Hoi Chantal,

      Sorry dat het zo lang heeft geduurd voordat je van mij een reactie kreeg op je vraag, maar het was een drukke week! De Cosmea in mijn foto is de Cosmea Sea Shells. Ik heb het zakje met zaadjes uit Engeland meegenomen, maar ik denk dat je het ook via of bij Vreeken in Dordrecht kunt bestellen.

      Een fijn weekend!

      Madelief x

  35. 't Ziet er allemaal nog veel te mooi uit om achter te laten! Lekker nog even genieten, hoor!

  36. Piękne zdjęcia! Szkoda,że lato się już kończy.Warzywa wyglądają ślicznie.
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)

  37. Wat mooi weer allemaal in je post Madelief,ik vind je zomerbloemen prachtig van kleuren!!!nog een gezellige avond.....liefs

  38. Hello Madelief

    I can understand how you want to prolong the enjoyment of your beautiful garden. You garlic looks delicious.
    I am holidaying in Ireland and enjoying being with family.


  39. I loved your garden. Beautiful photos.

  40. Beautiful Colours colours,nice vegetables and such a good cake with strawberries!

  41. mmmm nee mn schoonvader heeft een stukje land waarvan wij wel vaak verse groente krijgen maar bloemen verbouwd hij niet meer sinds mijn schoonmoeder is overleden. en inderdaad zo vers van het land smaakt de groente wel dubbel zo lekker, fijn he die nog mooie dagen..kunnen jullie nog even heerlijk genieten van alles
    liefs hannie

  42. I could look at your beautiful photographs all day long.

  43. Madelief, your photos are just fabulous! I am always amazed at how lovely and vibrant fresh veggies and flowers photograph.
    Your tea is so pretty with your tea things, cake, berries, and cream. Yum! I don't know whether or not you ever join blog parties but you are invited to link up to my tea if you wish. Would love to have you! Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely week. Enjoy your moments in the garden!


  44. Oh, your pictures are so lovely! I don't want the summer to end yet either, I try to hold on to it as long as possible!

    Your garden must be a little paradise!


  45. Liebe Madelief,

    danke für deine Nachfrage, mir geht es gut, aber die Schule hat begonnen, wir haben große Umbauarbeiten im Garten, Bäume wurde gefällt, die Äpfel müssen geerntet werden, die Sonne scheint und do habe ich überhaupt keinen Zeit am Computer zu sitzen...Oft denke ich aber auch, dass ich einfach nicht weiß, was ich posten soll ..
    Jedenfalls finde ich es sehr schön, dass ihr es auch noch im Garten genießt, der Winter wird lange genug, das muss man jetzt noch nutzen...Ganz tolles Gemüse habt ihr im Garten !!!
    Wir nur Obst und Beeren, aber die nachbarn beschenken uns ja reichlich mit Gemüse...

    Dir wünsche ich eine ganz schöne Woche,

    liebe Grüße,


  46. Dearest Madelief,
    yes, I know - saying goodbye to the summer is always a bit difficult. But the summer left many gifts in your garden - a good harvest, pretty flowers and beautiful memories. Enjoy the farewell with its firework of fruits and autumn-colours - and one day there will be a new summer :o))
    Let me give you warm and sweet late-summer-Küschelbüschels,
    yours Traude
    PS: Hihi, I had no problems with the translation of "van" ;o))

  47. Wat een prachtige foto's! Zulke mooie bloemen.


  48. Good evening Madelief,

    Wonderful photos of a wonderful fairy garden...
    Autumn is coming soon and another wonders are arriving...
    Nature is very beautiful and amazing !
    Nice new week

  49. Fijn genieten van het buitenleven, zolang het nog kan! Op je foto's lijkt het nog wel zomer; gezellig al die fleurige en kleurige bloemen... Ook hier dit jaar lathyrus en zinnia's uit eigen tuin, net als besjes, boontjes en tomaatjes.

    Fijne avond. Lieve groet, Miranda

  50. Gorgeous colourful pictures, I especially loved the bright flowers in the blue glass vase! It is a bit sad when the most flowery season in our gardens ends...but nice to start planning things for next year :)
    Wishing you a happy week, Madelief.
    Helen x

  51. Your growing season is coming to an end Madelief and ours is just beginning......
    It sounds like you have certainly enjoyed and made the most of your garden.
    Beautiful photos and nice to find enough blooms to make a sweet, little posy....

    CLaire x

  52. It's getting chilly by the day here in the UK and sadly our garden is the same. Dahlias and roses are just holding on, but the sweet pea cosmos died back a while ago.

    Beautiful blooms

    Nina x

  53. Looks like you've done so well with your vegetables and flowers this year as ever - well done Madelief!
    We have had plenty of lettuces, spinach, french and runner beans and courgettes this year but thats about it!
    Beautiful flowers and lovely photos!
    Have a good week!
    Gill xx

  54. Hi Madelief, I cannot believe we are coming to that time of year again. Everything looks very lovely in your garden. We are still enjoying lettuce, tomatoes and raspberries, and we have some beetroot too.
    What have you done with your coffee cake. I had to go and make it after your last post. When Lois spied it when she came in from school, she wanted a piece, even though it was coffee cake, and that was it, she and I are now hooked, and on cake no.2!You bad, bad girl!! Lots of love to you, and thanks for the recipe, love Linda xx

    1. Hi Linda,

      Hi Linda,

      I am so glad the cake is a success in your family! We all love it too! Luckily we are with five, so I don't have to eat it all :-)!

      Have a lovely evening! Enjoy your cake!!!


      Madelief x

  55. Firstly, WOW! You've just passed 1,000 followers! =D That little smiley doesn't cover it - I just the reflection of my teeth in my computer screen - I'm really smiling for you! But, it's funny, this comment box is covering my eyes. and, actually, my hair is glowing and my earring is really pretty and sparkling, too... the sun coming in the window is so warm and bright! I don't usually blog at this time of day (early afternoon). =]

    and that brings me to another thing. I was just out in the garden and was completely surprised to see that the raised beds (veggies and herbs) are completely in the shade, now! They've been absolutely baking all day long through the summer. The light has been so different the last week. Now, I know that it's definitely at a lower slant than before. But, we're still hanging on to time in the garden, too. Indeed, sometimes, the stone steps are the warmest place around - warmer than in the house! =/ =] So we sit out there and soak in the warmth from the sun. The garden has gotten beyond blousy - some of the plants got bigger than I realized they could get and never got staked - and, between the drought and then the rain, everything is a tangled floppy mess - but SO pretty still.

    I LOVE your roses. Late summer roses are completely charming, aren't they? They're definitely no the same as they were in June. I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps, they have a little patina? =]

    So, I love seeing and reading this post! =] I can feel the after summer stillness in the garden and I can see the longer, cooler shadows in your photos and I can just FEEL the peace and am so happy for you!

    and I could yammer on forever but.... sigh... better stop there. ;) =D


  56. OH! and the tomatoes are still going very strong and are incredibly tasty!!! We haven't had homegrown tomatoes for five years, now. I'd forgotten what they taste like!

    sorry about the typos up above - I meant that I can SEE part of my reflection in the computer screen. It's not usually like that.


  57. Hi Madelief, what lovely photographs. I am very jealous of your sweet peas - mine were all eaten by slugs this year, so no sweet peas for me - and your roses are stunning, what varieties are they? Mine are all over now and I really want to plant some more in an attempt to have roses all year round. So glad to have found your blog.

  58. Hello ,
    I came to your blog from a link of a reader of it , who appreciate it very much. I say I found here a great blog.
    I am a bit confuse and I kindly ask you : what kind of pepper is that one black?It impressed me so much , I never saw something like this before...What taste it has?
    Thank you!


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