woensdag 12 augustus 2009

Old villas

Het is bijzonder om te zien hoeveel oude villa's in Normandie bewaard zijn gebleven. De meeste dateren uit de Belle Epoque. In een van mijn eerdere blogs heb ik jullie al het een en ander uit deze periode laten zien (Deauville). Zoals jullie inmiddels weten ben ik een groot liefhebster van architectuur en kunst maar ook gebruiksvoorwerpen en mode uit deze periode. Het was voor mij dan ook enorm genieten! In het plaatsje Houlgate, waar wij één week op een camping verbleven, kon je alleen al 300 villa's uit deze periode bekijken. De meeste foto's die hierboven staan afgedrukt heb ik ook daar genomen. Alleen het witte huis met de zwarte luiken stond in het plaatsje waar wij de eerste week verbleven.

It's special to see how many old villas in Normandy are still in perfect condition. Most villas date from the Belle Epoque period. A period which started at the end of the 19th century and came to an end at the beginning of the twentieth. In one of my previous blogs I have shown you some pictures of this period (Deauville). As you know I am a great admirer of art, architecture but also fashion and other artefacts from this period. You can imagine how happy I was being surrounded by so much splendour! In the village 'Houlgate' alone there were about 300 houses from this period. Most of the pictures I put on my blog today I made there. However, the white house with the black shutters is to be found nearby Dieppe.

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  2. Schitterende foto's van schitterende huizen Madelief. Ik had geen idee dat dat er allemaal was. Wij zijn er heel lang geleden geweest, toen wisten we niet wat er allemaal te zien was.

  3. Hello Madelief,

    such pretty nostalgic houses. Old houses have so wonderful details. For me it was sure that I wanted an old house. Our house we bought 1 year ago is from the year 1903 and we really love it. In our little town are some old houses and it is a delight to see them when I walk my doggies.

    lovely greetings,

  4. dear Madelief, There're things that are powerful enough to make you travel on time! Did it happen to you when you visited such a place? it happened to me when i saw your pictures. Love this kind of old romantic houses, but would never be able to live in one!!!
    Answering your questions: it was portuguese music but the sader side of fado. i'll post an ex of the bohimian one!
    Thanks so much for the ideas on the music sheets. loved the wallpaper idea!! have to give it a try!
    Take care,

  5. me again!!!...
    ps. if you go down on my blog you can always see which music you're litening and select any other from my list, just clik on the music's name. ( note: it's not michael jackson but the other list at the very bottom)
    night night

  6. Ik zou graag zo´n villa-tje willen uitzoeken... liefst die op het plaatje bovenaan: met fraai uitzicht over de zee... Olala, de mensen die daar wonen hebben elke dag feest!
    Mooie foto´s, ik geniet van deze reportages!
    Groetjes, Marjolijn

  7. Wat een heerlijke huizen, Frankrijk is zo mooi!

  8. Dear Madelief!
    oh, these are fantastic pictures again. I also love old houses with beautiful architecture, like shutters and lattice windows....
    I think i have to go to Normandy, but my hubby did'nt want to make holiday in France.... I have to show him your pictures....
    Have a great day!!!
    Hugs Bine

  9. Oh, what wonderful pictures, dear Madelief!!! These old villas are sooo beautiful and it must be great to live in one of them!!!! Thank you so much for sharing - hope i can go to Normandy one day and look at those loveley treasures!!!!

    Have a fine weekend, take care, Hugs Jade

  10. ja ik ga daar heen verhuizen denk ik ;-))zal mij daar best thuis kunnen voelen.

  11. Oh, of course I can imagine how happy you have been there (I would have been, too ;-))! Wonderful dream-houses!
    And thank you so much for your lovely comment! I guess most people from places out of Austria or Germany don't know the old "stars" of UFA-movies, theatre and opera (except Zara Leander) ... it was 2nd world-war, and some of them later on had a not so good reputation (it also was Nazi-time ... one or the other attended to propaganda-movies and so on...) But some of them have also been famous after the war - so perhapt your mother really knows their names. (Today you can have a look on some other names and on an old autograph-book if you visit my blog...) Anyway - for me it is a wonderful souvenir to my aunt.
    Oh - of course I have visited "Jeugdland" - and today I searched for the souvenirs I took with me from there: 5 Jeugdland-postcards and a "Jeugd Vakatie Paspoort 1986" (so it must have been MORE than 20 years... hmmm) The chief of this action was Joop Nooordenboos (I am not sure if I wrote his name right but there where lots of "ooooo" in it ;-)) - a very nice man, and he showed me lots of interesting things in Rotterdam - but I am afraid I didn't see the zoo which is close to your home... what a pitty!
    Take care!

  12. Hihi - I have seen you visited "me" just at the same time as i wrote to you... so now here comes my "rest"-answer: Yes, I also have kept the "poezie-album" of my youth - and my daughter also has got one :-) I think it is a nice practice!
    Groetjes & Servus, Traude

  13. ik heb de 1ste reactie die je schreef op mijn blog gezet.

    ik heb heel veel interesses...gewoon teveel voor 1 blog, dus heb ik ze onderverdeeld over 7 stuks...poehé
    op de ene ben ik wel wat actiever dan op een ander, maar ach zo blijf ik bezig...
    geen kinderen en geen baan buitenshuis dat scheelt veel tijd... LOL

  14. Wat een kasten van huizen zeg!! Om die te onderhouden !!
    Mooi om te zien, dat wel!!

    Nieuwe profielfoto? Leuk !!

    Groetjes Thea

  15. Dear Madelief,
    I understand you so well!! I sometimes go back in time too. It's great when it happens. It takes you away of the boredom of daily life. There's a writer that does that wonderfully - Eça de Queirós (portuguese) If you like reading and have the chance to find it in your country try this book "OS MAIAS". You'll travel to the 19th century from the 1st to the last page!!! AMAZING.
    Don't you sometimes feel you're not living on the correct era?!
    Have a lovely night,

  16. What stories these old houses could tell! I am always snapping pictures like these or of old doors and ironworks. I am enjoying looking at your blog and all of the pictures. I'll definitely be back again!

  17. Wat prachtig, ik zou zo in die eerste willen wonen, pal aan zee....


  18. So much beauty created by people. It gives me hope!


Thank you for your lovely words.