zaterdag 23 maart 2013

Real friendship knows no distance

This should have been a garden post, showing you the first spring flowers, but it's Arctic in Rotterdam and I did not feel like going to the garden at all. With strong north easterly winds and low temperatures, it is much more comfortable inside.  Hopefully, it will be better next week, because I find it difficult to wait!! I want to start digging and planting......:-)

Guess what? I found a desk for my craft room in the thrift store last week, together with two old packs of cards. I could not believe my luck! The table was less expensive than a pretty bunch of flowers and just what I have been looking for. It was part of a set, with two matching chairs, but a kind man in the store let me have the table only. I think I will give it a layer of chalk paint, but I am not sure of the colour yet. Suggestions are welcome!

A big hug to Koralee from Bluebird Notes and her friend Anne. They took the trouble to visit Rotterdam during their tour of Holland, to meet up with Dutch blogfriends.

Saskia, Jolanda, Frances, Lia and I had a lovely afternoon in House of Seasons, drinking tea and catching up!

I read a quote yesterday: 'Real friendship knows no distance'. It's so true!

Have a lovely week!


Madelief x

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  1. We attempted to go in the garden today to plant some phlox and broad beans, it was freezing and we soon retreated back in doors! I love your new desk it looks just right for your craft room and those cards must have been just waiting for you to pick them up! Did you make those magnificent cakes?
    Sarah x

  2. Heerlijke vintage foto's! Hopelijk gaat het gauw lente worden, het gaat hier behoorlijk te keer, de wind giert om het huis. Dat heeft zo zijn charme, maar nu even niet meer..
    Lieve groet, Renny

  3. Ow wat een geweldige en kleurrijke foto`s,dat kan ik wel gebruiken met deze kou,ben nog verkouden aan het worden ook,je tafel is een schatje en je cakejes,mmmmm en zo mooi en helemaal verliefd ben ik op de kaartjes als groot fan van het snail mailen,fijn dat het bloggers uitje zo leuk was,voor morgen een fijne zondag,lieve groetjes Musje.

  4. How lovely to meet up, this blogging business is just great isn't it, all those connections with like minded souls! Love you desk and wonderful images! :) x

  5. How lovely to meet up with blogging friends! Bet you had lots to talk about! Love, love, love your gorgeous desk! It looks fabulous with all your treasures on it!
    No chance of getting into the garden here, it has been snowing all day!
    Rachel x

  6. Υour photos are a joy for eyes and soul, once again! So nice to meet up with blogfriends, it must be an interesting experience !Hope you have soon warmer days!

  7. Weer een mooie post Madelief, het is je weer gelukt! Wat was het fijn je weer even te zien donderdag. En wat een leuke kaarten...madeliefjes en vergeet-me nieten. Mooi zo samen. Lieve groetjes

  8. Beautiful post and table, you are so lucky! And so true,"so close, no matter how far"...

  9. SO much beauty! i LOVE those cards you found, the graphics are gorgeous, what a treasure. the table is a favorite farmhouse style, i've seen it in blue here, really pretty. the lovely light in your craft room will make any color look wonderful though. how lucky to have met blog friends, i wish i had known you when i traveled that way...and how amazing to have daughters that make cakes like that! SO sweet (and yummy looking!)xxx lori

  10. p.s. i just looked up the translation for madeliefje, it's daisy!! one of my very favorite flowers!

  11. Not that this will make your day, but knowing that you too have cold and not the warm days of Spring - makes me feel better. Here on the shores of Lake Michigan there is still lots of snow on the ground. Like you, I want Spring. Enjoyed your photos of cupcakes! Makes me hungry!

  12. Wat een leuke tafel enne......ik weet een adresje waar ze krijtverf verkopen :)
    Wat een vrolijke post, lijkt op zomer........
    Wat een heerlijke middag hadden we!

    1. Lieve Lia,

      Laat ik nou precies dat adresje in mijn hoofd hebben :-)!

      Madelief x

  13. Hi Madelief,
    I really love your new table and the cards are a nice find too. I think the table will look good in any color but I have a thing for aqua or soft green lately.
    We got had a couple of snow storms in the last week so it doesn't seem like spring yet. It will be awhile before we can work in the garden.Andrew and I are going to England for 2 weeks this spring-so excited! I was looking on your posts on England to see where you went.We plan to stay in the Cotswolds for most of it.
    So nice to have met up with blog friends.My sister(from Vancouver) is going to Holland for a month this summer and doing a home exchange so that should be very interesting for her-I would love to be able to go too for a couple of weeks but we have quite a few tours booked here then.

    Your cupcakes are so pretty on your china and I love those pretty cases!

    Enjoy your weekend,

  14. Beautiful and colourful post to cheer up the arctic weather that is invading us.

  15. I don't know how you manage to read all these comments!
    A colourful post, as always, but with a bit more red and yellow- I feel it means you are craving a few rays of sunshine and more colour in your daily life! So am I! We have snow here, today... and I can't believe it!

    I hope you can get out in the garden, soon.



  16. Hoi Madelief,

    Het is inderdaad niet te geloven hoelang zou nog winter hier in Nederland blijven.....:(((
    Zoooooooooooo koud,Sibirie vandaag was warmer....

    Ik kan me voorstellen dat de tuin en plantjes moet nog even wachten!

    Zo leuk,je had een prachtige dag met je vriendinen:-)))*

    Ik wens je een hele leuke gezellige zondag binnen achter koppje tee of kofie!

    Liefs en groeten,

  17. Gorgeous pictures, the colours are beautiful and just what we all need to warm us up. I'm sorry to see your weather is as bad as ours..roll on Spring
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  18. Even though its not spring there it sure is in your house,
    so so lovely, your desk is perfection. Any color would work wouldn't it?
    You could start with a green and if it doesn't suit you, move on to another!

  19. A shower of colours and a nifty trift shoppe find Madelief!
    Happy Spring!

  20. Isn't it fun meeting bloggy girlfriends - not that many come to New Zealand - we are out on a limb a bit!!!! But I have met two Australian girls and one kiwi!

    Love the table - perfect for your studio Madelief.
    All your Spring flowers , cupcakes, cake tins - such pretty colours that make me feel so happy.
    I always love visiting your blog!
    Hugs for a happy Spring!
    Shane ♥

  21. Your quote is so true. It is really great to meet fellow bloggers especially from other places. It means a lot if they really want to meet you and develop a much better rapport. Your cupcakes are so pretty. I bet that they must taste delicious.

  22. Dearest Madelief,
    Lucky you for finding the table of your liking!
    You mean the weather in Rotterdam felt Arctic? (not Artic).
    Let's hope that Easter will bring a change about and that you soon can enjoy gardening again. But even here it will freeze again on Tuesday night. It goes so up and down...
    Hugs to you,

    1. Hi Mariette,

      Thank you for letting me know. I changed it right away. Have a lovely Sunday!

      Madelief x

  23. Dear Mariette,

    So glad that you found a table for the room and how lovely it is.
    How wonderful it was to meet up with other bloggers and enjoy each others friendship and catching up over tea.
    As always, your photographs are so beautiful and love the pretty colours - the cakes look yummy.

    Happy Sunday

  24. Sorry Madelief, my mistake and was writing this in a hurry and not really thinking.


  25. Hello Madelief

    What joy to meet with friends and I love the term "friendship knows no distance". I will look forward to seeing your desk painted. I trust your good judgement to choose a fitting colour
    Wishing you a week of sunshine

    Helen xx

  26. What lovely finds, beautiful china and divine cupcakes!
    We are experiencing an Indian summer here. It will be 35 degrees C next week but I'm sure the cooler weather will arrive soon x

  27. I love these images!
    It's cold here too, so the garden must wait...

  28. Liebe Madelief,

    das ist wahr ! Die wahre Froindschaft kennt keine Entfernung und so sende ich Dir aus dem fernen Klein Gallien meine herzlichsten Ostergrüße ! Bei uns ist es auch eiskalt, was mir an sich egal ist, weil ich ja immer dick eingepackt bin, wenn ich mit Dukie und Minnie spazieren gehe, aber nachdem ich im Garten ein Großprojekt bis Ende April fertig haben muss, frage ich mich, wie das noch alles rechtzeitig wachsen soll...

    Dein Tisch ist herrlich und weil Du wie ich auch Farben magst, denke ich an einer weissen Wand würde etwas farbiges sehr gut passen. Und ich stelle mir gerade dieses blasse Grün von Deinem Gartenhaus an dem Tisch vor und finde es herrlich !Hast Du davon noch ein wenig Farbe übrig ?

    Wenn ich mich nicht entscheiden kann, dann streiche ich mit den verschiedenen Farben Papier oder Zeitung an, lege es auf den Tisch und betrachte es etwas von weiter weg, um mich leichter für eine Farbe entscheiden zu können. Mach es doch auch so, vielleicht hilft es Dir auch ?!

    Einen erholsamen und warmen Sonntag wünscht Dir

    Deine Eve

  29. Beautiful photos of pretty cupcakes and gorgeous vintage china. I love your new thrift store table. I think it looks good as it is. It seems to blend in rather nicely with your vintage tins and crockery, but Annie Sloan has an extensive range of stunning paint colours so I am sure you will find the right shade for your craft room! Weather is horrible in England too, although no snow as we are down south, it's cold enough to keep us indoors and baking instead of getting out and about. Have a lovely Sunday. Sharon

  30. What fabulous finds - the cards are so pretty. The table is a treasure, I think chalk paint is a great idea - you could do a stencil on the top of roses or something like this, then distress it or crackle it to age if you were feeling adventurous. I am looking for a table myself for painting on so am a little green eyed! Betty

  31. Wat een vrolijke kleurtjes weer, heerlijk! Ben hier ook met kleur bezig , de kou duurt zo lang. ..en dat jullie hebben genoten met de blog vriendinnen super ..ik zag het al her en der voorbij komen ;) een hele fijne zondag lieve groet Diana

  32. Wat een gelukje om zo'n tafeltje te vinden, daar zou ik ook op vallen en dan die kaarten..... Heb je die lekkere cupcakejes zelf gemaakt? Ze zien er verrukkelijk uit.
    Groet, Janneke

  33. Wat een heerlijke lente post....mooi hoor alles.....fijne zondag liefs van!

  34. Hoi Madelief,
    Als dat de tafel is op je foto's, die je gevonden hebt, dan zou ik hem zo laten. Het patina is geweldig, maar het kan natuurlijk zijn dat dit jouw kleur niet is...
    Geweldig trouwens om bij een kringloopwinkel zomaar zo'n prachtige tafel te vinden. Ik zie het al, ik moet er veel vaker naar toe...
    Je foto's zijn weer super, daar word ik nou zo vrolijk van, weet je, ondanks de kou buiten warmen deze plaatjes me weer helemaal op...
    Ik wens je een heel fijne zondag,
    Lieve groet,

  35. Madelief, what a beautiful "garden" is growing inside your pretty home. Exquisite cupcakes, beautiful flower cards, jolly mix of chinaware, cut flowers, it's all wonderful together. Your new table is a true find! And I can well imagine how much fun it was to meet with fellow bloggers, too.


  36. Here is also freezing but I envy your interior pictures they bring brightness and so lucky you could catch up with the other bloggers!!! Kisses
    PS hopefully spring comes soon!

  37. ~ Friends are flowers that never fade....Thank you for sharing this lovely post and such beautiful pictures with us all...LOVE those flower cards. With kindest thoughts...Maria x

  38. Thank you for the beautiful photos and for letting us share the beauty of things in your home and garden. It makes me so happy to enjoy these and such a treat to have found you and your special blog. Spring is on it's way soon ! Laurie

  39. Ohoh...wat pracht aankoop is dit....Ik zeg niets meer aan doen....mooi zo de kleur met die vage zweem erover....topstuk! Had je geen plek voor de stoel...anders zou ik zeggen...hebbe ;)
    Ja zag je voorbij komen op de andere blogs...gezellig hoor zo'n meet en greet. Herkende je natuurlijk meteen...alsof ik je al jaaaren ken ;)
    Enne...bloemen genoeg hier hoor, tuin of geen tuin. Vind je kwartet het einde.
    Volgens mij is dit nog op een soort van linnen toch....?
    Om in te lijsten zijn ze...zo mooi.

    Fijne zondag


  40. Everything is blooming indoors! So pretty.
    We have more snow this weekend and freezing temperatures as well. I guess when spring does arrive, it will be all the sweeter.
    Have a lovely day, Madelief!

  41. The table is fab, and was made for you! The rose cakes are just divine, and your craft area is just so inspiring; no wonder you make such lovely things! We are experiencing some very nasty sleety rain - where is Spring?!

  42. Dear Madelief,

    I simply love everything about this post! The colour schemes you have lovingly chosen to share with us together with your beautiful desk - I love those suitcases - and those magical cards.

    A firmly agree with you: distance is no object in sofar as friendship is concerned.

    Take heart Madelief! Sweet spring is on her way and should you have a moment take a peek at my blog where you will see her reigning supreme!


  43. Heerlijke foto's lieve Madelief!! Je tafeltje is een schot in de roos, het stond gewoon op je te wachten. Mooie pootjes heeft het. Wat hebben we een bijzonder weekend achter de rug he! Bijzonder in ALLE opzichten. Heel veel liefs en hopelijk tot snel xxx

  44. Het is inderdaad geen weer om buiten te genieten... maar met deze prachtige aanwinst is het bij in huis erg gezellig en fijn dat je mij daarvan mee laat genieten met sfeervolle foto's! Bijzonder om elkaar te ontmoeten en een mooie quote.

    Lieve groet, Miranda

  45. Hej Madelief, leuke ontmoeting had je. Ik zag er al foto's van.
    Wat zul je ook staan te popelen om de tuin in te gaan, nog even wachten want het blijft maar koud.
    In je huis voelt het al als zomer. Mooi fleurig hoekje heb je gecreëerd.
    Fijne week, warme groet

  46. Very lovely and sweet images, Madelief! They just make me happy! :) Your table is perfect, I know that any color you choose will be lovely. I do love your sweet cards and those cupcakes are too pretty to eat, but I'll bet they tasted divine! So nice that you were able to meet Koralee and her friend. Spring will be here, soon! All the sweeter when it arrives! Hugs, Karen xoxo

  47. Love your stacks of tea cups and little suitcase, so colorful so pretty. A great find on the table too! Thanks for stopping in, Laura

  48. Hello Madelief,

    How clever of you to find such a lovely table! A very pretty post as always......and what you say about friendship is so true.

    Have a lovely week.


  49. Such a colourful post, Meadelif!
    Love it;)

  50. prachtig fotos krijg nu echt een beetje een lente gevoel ook al is het buiten erg koud brrrr je huis ziet er al wel erg leuk en lente achtig uit
    groetjes leon10

  51. Absolutely gorgeous pictures and colours today, Madelief! I loved this post so much! The flower cards are very pretty, espcially with your lovely china. I bought some of those very same sweet primula last week, in the same two colours! It has been too wintry to garden here too this fact the garden was covered in a blanket of snow! Let's hope we haves some proper spring warmth soon!
    Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  52. Prachtig hoor Madelief je nieuwe tafel! En alle mooie bleometjes!
    Wat leuk, deze bloggertreff!
    Heb n leuke week!

  53. Ik heb het druk, druk, druk, weet niet wat ik het eerste moet doen, kom even buurten op je blog en..... kom helemaal bij van deze heerlijke plaatjes! Looooove it! En wat heerlijk dat je je perfecte bureautje gevonden hebt! 't Is een dotje! Ik zeg bij alles momenteel mintgroen, maar doe 'm ook gerust een andere kleur ;-).

  54. Hi Madelief,
    What a beautiful post! Your photos are stunning-such lovely, spring colors. The desk was a great find. Have a wonderful week :)

  55. Wat een prachtige foto's Madelief! Echt heerlijk die bloemen, ben gek op die paars/roze bolletjes. Ben de naam even kwijt maar koop ze altijd. Primula's dat is het!
    Kan niet wachten op mooier weer en de tulpen eindelijk te zien..
    Bedankt voor je lieve berichtje op mijn post. En ja instagram kost ook tijd, daarom post ik minder blogs.. Maar lees ze wel heel graag van iedereen. Hele fijne week! X

  56. Hello dear Madelief! I always feel so inspired when I come here. Your photos are always beautiful and make me want to take a little vacation in them! I love your sweet desk and all the joyful things on it. The cards were a wonderful find.
    sending hugs...

  57. Wonderful images Madelief,
    your cards are so colourful, and your table is just right for your new room
    glad you had a lovely time with some new blog friends
    keep warm
    Thea x

  58. Hey, Sweet Madelief!
    Thanks for visiting me today! I always am happy to see your lovely comments on my blog.
    That's a great desk you found! What a nice man to be so cooperative! I'm sure whatever colour you choose for it will be wonderful.
    And, yes, I think you are right that the weather in Rotterdam and Newfoundland is very much alike. I think it can be said for many places around the globe this year. It seems many of us are lamenting about spring being so late. And, you're so right, too, that friendship knows no distance. Isn't Blogland just such an awesome place to live! I hope one day I will make it to Holland and can meet up for tea. It's on my bucket list. Sigh. EnJOY the Easter celebration with your loved ones. I think of you often. XO
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  59. Liebe Madelief, bei Dir sieht alles so wunderschön frühlingsfrisch bunt aus, da kann man glatt vergessen, dass draußen leider immer noch Winter herrscht. Vielen Dank für die Farbkur! LG Anja

  60. I'm so Happy you got to meet some Dear Long Distance Blog Friends, it is always such a Joy to finally get together in Person isn't it? And you wouldn't know the weather is fierce outside by how Cheerfully Springtime Fresh your Home and Vignettes are! Each Image is Inspiring and Publication worthy! May Spring soon reach outwards to your Garden so you can begin Planting and Transforming your Outdoor Spaces as skillfully as you've Transformed the Interior. And I would paint the new desk in a bright cheerful color reminiscent of your bold use of color in your Styling for the Photography subjects.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... where our temps have swung in the other direction, into almost triple digits already!... Dawn... The Bohemian

  61. Dear Madelief, your photos are always sooo wonderful! I really enjoy them. Wish you and your family a wonderful eastertime. Hugs Yvonne

  62. O My Word....gorgeous!!! What a wonderful experience , to come face to face with distant yet dear friends. You are indeed fortunate to have such beauty and friends in your life.
    of the abbey

  63. Oh Madelief, I can hardly express how happy these images have made me. Thankyou thankyou. I think the weather is getting to so many of us and we are in need of cheer x

  64. Oh Madelief,
    I agree with your quote on friendship.
    Great cheerful images, just what we need.
    Hope you have a lovely Easter,
    Liz x

  65. Spring is in your house! I love all the colours. Your table is very nice and the cards you found very unusual.

  66. You're lucky to quickly find the table that pleases you. A little paint and it will be perfect. What color? It's difficult to give you some advice ... light blue, red, dark gray, green ...?
    It's really nice to meet bloggers "in real life". I met two bloggers: one German and one Finnish. We had a very pleasant time. And I see one again at the end of the summer! I'm in a hurry :)
    Oh your cupcakes are fantastic... You made them?

  67. Explosie aan lente en kleur in jouw huis. Prachtig Desiree!!!

    Ik wens je een fijne dag.
    Liefs en een x ,

  68. Hoi Madelief,

    Ik ben weer bij jou....
    Alle vrolijke foto's hiere maken mijn glimlachen!;-)))*
    Je krijg natuurlijk ZOoooooooo veel prachtige commentaren,die zeker doet jou nog meer te inspireren voor een pracht plaatjes!!!

    Ik wens je een mooi Passen(hope,een beetje warmer dan nu....) en een hele lieve dagen samen met jou vrienden en familie!:-)*

    Hier heb ik een klein Easter inspirations post:

    Lieve groeten,

  69. Hi dearest Madelief!
    Yes, it's true - Real friendship doesn't know any distance! I'm sure your meeting was great!!!! (As great as ours have been :o))

    And your desk is great, too. I think white ist the perfect colour (the perfect background for all your pretty floral designs :o))
    Let me give you a warm hug! I hope you will join my giveaway (& jump into the surprise-jackpot :o))
    Lots of Küschelbüschels & HAPPY EASTER, Traude

  70. Your photos are breathe taking! I am in love with each of them. And koralee! You met koralee, I am so close and yet we haven't met. I am loving her ice cream book. Lucky you! Now I must remember to meet you if I make it back to the Netherlands.

  71. Dearest Madelief,

    it is always nice to find something where you have not reckoned with, and if this part is also quite cheap yet ... the more gratifying.
    The table is beautiful but also the flower cards and the many colors Merry pretty suitcase ... totally sweet.
    Everything fits together harmoniously.
    You have an absolute knack for coaxing beautiful decorations.
    I love your choice not to be despised beautiful soft pastel colors.

    I wish you and your lovely family a wonderful Easter!

    Yes, and just at the moment the sun comes out at last / in fact it has snowed in the night again grrr I like the snow any more.
    It's too cold five chilly it is at the time of the winter to spring bescheert its proper place.

    Dearest greetings,

  72. What a wonderful injection of colour. I love your post. Much needed right now - it's cold and grey here in London. Can't wait for some warmth and I want and need LIGHT!!
    Would like to wish you a very Happy Easter!
    xoxo Ingrid

  73. What a colourful Spring post! Thank you for leaving your comment on my Mother's passing. Happy Easter to you & your Family!

  74. It's lovely to read your post & see your gorgeous craft room. It's been snowy & cold here too & my garden is looking tired & weather beaten! I'm very much looking forward to spring. Em xx

  75. Nou....jou nieuwe tafeltje ziet er in ieder geval lekker zonnig en zomers uit...daar kun je beter naar kijken dan naar buiten...want daar wil het niet.
    Prachtige foto's...

  76. De lente spat van het scherm af.. wat een kleur!! En mooie bloemen, die kende ik nog helemaal niet.

    Hele fijne paasdagen voor jou, met veel lekkers en gezelligheid!!


    't Bezige Bijtje

  77. Gosh! It is just all so lovely and pretty!!! Now, hmmm.... what to comment on first....

    Well, I've been here several times and loved the images and loved the title but have been so tired that, even though I was reading you text, none of it was sinking in! ;) But, NOW, I read that you did, indeed get together with friends - and, now, I know who and that it included Saskia!!! I won't be jealous, though, because, last night, I spoke with my very best friend ever, in California and will soon be meeting with them. Oh, Madelief, I have tears in my eyes - I can't wait!

    and your perfectly pretty desk.... for less than the price of a bouquet? pffft! Love it! =D

    and, just.... OF COURSE, I think your pretty arrangement of flowers and tins, etc. is a pleasure! =)

    So, there it is! ;) =)


  78. Hello Dear,
    Your photos are amazing!!! And the pack of cards are very interesting, never saw a thing like this here : ) Wish you a lot of inspiration for spring!!!
    happy hugs
    Camomila Rosa and Alecrim

  79. Oh my Gosh!!! Such an amazing kind of work.truly breathtaking. I liked cupcakes as well as pictures of fresh flowers arrangements. Thanks for sharing...


Thank you for your lovely words.