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Brideshead revisited

Have you ever been to Castle Howard in North Yorkshire (UK)? If you have, do you remember the drive with the blind summits leading up to the castle? We thought it was a spectacular start of the day. It felt a bit like a roller coaster ride, going up the hill and down again several times :-).

It wasn't my first visit. A long time ago I visited the castle with my boyfriend Jan. It was our first holiday together. Since I had seen the 1981 television serial Brideshead Revisited, an adaptation of the book by Evelyn Waugh, with Jeremy Irons and Anthony Andrews as Charles Ryder and Lord Sebastian Flyte, I was hooked. Both to the serial and it's larger than life characters and to the amazing setting. So when choosing a holiday destination, it did not take us long to decide.

This post is dedicated to my boyfriend at the time, my late husband, whom I had one of the best holidays ever with.  

The house and grounds of the castle are magnificent. Building works started in 1699. It took almost a hundred years before completion. Part of the house was destroyed by a fire in 1940, but after extensive renovation it looks beautiful once more. 

When you walk through the park and surrounding hills, the view of the the house, the temple of the four winds and the mausoleum are breathtakingly beautiful. The garden is lovely too, with an abundance of roses, a large vegetable patch and borders with annuals and biennials. We were there on an cold and cloudy day, but enjoyed it very much.

If you would like to know more about the castle and gardens, please visit the website of Castle Howard.

Happy week ahead!



* Thank you for you kind comments on last weeks post. I enjoyed reading about your experience with dahlia's.  

Photo 2: Google images

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  1. Oh I love it and put it in my bucket list👌🏻😊immediately. Your pictures arme stunning 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
    Lovely hugs to Rotterdam

  2. Prachtig Beautiful Magnificient Breathtaking...and on and on....
    JA je snapt het deze komt op mijn bucket list.
    Wat heb je prachtige foto's gemaakt en dan is het vooral heel goed dat de zon niet zo heel erg schijnt...
    Wij waren in Schotland in 2009 en daar is mijn liefde voor Great Brittain nog verder aangewakkerd (na Londen en Wales te hebben gezien) maar ook de liefde voor kastelen want we hebben er wat gezien die vakantie mede doordat onze jongens op een leeftijd waren dat ze dat leuk vonden.
    Maar dit is echt een beauty!
    Als wij weer plannen voor Engeland gaan maken schuim ik gewoon jouw blogposten af, haha...
    Bedankt voor het delen.

    Fijne week en lieve groet, MJ

  3. Oh my goodness! What a spectacular place! Your images are breathtaking! Thank you SO much for sharing them with this poor soul who has never been to Europe her whole life. I can't imagine the life those people led living there. I wonder if they appreciated it or were so spoiled that they took it all for granted? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Dear Madelief,

    You have brought me back in time to my very early teens! I loved watching Brideshead Revisited and from that series grew my admiration for the actor Jeremy Irons. I remember meeting him in person in 1987 at Stratford Upon Avon where he was playing A Winter's Tale.

    Yorkshire is possibly my favourite county in England. There is so much splendour to be found there.

    Warmest wishes,

    Stephanie x

  5. Beautiful photos Madelief. I haven't even been to Yorkshire, so this one is also on my list of places to visit! What a fitting tribute to your husband! Have a lovely week ahead. Sharon x

  6. Lieve Madelief,

    Wat is dit een prachtige lokatie, het ziet er schitterend uit. Je gedachten zijn daar vast regelmatig terug gegaan naar de tijd dat jij hier samen met Jan hebt genoten van al het moois. Alweer twee jaar geleden dat jullie elkaar los moesten laten, in leven dan maar niet in jullie harten. Mooi dat je deze post aan hem hebt opgedragen.

    Sterkte deze dagen, want ook nu zullen je gedachten regelmatig teruggaan in de tijd...

    Dikke kus en veel liefs, Ingrid

  7. Het bezoek aan Castle Howard staat nog vers in mijn gedachten.
    En wat vond ik het daar mooi. De tuin, het meer, en het kasteel binnen en buiten! Prachtig!! Wij hadden alleen een dreigende lucht boven ons hangen, waar gelukkig geen druppel uitgevallen is. Maar die uiteindelijk ook wel weer heel mooi is op de foto's.

  8. Oh be still my heart. What an amazing place.and you have captured all of its glory in your amazing photographs. I have never been to Yorkshire but from looking at your pictures, it would be a dream place to visit.

    What a lovely tribute to your husband. Such beautiful memories.


  9. Koester en omarm de herinnering aan je allerliefste lieve Desiree ...fijne week ik hoop gevild met heerlijke herinneringen x liefs Ria x

  10. You have captured Castle Howard beautifully Madelief, and I am reminded too that this is also a poignant time as you remember your husband Jan♡

  11. Dearest Madelief,
    Oh, you did bring very fond memories back to me, as I visited Castle Howard on September 23, 1985 while we were en route to a Conference in Cambridge. Our friend Pam Middlebrook took me on a tour, with another American lady.
    For you the very same fond memories are forever attached to this special place. I also have photos from the Minster of York and we had lunch in a restaurant of Castle Howard. Both of us have very fond memories of that area, where Pieter went several times before as well.
    As we age, such precious memories are more and more important! We keep them very close to our hearts.
    Hugs to you,

  12. Hi Madelief,
    What a splendid place! We really lack great places like this here and I am always amazed by the beauty! But I must say I am completely smitten with the row of delphinium, hee hee, I just love flowers:-)

  13. Stunning, stunning photos! What a beautiful tribute, Madelief! Thank you for sharing your gift with us. Cheers, L

  14. Oh yes, I remember Brideshead Revisited and how much I enjoyed it too. How romantic it must have been going with your loved one, and so special the memories. It is a stunning castle, with gorgeous surrounds, and must go on my list of places to see!

  15. My friend, I MUST see this serial; we love and get hooked on many of the BBC productions that we watch, and this one looks STUNNING. THEN...there is your photography. There are many great photographers out in Blogland, but you have to be one of the top three that I admire. WOW your photos are rich in color! HAPPY DAY!

  16. Wat een prachtig deel van Engeland laat je hier zien en wat zullen je herinneringen vaak terug gegaan zijn in die eerste vakantie met je man.
    In deze tijd zullende herinneringen er vaker zijn, heel veel sterkte gewenst met elkaar!

    Veel liefs, gerry

  17. I have never visited there but would love to. Lovely pictures and it is good that they give you some wonderful memories of your dear late husband. M x

  18. No, I have not been to the castle, while I have visited York a couple of times. I was lucky enough to tour England twice with students from the university when I taught full time. We were visiting the places where the great English writers lived and wrote, so the castle was not on the tour. I do dream of visiting York again. The castle would be on the list. Loved the photos and I can understand the special meaning that it holds for you.

  19. Beautiful!!! In every way. I have never been, but it looks like a fabulous place to visit, and yes, I remember it from the television programme. Your late husband would be very pleased that you had made a return visit and remembered your previous visit I am sure! xx

  20. Happy memories Madelief. Daar gaat het om. Groetjes Hetty

  21. Deze komt met stip op mijn to-go-to lijst voor als we nog eens in die regio zijn. Zo jammer dat we er in juli zo laat in de middag pas aankwamen. Dat zal me een volgende keer niet nog eens gebeuren.
    Ik vond Brideshead Revisited ook zo mooi, ik heb hem op dvd en ik denk dat ik die binnenkort nog maar eens ga bekijken.
    Fijne avond,

  22. I too enjoyed Brideshead revisited back in 1980's. It must have been good to take the girls with you and remember your first holiday here with Jan. Sarah x

  23. Wat een droomkasteel zeg!! echt weer genieten van je prachtige foto's
    fijne dag

  24. Dearest Madelief,
    I've never seen the television serial Brideshead Revisited, probably it was not shown at the Austrian TV. It's true in any case, the castle and its surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful. My absolute favourite is the building on the last photo in front of your text - it is the Temple of the Four Winds or the mausoleum? It is magnificent! For you it must have been a beautiful and somewhat melancholy trip down memory lane.
    Lot of hugs to you, my dear, Traude

  25. How wonderful to go back to this beautiful place with such lovely memories, Dear Madelief! I remember the television series well and it is so nice to see your lovely photos to savor each scene. The gardens are wonderful - I am in love with that blue flower border and the rolling farmlands in the distance. So happy for you that you were able to go back to this special place with your daughters.I'm sure it meant a lot to them, too. Hugs xo Karen

  26. Was für herrliche Impressionen, liebe Madelief! Und für dich sind noch dazu ganz besondere Erinnerungen damit verbunden..........wunderschön und bestimmt auch schmerzhaft an diesen Ort zurückzukehren! Vielen Dank, dass wir dich auf dieser wundervollen Reise begleiten durften!

    Alles Liebe, herzlichst Jade

  27. Such stunning photos of your trip to this amazing place. I love how have dedicated the post to your dear late husband....and what happy memories you have of your first visit to Castle Howard with him all those years ago....so touching. Lovely that you have gone back with your daughters to enjoy this special and historic place again and to share your memories.
    Helen xox

  28. Gorgeous. Can you believe I've never seen Brideshead? Will do so, soon!

  29. One word - BEAUTIFUL! What a lovely place, full of history...
    Thank´s for sharing this castle with us Madelief.
    Have a happy day, take care!

  30. quelle vues magnifiques typiquement Anglaises
    merci de tous ces panoramas , fleurs et décorations
    le rêve d'une vie de château

  31. Castle Howard en omgeving, zo mooi, leuk jou foto's te zien met de bloeiende tuin. Wij waren er vorig jaar in mei en hebben daar heel wat af gelopen.
    Groet, Janneke

  32. Hello Madelief, what stunning photographs. It really is a wonderful house. What lovely memories you must have of it. I have been there once, and really enjoyed it.Hoping you and the girls are well. Much love, Linda xx

  33. Wat een prachtige plek en wat fijn dat je daar nu met je dochters was. Dierbare herinneringen, die je nu weer aan de volgende generatie doorgeeft. Lieve groeten, Kyra

  34. hallo madelief nee ik niet in castle howard geweest maar wel in york en het ligt redelijk dicht bij york we wilden er toen wel graag heen maar het was erg slech weer toen regende pijpen stelen en toen hebben we toch maar voor een museum gekozen in york heb wel de film gezien heb ook gehoord dat het rond christmas erg leuk moet wezen met markt en leuke evenementen erg leuke mooie post
    groetjes en fijne zondag avond leon10

  35. How beautiful! I would love visiting here. What special memories to have traveled here with your very special someone.

  36. Nog een reden om het volgend jaar echt wat hogerop te gaan zoeken in Engeland. Prachtige post en Yorkshire staat inmiddels hoog op het lijstje. Dank voor het delen van een voor jou toch wel heel bijzonder bezoek. Liefs Anita xx

  37. Nog een reden om het volgend jaar echt wat hogerop te gaan zoeken in Engeland. Prachtige post en Yorkshire staat inmiddels hoog op het lijstje. Dank voor het delen van een voor jou toch wel heel bijzonder bezoek. Liefs Anita xx


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