zondag 16 augustus 2015

Struck by light

Sometimes when you least expect it, you can be in for a stroke of luck, or a beam of sunlight, to be precise. It not only makes you look in wonder at the beauty that you witness, but happy to be able to see it, and even capture it on camera. Especially when it is on one of those dark days when the clouds are thick, hardly any light shines through and you have to seek shelter for the rain several times..... Now you know that photo number one, was a lucky shot indeed! :-)

The girls and I loved Chatsworth. Every bit of it. When we passed the gate, saw the green parkland with it's old trees, the sheep walking leisurely on the road and the majestic house in the distance, we could hardly wait to park the car and walk around. What a lovely home the duke and duchess have.

My daughters wanted to see Pemberley, the house where the 2005 film by the book of Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice was filmed. I wanted to the see the home of the late duchess of Devonshire, Deborah Cavendish née Deborah Mitford, who passed away last year and whose life and that of her five sisters I find interesting..... and, ok I admit it. I wanted to see the lake where Colin Firth jumped into, in the 1995 BBC series with the same title. Guess what? It appeared to be at Lyme Park, not Chatsworth! Ha, ha,  I even had a book which said so. Serves me right. Should have taken more time to read it properly :-)

Overall we were not disappointed. My daughters even preferred it over Versailles, another grand house, because it's less crowded and you are able to see and enjoy the atmosphere more. It's absolutely beautiful, both inside and out. I don't want to go into details, but if you would like to know more about the history of the house, the garden and parkland or the interesting people who once lived here, please have a look at Chatsworth's website.

Something entirely different. I promised to announce the winner of my giveaway today. The book Wohnen mit Blumen, by Callwey publishers, goes to the UK, to Claire from the blog Thriftwood. Congratulations Claire! Would you be so kind as to mail me your address? Hope the others will have more luck next time.

Wishing you a good week! Enjoy!


Madelief x

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  1. Super, daar moet ik ook eens heen! Die waterpartij is geweldig met de trappen. Groetjes,

  2. Prachtig....wat een heerlijke post madelief...en gefeliciteerd Claire wat een bofbips gen je...fijne week liefs Ria x

  3. Heerlijk landschap en prachtig park bij Chatsworth, krijg heimwee naar de overkant van de Noordzee.
    Groet, Janneke

  4. A stunning house and grounds Madelief …. we are so lucky to have many grand homes and beautiful gardens here in the UK.I do love Versailles …. I couldn't get over how HUGE it is but, it's lovely to see these grand UK homes too.
    Your photographs are beautiful and, it's often a treat to see them when the weather is a little inclement. It gives an alternative slant on them. XXXX

  5. This castle and particularly his park are really beautiful! An elegant splendor! Thank you for sharing your photos. I love England.
    Congratulations to Claire, the winner!
    I wish you a nice week, Madelief,

  6. Wat een mooie foto's. Het ziet er fantastisch uit, dat zal genieten zijn geweest.

  7. Wat ziet dat er prachtig uit. Ik ga over twee weken naar Engeland, en heb al even gekeken hoever dit is van onze verschillende hotels. En het is met 2 uur rijden te doen... Wie weet!
    Het weer moet je altijd afwachten...

  8. Prachtig zelfs op een bewolkte dag! Lieve groet

  9. Oh wow!!!! It is so beautiful! I am hoping to go there later in the year and I want to go even more now I have heard from you how wonderful it is! So glad that you enjoyed it so much and that the sun came out at that crucial moment especially for you!!! xx

  10. Lieve Madelief,

    Bij elke post die ik bij jou meer over Engeland lees, krijg ik steeds meer de overtuiging dat ik toch echt eens die kant op moet. Het ziet er zo mooi uit. De foto bovenaan de trap is ook prachtig. Gaaf eigenlijk dat er binnen Europa best wel veel diversiteit tussen landen is maar dat elk land wel weer iets moois te bieden heeft. Ik heb genoten van je foto's!

    Ik hoop dat jullie het droog hebben gehouden vandaag!! Het heeft hier de hele dag geregend!

    Veel liefs, Ingrid

  11. Delighted that you managed a visit to Chatsworth Madelief and also that you enjoyed it - Chatsworth is the first stately home that I became aware of as a young child. I remember my father driving the family out into the Dales for a picnic and showing it to us for the first time - I was just knee high to a grasshopper at that time but can recall my first impressions vividly.

  12. All summer long, I have been learning about light. My first lesson was in Carmel-by-the-sea where I met a photographer on the street as I was attempting to take a photo. I learned so much from him at that moment, and that light and shadow are all what photography is about. Then in a photography gallery there, the young owner then again explained the history of photography, which differs from today's digitography. Both are an art, but the former is work between light, shadow, chemical and paper.

    Then I have had a daily lesson in light and memory. The sunlight I've been enjoying on my holiday from school took me back to the people I love who are no longer with me, namely my parents. Light is everything. It is life, and it transforms into something beautiful in the right hands, your hands.

  13. Beautiful photos of Chatsworth, a place I would love to see. You are so right about the crucial aspect of light. It illuminates, creates shadows and gives beauty to what we see.

  14. It is just lovely! I love it when the sun and light is just right.

  15. You are so lucky Madelief. I dream of visiting Chatsworth one day. The place is so beautiful, grand and their land is so vast. Just beautiful!

  16. Dearest Madelief,
    What a special light indeed and your photos look almost magical!
    That must have been Jan from heaven, sending you some special rays...

  17. Lovely pictures Madelief. I so love Chatsworth and your photos have brought back happy memories of all the times we have visited. It's only about 40 to 50 miles away from us so we are quite regular visitors! Have a lovely week. Jennyx

  18. ja mooi hoor ! mooie fotos hier ben ik ook nog niet geweest lijkt mijn ook erg leuk vooral het park landschap om het huis heen is erg mooi de opnames van jane austen series of films worden heel vaak bij verschillende tuinen en landhuizen in engeland gefilmd kan wezen dat ze een huis filmen en dan weer tuin van een ander huis doen of verschillende opnames schots van hap en snappen en dat doen ze ook binnen in de huizen dus er zijn vaak meedere huizen en tuinen te zien in een film dat plakken ze dan weer en monteren ze weer zo in de film dat het 1 huis lijkt dat is beetje jammer maar geeft niks de huizen en tuinen in engeland zijn bijna allemaal erg mooi om te zien mooie fotos heb je ook fotos van binnen in het huis ! groetjes leon10

  19. Dearest Madelief,
    your post is a great pleasure for me: The light is really wonderful - and I love mansions, I love sheep, I love the green, that's to be seen primarily in the UK and Ireland ... Just a shame that you coldn't take a photo of a lake-jumping or swimming Colin Firth for me ... ;o))
    Lots of Küschelbüschels, my dear,

  20. The light in the UK is so soft and subtle isn't it? I love to come back to it after the harsher, brighter Swedish light -although I love that too and it does produce some stunning photos. I share your fascination with the Mitford sisters and loved Nancy's books - so original, like their author.

    Glad you enjoyed your visit to Chatsworth - I grew up not far away and visited often as a child.

  21. Chatsworth looks absolutely wonderful in your photo Madelief. And if Colin Firth didn't jump into that lake, well her certainly should have :) I would love to see it too, it is so famous and interesting.

  22. Wat een prachtige foto's, Madelief!
    Engeland is prachtig en ja die kastelen en omgeving waar de kostuumdrama's worden opgenomen zijn prachtig. Kan me goed voorstellen dat jullie daar een kijkje wilden nemen.
    Een fijne week!

    Liefs, Gerry

  23. Madelief, your Chatsworth photographs are very atmospheris, and really to depict a particular place and time. Truly lovely!

    Ages ago, some Yorkshire friends drove me all around the dales, and so I did get a glimpse of the Chatsworth grounds, but we didn't get out and walk around. And so I particularly thank you for giving me this tour.


  24. oh what gorgeous photos!!! Chatsworth has been on my "bucket list" for a long time

  25. Fantastic photos, dear Madelief. LOVE
    Hugs from here

  26. Hoi Madelief,
    Wat een prachtige foto's. Wat is dit toch enorm genieten. Wij zijn hier niet geweest, maar hebben toch wel soortgelijke landgoederen gezien. Wij waren maar een week in Engeland, maar ik zou er altijd kunnen verblijven.
    Fijne avond,

  27. Dear Madelief,

    I loved seeing all your beautiful photos on your recent holiday to England - love the wildflowers.
    How wonderful to get to visit Chatsworth, looks gorgeous. The Mitford sisters, I always found to be interesting too.
    Have a lovely week

  28. Prachtig,prachtig,prachtig. Geluksvogels! XX Esther

  29. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

  30. Wat mooi die foto bovenaan die trap! wat fijn te lezen dat jullie genieten. Pascale X

  31. A beautiful place - like a storybook. It must have been so lovely to actually be there. So much history. I recently found a book written by one of the Mitford sisters at a vintage shop - I will have to read it soon! Thank you for sharing the beauty! xo Karen

  32. The castle is so grand and the grounds so beautiful. I was just wondering this morning if I would ever make it back to England. It is a very long and expensive trip from the grasslands of Northern Colorado. But I am up for an adventure especially seeing your lovely photos and being a Jane Austin admirer. You must go to her home in Chawton. It is a simple farm house, but with wonderful gardens and filled family artifacts. Have you been to Haworth to visit the Brontes? You must take your girls there too. I am dreaming. Thanks so much for sharing your photos. You made my day.

  33. Such beautiful pictures Madelief, I feel as though I have visited Chatsworth too! Thank you so much for picking me to win such a lovely prize, I'm very excited, and really looking forward to seeing the book.

    Thank you again, lovely lady xx

    Love Claire xxx

  34. I'm glad you all enjoyed your holiday in England. It was overcast when we visited Chatsworth too when the children were small. I enjoyed seeing your images, the light and the wildflower meadow was fantastis. What a shame you got the wrong location for Colin Firth! Sarah x

  35. Next step in my life is to move to beautiful England and to the countryside...
    Lovely lovely pictures from your journey Madelief!
    Have a happy weekend,

  36. We have visited Chatsworth, and it was wonderful to see it through your eyes, Madelief! You take the most wonderful photos, I love the different kinds of shots you get and the different light you capture. The wildflowers photo was a special one too :) Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  37. Volgende keer kruip ik in jullie koffer!

  38. Wonderful photos and memories Madelief. It is really stunning and I love all the wild flowers about the place. I am ashamed to say that I have never been! Love Linda xx


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